Eating with a liver cyst

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  • The essence of dietary nutrition
  • What can and can not be eaten?
  • Power after operation
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The liver is the most important organ of the digestive tract. It neutralizes toxic substances, is responsible for the balance of hormones, and also supplies all organs with glucose. Despite this, the liver is vulnerable to various diseases. A cyst in the liver is a pathological neoplasm that is congenital and acquired, as well as single and multiple.

In the liver, it can be located both on the surface and deep inside. The cyst is a benign entity that is filled with fluid. Treatment is necessary, since the tumor leads to a violation in the work of the organ. The causes may be related to genetic predisposition.

Often, liver cysts are diagnosed with congenital anomalies of the biliary tract. Parasites can cause parathy, as well as metastases of tumors from other parts of the body. Patients have squeezing sensations in the area of ​​the right hypochondrium, pain in the upper abdomen, a feeling of fullness of the stomach, swelling, nausea and vomiting.

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But cysts of small size usually do not feel sick at all. They can be detected purely by chance in a preventive examination, and they are treated without surgery. Cysts can be small, reaching only a few millimeters, and sometimes their dimensions range within a few centimeters.

Increasingly, a benign tumor begins to squeeze surrounding tissues and blood vessels. This is a rather rare phenomenon, which in most cases is diagnosed in women aged 30 to 50 years. Neoplasm in the liver can lead to unpleasant consequences: problems with digestion, pancreatitis, stasis of the biliary secretion, varicose veins. Moreover, the risks of neoplasm are increasing.

A diet with a cyst of the liver speeds up the healing process. Proper nutrition and examination with a gastroenterologist is an indispensable condition in the non-surgical treatment of a disease. If the doctor has decided to carry out the operation, the diet is an important part of the postoperative period. What are its features?

In the postoperative period it is important to follow the diet of

Essence of dietary nutrition

Even a small size of the liver cyst can cause a malfunction of the organ. With the help of a diet it is possible to maintain and maximally relieve the affected organ. Selection of a diet for a liver cyst is performed by a qualified specialist, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, the severity of the pathological process and the accompanying pathologies.

Patients are assigned a treatment table number 5 to stimulate the outflow of biliary secretion, as well as to prevent inflammation, stagnation of bile and stone formation. In this case, proper nutrition will help to supply the body with all the necessary nutrients.

Consider the basic principles of the diet:

Nutrition for fatty liver hepatosis
  • for the normalization of bile outflow food is important to take often and in small portions;
  • from the diet is strictly necessary to exclude products that increase the level of acidity;
  • in the diet should be a sufficient amount of easily digestible protein;
  • try to eat at the same time;
  • dine at least two to three hours before bedtime;
  • per day you can eat no more than 3000 calories;
  • food should be subjected to scrupulous cooking;
  • about fried foods for a while will have to be forgotten. Food should be baked, boiled, cooked or steamed;
  • vegetable fats can be introduced into the diet, but they need to be added to the ready meals;
  • observe the drinking regime. The basis should be natural water, but as an alternative you can use not acidic compotes, kissel or green tea;
  • try to limit or even exclude fats of animal origin;
  • refuse hot and cold dishes, take food in a warm form;
  • food is used in a grated form;
  • restrict consumption of table salt.

Proper nutrition with a cyst of the liver will help to unload the body

What can and can not be eaten?

First let's talk about the allowed products:

  • well-boiled porridge, which can be cooked both on water and on milk;
  • vegetarian or milk soups with the addition of cereals;
  • pasta from durum wheat;
  • dried bread, croutons, biscuit biscuits;
  • lean meat and fish;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • ripe soft fruits and non-sour berries, from which you can cook jelly, jelly and various desserts;
  • as a drink allowed fruit and vegetable juices, rosehip broth, weak coffee with milk.

