Spur on the heel: iodine treatment

Content 1Heel spurs: treatment with folk remedies, iodine, feedback on the result: 1.1What is a calcaneal spur? 1.2Causes of the disease 1.3Symptoms 1.4Traditional methods of treatment 1.5ethnoscience 1.6The best recipes: cabbage and honey 1.7Mustard applications 1.8Hot baths with clay 1.9Warming up 1.10Compress from potatoes 1.11Medical bile 1.12Iodine from calcaneal spur 1.13Iodine mesh 1.14Compress of iodine, honey and salt 1.15Compress with aspirin 1.16Tincture with va...

  • 11-Aug-2018
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Exostosis: growths on the bones

Content 1Exostosis: what is it? The causes of the appearance of bone growths and modern methods of their treatment 1.1Exostosis - what is it? 1.2Exostosis and the causes of its formation 1.3Main symptoms 1.4Modern diagnostic methods 1.5Methods of treatment 1.6Exostosis of the bone and possible complications 2Symptoms of exostosis and features of its treatment 2.1Causes of the disease 2.2Classification and diagnostics 2.3Methods of treatment 2.4Folk methods 3Exostosis: symp...

  • 02-Aug-2018
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Back Stretching: Exercises

Content 1Effective exercises for stretching the muscles of the back 1.1Why stretch? 1.2Effective set of exercises 1.3Twisting Down 1.4Straight backsides 1.5Rack from the rack 1.6The dog snouts down 1.7Beautiful posture 1.8Exercise of the child 1.9Sitting Sit 1.10Folding Seat 1.11Cat 1.12Stretching lying 1.13Safety regulations 2Back stretching: exercises for beginners and for work at home 2.1Stretching: Pros and Cons 2.2Harm 2.3Contraindications 2.4Is it worth it? 2.5E...

  • 17-Aug-2018
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Infectious arthritis: symptoms and treatment

Content 1Infectious arthritis: symptoms and treatment 1.1Etiology and classification of the disease 1.2Risk group 1.3Clinical picture of the disease 1.4Diagnosis of the disease 1.5How to treat? 2Infectious arthritis 2.1«> 2.2Treatment of infectious arthritis 2.3Prognosis and prophylaxis of infectious arthritis 3Infectious arthritis - causes, symptoms, treatment 3.1Causes 3.2Symptoms 3.3Diagnostics 3.4Treatment 4Infectious arthritis and its treatment 4.1Types of di...

  • 26-Aug-2018
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Rehabilitation after a fracture of the neck of the thigh: massage, exercise lfk

Content 1The rehabilitation program after a hip fracture 1.1Beginning of the rehabilitation period 1.2Features of the rehabilitation process 1.3Main Activities 1.4Physiotherapy 1.5Exercises on the back 1.6Standing exercises 1.7Massotherapy 1.8Massage Features 1.9Prophylaxis of pressure sores 1.10What else do you need to know? 1.11Proper nutrition 1.12Medications and compresses 2Is rehabilitation after hip fracture effective? 2.1Recovery programs 2.2We follow the rules of ...

  • 23-Aug-2018
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Stretching of ankle joints treatment at home

Content 1Treatment at home stretching of the ankle ligaments 1.1Risk factors: why there is an extension of the ankle ligament 1.2Signs of stretching 1.3What does it mean to "pull" the ankle ligaments? 1.4Medication Therapy 1.5Recovery period after stretching 1.6Physiotherapy 1.7Physiotherapy exercises with stretching: we restore the functionality of the ankle 1.8Basic Exercises 1.9Prophylaxis of repeated stretching: prevent relapse 2How to treat ankle sprain 2.1Reasons for st...

  • 30-Jul-2018
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Rehabilitation after a fracture of the spine

Content 1Rehabilitation after a vertebral fracture: exercise therapy, massage and recovery time 1.1Basic methods of rehabilitation and its necessity 1.2LFK after fracture of the spine 1.3First step 1.4Second phase 1.5The third stage 1.6Fourth stage 1.7Lifestyle and sleep after trauma to the spine 1.8Nutrition and vitamins for recovery 1.9Massage after a fracture of the spine 1.10Physiotherapy after fractures 1.11Corset for the spine 2Rehabilitation and recovery after a fract...

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Chlamydia arthritis: symptoms and treatment

Content 1Chlamydial arthritis (Reiter's syndrome) 1.1Causes 1.2Classification of urogenital reactive arthritis 1.3How does Reiter's disease manifest itself? 1.4Systemic manifestations of Reiter's disease 1.5How to identify urogenital reactive arthritis? 1.6Treatment of Reiter's Disease 2Chlamydial arthritis 2.1Mechanism of disease development 2.2Clinical picture 2.3Diagnostics 2.4Therapeutic tactics 3Chlamydial arthritis: symptoms, causes, types and treatment 3.1general i...

  • 20-Aug-2018
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How to effectively treat arthritis of the foot by various methods

With this disease, joint damage occurs as a result of inflammation of a different nature. When the joints of the body suffer from this disease, soft tissue swelling around the inflamed area occurs, there is excessive blood filling, the destruction of the articular cartilage begins until the fusion bones. The course of the disease depends on the cause, which gave impetus to its development. Arthritis can be caused by infections or a virus - brucellosis, gonorrhea, syphilis, dysentery, tubercu...

  • 18-Aug-2018
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Arthritis of the knee joint: causes, symptoms and tips for effective treatment

Arthritis (from the Greek "arthritis") is a generalizing name for inflammatory joint diseases, both one and several at the same time (monoarthritis and polyarthritis, respectively). The most common form of this disease is arthritis of the knee joint, or as it is called in the field of medicine - it drives. From diseases such as bursitis, it is distinguished by etiology (bursitis is a lesion synovial joint bag). Content 1Types and causes of arthritis of the knee 2Risk factors 3Symptoms o...

  • 25-Aug-2018
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