The Urinary System

Treatment of kidneys at home: we are saved by folk remedies

Kidney health in the human body is very important. The kidneys have a basic function - excretory. They help to remove from the body excess water and bad substances trapped in our body. In addition, the kidneys have a number of positive functions in the body: Osmoregulation; Participation in hematopoiesis; Regulation of the basic acid state of the body; Excretion of a number of organic substances, products of nitrogen metabolism; Participation in the metaboli...

  • 28-Jun-2018
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The Urinary System

Is it possible to heal the kidneys with a dog rose?

Because of the large amount of vitamins, in particular ascorbic acid, rosehip is considered an excellent medicine. Knowingly among the people the wild rose has the name of a forest healer. There are more than 90 kinds of dog rose. The fruits of this plant are found in red or orange in various forms, inside the berries there is a large number of small fluffy seeds. For the needs of traditional medicine, only berries are used, folk medicine uses all parts of the bush, homeop...

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