Cough begins

How and what to treat a beginning cough?

When the cough is just beginning, you need to get rid of it immediately. If it is light, it is not dangerous, but it can worsen with time. Treatment should always begin in advance, so you can not give a cough to progress, and develop into any disease.

Causes of cough

Before treating a beginner cough, you need to find out why he appeared. Often it is a symptom of a sore throat, when a foreign body enters the respiratory tract, lymph nodes may increase. The first days of coughing sputum is not excreted, it is dry.

When the body temperature rises, the allergy increases, the mucous viscosity increases, so sputum forms. Because of the viscosity of the sputum in large quantities accumulates in the respiratory tract and can not go outside. Cough helps to bring mucus out.

It should be borne in mind that cough can be triggered by diseases of the heart, intestines, stomach, allergies, inflammation in the nervous system.

Treatment of a beginner cough

1. If you notice that you are starting to get sick, you need to lie down, you can not go out into the street.

2. As much as possible drink warm drink - a narrow mouth, a weak tea with lemons, an infusion of rose hips, so you can improve the separation of sputum, cough will quickly pass.

3. Maintain the optimum humidity in the room, constantly ventilate the room, do a wet cleaning, so it will be easier to recover.

4. Use of warming compresses. If you notice yourself having a dry cough, you need to use such a medicine for a compress from a cough: take castor oil - a few drops, add alcohol, vodka, rub in the back and chest area, then wrap it in a warm scarf, scarf. So you can get warm well. Do it best at night.

Medications for beginners coughing

First, you need to turn a dry cough into a moist, productive, for this recommend using Tusupreks, Mukaltin, Bromgeksin, Sinekod, Termopsis.

For the first time, you need to dissolve mints of lozenges, also recommend using herbal preparations - breastfeeding. It is advised to use inhalation with a beginning cough, so you can soften the cough, get rid of dryness, perspiration. You can breathe on a saucepan with boiling soda solution, potatoes. It is recommended to use decoctions from oak bark, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile. For the procedure to be effective, it must be performed up to 5 times a day, no less than 10 minutes. When a person can not do everything at once inhalation, you need to drink hot liquid, you need to drink up to two liters of water per day.

The purpose of treating a beginner cough is to find out the cause of the cough, then do everything to increase the amount of sputum, and it is diluted, improve the mucous membrane in the respiratory organs.

Drugs should be treated with extreme caution, if a large amount of sputum accumulates in the lungs, it is dangerous for different complications - pneumonia, emphysema.

The usual cough that accompanies ARVI, ARI is recommended to be treated with mucolytic drugs - syrups Dr. Mom, Percussion, pectoral, drops with anise, syrups in the composition includes the root of the altaika, licorice. Beginning cough can be cured with Ambroxol, Bromhexine, Acetylcystenin.

Effective methods of treating a beginner cough

1. Before taking a course of therapy, you need to find out the cause of the cough. In ARVI, ARI is selected appropriate treatment.

2. When the cough is just beginning, with it a strong perspiration in the throat, a runny nose, you need to take immediate action. To do this, you need to prepare a solution with sea salt, as often as possible, they wash the nose. Then instill with anti-inflammatory drops. To rinse your throat, use Furacilin, a solution with salt, soda and iodine. You can use chamomile broth, juice with aloe, infusion with sage.

3. Wear warm clothes and ventilate the room, monitor the humidity. If the air is dry, cough begins to aggravate, it can develop into laryngitis, bronchitis.

5. When the cough is just beginning, you need to turn it into a wet one. Used an old and reliable tool, you need to dissolve the warm butter in butter, add a little honey, licorice, thermopsis. Boil and drink. It is advised to use tea with the addition of lemon, ginger.

6. Heating means are effective. It is necessary to take castor oil, add a little alcohol, attach to the diseased area, roll into a warm veil.

7. It is advised to rub your hands, feet with a garlic mixture, then put on warm woolen socks and go to bed.

8. It helps with coughing apple cider vinegar with hot water.

9. When starting coughing, it is necessary to pour dry mustard into the toe. The procedure is performed before bedtime. You can get your feet in mustard, the next day there will be a noticeable relief.

