Healing Herbs

The use of hawthorn with increased and reduced pressure

Hawthorn is known to have a beneficial effect on the vascular system, but the degree of its effect is not always clear. In this connection, the question arises: does the hawthorn increase or lower the pressure? Content: How hawthorn affects pressure Healing properties Recipes how to brew hawthorn from pressure Contraindications Related articles: What drugs to take to lower blood pressure Table of blood pressure in an adult How to properly measure blood pressure The causes and consequences ...

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Home Treatment

We remove cellulite from lashek quickly and at home

To fight cellulite on your own you can use a lot of recipes, and they are all very effective. Content: Exercises After childbirth and in pregnant women How to clean for a week Recipes using ground coffee Coffee Scrub Coffee wraps Scrubs Lemon Scrub Two options for salt scrub Coconut-based scrub Strawberry Scrub Anti-cellulite baths What should I know about anti-cellulite baths? Wraps What should I know about wrapping? Oily wrapping With honey Wrap with pepper With herbs With clay Mustard-hon...

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Testosterone Enanthate - instructions for use, composition and form of release, indications, dosage regimen and price

What is testosterone enanthate Testosterone enanthate is one of the many chemical components that make up testosterone. The drug refers to esters of the natural hormone. The agent improves peptide metabolism, is considered a substance of prolonged action. Enanthate is used by athletes to improve the performance of power sports by increasing the number of muscles and body weight. Injections are also used for medical purposes. Men are appointed in violation of their own hormone production,...

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Health From A To Z

Hyperbaric oxygenation - description and indications, preparation and procedure, results and prices

What is hyperbaric oxygenation A medical procedure called hyperbaric oxygenation( HBO) consists of oxygenation of body cells. This manipulation is carried out in a special pressure chamber. The essence of the method consists in supplying oxygen to a single hyperbaric chamber under pressure exceeding atmospheric pressure. Oxygen dosage is calculated individually for each individual patient to avoid discomfort and adverse reactions. Nuances: It is believed that after the procedure th...

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Examinations And Tests

Analysis for testosterone in women - indications and preparation for the conduct, interpretation and indicators of the norm

What is testosterone The body of a man and a woman produces thousands of different hormones per day, responsible for the work of different body systems. Testosterone refers to sex hormones from the androgen class and has a steroid nature. In men, the testes and hypothalamus meet the synthesis of this biological substance. In women, testosterone is produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands, a small part of the hormone produces the liver. For what the hormone testosterone meets in wome...

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