Abscess, abscess and abscess: how and what, treat what to do at home

Abscess , abscess and abscess is a limited suppurative inflammation with melting of adjacent soft tissues and the formation of a cavity filled with pus. In contrast to the more formidable phlegmon , in which purulent tissue melting is observed without a clear delineation of the tissue destruction site, with abscesses, abscesses and abscesses, the boundary between the focus and healthy tissues on the body is. This is their auspiciousness.

But, nevertheless, it is of great importance in predicting the outcome and complications of the disease localization( location) of the abscess. As you will see below, the text of the article.


How and what to treat and cure the abscess, abscess and abscess

I want you to understand me right from the very beginning that the treatment of abscesses and abscesses inAt home, people's means can not be kept! With an abscess, for example, on a finger at the nail bed, home remedies can still be fought.

Causes of abscesses, abscesses and abscesses

The development of abscesses, abscesses and abscesses can result in the penetration of pathogenic microflora through the damaged skin, or internal infection in connection with infectious diseases. Development of abscess and abscess depends on the state of the body's immune system, virulence( degree of pathogenicity) of the causative agent of the disease, specificity of the center of introduction. An abscess can form under the skin, in the lungs, in the liver, kidneys, pharynx, tonsils, appendicular process of the cecum, even brain tissue.

Often an abscess is a complication of infectious diseases( influenza, angina, osteomyelitis, pneumonia, sepsis).Ulcers can be single and multiple, large and small. Also, the abscess is acute and chronic.

Abscesses, or soft tissue sores, can occur as a result of bruises, but usually it is an internal infection against the background of a weakening of the protective mechanisms in the body.

Complications of abscess and abscess

The prognosis of the course and outcome of the disease depends: on the location, the size of the focus, on the degree of resistance of the body. The formed abscess erupts: outward, into hollow organs or natural body cavities. With the breakthrough of the abscess inward, peritonitis, purulent pleurisy, infection of blood, and so on can develop. When emptying the abscess outwards - on the surface of the skin there are long non-healing ulcers, in the place of which rough scars are formed.

When examining the affected area, in cases of localization of the abscess or abscess under the skin, there is swelling, redness, depending on the severity of the disease - puffiness, densification of adjacent tissues and soreness when feeling.

Treatment of abscesses at home

Treatment of small abscesses at home with the help of folk remedies of alternative medicine is possible only with favorable localization of the abscess or a small abscess close to the surface of the skin. The following medicinal plants are used.

Aloe vera - Aglet

Aloe vera is applied in the form of medicinal dressings, irrigations, lotions. Often use aloe leaf gruel, applying it to the abscess under the bandage for 10-12 hours, then change the bandage.

Under the action of aloe juice, ulcerous surfaces are quickly cleared of pus, covered with granulations and epithelialized.

Usually, the lower leaves of aloe are taken for treatment. Some authors recommend before cutting the leaves not to water the plant for 4-5 days. The leaves are cut into small pieces, wrapped in cheesecloth and squeezed.

Cabbage leaf of white cabbage

On any abscess, put carefully crushed rind bread crumb, top cover with fresh cabbage leaf, then with oiled paper and firmly bandage. Do not remove the bandage for 24 hours. This method is effective in the treatment of panaritium, subcutaneous abscesses, unopened furuncles.


Accelerates the maturation of any abscess, whether it is an abscess, boils or panaritium. Carefully chopped onion, the onion is applied to the lesion and bandaged. In the slurry you can add milk in a ratio of 2: 1( 2 parts - gruel, 1 part - milk).Sometimes for the treatment of abscesses a baked onion is used. The bulb is applied to the affected area and pribintovyvayut for a day.

Plantain large

It is used both for the removal of inflammatory phenomena, and for stopping bleeding from abscesses( with vascular damage), with long-term non-healing wounds and ulcers.

Plantain can be used in the form of broths and infusions. But more often use the juice of plantain or gruel from its leaves, which are imposed under the bandage.

It is necessary, when the first signs of an abscess appear, that the fresh crushed leaves of the plantain are sprinkled to the sore spot, peppered with salt, smeared with pork fat and mixed with crumb of bread.

Ointment from abscesses and abscesses

When a painful swelling or redness of the skin appears on the body, smear these areas of with a furacilin ointment or zinc-salicylic paste ( Lassar paste).You can take a concentrated solution of furacilin ( one tablet with 50.0 ml of water), apply it on a sterile gauze cloth and apply to the problem area of ​​the skin.

Instead of the above, you can apply: ointment "Fastin" , a solution of the drug dioxygen .

The most effective means is a combination of ointments externally and ingestion of tablets: " Abaktyl "( 1 tablet 2 times a day with meals);or Fasizhin ( 1 table 4 times daily with meals)


In folk medicine, it is recommended to drink fresh yarrow juice with honey( add to taste) three teaspoons a day.


Make compresses at night from the willow bark broth. The recipe consists of: 20.0 gr.crushed willow bark for one glass of boiling water, warmed over low heat and tantalized for about half an hour.

With the aim of prompt ripening of the abscess and resorption of the tumor, a crumb of wheat bread moistened in hot milk is applied to the sore spot.

Also used to treat, accelerate the maturation and breakthrough of the ulcer honey-egg cake, which is applied to the problem site. It is prepared as follows: 1 cup of flour, 1 raw yolk and 1 teaspoon of honey. All this is mixed and in the form of tortillas are applied to a painful place. Change tortillas every 2 hours until the abscess breaks.

Treatment of surgical abscesses and abscesses

In the official medicine, the treatment of any abscess and ulcer, large and small, consists in opening the capsule and emptying the purulent cavity with a cut of the wall. It happens, but rarely, in some cases, limited to puncture, pus is pumped out and injected into the abscess cavity of antibiotic solutions. The rinsing of the cavity in which pus was found( for example, in otolaryngological practice with sinusitis, frontal sinuses) with disinfectant solutions of furacilin, rivanol, etc.

Keep in mind that the main method of treatment of an abscess or ulcer is the surgical method. Doctors-surgeons follow the rule:

Where pus, there open.

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