10. The best medicine is the papillary patch.

11. Helps to get rid of a beginner cough cabbage compress. It must first be smeared with honey. One sheet is applied to the back, the other to the chest, then a polyethylene film is applied. From above put on something warm, leave a compress for the night. It has an anti-inflammatory, pulling action, so it immediately becomes easier.

12. Often cough can occur due to a common cold. In this situation, you need to use a drop of Sanorin, Galazolin. Also helps sunflower, sea-buckthorn, dog rose oil, used in a warm form.

13. You can cook garlic and onion drops, if there is no allergic reaction. Preliminarily dilute with water, drip no more than one drop into each nostril.

14. With a beginner cough, drops with honey will help. To do this, you need to take lime honey, add warm water. To drip on 7 drops, in the morning, at a dinner and in the evening.

So, a beginner cough should be urgently treated, in no case should it be run to avoid complications. For treatment are used, both popular effective methods of treatment, and traditional.

How to treat a beginning cough

A person who does not know what a cough is, does not exist, it's a normal reaction organism on various irritating factors - dust, some foreign particles, respiratory diseases ways. It can be caused by colds, allergic reactions, heart or lung problems, and infections.


  1. Before starting treatment, make sure that your cough is catarrhal and not caused by any more serious causes. If you are not sure - ask for help from a specialist, because it's much better to be safe than to get a whole heap of problems in the future.
  2. If the cough has just begun and is accompanied by a choking and sore throat, a runny nose, then there is a chance to quickly overcome both the cold and cough, if immediately take emergency measures: several times a day, rinse your nose with salt water and bury anti-inflammatory drops. Rinse the throat with furicilin or soda with iodine and do this every hour. But you can alternate these remedies with infusions of chamomile, aloe or sage. These herbs are irreplaceable for their anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Warmly dress and ventilate the room, do a wet cleaning yourself or someone ask. The air in the room must be clean and damp.
  4. Beginning dry cough should be made wet, so that sputum easily escapes. For this, have a drink of warm milk with butter and soda, thermopsis, licorice root or plantain. Drink before going to bed a hot tea with honey or warm alkaline mineral water.
  5. A very good remedy for starting coughing is warming up. To do this, take a little castor oil, mix it with alcohol and rub it well into the skin, then wrap it with a warm kerchief or scarf.
  6. Rub hands and feet on your hands with garlic, put on woolen socks and go to bed, under the blanket. You can also hold hands for 10 minutes in hot water before going to bed, and then rub them with apple cider vinegar. A good way is to attach a pepper bandage to your heels or put on socks, filling them with dry mustard. Legs also rubbed with castor oil, or even kerosene! Ways - a great many, but the point is to create limbs, and with them and the whole body, dry heat. Strong sleep under the blanket and good sweating can make a miracle in the morning.
  7. If the cough does not go away and the cold symptoms increase, without interrupting the treatment with home remedies, call the doctor, because it is important not to allow acute bronchitis or pneumonia. Maybe I'll have to drink stronger medicines. Do not "prescribe" them yourself!

The most effective medicine for cough kako? When starting coughing and when it is too



LIBEXIN tablets remove any cough, for 3-4 hours. And then - to the doctor. Assign what follows in the simmatology. (Either calming, or contributing to the separation of secret)
Be healthy!


I do not advise taking pills at all. The tablet is one, but the names are different. And the prices are decent. When starting coughing - grate the onion on a grater, pour boiling milk, cover, that it was insisted 15-2, rotsedit and put there a spoonful of honey (to taste) But when launched very well helps breast collection No. 3.



Olga Ivanilova

grate an apple and a bulb on a grater, and pour boiling water, add honey to taste, let it brew, and drink a tablespoon more often, you will not notice how you stop coughing ...


phyto-tea Borey and Vitaspectr A. Excellent will remove any cough in 3 days. And increase immunity.


If the cough is dry unproductive, then expectorant medicines or tablets are needed, for example, ATSTS. If the cough is nasal, caused by involvement in the process of the larynx, then it must be immediately suppressed, here it will be effective to administer codeine-containing drugs such as kodelak or codeothermopsis. In the case of a moist cough, it is better to use libexin, bromhexine.
When you cure a cough, then in addition to medicines, you should use all possible folk remedies (herbal teas, tea with honey), mustard plasters, foot baths, rubbing of the chest with irritating ointments (sold in a pharmacy), etc. e.

