Runny nose does not take 2 weeks for an adult - treatment

Runny nose is an unpleasant symptom that accompanies almost every catarrhal disease. It is an inflammation in the mucous membrane of the nose. Usually takes place within 1 week, both in adults and in children. But what if the cold does not go away for 2 weeks in an adult? It is necessary to start treatment with more serious drugs so that it does not transform into sinusitis and other more serious diseases.

  • Causes of a cold
  • Symptoms of long-term rhinitis
  • Treatment of a prolonged cold
  • Treatment of a prolonged runny nose folk remedies
  • Prophylaxis of a protracted cold
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Causes of a cold

A prolonged runny nose may indicate that a person develops one of the following diseases dynamically:

  1. Chronic rhinitis. It is a constant inflammatory process that develops in the mucous membrane of the nose, with periodic exacerbations.
  2. Rhinitis is allergic. It arises as a result of constant interaction with a certain stimulus.
  3. Sinusitis. This disease, which is characterized by an inflammation of the nasal sinuses. Depending on the location of this inflammation, distinguish such forms of sinusitis: sinusitis, frontalitis, sphenoiditis.

There are cases when prolonged rhinitis is caused by certain features of the body, namely:

  • pregnancy or hormonal failures in the body;
  • genetic predisposition or congenital pathology of the nasal canal;
  • various diseases of the endocrine system.

Important to remember!A weak immune system can cause a cold that does not go away for more than 2 weeks! In such cases very often it leads to other, more serious diseases.

Symptoms of long-term rhinitis

The duration of the common cold depends on the individual characteristics of the human body. Usually the inflammatory process takes place after 1 week. If the disease is prolonged, then such additional symptoms begin to appear:

  • often a headache, especially the frontal part;
  • transparent white snot formed as a result of sudden temperature changes;
  • Periodic pawning of the nose, as a result of which snot of yellow color is allocated at the time of blowing out;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • noise in ears.

Important to remember!With prolonged rhinitis, you need to contact a specialist who, after the examination, will prescribe the most effective treatment in each individual case!

Treatment of a prolonged cold

What should I do with a prolonged runny nose? If the doctor has found out, that the formed rhinitis has chronic character, it is necessary to undertake such actions:

  1. First of all, you need to use local treatment. For this, various vasoconstrictive and therapeutic drops are used. They have antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory action. Also increase local immunity.
  2. Disinfection of the nasal cavity. Includes washing of the nasal passages with saline solution.
  3. Antibiotics. They eliminate the inflammation and swelling of the nasal passages.
  4. Inhalation. This procedure can be carried out with the help of traditional medicine, as well as a modern apparatus - nebulizer, which should be filled with special medications.

During the treatment period it is required to drink a lot of warm liquid. Teas made on the basis of medicinal plants, such as chamomile, calendula, mint, lemon balm and others are best.

If the runny nose does not pass more than 2 weeks due to an allergy, then it is absolutely necessary to include antihistamines in the complex treatment. Without them, therapy will be inconclusive. It is also very important to eliminate the allergen as quickly as possible.

It is important to know!The effectiveness of the use of drugs will be greater if you give up harmful habits!

Treatment of a prolonged runny nose folk remedies

Long-lasting rhinitis gives a lot of unpleasant sensations, so every person wants to get rid of it as quickly as possible. For this, you can use folk remedies that have been tested not by one generation. The main advantage of these products is that they are prepared solely from natural ingredients. And also prepare such medications easily at home.


To prepare this medication you need 1 tbsp. l. freshly squeezed buryak juice, 0.5 h. l. liquid honey and 1 hour. l. purified water. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and drip 5 drops into each nostril 6 times a day. Before the procedure it is necessary to heat the medicine.


It is necessary to cut one small leaf of a Kalanchoe, grind it with a meat grinder or a blender. The resulting gruel put in a piece of gauze and squeeze out the juice, which drip the nose 2 drops 3 times a day. Instead of Kalanchoe, you can use the leaves of Aloe Vera.

Millet porridge

This tool is suitable not only for the treatment of a prolonged runny nose in adults, but also in children. To do this, you need to take a small bag of natural dense tissue, put in it a warm cooked millet mush. Place the filled bag on the bridge of the nose and keep until the porridge cools. Instead of porridge, you can use heated salt or sand.


It will take 1 hour to prepare this medicine. l. alcohol tincture of propolis and 1 hour. l. camphor or unrefined sunflower oil. Pour these liquids into a small container, tightly cover with a lid and shake. The product is used as a drop in the nose 5 times a day. After 1 week of such treatment, a break of 3 days is required. Then start the application again.


For treatment with this plant, you should purchase fir in the pharmacy. It will take 3 liters of boiling water, in which to pour 0,5 hours. l. fir oil. Slightly stir and tilt your head over the steam, covering it with a towel. To breathe such a steam follows about 10 min. This procedure should be performed once a day, preferably before bedtime.

Melted butter

You should take 500 g unsalted butter, cut into small pieces and put on fire in an enamel saucepan. Simmer over low heat for about 40 minutes. After the time has passed, drain the melted butter and send it to the refrigerator. Before use, the cooked oil needs to be slightly heated in a water bath and drip 3 times a day with the nose.

Such effective remedies will help quickly get rid of the common cold.

Important to remember!Before using any alternative medicine you need to consult a specialist! Perhaps he will include it in a comprehensive treatment.

Prophylaxis of a protracted cold

In order to avoid the disease, a number of preventive measures should be taken, namely:

  • aromatherapy - the inhalation of essential oils promotes normal operation of the respiratory system;
  • phytotherapy - for preventive purposes it is necessary to drink teas prepared on the basis of medicinal plants;
  • self-massage - carrying out certain manipulations with the nose contributes to the outflow of accumulated mucus;
  • breathing apparatus exercises.

Also, one should not forget about the increase in immunity, especially in the autumn-winter period. This will help to avoid colds, and as a result, a protracted runny nose. Influence on the immune system is possible with the help of vitamins, proper nutrition and compliance with the regime of the day.

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