How to get rid of increased anxiety: 18 natural ways

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There are many reasons for the emergence of anxiety: these are nonideal relationships with children, and working problems, dissatisfaction in the personal sphere.

The body reacts instantly to a negative flow of thoughts:

  • the rhythm of the heart is disturbed( as a rule, the heart rate increases, a tingling sensation may appear, the heart contracts);
  • breathing intermittent( or, conversely, there are so long pauses between the breaths, that there is discomfort, a person seems to forget to breathe);
  • covers either fussiness or apathy - from one thoughts about the scale of the problem you do not want to do anything;
  • the brain refuses to work productively, even doing routine tasks requires a lot of effort.

Faced with such an unpleasant state, first of all, I want to solve the problem with the help of medicines. But, firstly, such appointments can only be done by a doctor;secondly, these drugs have a negative effect on other body systems.

Cure with increased anxiety will help treatment at home. We have selected 18 effective recommendations to combat anxiety in adults.

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1. Chamomile.

This is an original "first aid" - a cup of tea from flowers and twigs of the plant brings a sense of peace at once. The effect is provided by the substances present in the plant. In terms of their effect on the body, they are identical to such tranquilizers as diazepam( bind to the same dopamine receptors as the compounds in the pharmacy drugs).

Chamomile flowers contain an active ingredient such as apigenin. Thanks to spasmolytic action, this flavonoid calms, relieves painful symptoms, helps to relax.

To help the chamomile( with prolonged admission, at least a month) can even with the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder.

2. Green tea.

Perhaps, it is this drink that helps Buddhist monks to maintain peace and concentration during hours of meditation - green tea in their diet has been present for 13 centuries.

Soothingly affects all body systems L-theanine. Amino acid normalizes the heart rhythm, pressure indicators, reduces anxiety. Those who consume 4-5 drinks a day are calmer, more focused. In addition, green tea is part of a group of natural remedies that protect against the development of cancer.

3. Hops.

It is used not only when making a popular foam drink, but also for relieving anxiety.

Hops cones are easy to prepare themselves( in the middle or end of August).Collect the hops when inside the cones are painted in yellow-green with a pinkish hue of color. It is necessary to pay attention to weather conditions, maturation may occur and at the end of July -( if the summer is hot).

Sedative properties of plants are manifested not only when brewing, it is useful for relieving anxiety and essential oil of hops, its tincture and extract. But the taste of tea is not pleasant - it is very bitter, therefore it is better to combine cones of hops with mint, chamomile, honey. If the goal is to establish a sleep, add the valerian to the hops( for example, by making a fragrant sachet).

When using other sedatives, combining them with taking hop cones is not recommended. It will not be superfluous to inform the doctor about the desire to apply this natural remedy to combat anxiety.

4. Valerian.

Some of the above remedies reduce anxiety, but do not have a sedative effect( like green tea, for example).But valerian is from another group: the plant causes drowsiness, contains sedative compounds that help fight insomnia.

Not everyone likes the taste and smell of plants, so tea with valerian is not as popular as tincture or a drug in capsules. To improve the taste, the plant can be combined with mint or melissa, honey.

Taking this medicine, plan your day so that after using it, you no longer need to drive and perform tasks that require precision and concentration. Valerian greatly relaxes both the body and the brain.

5. Melissa.

Another plant, since the Middle Ages used to reduce stress levels, solve problems with sleep.

Melissa is safe and useful only if it is used sparingly. Excess dosage is fraught with increased anxiety. Therefore, take infusions, tea, capsules, balm from lemon balm, starting from small portions( for infusion - no more than 150 ml per day).It is undesirable to use this remedy for hypotension, since melissa reduces pressure.

6. Passion flower.

Passionflower - the second name of passionflower - along with medicines relieves anxiety attacks, is used to treat insomnia.

May cause drowsiness, enhance the effects of other sedatives. Passionflower is better to use as a one-time remedy, helping to remove anxiety( in extreme cases - apply no more than two weeks).

7. Lavender.

The intoxicating aroma of the plant soothes, helps balance the emotional state. Often the smell of lavender can be felt in the reception of dental clinics or other medical institutions. And this is not an accident: it has been experimentally proved that the aroma acts soothingly, helps the waiting physician to relax.

In another study, the smell of lavender oil was inhaled by students during examinations. And although the level of anxiety declined, some students noted a worsening in concentration. Therefore, people whose work requires good coordination, quick reaction, it is worth carefully applying the funds with lavender.

