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Olfen plaster: instruction

Content 1"Olfen" (plaster): instructions for use, price, description, reviews 1.1Composition, packaging and description 1.2Features of the drug 1.3Action medication 1.4Pharmacokinetics 1.5Indications for use 1.6Contraindications of local remedies 1.7Olfen plaster: instructions for use 1.8Step-by-step use of the drug 1.9Adverse Events 1.10Cases of overdose 1.11Drug Interactions 1.12Price and analogues of the preparation 1.13Reviews about the medicine 2Olfen plaster - instru...

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Vitamins for joints and bones: names of drugs

Content 1Vitamins for bones and joints: names of popular complexes 1.1Competent support of the bone system 1.2Vitamin preparations for restoration of bones and joints 1.3Doppelherz Aktiv Glucosamine + chondroitin 1.4Calcemin Advance 1.5Complymium Calcium D3 1.6Arthritis 1.7Orthomol Arthro plus 1.8Hondro 2Choosing the best vitamins for the joints and spine 2.1Kolekaltsiferol (D3) 2.2Ascorbic acid 2.3Doppelherz-aktiv 2.4Calcemin Advance 2.5Arthron Complex 2.6Milgamma 2.7AT...

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Exercises in pinching the sciatic nerve

Content 1Exercises in pinching the sciatic nerve: how to correctly 1.1Briefly about sciatica 1.2Gentle exercises for pinch of the sciatic nerve 1.3Who can help described gymnastics 1.4Who are these exercise complexes suitable for? 1.5Recommendations and caveats 2Therapeutic gymnastics at a pinch of the sciatic nerve at home 2.1Symptomatic manifestations 2.2Principles of treatment 2.3Performing the right gymnastic exercises 2.4Injury of the sciatic nerve during pregnancy 3Ex...

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Osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine: symptoms and treatment

Content 1Osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine - signs and symptoms, treatment and drugs for pain 1.1What is osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine 1.2Symptoms of breast osteochondrosis in men 1.3Pain in osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine 1.4Osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine - treatment 1.5Treatment of breast osteochondrosis medication 1.6Exercises for the thoracic spine with osteochondrosis 1.7Manual therapy for osteochondrosis 1.8Massage with osteochondrosis of the thoraci...

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Osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine: symptoms and treatment

Content 1Symptoms and treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis 1.1Causes 1.2Symptoms 1.3Stages of the disease 1.4Complications 2Symptoms and treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis 2.1Osteochondrosis of 1 degree 2.2Osteochondrosis of 2 degrees 2.3Osteochondrosis of 3 degrees 2.4How to treat lumbosacral osteochondrosis? 3Symptoms and treatment of osteochondrosis of the sacral spine 3.1Anatomical features 3.2We recommend that you study: 3.3Symptoms and stages of development 3.4Caus...

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Tourmanian mat nougat best

Content 1Turmanium mat: reviews of doctors 1.1What is a tourmaline mattress? 1.2Principle of action on the body 1.3Indications for use 1.4Turanian mats: Contraindications 1.5Instructions for use 1.6Advantages and disadvantages 1.7Results of using a tourmaline mat 1.8special instructions 1.9Cost 1.10Where to buy a mat? 1.11Tourmation mat: reviews of doctors and consumers 2Tourist mat Nouga Best NM-2500 (single) 3"Nuga Best" 3.1Products of this manufacturer 3.2Overview of g...

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Bursitis of the heel: treatment, therapy with folk remedies

Content 1Traditional methods of treatment of bursitis 1.1When treatment is required 1.2The ulnar bursitis 1.3Knee bursitis 1.4Bursitis of the hip and shoulder joints 1.5Inflammation of synovial bursal foot 2Treatment of bursitis of the heel with the help of traditional medicine 2.1Readers often study together with this material: 2.2Symptoms of calcaneal bursitis 2.3Symptoms of subclavian bursitis 2.4The editor has found for you two more interesting materials: 2.5Compresses fo...

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Hypoplasia of the right and left vertebral arteries: what is it?

Content 1Hypoplasia of the right or left vertebral artery - what is it and what does it threaten? 1.1general information 1.2Causes and risk factors 1.3What is the difference between right-sided hypoplasia and left-sided hypoplasia? 1.4Danger and consequences 1.5Symptoms and signs 1.6When should I see a doctor? 1.7Diagnostics 1.8Treatment 1.9Prevention 2Hypoplasia of vertebral arteries 2.1What is hypoplasia? 2.2Compensatory mechanisms that delay the manifestation of pathology...

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Arthritis of the spine: symptoms and treatment in various parts of the back

Content 1Symptoms and Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Spine 1.1Cervical spondylosis 1.2Lumbosacral arthritis 1.3Ankylosing spondylitis 1.4Unco-vertebral inflammation 1.5Neurological disorders in arthritis 1.6Therapy of rheumatic damage of the cervical department 1.7Conservative therapy for Bechterew's disease 1.8Folk medicine on guard of health 2Osteoarthritis of the spine: causes, symptoms and treatment 2.1Symptoms and treatment of spinal arthrosis 2.2Stages of vert...

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Stone massage with hot stones: description of the procedure

Content 1Stone massage 1.1History of stone procedures 1.2Indications and the main contraindications for massage with stones 1.3The technique of performing a massage with stones 1.4When will the result from the procedure become noticeable? 1.5Customer Testimonials About Stone Massage 2Stone massage: description of the procedure, benefits, technique of performance, indications and contraindications 2.1Essence, types, benefits 2.2Indications and contraindications 2.3Stones for the...

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