Shishonin: gymnastics for the neck with cervical osteochondrosis

Content 1Author's program of Shishonin for neck with cervical osteochondrosis 1.1Disease peculiarity 1.2Indications 1.3Advantage of exercises 1.4Contraindications 1.5How are classes conducted? 1.6Basic, specially selected, exercises 2Gymnastics Shishonina with cervical osteochondrosis 2.1Features of gymnastics Shishonina 2.2Basic principles of classes 2.3In what cases should I study 2.4Advantages of Shishonin gymnastics 2.5Description of exercises 3Gymnastics Shishonin fo...

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Diet for gout: a table of foods that you can and can not eat?

Content 1Diet for gout - table of purine content, diet during an exacerbation and for every day 1.1What is gout? 1.2Table of purine content in food 1.3What you can eat with gout 1.4What kind of fish you can eat 1.5What you can not eat 1.6Diet with gout during an exacerbation 1.7Diet for gout of legs 1.8Diet for gout with obesity 1.9Menu for the week 1.10Recipes of the menu 1.11First meal 1.12Second courses 2Rules of the diet for gout, what can, and what not to eat, healthy ...

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Densitometry: X-ray diagnosis of osteoporosis

Content 1Densitometry (diagnosis of osteoporosis) 1.1Mechanism of development of bone tissue pathology 1.2Indications 1.3Diagnostics 1.4X-ray densitometry 1.5Ultrasonic computer densitometry 1.6Conducting and delivering results 2Densitometry - examination for osteoporosis 2.1Evaluation of densitometry 2.2Conduction of densitometry 2.3Indications for densitometry 2.4Densitometry in the "Open Clinic" 3Diagnosis of osteoporosis by bone densitometry 3.1Types of bone densitome...

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Osteochondrosis of the spine: symptoms and treatment

Content 1Osteochondrosis of the spine - symptoms, treatment 1.1Causes of osteochondrosis of the spine 1.2Symptoms of osteochondrosis 1.3Stages of osteochondrosis of the spine 1.4Symptoms of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine 1.5Symptoms of osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine 1.6Symptoms of osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine 1.7Diagnosis of spinal osteochondrosis 1.8Treatment of osteochondrosis of the spine 2Osteochondrosis of the spine - signs, manifestations, diagnostics...

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Knee Joint

Evminova board: a training device for disease prevention

Content 1Evminov's board: a simulator for treatment and restoration of the back 1.1Functions of the simulator 1.2Features simulator 1.3Operating principle 1.4Pros and cons of the device 1.5Cost of the simulator 1.6Complexes of exercises 2Evminov's prophylaxis - benefit and harm, treatment of the back 2.1Evminov's prophylactic and its universal functions 2.2How is the cooker hood performed? 2.3How is the rehabilitation at the dispensary Evminov 2.4Material and configuration of...

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Hip joint: structure, anatomy in man

Content 1Hip joint and its pathology 1.1Structure of the joint 1.2Articular ligaments 1.3Physiology of the joint 1.4What does the radiograph of the hip joint show? 1.5Causes of pain in the hip joint 2Hip Joint 2.1What is the structure of the hip joint 2.2Possible damage to the joint and the causes of painful sensations in it 3Anatomy of the hip joint: structure, muscles, ligaments 3.1What is the hip joint? 3.2Structure of the joint - anatomy 3.3Functional purpose and motor...

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Folk Remedies

Treatment of arthrosis of the ankle in the home

Content 1How to treat arthrosis of the ankle 1.1Osteoarthritis: causes 1.2Symptoms of Ankle Arthrosis 1.3Diagnosis of the disease 1.4Ankle Arthrosis: Methods of Treatment 1.5Medication 1.6Massage and physical therapy 1.7LFK at home 2Treatment of arthrosis of the ankle in the home 2.1Symptoms of the disease 2.2Purpose of therapeutic exercise and massage 2.3The use of folk drugs for local therapy 2.4Use of special trays 2.5Preparations for oral administration 3How to treat...

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Curvature of the spine: how to identify and correct?

Content 1How to correct a curvature of a backbone in house conditions: Exercises: 1.1Methods of treatment 1.2How to diagnose a disease 1.3Correct Measures 1.4The second and third degree of deformation 1.5Prevention 1.6How to correct the curvature of the spine in the home 1.7Curvature of the spine in a teenager: how to fix it 1.8Exercises to correct posture 1.9Change in lifestyle 2How to correct the curvature of the spine? Prevention and treatment 2.1Why there is a curvature ...

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Hip Joint

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: symptoms and causes

Content 1Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: causes, symptoms, photos, diagnosis and treatment 1.1Causes 1.2Symptoms and complaints of patients 1.3Forms of the disease 1.4Diagnosis: Ways 1.5Differential diagnostics 1.6Treatment 1.7Forecast and consequences 2Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, prognosis 2.1Epidemiology of the disease 2.2Causes of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2.3Diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2.4Treatment of amyotrophic later...

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Medicamentous treatment of lumbar radiculitis

The main goals of medicamentous treatment of sciatica of the lumbar spine: relaxation spasmodic muscles, relieving pain symptoms and inflammation, improving the trophism of the affected the spinal nerve. Since in the vast majority of cases of radiculopathy the primary cause is a more serious pathology, its treatment requires a comprehensive approach. Drug therapy in it is considered as an emergency aid, aimed at removing acute symptoms and improving the patient's condition. Based on the goal...

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