Morning cough in a child

Cough in the morning in the child's causes, treatment

Many parents are concerned when their child begins to cough badly in the morning. Indeed, it is a common symptom that often appears in a child. There are a lot of causes of cough. In order to save the baby from suffering, one must first understand what triggered the appearance of a cough, only then take action. How dangerous is the morning cough? Is it possible to prevent it?

Main reasons

The appearance of a cough early in the morning can indicate a particular disease or physiological condition of the child. We draw your attention, often some babies who sleep for a long time because of the accumulation of a large amount of mucus in the throat. When seizures are disturbed only after sleeping, are short, there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, it is good that the baby with the help of a cough clears his body of mucus, which violates the functionality of many organs.

Despite this, still consult with the district pediatrician, he will prescribe a survey. You have to understand if the mucus accumulates only in the larynx - it's not fearful, but when it appears still in the nose, stomach, bothers the baby, not only after a night, but also a day sleep, there is already something not So.

Why does the baby cough in the morning? In newborns, the cause of cough is often caused by the ingress of milk into the respiratory system. This happens if the nursing mother does not adhere to the basic rules of applying to the breast.

Attention!Watch out for the baby so that milk does not get into the lungs, otherwise it can suffocate.

To avoid all troubles, we draw attention to such recommendations:

  • When the baby is sucking on the chest, raise the head slightly.
  • After a meal, do not forget to keep the baby "a bar". So can quickly escape the air, which he swallows while eating.

Cough can be provoked by teething. As a rule, during this period, the kids have a large amount of saliva, so there is a runny nose, a cough. In this case, the main thing to watch is that the symptomatology does not worsen.

Pathological morning cough

Sometimes an unpleasant symptom may indicate different diseases that require treatment.

ARVI (acute viral respiratory infection)

It is worth noting, in this case, the cough is disturbed not only in the morning, but in the daytime, in the evening, and aggravated at night. In addition to coughing, the child:

  • Strongly red throat.
  • The temperature rises sharply.
  • There is weakness.
  • There is a runny nose.


This condition is rarely worried about children. In case of its occurrence urgently lead the child to the gastroenterologist. What is the peculiarity of pathology? Gastric contents first appear in the esophagus, then in the pharynx. If reflux esophagitis is diagnosed in a newborn child, he has vomiting, eructation, heartburn, besides coughing. There is an unpleasant burning sensation behind the breastbone.


Started to notice a dry cough in the morning in a child? Most likely, he is allergic to dust, filling pillows, blankets. Sometimes an allergic reaction is triggered by a washing fragrant powder. To save the baby from cough, it is enough to eliminate the allergen, after giving an antihistamine.

Bronchial asthma and dangerous diseases

Morning cough may be the first dangerous signal of bronchial asthma. Bronchospasm occurs within an hour after sleep. No less dangerous for the child pneumonia, obstructive bronchitis. Also pay attention to the type of cough. If it is wet and frequent, be sure to take tests. Such a symptom may indicate tuberculosis.

Whooping cough

Early in the morning the baby wakes up from a sharp coughing fit. An experienced therapist will immediately diagnose when he heard a child coughing in a peculiar way. During the cough, a peculiar sound appears, which distinguishes the symptom from other pathologies. Of course, with pertussis cough worries at different times of the day, but in the morning it intensifies.

Psychogenic morning cough in a child

It is worth noting, sometimes in children the symptom appears against a background of mental disorder, stress. In this case, seizures become regular, disappear only after talking and calming the child.

Often, such a cough appears in a stressful situation in school, kindergarten, during a conflict within the family. The child begins to understand that with the help of a cough he achieves the necessary attention, goals. The most worrying children are the children of this type. We draw your attention, here medicines will not help, psychotherapeutic help is necessary.

How to help the child?

Independently it is unlikely to be able to establish an accurate diagnosis, and it is also not recommended to treat a cough with a child at home. Here you need the help of a child therapist, ENT, possibly an allergist or pulmonologist.

The treatment scheme will depend on the diagnosis, symptoms. To facilitate the condition of the baby during coughing and taking different medications, we offer the following valuable recommendations:

  • The child's diet should not be sweet, spicy or salty.
  • For breakfast, offer the baby a mush with butter. Oatmeal is most suitable. Your child categorically refuses this porridge? Then cook another cereal.
  • Prepare a famous ancient folk remedy - a black radish with the addition of honey.
  • For lunch, dinner, offer the child a vegetable salad with vegetable oil.
  • As much as possible, you can drink your baby with usual warm boiled water, kissels, mors, compote, herbal decoctions.
  • Do a chest massage, while using a warming ointment. For example, Bryonia. Just make sure that there is no allergy.
  • Spend inhalation for the child using a nebulizer. You can add baking soda or cough syrups - Ambroxol, Prospan, Lazolvan.
  • Give the child the necessary vitamins, minerals to strengthen the body.

