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The appearance of constipation is said if there are problems with bowel movement. And the time period, which allows talking about the delay of the chair, for each individual.

For one, defecation is once every two days, and in another, such a delay causes unpleasant sensations in the abdomen. According to doctors, if bowel movement is less than once in three days, then we can talk about problems in the digestive function.

With constipation, laxatives can help, they accelerate the movement of stool in the intestine, but do not have a therapeutic effect. In order to restore normal peristalsis it is recommended to take bifidobacteria. Often pediatricians recommend bifidumbacterin for constipation in infants and, as feedback about it is positive, it is fully justified.

Why constipation occurs

Stool retention can occur for various reasons, the most common are the following:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • medication;
  • eating food dry, insufficient fluid intake;
  • stress.

Babies constipation is quite common, because their digestive system is not yet fully developed and the necessary microflora is absent in the intestine. In babies with breastfeeding, constipation can occur due to errors in the nutrition of the mother.

At artificial feeding of crumbs the unsuitable milk formula can be picked up or it does not have enough liquid that does stools solid. And although constipation alone does not do much harm to the body( it has not yet been proven that toxic compounds can enter the bloodstream from the intestine back into the blood), but it can be a symptom of a serious disorder.

In addition, constipation affects the emotional state of the child, and, consequently, the whole family.

In the mother's womb the baby is in sterile conditions. During the passage through the birth canal, during feeding or physical contact, microorganisms get into the body of the child, which are not always friendly. With full breastfeeding, the intestine is filled with probiotics and lactobacilli.

If the ratio between useful and opportunistic microorganisms is disturbed, dysbacteriosis arises. It leads to a delay in stool in the intestines and a deterioration in peristalsis. The probability of dysbacteriosis in young children is great, because they still do not have local immunity, which does not allow them to reproduce pathogenic microorganisms.

Since the infant is not yet able to explain what is bothering him, adults should pay special attention to the frequency of bowel movements and urination of the baby

. In a newborn, the bowel movement can occur after each meal, the infant must have a bowel movement every day, and the babies from year to yearfour years at least once every two days.

To determine that the child has reduced intestinal motility, it is possible by the following signs:

  • during defecation, the toddler is restless, crying, tuzhitsya;
  • tummy is solid;
  • feces are solid( peas) or at first come out solid, but only then mushy;
  • the child refuses to eat;
  • does not sleep well;
  • vomiting( unlike vomiting, vomiting comes with a fountain).

How does Bifidumbacterin work

To improve the digestive process, babies are prescribed Bifidumbacterin. This is a completely harmless drug that has no contraindications( except intolerance) and does not provoke side effects.

The drug contains lactose, so it is cautiously prescribed to children with intolerance to this component. The drug can be used by patients of any age and does not cause an overdose, since it does not have a cumulative effect.

At the heart of Bifidumbacterin live bifidobacteria, which are needed for normal digestion. These microorganisms create the necessary acid-alkaline environment in the intestine, which is not suitable for the activity of opportunistic bacteria, such as enteropathogenic E. coli, Staphylococcus, Shegella, and also some yeast-like fungi.

Thus, bifidobacteria have an antibacterial effect and promote local immunity.

The substance is not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, it has only a local effect. This drug is prescribed if there are the following disorders:

  • dysbacteriosis( change of normal intestinal flora as a result of taking antibacterial drugs);
  • intestinal infections in acute phase;
  • chronic constipation;
  • is a chronic inflammatory process in the small or large intestine;
  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • worsening of the bowels.

Often the drug is prescribed if the baby is transferred from natural feeding to artificial

. As an adjunct to the main therapy, bifidumbacterin is prescribed in the treatment of children suffering from pneumonia, sepsis. Bifidumbacterin also has a counter-toxic effect. It cleanses the body of poisonous substances accumulated in the intestines, which leads to an improvement in its motor function.

How to take

Bifidumbacterin is produced in powder, ampoules, candles, tablets. Tablets and suppositories contain one dose of the drug, ampoules and a powder of 5 doses.

