Intercostal neuralgia: symptoms and treatment at home

Content 1Intercostal neuralgia - how to help yourself at home 1.1Causes of intercostal neuralgia 1.2Neuralgia of intercostal symptoms and treatment at home 1.3Intercostal neuralgia - symptoms 1.4How to treat intercostal neuralgia 1.5How to treat intercostal neuralgia during pregnancy 1.6How to treat intercostal neuralgia at home 1.7Ointments with intercostal neuralgia 1.8Massage with intercostal neuralgia 1.9Intercostal neuralgia - treatment with folk remedies 2Intercostal neu...

  • 18-Aug-2018
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Eating with a liver cyst

Contents The essence of dietary nutrition What can and can not be eaten? Power after operation Related videos The liver is the most important organ of the digestive tract. It neutralizes toxic substances, is responsible for the balance of hormones, and also supplies all organs with glucose. Despite this, the liver is vulnerable to various diseases. A cyst in the liver is a pathological neoplasm that is congenital and acquired, as well as single and multi...

  • 25-Jun-2018
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Chest bruise: symptoms, treatment and consequences

Content 1Chest bruise: is it treated or "goes by itself"? 1.1Chest bruise: causes 1.2Chest bruise: symptoms 1.3Chest bruise: diagnosis 1.4Chest bruise: treatment 2Symptoms of chest contusion, treatment (at home) 2.1Symptomatic of damage 2.2Diagnosis of a chest injury 2.3Complications 2.4First aid 2.5Treatment of trauma 3What to do if the chest is bruised? 3.1The essence of pathology 3.2Symptoms 3.3First professional help 3.4Medication 3.5Folk remedies 3.6Therapeutic m...

  • 16-Aug-2018
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Yevminov board with your own hands

Content 1Yevminov's board with his own hands - instruction 1.1How to make the simulator Yevminov own hands 1.2The first version of the board Evminov own hands 1.3Manufacturing technology simulator 1.4The second variant of Evminov's board 1.5Cheap and angry 2Evminova board with their own hands - detailed description and drawing 2.1Principles of employment 2.2Elementary simulator 2.3Features of lessons on the simulator 2.4Appearance 2.5Preparation for work 2.6Take up work 2.7...

  • 08-Aug-2018
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Herniated hernia

Contents Let's remember the anatomy of the "way" from the esophagus to the stomach Why does a hernia occur? Mechanism of Education Symptoms of What are the possible complications? What are the signs of infringement? Diagnosis How to treat a hernia of the esophagus Treatment with folk remedies Related videos No diagnosis of "hiatal hernia" is made by any competent doctor. Because there is no such disease in the International Classi...

  • 24-Jun-2018
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Treatment of tendovaginitis of the hand

Tendovaginitis brush - a disease associated with inflammation of the tendon vagina. It is characterized by an intense inflammatory process and severe pain. Occurs in the area of ​​the foot, knee and elbow joints, but the most common place of failure is the hand. This type of tendovaginitis will be discussed in the article. Content 1Causes 2Types of tendovaginitis 3Symptoms 4Treatment Causes The main factors triggering the disease: Infections. Penetration of pyogenic microflora in th...

  • 06-Aug-2018
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What is hymenolepiasis

Contents of Prevalence of hymenolepidoses Characteristics of pathogens How does infection occur? What changes occur in the body of an infected person? What is the danger of a worm? How is hymenolepiasis manifested? How is the diagnosis carried out? Treatment with anthelmintics Additional measures of treatment Folk remedies Who else has hymenolepiasis? Prevention measures Video on topic Hymenolepiasis - the disease belo...

  • 26-Jun-2018
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Rupture of ligaments of the ankle: symptoms, treatment, rehabilitation

Bundles of the ankle joint, like all other ligaments in the human body, consist of elastic fibers that provide elasticity, and collagen, thanks to which there is strength. The ligamentous apparatus along with the muscles and tendons strengthens the ankle, to some extent protecting it from subluxations and dislocations. Rupture of ligaments occurs when the displacement of the foot provokes a mechanical overstrain, the strength of which considerably exceeds their strength and elasticity. Often...

  • 26-Aug-2018
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X-ray therapy with heel spur

Content 1Treatment of calcaneal spur with X-ray therapy: indications, symptoms 1.1Properties of X-ray irradiation 1.2Procedure 2X-ray spine X-ray: the pros and cons of the method 2.1X-ray treatment 2.2How does treatment work? 2.3Advantages 3Treating the calcaneal spur with X-ray therapy 3.1When they resort to X-ray therapy of the calcaneal spur 3.2What is this method of treatment? 3.3How to treat the calcaneal spur with an X-ray 3.4The effect of X-ray therapy on the heel sp...

  • 09-Aug-2018
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Sanatorium treatment of joints in Russia and Crimea

Content 1Treatment of joints 1.1High results in the treatment of joint diseases in Crimea in the resort of Saki 2Treatment of joints 2.1Indications for the treatment of joints in a sanatorium 2.2Treatment of joints with mud in Crimea, sanatorium Poltava (Saki) 2.3Sanatorium treatment of diseases of joints in the sanatorium Poltava-Crimea, Saki 3Features of joint treatment: specialized sanatoriums in Russia 3.1Joints and features of their treatment 3.2Features of joint treatment ...

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