Exercises on the widest back muscles

Content 1Exercises on the widest back muscles for rapid progress 1.1Thrust horizontal in block simulator 1.2Thrust dumbbells with one hand 1.3Thrust rod rod in slope 1.4Vertical traction block to chest wide grip 1.5Pulling on the crossbar 2Exercises for the widest back muscles 2.1Simple exercises for the widest dorsal muscles 2.2Physical loads for the widest muscles using equipment 3Basic exercises for weight gain 3.1Basic exercises for recruitment of back mass. What are they...

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Exercises on the fitball for the spine

Content 1Exercises for the spine on fitball (gymnastic ball) 1.1Key Points of Occupation 1.2Application and use of the methodology 1.3Therapeutic complex 1.4Tips and Tricks 2What are the exercises on the fitball for the back? 2.1What is fitball? 2.2Complex exercises on fitbole 3Exercises with the ball (fitbolom) for the spine, gymnastic complex on the ball to strengthen and relax the muscles of the back and neck 3.1Than useful exercises on the fitball for the back 3.2Indicat...

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Myelopathy: what is it? symptoms and treatment

Content 1Myelopathy 1.1Etiology and pathogenesis of myelopathy 1.2Symptoms of myelopathy 1.3Ischemic myelopathy 1.4Post-traumatic myelopathy 1.5Radiation Myelopathy 1.6Carcinomatous myelopathy 1.7Treatment of myelopathy 1.8Prognosis and prevention of myelopathy 2All about myelopathy 2.1Causes 2.2The main reasons can be divided into several groups: 2.3Classification 2.4Symptoms 2.5Diagnostics 2.6As an instrumental survey used: 2.7Treatment 2.8Complications 2.9Prevention...

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Exercises of the dickle: a technique of treatment of a backbone

Content 1What does Valentin Dikul recommend, exercises for back or how to become healthy? 1.1Fundamental rules 1.2With back pain 1.3Repetitions and approaches 1.4Movement 1.5Lessons for strengthening the muscular tissues of the back 1.6We strengthen the muscles of the waist 1.7Strengthening the back 1.8Strengthening the lateral muscles of the back 1.9We strengthen the thoracic department 1.10Strengthening the back 1.11We strengthen the back of the thigh and back 1.12Strengthen...

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Than to treat joints of legs or foots in house conditions?

Content 1How to treat leg joints at home using folk remedies? 1.1Trauma treatment 1.2Elimination of inflammation 1.3Excretion of salts 1.4Treatment of leg joints with folk remedies 1.5Treatment of hip joints with folk remedies 1.6Therapy of diseases of the knee joint 1.7Compression on the knee 1.8Horseradish leaves 1.9Medical bile 2Treatment of joints of hands and feet at home 2.1Self-treatment options 2.2Physiotherapy 2.3Massage 2.4Physiotherapy 2.5Folk recipes 3How t...

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Exercise for the back with a roller under the waist

Content 1Legendary Japanese exercise for the back with a platen for weight loss - fiction or reality? 1.1What is the essence of the methodology? 1.2How much time per day to spend on the technique? 1.3Technique of execution (video) 1.4Useful properties and benefits 1.5Contraindications 1.6Important nuances and secrets of the methodology 1.7Additional tips 2Japanese technique of exercises with a roller for the back 35 reasons to use a cushion for the back under the lower back (Ja...

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The child's knees ache: what to do?

Content 1Pain in the knees of children and adolescents: causes, rapid diagnosis, what to do? 1.1Home Diagnostics 1.2Reasons for invisibility 1.3Or maybe we just grow? 2The child's knees ache: causes, consequences, what to do 2.1Causes 2.2Injuries 2.3Overload 2.4Infection 2.5Congenital diseases 2.6Diseases of the blood 2.7What should parents do? 3The child has a knee pain: causes and treatment 3.1Rapid growth and Osgood-Schlatter disease 3.2What causes pain? 3.3Other cau...

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Tendovaginitis: what is it? symptoms and treatment

Content 1Tendovaginitis, description of the disease 1.1What is this - tendovaginitis? 1.2Kinds 1.3Symptoms and signs of tendon tendonitis of the tendon sheath 1.4Tendovaginitis in children 1.5Tendovaginitis in adults 1.6Diagnostics 1.7Treatment 1.8Forecast of life 2Tendovaginitis - inflammation of the tendon and its membranes 2.1Causes of tendovaginitis 2.2Acute aseptic tenosynovitis 2.3Acute posttraumatic tenosynovitis 2.4Reactive tendovaginitis 2.5Acute nonspecific infec...

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Stenosis of the vertebral artery: symptoms

Content 1Possible consequences of vertebral artery stenosis and narrowing treatment 1.1What is spinal stenosis? 1.2How dangerous is the disease 1.3What methods are used to treat the disease? 1.4Which diet is optimal for treatment 2Stenosis of the vertebral artery: left, right, what it is, symptoms 2.1The essence of pathology 2.2Causes of stenosis 2.3Diagnosis of cerebral blood flow insufficiency 2.4Treatment of the disease 2.5Prognosis of PA stenosis 3Symptoms and treatment...

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Gymnastics for the spine: Exercises lfk

Content 1Lfk for the spine: exercises and procedures 1.1A few simple rules 1.2Neck 1.3Thoracic department 1.4Lumbosacral Department 1.5Fracture of the spine 1.6Protrusions 1.7Scoliosis 2Three sets of exercises LFK varying degrees of complexity 2.1What is exercise therapy 2.2Types of exercise therapy 2.3Three complexes for a back of different complexity 2.4With exacerbation of osteochondrosis 2.5When the symptoms began to subside 2.6Exercises for rehabilitation 2.7Recommen...

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