Tortured cough, during the day it practically does not exist, and at night it is impossible to sleep - it starts (((To do this,


Katie ***

for a start to drink bromhexine and thin the sputum - judging by the question of coughing you excruciates in a supine position)) this bronchitis is likely))

Leonid Petrosyan

Drink a mixture of mineral water and milk. Warm.


at night a glass of teraflu and inhalation with eucalyptus. and a cup of hot tea to bed to drink at night.


And do you have floors at home, incidentally, not from the EAF?
If so, it is an allergic cough. Particleboard releases phenol.


inhalation with chamomile and radish with honey (you know how to do? srdtsevina cut out, there honey and in a warm place), and do not smoke until you are cured)))))))


purchase an inhaler (pshikat at night when cough starts) + treatment!

Sergey Karaulshchikov

Dear Irina, I'll try to help you. By this means, I am treated myself and recommending to my friends and relatives, and how nistrano he helped. Buy, a liter of beer (any) Pour into a glass and heat, and then drink the whole glass and wrap under a blanket and sweat, in the morning you will feel considerable relief. It is certainly contrary to the taste, but it's okay. Irina, if you try, write me the answer and the result. Eat it out.


drink milk with honey

Valentinovich A

For the broncho-pulmonary system, the best is Frolov's simulator


Cough is disturbed by NIGHT because you are lying and from the bronchial tubes the fluid that is irritating is spreading. From a cough goodOur grandmothers stopped coughing with burnt sugar. A teaspoon of granulated sugar on a small fire. When the sugar melts and becomes honey-colored, immerse the spoon in a small amount of cold water. The resulting lollipop and warm sweet water are an excellent remedy for dry cough.
A teaspoon of olive oil should be kept in your mouth until it ceases to be viscous.
Take your hands behind your back, take a deep breath, hold your breath and, slowly bending forward, blow out air forcefully through the lips that are formed by the tube. This will help stop the attack of cough and facilitate the departure of phlegm.
Useful and gymnastics for Kuznetsov: raising your hands to inhale and lowering to exhale in a frequent rhythm, with a deep breath and exhaled exhalation.

The sun

Buy aloe juice, vodka and honey, mix in equal quantities and take a tablespoon 3-5 times a day. Perfectly will help!

Medicine @ 93

Buy Coldrex-Knight. OR koldreks - bronchus
And do not forget to consult a pharmacist.
Combination drug for symptomatic therapy of acute respiratory infections and colds.
Paracetamol has antipyretic and analgesic effect. Eliminates fever, reduces headache, pain in muscles and joints, which often accompany the flu.
Promethazine is a blocker of histamine H1 receptors. Eliminates edema of the nasal mucosa and upper respiratory tract, restoring nasal breathing and reducing the amount of discharge from the nose.
Dextromethorphan is an antitussive drug that depresses the excitability of the cough center and suppresses cough of any origin.
The use of the drug helps reduce the symptoms of acute respiratory disease and influenza, which in turn improves sleep.
To alleviate the symptoms of acute respiratory disease and influenza at night, :
- headache;
- chills;
- pain in the muscles;
- Sore throat;
- rhinitis;
- dry cough.
The drug is taken only once / day, at night, just before bedtime.
Adults (incl. elderly patients) and children over the age of 12 years, the drug is prescribed in a single dose of 20 ml (4 tablespoons of 5 ml).
Children aged 6 to 12 years, the drug is prescribed in a single dose of 10 ml (2 tablespoons of 5 ml).


Traditional methods and tools for treating cough:
In the evening, finely chop a large onion, fill it with 2 tablespoons of sugar. By morning the medicine will be ready. During the day, eat a sweet onion or drink a formed juice. You are treated for several days and the cough will pass.

Choose a pot-bellied black radish with a tail, cut off the tip and take out the inside by a third. Put a little honey in the cavity so that there is room for the juice that stands out. Cut the radish into a glass with water down the tail. When in 3-4 hours juice is typed, drink it and put honey again.

500 g of peeled onions, chopped, add 400 g of sugar and cook over low heat in 1 liter of water for 3 hours. Then cool, add 50 g of honey, pour into a bottle and cork. Take 4-6 tablespoons a day after meals.