So, in any case, coughing in the morning is one of the unpleasant symptoms that parents should always pay attention to.

Causes of dry, wet, nocturnal or morning cough in children

Cough is an alarming symptom for parents, most often it is a symptom of a cold, but in some situations it can accompany another disease. Note that in the child's body everything is interconnected. Cough occurs when rapid receptors are irritated, which react to chemical and mechanical effects. If a child coughs up to one year, it is normal.

When the baby is completely healthy, he can cough up to 20 times a day, so he clears from the mucus that accumulated in the area of ​​the bronchi, trachea, larynx. Most of all it can accumulate at night, because the child sleeps motionless, in the morning it coughs much more actively.

Causes of different types of cough in a child

Most often, cough is caused by infectious diseases that affect the respiratory system, also appears due to bacteria, viruses Note that coughing is just a symptom of a disease, it says that the child has problems with health.

In some situations, cough signals about heart, stomach, and parasite damage. Especially if it is chronic and persistent. Also, cough at different times of the day is often triggered by an allergic reaction, bronchial asthma, experiences, emotions, inflammation in the nose, throat, if adenoids have increased.

If a child has a cough suddenly, it can say that he inhales the foreign body in the area of ​​the bronchi, trachea, in this situation, you need to call an ambulance. In some babies, a coughing attack can provoke cigarette smoke, hot, dry air.

The main characteristics of a child's cough

1. Cough can last several weeks, months, sometimes years. One can distinguish an acute form, prolonged, disturbing the child for more than a month, chronic more than 3 months.

2. The cough can be mild, in some situations it can be vomiting, it can reach vomiting, and there may be a hemorrhage in the eye area.

3. The doctor pays attention when the child coughs most - in the morning, at night, in the afternoon.

4. Cough can be dry, wet. If dry, it appears due to the fact that the receptors are irritated, sputum departs badly, is viscous. Wet appears due to the fact that a lot of sputum is accumulated, the child can clear his throat, bullet can be heard in the respiratory system.

5. The type of sputum is also taken into account, its production takes place due to tracheal, bronchial cells. If the baby is healthy, sputum will not stand out, only when he inhales a large amount of dust, smoke, the ligament begins to strain.

6. In a child, a cough can be paroxysmal, which is characteristic of whooping cough, and is also periodic in nature with bronchitis, if the vocal cords are inflamed the cough is hoarse, when the larynx is affected it is barking.

7. Are there any additional signs - high body temperature, pulmonary rales, intoxication.

The danger of different types of cough for a child

It is important in time to turn to the pediatrician if the cough started suddenly and does not go away for a long time. Especially dangerous is a cough that is accompanied by wheezing, as well as nocturnal coughing when the sputum turns green, has blood. The doctor needs to be called on the house at a cough with a high temperature.

How does the child cough?

It is important to know everything about this symptom. Medications are used only if the cough is dry, when the child is ill with pharyngitis, laryngitis. If the child's cough is wet and he feels well, he can clear his throat without problems, this indicates that the sputum is normally removed, special treatment in this situation is not necessary.

Note that cough can be a protective mechanism in the child's body, it cleans the respiratory system when a lot of mucus accumulates. It is necessary to treat it with the help of medicines only when it does not allow the child to fully live.

Causes of the main types of cough in the child

In ARVI most often inflamed nasopharynx, so there is pharyngitis, can also inflame the larynx, it speaks of laryngitis, false croup. First you can notice that coughing strongly dry sputum is not completely separated, after, depending on disease, he becomes barking, if the child has pharyngitis, laryngitis or wet with bronchitis, pneumonia.

Wet cough is rare, when it immediately appears, most often it goes dry. In cases of bronchitis, wet wheezing is observed, it is important to exclude pneumonia, which is very dangerous for the child and start treating it as early as possible.

Cough of a spastic nature occurs with bronchial asthma, in young children with obstructive bronchitis, bronchiolitis. Such a cough is unproductive, intrusive, with a whistle.

If the cough lasts a long time in adolescence or school, you can say that the child has tracheitis, tracheobronchitis of viral origin. With these diseases, coughing is very painful, the mucus is dense, it resembles whooping cough.