But some products are banned:

  • baking, fresh baking, confectionery;
  • canned food, smoked meat, fat, sausage, fatty meat, strong broth;
  • chocolate, ice cream;
  • mushrooms, beans;
  • ketchup, pepper, mustard, mayonnaise;
  • radish, radish, spinach, garlic, green onions;
  • alcohol, soda.

With a hepatic cyst, you will have to give up fresh baked goods, you can consume dried bread and crackers

Consider an approximate ration:

  • breakfast. Prepare oatmeal or rice porridge. You can also cook a steamed omelet or vegetable patties;
  • lunch. Vegetable soup, cream soup or vegetarian soup. On the second you can boil the chicken or cook the meatballs and churn cabbage;
  • dinner. You can boil fish, stir vegetables or eat low-fat cottage cheese and salad.

As already mentioned, parasites can cause the cysts to appear. Clear the liver of the worms can be with the help of herbal collection. It includes such medicinal plants: St. John's wort, chamomile, dandelion root, immortelle, peppermint, cumin, bark of buckthorn.

As a treatment, you can use another collection, consisting of yarrow, thistle, marigold, mint, chamomile, fennel and dandelion root.

Power after operation

Immediately it should be clarified that the operation should be prepared. In three days it will be necessary to exclude raw and boiled vegetables, fruits, fresh bread and pastries, fatty and fried. On the eve of the operation, a light supper is allowed. It can be yoghurt, kefir, cottage cheese. Drinking is allowed without restrictions, but eight hours before surgery. After the operation, boiled vegetables are useful.

Now let's talk about what you can eat after the operation. In the early days, food is exclusively intravenous. Then the patient goes to the probe feed. Go immediately to the usual diet can not, because after surgery, the operation of the small intestine has been disrupted.

After surgery, the patient is allowed such dishes:

  • low-fat broth;
  • liquid berry jelly;
  • compote;
  • berry juices diluted with water;
  • rice decoction;
  • tea with lemon and sugar.

After the operation, the patient is given an intravenous, and then a probe feed

Consider the recipes for healthy dishes with a liver cyst:

  • pumpkin soup .For its preparation you need a pumpkin, butter, milk, dried bread and salt. Bread together with the pumpkin must be boiled until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Then we add milk and cook for another fifteen minutes. At the end, add a little salt;
  • potato soup .It will take onions, carrots, potatoes, butter. All vegetables are cut into pieces, except carrots, it must be rubbed. All the ingredients are thrown into boiling water and boiled for twenty minutes;
  • cabbage charlotte .It is necessary to take cabbage, carrots, milk, egg, butter, sugar. First fifteen minutes cabbage must be put out with milk. Next, add the grated carrot. In the end, mix a small amount of milk with the egg and fill the dish;
  • pate .Take beef, potatoes, carrots, milk, butter and salt. First, meat is prepared. Next, the vegetables are boiled, cleaned and passed through a meat grinder. Vegetables with milk are added to the meat and stewed all foods for five minutes. At the end, add the melted butter and send it to the refrigerator for two hours;
  • apple-cottage cheese dessert .To make it, you will need cottage cheese, apples and honey. Apples should be grinded on a grater, add the wiped cottage cheese and in the end to fill in with liquid honey;
  • jelly .To make it, you need to take an orange, gelatin, protein, water, sugar substitute. The juice is squeezed out of the orange, and the zest is cut into strips. Gelatin is poured in water and left to infuse for forty minutes. Then there must be added hot water, zest and sugar. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and brought to a boil. Then filter the jelly and add orange juice. Jelly is poured into molds and cooled.

So, the cyst of the liver is a benign formation that affects the functioning of the organ. As the tumor grows, unpleasant symptoms begin to appear in the form of pain, swelling, nausea and even vomiting. The diet will help relieve the liver, and after the operation - accelerate the process of recovery.

Do not self-medicate, an expert will help you find an effective diet. Do not forget about the drinking regime and try to avoid prohibited products. Self-discipline and more consciously following the recommendations of a doctor will help restore health.