With a strong cough, it is good to be treated with ordinary milk. Drink hot milk with alkaline mineral water (1/2 cup of milk and 1/2 cup of Borjomi) or honey (1 teaspoon of honey for a glass of hot milk). And kids are best to add figs to warm milk.

Fresh juice of cabbage with sugar is used as an expectorant for coughing and hoarseness. Drink a teaspoon several times a day. Broth of cabbage with honey to take inside with diseases of the respiratory tract.

5 cloves garlic clean, finely pound, dilute a glass of milk and boil. In diseases of the upper respiratory tract and cough take in warm form on a teaspoon several times a day.

I wish you health!! !

Cough in the evening: what are the reasons for its development

Coughing is a visible manifestation (symptom) of a huge number of diseases. And with some of them, the patient may not even associate this reflex action directly with the existing ailment. Only with a cold or SARS, bronchitis, this act is observed throughout the day. But even with these diagnoses, by the evening the reflex action becomes stronger and may even resemble an attack. In principle, the only type of cough that can not be present at this time of day is associated with alcohol intake. This kind of symptom is observed only in the morning or immediately after a person wakes up.

In the evening, a cough begins: what are these seizures talking about?

A person can feel completely healthy throughout the day. However, having come home in the evening, and only having taken a horizontal position, it begins a reflex action with abundant sputum discharge. Sometimes there is an absolutely different kind of cough - dry, intermittent, with wheezing and whistling. Evening cough, as evidenced by such a symptom:

  • Distinguish reflex action, which is absent during the day, and closer to the evening the symptom intensifies. This condition may indicate the presence of a chronic course of respiratory illness, for example, bronchitis, pleurisy.
  • Reflex act with sputum discharge. This symptom is accompanied by a number of ailments: bronchial asthma, allergy, interstitial lung diseases.
  • A dry strong cough is a companion of professional ailments.
  • During the reflex action, sputum leaves, in which there are bloody clots. This symptom is a sign of several diseases, among them tuberculosis, heart failure, etc. For the correct diagnosis, you need to know the average blood volume. Serological and other types of research should also be conducted.
  • The presence of bad habits. This category includes not only smoking cigarettes, but also hookah. The thing is that inhaling the products of combustion of smoking mixtures, even after their partial purification by water, harmful substances enter the human body, including the lungs. Evening cough, in this case, is a natural process. Lungs are cleared of those components that should not be in them.

Each of the listed moments has a significant influence on the determination of which symptom of the disease is the present reflex action.

Why a violent cough occurs in the evening

In fact, the factors that influence the appearance of this reflex action are closer to the end of the working day or, in general, only when a person has already gone to bed to sleep, very much. Here you need to highlight the following reasons, as their availability is guaranteed to lead to the appearance of an evening cough:

  • Disdainful attitude to the reception of herbal decoctions and other fees related to traditional medicine. Often people are very lighthearted about them, which leads to the appearance of side effects due to excess dosage.
  • Acceptance of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE inhibitors) inhibitors. The problem is that this type of substance is included in most drugs that are prescribed for diseases of the cardiovascular system. The paradox of the situation is that many of these ailments, in turn, also cause a cough in the evening.
  • Presence of chronic bronchial diseases, including asthma. In this case, there is an increase in the manifestation of reflex action not only in the evening, but also in the morning.
  • Manifestation of occupational diseases. Very often it can be observed in people whose work is associated with a high probability of inhaling toxic substances, that is, those that work in the chemical industry, painters, etc.
  • Interstitial lung diseases. Their etiology in most cases is very difficult to accurately set. These ailments are rare.

Types of evening cough

Reflex actions, which manifest themselves in pronounced form only towards the end of the second half of the day, can be divided into groups according to the presence of the following symptoms:

  • By the type of sputum discharge: its complete absence, presence of blood in it, abundant or weakly expressed.
  • When you change the position of the body, when a person goes to rest and changes the location of the body, that is, turns from side to side.
  • There is only an evening cough. And at all other times of the day this reflex action is absent.
  • The person coughs and then vomits. Most often, such an attack occurs in young children, as they have cough and vomiting centers located in close proximity. The reason for this reflex action is often banal overeating.

