Psoriasis on the head: effective treatment at home

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Psoriasis gives a person inconvenience: on the skin there are itchy scaly plaques, the appearance of which creates problems in dealing with others. The patient has to follow a strict diet throughout his life, to acquire special detergents for the care of the scalp and body.

The disease is characterized by a recurrent course( periods of calm alternate with exacerbations).Psoriasis is not transmitted to others even during periods of exacerbation or blood transfusion.

Contents of the article:
  • Causes of
  • Symptoms
  • General recommendations
  • What folk remedies exist for the treatment of
  • What is not recommended?
  • Prevention measures

Causes of

There are no reasons why psoriasis is caused. It arises as a result of an inadequate response of the body to stimuli from the external environment and is expressed in excessive overgrowth of the cells of the upper layer of the skin and their rapid division.

With the development of the disease, the cell division cycle is 5 days( under normal conditions for 25 days), as a result, new cells are layered on old( not peeled off) and inflammation sites are formed.

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Experts believe that psoriasis results from:

  • of the immune system caused by heredity( in this case the disease appears up to 25 years);
  • disorders of the immune system under the influence of certain factors( cold, stress, infections, malnutrition, alcohol consumption).

The most common causes are:

  • metabolic disturbances;
  • bad habits;
  • taking medications;
  • effect of toxic compounds;
  • exposure to cold on the skin for a long time;
  • stress;
  • diseases of the digestive organs;
  • trauma associated with damage to the scalp;
  • hormonal disorders( adolescence, pregnancy, menopause);
  • infectious diseases;
  • chronic foci of infection;
  • malfunction of the immune system;
  • endocrine disorders.

Characteristic symptoms of

One of the most common forms is psoriasis of the scalp. Pathology is accompanied by the formation of flaking red spots, the development of the inflammatory process, severe itching .

First, pink papules with small scales appear. They increase and plaques are formed. There are no clearly expressed symptoms, there are no complaints from patients. With the development of the pathological process, slight exfoliation is noted, accompanied by irritation and itching.

After the inflammation is attached, irritation and itching are intensified. Combing causes abrasions and cracks in the scalp. With further progression of the process, plaques appear on the spot of the peeling, the skin becomes thicker and coarser. After exfoliating the cells, whitish dandruff is formed.

Gradually the size of the scales increases, outwardly they look like white flakes. The skin is covered with scaly plaques of red color, the intensity of the itching increases. When combing, the skin is damaged, the process is aggravated, the disease progresses.

The elasticity of the skin is reduced, it is easily injured. With the further development of the disease after exfoliation of the plaques, grayish scales appear, which eventually cover the entire scalp. In the absence of treatment, the process extends beyond the hair growth line.

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General recommendations

Treatment of psoriasis of the scalp includes a set of measures:

  • general treatment( sedative, hyposensitizing, antihistamines, nonspecific immunotherapy, vitamins, immunomodulators, cytostatics, corticosteroids, haemodesis);
  • topical therapy( keratoplastic, glucocorticoid ointments);
  • physiotherapy( UFO, hydrotherapy, PUVA-therapy);
  • sanatorium treatment( hydrogen sulphide baths, mud cure, heliotherapy).

The use of psychotropic drugs allows:

  • to reduce depression, increased anxiety;
  • to increase resistance to stress;
  • improve night sleep;
  • to reduce the intensity of itching.

How to treat folk remedies?

The use of folk methods of treatment of psoriasis gives a good effect, because only natural components are used. It is recommended to use several drugs at the same time( inside the infusions of herbs, and apply medicated mixtures on the outside)

. Along with the use of folk remedies, it is necessary to abandon bad habits, maintain a diet and take medications that enhance immunity( tincture of aralia, eleutherococcus, ginseng, golden root).

Ingredients Dosage How to use
Flax seed 1 tbsp.l. Brew flaxseed with a glass of boiling water in a thermos in the evening. In the morning, infuse the infusion, drink it all.
Flaxseed oil Lubricate daily rashes on the head 5 times.
Clover flowers 100 g Place clover flowers in fabric pouches that should be immersed in boiling water for 1 min. Slightly cool, apply on plaques for 2 hours.
Solidol Lubricate the plaques, after 2 hours wash the head with shampoo.
Bulb onion Put the onion in a blender on psoriasized areas and leave for a day. After that, wash your head and apply the onion gruel again. Repeat for a month.
Mustard powder 50 g Prepare a mixture of mustard powder and water( resembling sour cream in consistency).Apply it to the affected scalp, cover with a film, and tie a handkerchief on top. Hold until severe burning occurs.
Stems chistel( fresh)
Wine natural red
300 g

300 g

Squeeze the juice from the stems of celandine, add natural wine. Use for lotions for 15 minutes. Repeat every night.
Butter, rustic
Oil, sea buckthorn
50 g
5 g
Thoroughly pre-cream butter melted with sea-buckthorn, pour into a jar. Lubricate the plaques, cover with tape and leave for 30 minutes. Repeat daily in the evening.

Any ointment is applied only to the affected areas. Even to the means having a natural basis, there can be an individual intolerance, therefore preliminary it is necessary to put a little cream on a wrist leather from the inside. When there is severe itching or redness, you will have to give up this remedy.

What is not recommended?

You should never eat chocolate and products that contain it. You can not eat smoked, fried, pickled products, spicy seasonings. During the exacerbation, it is required to exclude carbonated drinks, sugar-containing foods, red fruits and vegetables, meat and chicken eggs.

You can not comb the affected scalp and apply a rough mechanical action to remove plaques. It is not recommended to use a hairdryer( it is better to replace it with a gel or mousse).The comb should not scratch the skin.

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Prevention measures

To prevent exacerbations of the disease it is necessary: ​​

  • to avoid possible stresses;
  • to observe a mode of work and rest;
  • refuse completely from smoking, drinking alcohol;
  • constantly take vitamins;
  • observe the rules of hygiene;
  • use gentle shampoos for washing your hair;
  • to follow a diet.

It should be understood that when treating psoriasis on the head takes time, the effect may appear after a few weeks, so you can not interrupt treatment. When the condition of the skin worsens, it is necessary to replace the remedy that was used for the other.

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