Tourmaline belt

Content 1Tourmaline belt: application, reviews. Tourmaline belt: instruction, price, contraindications 1.1The need for a tourmaline belt 1.2Principle of operation 1.3What is included 1.4The use of tourmaline belt in diseases 1.5How to apply tourmaline belt 1.6Contraindications in case of using a belt 1.7Precautions for handling the belt 1.8Cost of the product 2Tourmaline belt: reviews of doctors, contraindications 2.1Useful action of the belt from tourmaline on the human body ...

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The anomaly of kimmerle: symptoms and treatment

Content 1Kimerli anomaly 1.1Pathogenesis of vascular disorders in the Kimerli anomaly 1.2Symptoms of Kimerli anomaly 1.3Treatment of Kimerli anomaly 2Anomaly of Kimmerle - how to treat the disease, symptoms and life expectancy 2.1What is the anomaly of Kimmerle 2.2Symptoms of anomaly 2.3Partial anomaly 2.4Diagnosis of the anomaly of Kimmerle 2.5The anomaly of Kimmerle - how to live with it 2.6Physiotherapy 2.7Massage 2.8How to treat Skimmer syndrome 2.9Conservative treatmen...

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Bong-benge ointment: instructions for use

Content 1Bom-Bengue 1.1Composition 1.2Form of issue 1.3pharmachologic effect 1.4Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics 1.5Application of ointment Bom-Benge 1.6Contraindications 1.7Side effects 1.8Bom-Benge ointment, instructions for use (Method and dosage) 1.9Overdose 1.10Interaction 1.11Terms of sale 1.12Storage conditions 1.13Shelf life 1.14Analogues 1.15Reviews 1.16Price, where to buy 1.17WER.RU 1.18ZdravZona 1.19Pharmacy24 1.20PaniApoteka 1.21BIOSPHERE 2Therapeu...

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Ointment 911: types of gels and balms

Content 1Series "911 ointment for joints (description, composition, instructions and reviews): 1.1Species Features 1.2Using 1.3Who is shown the "911" series? 1.4Who does not recommend the drug? 1.5"Sabelnik" (balm): description 1.6Ointment "Traumalgon" 1.7"Venolgon-911" 1.8"Ravmalgon" and "Badyaga" 1.9Other analogues 1.10Patient Reviews 2Ointments and other products of the 911 series: effective and without contraindications 2.1Gel and sabelnik in its basis 2.2What gives an ...

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Ointments for arthrosis of the knee joint

Content 1Ointments for arthrosis of the knee joint 1.1Treatment 1.2Drugs for treatment 1.3Benefits of external therapy 1.4Disadvantages of using gels 1.5Anti-inflammatory and analgesic gels 1.6Folk recipes 2Ointment from arthrosis of the knee joint - a review of drugs for the treatment and removal of pain, a video recipe 2.1What ointments help with arthrosis 2.2Based on bee venom 2.3Based on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances 2.4Feedback on results after treatment ...

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Contusion of ribs: symptoms, treatment, healing time

Content 1Symptoms of rib contusion, treatment and first aid 1.1Symptoms of a bruised rib 1.2Possible complications 1.3Specialized treatment of rib contusion 1.4What ointments and medications are used for a rib bruise? 1.5Treatment of bruised ribs at home 1.6First aid for suspected bruise of the rib 2Bruised rib symptoms: how to treat at home 2.1Features of contusion of ribs 2.2Signs of contusion of ribs 2.3First aid with chest contusions 2.4Help at home 2.5Traditional method...

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An orthopedist is a doctor, and what does he treat?

Content 1Orthopedist 1.1Orthopedics: basic directions 1.2Orthopedist: which organs are treated by this doctor? 1.3Diseases treated by an orthopedist 1.4Orthopedist's reception: when is it needed? 1.5Orthopedist-trauma: when is it needed? 1.6Urgent reception of an orthopedist: symptoms that cause such a need 1.7Pediatric orthopedist: when to lead a child to this specialist? 1.8The first reception at the orthopedist 1.9Analyzes prescribed by an orthopedist 2What the orthopedic d...

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Tortor on the knee joint

Content 1Tutor on the knee joint how to choose? 1.1Types of tutors and its difference from other orthopedic products 1.2Indications and limitations 1.3Selection rules 1.4Orthopedic care 1.5Prices and popular manufacturers 2Choosing a tutor for knee joints: varieties, indications and contraindications for use 2.1What are we talking about? 2.2How the tutor works 2.3Why appoint a tutor 2.4Orlett Tents 2.5Main advantages of KS 601 2.6Correct size selection 2.7How to care for th...

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Magnetic posture corrector magnetic posture support

Content 1Magnetic posture corrector «Magnetic Posture Support»: reviews, prices, description 1.1Description of the magnetic corrector 1.2Functions and tasks performed by the medical corset 1.3Specifications 1.4Advantages of magnetic corset 1.5Contraindications to use 1.6Mode of application 1.7Proper care 1.8Magnetic posture corrector posture support. Doctor's comments 1.9The opinion of the owners of the corset Posture Support 1.10Where can I buy an elastic corset with magnets ...

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Arthralgia: symptoms and treatment

Content 1Arthralgia 1.1Types of arthralgia 1.2Treatment and prognosis of arthralgia 2Symptoms, causes and treatment of arthralgia syndrome 2.1Types of arthralgia and accompanying symptoms 2.2Diagnostics 2.3Prognosis and prevention 3Arthralgia: symptoms and treatment 3.1Etiology 3.2Kinds 3.3Symptomatology 3.4Treatment 4Arthralgia: what is it, the causes, symptoms and treatment 4.1What it is 4.2Types of arthralgia 4.3Causes 4.4Symptoms of arthralgia 4.5Treatment of ar...

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