Traumatology And Orthopedics

Scoliosis - photos, symptoms and treatment in adults and children

Scoliosis is a stable lateral curvature of the spine in the right or left side relative to its axis in the frontal plane. Its symptoms are easily seen from the side of another person, however it is difficult to diagnose in oneself. As the disease progresses, there is a secondary deformation of the chest and pelvis, accompanied by a violation of the function of the heart, lungs and pelvic organs. The disease was known in ancient times. The term means - a curve, a curved vertebral column...

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Symptoms Of Disease

Why does blood develop when urinating in women?

Hematuria is a common pathology characterized by the appearance of blood in the urine of a sick woman in excess of the physiological norm. It is commonly believed that this phenomenon is one of the most typical symptoms of kidney and urinary system diseases. Modern medicine knows more than 100 pathologies, to some extent contribute to the development of hematuria. At the same time, some of them are chronic diseases, and some are urgent conditions requiring emergency medical care. In...

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Blood from the anus during stool: causes, treatment

As a rule, people about diseases that touch the genitals and anus are silent. For some reason, most are ashamed of such ailments. They turn to doctors already in very complicated and neglected situations, or do not resort to their services at all. There was no exception, and such a problem, as the blood from the anus at the bowel movement. At the same time, it is worth noting that serious bleeding disorders can manifest serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which threaten the...

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Rhinitis in adults - symptoms and treatment at home

Rhinitis or runny nose is called the inflammatory process of the nasal cavity. Often, rhinitis is only a symptom of the disease. So, for example, the common cold can appear both in viral infection and in bacterial and even be a consequence of mechanical irritation. In addition, rhinitis is divided into acute and chronic. Its causes can be both viral, fungal, bacterial infections, and weakening of the immune system, and hypothermia in the cool season. A very important role in the pro...

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How to get rid of increased anxiety: 18 natural ways

There are many reasons for the emergence of anxiety: these are nonideal relationships with children, and working problems, dissatisfaction in the personal sphere. The body reacts instantly to a negative flow of thoughts: the rhythm of the heart is disturbed( as a rule, the heart rate increases, a tingling sensation may appear, the heart contracts); breathing intermittent( or, conversely, there are so long pauses between the breaths, that there is discomfort, a person seems to ...

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Analyzes And Diagnostics

Why is basophils lowered in blood, what does it say?

Basophils are blood cells, the formation of which is carried out in the bone marrow, then they go into the blood, circulating in it for several hours, and then sent to the tissues, where they stay for 8-12 days. This is the smallest leukocyte group, which is mainly involved in allergic reactions of the immediate type. When the basophils in the blood are lowered in an adult, it indicates the presence of a disease - a basification. Such a condition can be diagnosed when the content of basophil...

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In which products botulism occurs

Contents of List of foods in which Clostridium botulinum may occur. How do I know if the products were contaminated? What can I do before the ambulance arrives Tips from Experts Related videos Botulism is known for a long time since its insidiousness. It is often possible to see information that people were poisoned while taking canned food. But in what products is botulism found most often and whether it is possible to protect yourself from the effe...

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Mesentery of the intestine

Contents Mesentery structure What role does it perform? Diseases Inflammation of the Video on the subject The mesentery of the intestine is a leaflet of the peritoneum, with which the internal organs( stomach, thick, small intestine and others) are attached to the back wall of the abdomen. Mesentery has a branched network of blood vessels, nerve endings and lymph nodes that participate in supplying the body with the necessary nutrients, transfer o...

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Bifidumbacterin in children with constipation

Contents Why constipation occurs How does Bifidumbacterin work How to take More information about Bifidumbacterin Related videos The appearance of constipation is said if there are problems with bowel movement. And the time period, which allows talking about the delay of the chair, for each individual. For one, defecation is once every two days, and in another, such a delay causes unpleasant sensations in the abdomen. According to doctors, if ...

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Recovery after removal of the gallbladder

Contents How to remove the organ How to remove the organ How long does the rehabilitation last? Diet during rehabilitation Medication Physical activity Wound care Complications after surgery Related videos The removal of the gallbladder is a frequent operation. It is necessary for diseases of the biliary system, cholelithiasis, polyps, cholecystitis, neoplasms. Surgical intervention can be carried out by open access, laparoscopically ...

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