Evening cough: does the age dependence

There is a pronounced relationship between the presence of this reflex action and the age of the patients. Very often, children younger than 7 years of age may have attacks of severe evening cough. However, its origin is not associated with any disease. The cause of this ailment is cough receptors, which at this age are fairly closely located with the nerve endings responsible for the gag reflex. As a result of overeating, the child is irritated with vomitive receptors, which cause a cough. To get rid of such a symptom is quite simple. We must stop feeding the baby for the night.

In adults, the appearance of this reflex action in the evening indicates the presence of cardiovascular diseases, chronic ailments of the upper and lower respiratory tract. In a separate category, it is necessary to identify those who work in hazardous industries. In this case, coughing in the evening can be observed in more than 80% of cases. In order to reduce the likelihood of the appearance of this symptom it is necessary to use upper respiratory protective equipment, not to neglect the requirements of labor protection.

Both children and adults can have a violent cough in the evening. Before proceeding to its treatment, it is necessary to understand the causes of its occurrence.

Coughing: causes

Such a symptom as a cough can occur for various reasons. These are colds, allergies, infectious diseases, but reflex action can be provoked by irritation of cough receptors, due to a poor withdrawal of secretions from the bronchi and lungs. The main symptom of this is a cough that increases when a person lies down.

The causes of cough lying

There are several signs that help to recognize this ailment:

  • Cough in prone position, worse at night. This is a reflex act of an asthmatic nature. The fact is that people with this disease have a strong sputum discharge. At night, it accumulates in the airways and blocks them. At this point, a person has a strong and deep cough with abundant mucus secretion.
  • Natural processes in the body. Especially often this symptom is observed in people working in harmful industries and in the inhabitants of megacities. During the day, a lot of harmful substances get into the lungs with air and therefore when you go to bed you get a cough.
  • With remission of chronic bronchitis, the reflex act has the following characteristic signs: sputum is present, a short duration of the involuntary act is present.
  • Pneumonia with an implicit course of the disease. One of the most common myths about this disease is the assertion that pneumonia always flows with a high temperature and is accompanied by a mass of unpleasant sensations. In fact, this is completely wrong. If a person coughs, when he goes to bed, then he may have a low-symptom pneumonia. In this case, during the reflex act that occurs when a person is in a supine position on the back, there is a heaviness in the sternum. The duration of the reflex act can be quite significant. Often observed paroxysmal manifestations of involuntary action, which result in a sensation of suffocation.
  • The presence of bad habits, such as smoking, addiction to alcoholic beverages. The reflex act can be present also in the afternoon, but it is amplified in the supine position.
  • Allergy. Involuntary action can occur due to reaction to the feather pad filler, wool blanket.

After analyzing all the symptoms accompanying involuntary action, it is possible to determine the exact cause of its occurrence with a high probability.

Why do you fall asleep when you cough?

This process has two physiological explanations, which can be present either individually or simultaneously:

  • The cough lying on the back begins because the mucus, draining over the larynx from the nose, irritates the cough receptors. This leads to the realization of an involuntary reflex action in the horizontal position.
  • Accumulation of sputum in the lungs and bronchi. In this case, a deep chest cough occurs, which can occur paroxysmally. If it is present during the day, but in the prone position it becomes worse, then before bedtime it is necessary to take mucolytics that dilute sputum.

A cough that begins in the prone position is very unpleasant, since it occurs at the moment when a person is going to sleep or just to rest. It is impossible to get rid of reflex action without taking special medications. In addition, it is absolutely necessary to undergo a complete examination. This will help to identify the exact cause of the disease, prescribe adequate treatment and in a short time completely get rid of the disease.

How to calm a cough before bedtime

Cough itself is very unpleasant, but when it interferes with sleeping at night, it becomes almost unbearable. Of course, in order to solve the problem, one must try to cure the disease, the symptom of which is cough. However, to make the process easier and faster, you can use additional tools.

