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Bandage for back and waist

Content 1How to choose a lumbar bandage 2How to choose a bandage for the back? 2.1What kinds of corsets for the back exist? 2.2Orthopedic corset 2.3Bandage for pregnant women 2.4Anti-Radiculitis Belt 2.5Indications and contraindications 2.6Tips for choosing 2.7How correctly to wear a bandage? 3Choose a corset for the lumbar spine 3.1How to choose a corset for the waist? 3.2Types of corsets for the waist 3.3Lumbosacral semi-rigid corset 3.4Lumbosacral hard corset 3.5The use...

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Bandage for pregnant women: which is better to choose, for how long to wear?

Content 1Bandage for pregnant women: for how long to wear, rules and recommendations 1.1Do you need a bandage? 1.2Kinds of bandages 1.3If necessary 1.4Are there any contraindications? 1.5We put it right, so as not to harm the baby 1.6We keep the time frame 1.7Correctly choose the size 1.8Recommendations of doctors 1.9Draw conclusions 2What band for pregnant women is better to choose? 2.1What bandage for pregnant women is better to choose, and what is it for? 2.2When you can ...

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Cones on the knee from the side: what is it?

Content 1Knuckle on knee 1.1Factors of the disease development 1.21. Knee joint injury 1.3Baker's cyst (popliteal) 1.4Bursit 1.52. Lesion of bone structures 1.6With arthrosis of the knee joint 1.7With neoplasm 1.83. Nervous-vascular lesions in popliteal fossa 1.9Varicose disease 1.10Aneurysm of the knee artery 1.11Inflammation of the tibial nerve 1.124. Other soft tissue injuries 1.13Rheumatoid arthritis 1.14Gout 1.15General diagnostics 1.16Healing measures 2The appeara...

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