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Hurts under the ribs in the back: causes of the onset of the symptom

Content 1Possible causes of pain on the right under the ribs giving into the back 1.1Causes of pain in the side and back 1.2What should I do immediately? 1.3Diagnostics 1.4Pain in the lower back with osteochondrosis: causes 1.5Classification of pain in the hypochondrium 1.6Treatment of pain in the right side and back 1.7Conclusion 2Back pain under the ribs: what to do? 2.1Diseases that provoke pain syndrome in costal bones 2.2Bruises, fractures 2.3Intercostal neuralgia 2.4Sp...

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Wrists And Brushes

Gel horse power for joints (ointment, balm)

Content 1Gel Horsepower for joints - composition, application, price and reviews 1.1Horse Gel for people 1.2Can the horse gel harm human health? 1.3What is the secret of the success of equine preparations? 1.4What kind of gel should I choose 1.5Correct application 1.6Gel Alezan 1.7Gel-balm of double action Zoo VIP 2Balm-gel Horse power for the treatment of joints, its effectiveness, instructions for use + doctors' opinion and consumer reviews 2.1Composition and form of balsam f...

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All bones and joints ache: what to do? causes of aches all over the body

Content 1Causes of pain in bones and joints 1.1Causes of pain in joints 1.2Sports overloads 1.3Systemic blood diseases 1.4Infectious and inflammatory diseases 1.5Pain due to diseases of metabolic and hormonal disorders 1.6Diabetes 1.7Tumor processes of bones 1.8Tuberculosis of bones 1.9Intermittent fever 1.10Warts and papillomas 1.11In what case immediately to the doctor? 2Why all joints and bones ache: what to do for treatment and the causes of pain 2.1Classification of pa...

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Back pain between scapulae: causes and treatment

Content 1The back is hurting between the shoulder blades - why? If the back is hurting between the shoulder blades, what does it say and how to cope with the problem 1.1Causes of back pain between the shoulder blades 1.2Pathology of the spine 1.3Diseases of surrounding structures 1.4Diseases of internal organs 1.5Other diseases 1.6Diagnostics 1.7Treatment 1.8Prevention 2Back pain between the scapulae 2.1What diseases provoke pain between the shoulder blades in the back? 2.2Co...

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Мрт a knee joint: what shows and how do they do?

Content 1Mgr of the knee joint - how is the diagnosis performed and what does the preparation for the study and the price 1.1What is MRI of the knee joint 1.2Benefits 1.3Preparation 1.4How passes 1.5What MRI shows 1.6Contraindications 1.7Price 1.8: how to make an MRI of the knee joint 2What the MRI of the knee joints shows is how the procedure is done: decoding and contraindications 2.1Indications for MRI of knee joints 2.2When is the procedure contraindicated? 2.3What does ...

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