Analysis of feces for dysbiosis in infants

When preventing dysbacteriosis, children under 6 months are given 2.5 doses 2-6 times a day, children over six months and up to three years of 5 doses 1-2 times a day, from seven years are recommended by5 doses 3-5 times a day. Children from 3 years and adults need to take 10 doses 1-2 times a day. The duration of therapy is 14-20 days.

If the drug is prescribed to eliminate the disease, children up to six months are recommended to take 2.5 doses up to 6 times a day, children from 6 months to 7 years, 5 doses 3-5 times a day, over seven years and adults 10 doses 3-4 times a day. The reception continues for 3-4 weeks. Its duration is determined by the nature of the disease and the severity of the symptoms.

A doctor with constipation in a child may recommend using rectal suppositories for 7-30 days. The course of taking Bifidumbacterin can be repeated, but between them should take about a month. It is not recommended to perform more than three courses of therapy in a row.

Before taking Bifidumbacterin mixed with liquid food, it is recommended to add the product to the fermented milk products. Drink it before eating. Breasts are given a remedy during feeding, mixing it with milk.

How long to take Bifidumbacterin for a child with constipation, and with what frequency, the pediatrician

will determine the powder. Powder is covered in 30-50 ml of water, which does not have a temperature above 40 ° C, or in a sour-milk drink. The resulting suspension should be drunk without waiting for the complete dissolution of lactose. The prepared solution can not be stored.

Additional information about the preparation

There is also Bifidumbacterin, released under the trademark Forte. According to buyers' reviews, the difference is only in the package, but by action they are the same. Bifidumbacterin forte is produced in powder and capsules.

Bifidumbacterin can be used concomitantly with medications, since its interaction with drugs has not been detected. The drug has a greater therapeutic effect, if used simultaneously with B vitamins, and antibiotics reduce their effect.

Store the drug in a refrigerator at a temperature of no higher than 10 ° C.If the integrity of the individual package has been compromised during storage, the bifidumbacterin loses all its useful properties.

Constipation from Bifidumbacterin itself in a newborn can not develop, since its natural microflora is 90% composed of bifidobacteria. If the agent does not produce the desired result, then there is a possibility that constipation occurs as a result of the pathology of the digestive tract, and not because of a violation of the intestinal microflora. In this case, you need to undergo a complete examination and find out the exact cause of the decrease in intestinal peristalsis.

Reviews for Bifidumbacterin

After taking Bifidumbacterin, the baby's bowel work improves, which is noticeable after a week of therapy. Crochet ceases to torment bloating, reduces gas formation. Here are some testimonials about the drug.

Already after a week of reception, the result was noticeable not only in the quiet behavior of the baby, but also in the stool and in the appetite. Excellent tool. The kid I had on IR, so with the reception of problems was not. But in any case it is worth consulting with a doctor how to take bifidumbacterin for newborns. Reviews may be different, but you must take into account the characteristics of the child. Do not experiment in this matter.
The district pediatrician advised us bifidumbacterin for 2.5 doses twice a day. We gave it in the morning and in the evening. This drug helped us. On the third day, the child did not wake up from the pain at night, we did not even believe it at first and thought, well, probably one day my tummy did not hurt. All the following time, colic was no longer, we drank bifidumbacterin 1 course - 10 days and finished, since we forgot what colic is.
I bred a half a pack of warm milk and gave it 3 times a day. Side effects are not established - this record is of course interesting and suggests that pobochka is possible. In our case it was the coloring of the child's feces in green, and the first time it scared me. And up to a year the intestine of the child so reacted to this preparation, but it helped. Did not give courses - but for the sake of quick effect - that would not take more complex measures for constipation. Accepted it and during treatment of intestinal infection - well, here the effect of the application was not clear - after the course of antibiotics - there were no difficulties with the stool( and maybe thanks to bifidumbacterin, although the doctor prescribed an Acipole after discharge).For emergency cases, I always keep a few doses of the medicine in the refrigerator just in case.

Developed Bifidumbacterin specifically for newborns. And if an adult can normalize the intestinal microflora by increasing the intake of fermented milk products, it is undesirable for infants to introduce complementary foods for six months. The remedy is safe, efficient and affordable.