8. Omega-3 fats.

Those who have had to deal with the treatment of heart diseases, this group of fats is well known. Omega-3( for example, fish oil) helps to restore the patency of vessels, return them elasticity. They are useful when you need to calm your nerves, get rid of a depressed mood.

There are omega-3s in salmon, anchovies, sardines, mussels, vegetable oil( olive, linen), nuts. But it is preferable to draw stocks of omega-3 from seafood, in them the concentration of these substances is higher.

9. Exercises.

Sports activities are useful for both muscles and joints, and for the brain. And they can be used as an urgent tool to help relieve tension, and have an effect in the long run.

Physical activity increases self-esteem, allows you to feel more healthy. Evaluate the result of efforts can be objectively - both in appearance and well-being. Improving health deprives the cause for concern even people inclined to reflection.

10. Holding your breath.

Short-term hypoxia, and then filling the body with oxygen can reduce anxiety. You can use the methodology, borrowed from yoga, it is called "breathing into account 4-7-8."

Before letting air into the lungs, you need to make a powerful exhalation( through the mouth).For four counts, inhale( nose), 7 seconds do not breathe, then make the same powerful exhale, as in the beginning( for 8 seconds).It is enough 2-3 repetitions a day. This practice is useful in the treatment of insomnia.

11. Adjusting the sugar level.

Irritability and anxiety often increase for a common reason - a person is hungry. The level of sugar in this case falls, which affects the mood and behavior.

It is necessary to keep the products for a quick snack: nuts( raw and unsalted), whole grain breads, fruit, black chocolate, sandwich with lean meats and greens.

Snacking with processed foods( sausages, smoked foods), sweet only aggravates the condition due to sudden jumps in glucose level. Very soon the body will again require food, will return to a state of irritation.

12. The effect of 21 minutes.

If the idea of ​​systematic sports is frightening, it's enough to find in your schedule only 21 minutes a day - this time interval is enough to relieve anxiety.

To choose the necessary aerobic load: running, jumping, walking on an elliptical( or regular) ladder, in extreme cases, is suitable and the usual walk( if you keep a high tempo).

13. Compulsory breakfast.

Those who suffer increased anxiety often ignore breakfast. An excuse may be too much workload( when every minute, especially in the morning hours, the road), and lack of appetite, and fear of getting better.

Choosing the right products will not only charge a good mood for a long time, but also on the figure will be beneficial. One of the mandatory dishes during the morning reception should be fried eggs( suitable and boiled eggs, omelet).This product fills the body with protein, healthy fats, which allows you to feel satiety longer. There are cholines in eggs - a low content of this element in the body provokes anxiety attacks.

14. Rejection of negative thinking.

When the alarm attacks, there is no room for positive thoughts, more and more pictures are scrolling again and again in my head. And the probability of such a bad development of the situation can be negligible.

This negative flow must be stopped as early as possible, using deep breathing and considering the problem from all sides. If the situation is worked out soberly, without emotion, it becomes clear that everything is fixable, the order of necessary actions will immediately be drawn.

15. Sauna or bath.

When heated, the body relaxes, muscle tension decreases, anxiety decreases.

Even neutron networks that control moods( including those responsible for the production of serotonin) change under the influence of heat. Not for nothing after the procedure there is a sense of peace, tranquility, the head literally clears up.

16. Walk to the forest.

The Japanese know a lot about maintaining health - including emotional ones. The popular practice of shinrin-yoku contributes to the restoration of psychological balance.

The procedure is available to residents of other countries - this is an ordinary walk along forest paths. Preferably visit the coniferous forest, as a bonus received a dose of phytoncids.

Both the surrounding aromas, and sounds, and the need to walk on uneven ground, are soothing to the psyche. After 20 minutes of walking, the stress level is significantly reduced.

17. Meditation of awareness.

This Buddhist practice is effective in the treatment of anxiety disorder. It helps to realize the importance of each moment, and critically assess what is really happening, not the scary pictures drawn by the imagination under the influence of panic.

You can start with a simple concentration on what is happening, the most common things, most importantly, do not let the consciousness slip into fantasy( especially with negative color).

18. Statement of the problem.

The search for ways to combat increased anxiety already indicates that the person has realized the problem. The ability to analyze your emotional state, to draw the right conclusions is a good sign and the first step to improving the condition.

When you know the problem in person, it's easier to solve. Further steps include working on the formation of positive thinking( for example, reframing), and changes in lifestyle.

Constant stay in a state of anxiety with time destroys not only emotional health, but also physical. Use these recommendations in the fight against stress, and if improvement is not observed, ask for help from a specialist.

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