You will need

  1. Warm sweater, milk, honey, ginger tea, butter, pine needles, mineral water.


  1. In the evening, just before sleep, hold your hands under a stream of hot water for 5-7 minutes. Thoroughly rub them, ensuring that the skin from the tips of the fingers to the shoulders warms up well. Then quickly wipe your hands with a towel and put on a warm woolen sweater. This is important to do immediately after rubbing, otherwise the skin will have time to cool down. Then lie down on the bed, drink a glass of hot milk with honey or ginger tea and try to fall asleep. It is important that you do not talk to anyone, so as not to strain your vocal cords again. To read too it is undesirable. Otherwise, you can provoke another bout of coughing.
  2. Take the radish, wash it, peel it, and then cut into small pieces or grate on a grater and lay it in a bowl along with the juice that has separated out. In the resulting mass, add a little sugar, and then mix. The sweetened juice of a radish should be drunk 1-2 tablespoons. every hour for the whole day. Be sure to take this "medicine" and before bedtime - for an hour and half an hour. This remedy is a good help in the fight against a night cough.
  3. Boil a glass of milk and add 1 teaspoon to it. butter and a pinch of soda. The resulting drink should be mixed and drunk while it is still hot. Drink slowly, in small sips. Milk with oil "envelops" the throat, relaxing discomfort and relieving cough.
  4. Make a decoction of pine needles and inhale its vapor. A good option for getting rid of a night cough - first breathe over the pot with broth for 10-15 minutes, and then boil the liquid again and leave in an open container near the bed. Thanks to this method, you can remove spasms, relieve the pain in the throat and get rid of a cough. Well, if after inhalation you will drink a glass of hot tea with honey or boiled milk.
  5. Be sure to ensure that the room is maintained at an optimum humidity, especially if the heaters that dry the air are working. You can leave a pot of hot water in the room or use a special humidifier. Dry air irritates the throat and becomes an additional cause of coughing attacks.
  6. Open a bottle of sparkling mineral water and leave it for 2-3 hours, so that the gases gradually come out. An hour before sleep, start to drink a little water. It will soften the throat, help ease the attack of cough. This method is appropriate if it is a dry, rather than a damp cough.

Cough with a deep breath, tell me please what can it be?



Anything, up to asthma

hope of a tanner



you need to stop smoking constantly ...

*** ~ mysterious stranger ~ ***

It's a trachea. Symptoms of acute tracheitis usually appear after the development of acute inflammation of the overlying parts of the respiratory tract. The most characteristic sign of tracheitis is dry cough at night and especially in the morning, as well as coughing attacks with a deep breath, laughter, crying, with changing air temperature. During and after a fit of cough, there is a sore pain in the throat and behind the breastbone, so that the patients try to limit the respiratory movements. In such cases, especially in children, breathing becomes superficial and rapid. Even a small congestion of sputum in the area of ​​bifurcation of the trachea causes another attack of severe convulsive cough. With concomitant laryngitis, the voice can be hoarse. With percussion and auscultation of lungs, there are usually no abnormalities. The general condition of the patient usually suffers insignificantly, the body temperature is often slightly increased, especially in the evenings; in children it can reach 39 °. Sputum initially viscous, mucous in nature, departs with difficulty in a small amount. Gradually (from day 3-4) it becomes mucopurulent, more abundant, it separates more easily: the pain when coughing becomes less intense.

Sometimes, simultaneously with the trachea, the inflammatory process captures large bronchi and a clinical picture acquires the character of tracheobronchitis in which the cough is more painful and constant than with tracheitis, the temperature body above.

The most common complication of tracheitis and tracheobronchitis is the spread of the inflammatory process to the mucosa of the underlying airways. Especially dangerous is the development of bronchopneumonia in senile age and bronchiolitis in children.

The main symptom of chronic tracheitis is paroxysmal painful cough, especially at night and in the morning, accompanied by pain in the chest. Sputum in a patient with chronic tracheitis may in some cases be meager and viscous, in others - plentiful and muco-purulent. However, despite its consistency, it is almost always very easily separated. The course of the disease in the majority of patients is prolonged, with exacerbations.

Treatment of acute tracheitis should be directed primarily at eliminating causal factors and contributing to the emergence of tracheitis factors. The patient is prescribed mustard plasters on the chest, with symptoms of intoxication or the spreading of the process to the lower parts of the respiratory tract - sulfonamide preparations and antibiotics, in the form of aerosols, with painful cough - codeine, libexin, with difficulty in sputum - expectorants - the herb of thermopsis, althea root, licorice, etc., alkaline inhalation.

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