Alcohol depression: causes, symptoms

Depression, on the basis of alcoholism, is a complete and deep suppression of the whole organism at the level of the soul and body. The foreground is a mental disorder. The term "alcoholic depression" suggests that the main reason for the occurrence of depression lies in alcoholism and chronic alcohol intoxication.

Depression covers the whole sphere of a person's personality, creating deep violations of the emotional, volitional and motivational components of the human psyche. Life processes are de-energized, moods to live, something to desire, to something to strive for, the patient no longer exists. At the forefront are ideas of self-destruction, of worthlessness, of total self-deification. The patient does not have an inner sense of peace, comfort, satisfaction, self-confidence. Everything in the soul is deeply depressed. The emotions of longing, sadness, fear predominate. The patient does not live, but simply exists in a ghostly inner world. In which - there is no hope for the future, there is no joy, there are no interests, and everything looks in a gloomy tone.

Alcoholic depression is a very dangerous condition. The patient can lay hands on himself. And he will not become someone of close people about this, warn, show how he will do it. Once, at any time, unexpectedly for everyone, he will simply commit suicide.

A patient with alcoholism with symptoms of alcoholic depression needs constant monitoring, observation. It is necessary to treat such a patient in a narcological or psychiatric clinic or outpatient, but only after a thorough examination of his cognitive and personal sphere by a psychologist and psychiatrist. Medicinal products for treatment are what a psychiatrist and therapist will appoint. It will be means stabilizing the activities of the psyche and the nervous system, restorative and special means for treating the body from alcohol intoxication and other diseases and disorders of the internal organs and their systems.

A depressed patient is experiencing an acute and severely painful affective condition every minute. Negative and burdensome emotions and feelings are experienced by him constantly - day and night. It is physically and nervously draining and exhausting. At the patient at alcoholic depression the representation and sensation of the "I", the appearance and sense organs is changed. How long do you feel that someone who lives in the complete loss of any meaning of life, with complete indifference to himself and the lives of his close people."I have a heart like a stone!" - they say patients are depressed, do not feel anything. And feelings - just no! They are very depressed and the person suffers extremely from this.

All support, care, care and attention for a depressed patient is needed. After all, they very painfully perceive an indifferent and hostile attitude towards them. Any careless word evokes in them an emotional surge of self-destroying ideas and tendencies - they are at any moment able to break the thin "silver" thread of their life.

Man has been going to his tragedy for a long time, we just can not notice it. After unexpected suicides - the surrounding people are perplexed and say: "How could this happen, ridiculously and wildly?".

But we are busy with ourselves, we have ceased to notice the experiences of others. There is no SORRY or COMPASSION in us.

Alcohol depression is a persistent depressed mood( it's not just a bad mood!), Alternating with a constant rolling of bouts of fear, anxiety, despair, anger at yourself. Sometimes they are accompanied by supervalued ideas of suicide.

People who have experienced a state of alcoholic depression say they were in a sea of ​​despair, anguish and anguish. The will is paralyzed. Constantly recall past psycho-traumatic events, resentment, disappointment, regret about the time spent, the idea that everything will not return is dominant. Complete futility and an incredibly painful and long flow of time.

Alcoholic depression lasts up to several weeks, it is treated only by psychiatric and psychotherapeutic methods and medicines, under constant supervision of the patient.

Depression and alcoholism are permanent companions. Alcohol dependence in the period of abstinence from alcohol dictates one thing - in life there is no joy without alcohol. Imagine the inner world of an alcoholic, in which the whole meaning is enclosed in a bottle of alcohol. And is it worth the bottle that, because of her absence, the joy of life is overshadowed.

Treat alcoholism, develop spiritually and physically, expand the circle of interests, dare, achieve something useful, conquer the space of the World. And there will be no depression.