When a child's cough is often repeated, it speaks of bronchial asthma. First cough develops with respiratory infection, after it can gradually become moist, lasts more than two weeks. With obstructive bronchitis cough spastic, with time it becomes wet, the body temperature rises.

In cases of chronic pathological diseases of the respiratory tract, cough is constantly wet, especially exacerbated in the morning, the child rises and must clear his throat. If a child has cystic fibrosis, a persistent cough, a sputum with it is viscous, an obstructive process in the bronchi may develop, with this disease, problems with the digestive system occur.

Thus, a child's cough can be different - wet, dry, show up at night or in the morning, it is important to monitor all the symptoms, they indicate the disease. With any cough, it is important for the child to be examined so that it does not become complicated and does not develop into a severe chronic form. Most often children in the aftermath for life have bronchial asthma.

Cough in the morning: causes, symptoms, treatment

In the morning, it is quite often disturbed by a strong debilitating cough, it can be a symptom of various diseases of respiratory organs, lungs. Most such cough appears in smokers, especially when a person smokes often. If the respiratory tract is nicotine, resin, a destructive process begins in the epithelium of the bronchi. Microbes multiply rapidly. What causes a morning cough? How to get rid of it?

Causes of morning cough

As a rule, at night there is an accumulation of a large amount of sputum, so there is a strong cough. Also a symptom can be caused by a pulmonary cyst, tuberculosis, chronic diseases of respiratory organs. When a person coughs, his body is actively cleansed of viruses and bacteria.

If a child falls ill with whooping cough or has exacerbated chronic bronchitis, in the morning he begins to cough badly. An unpleasant symptom worries when the thymus gland is enlarged. In this case, urgent medical consultation is needed.

The main causes of morning cough include:

  • Viral or bacterial infection.
  • Severe heart disease.
  • Allergic reaction.
  • Smoking. Most often, an unpleasant symptom worries former smokers who for a long time can not abandon the bad habit. In this case, to alleviate the symptoms, it is necessary to take mucolytic, expectorant drugs for about a week. The doctor appointed Mukaltin, ACTS, Lazolvan, Bromheksin.
  • Laryngotracheitis. Morning cough in this situation is exhausting, because there is an inflammatory process in the larynx. To relieve the condition, you need to take 100 cabbage juice mixed with two tablespoons of honey. The drug will relieve the hoarseness of the voice, facilitate the departure of phlegm. If you can not get rid of morning cough, take Tusuprex. Do this only in the morning, because the drug leads to increased sputum discharge. In the evening, drink tea with raspberries, linden. Dry cough can be cured with the help of a decoction with the root of the althaea, thyme.
  • Bronchial asthma,which is accompanied by a dry cough, in addition to the fact that sputum does not go away, severe dyspnea may be disturbing. Help ease the symptoms of honey. You can make yourself a drink with apple cider vinegar and honey. It is recommended to use a salad with honey and carrots. These funds will help get rid of morning coughing attacks.
  • Pneumonia,which ischaracterized by a dry morning cough. With her, as a rule, in the morning there is a dry cough.
  • Heart diseasesquite often cause a cough in the morning. Most often the symptom occurs with heart failure, when the blood stagnates in the lungs.
  • Lungs' cancercharacterized by a painful cough. To ease the condition, you can brew a mixture of warm milk and boiled onions. You need to grind the onion, boil it in a glass of milk. Insist for 6 hours.

Methods of treatment of morning cough

You should understand that the course of therapy will depend on the underlying cause of this unpleasant symptom. Symptoms can be alleviated with the help of such methods of treatment:

  • Refuse salty, spicy and fatty.
  • Include in the menu oatmeal with butter, as well as puree with milk, radish with vegetable oil.
  • Drink as much as possible of mors, tea, water, juice.
  • Do chest massage with a warming ointment, if you have a normal clean skin.
  • In the afternoon, inhale, use Ambroxol, Lazolvan for them. No less useful are inhalations with soda.
  • Quit smoking completely.

At the hospital, you need to undergo an x-ray of the respiratory organs. In addition, take the sputum analysis. Perhaps you need a bronchoscopy. Do not forget about strengthening the body, take immunomodulating medications. If there is a need to be treated with antibiotics, with their help you dilute and bring out phlegm. Excellent helps herbal decoction, physiotherapy procedures.

Physiological morning cough in a child

Many moms immediately begin to panic when their child coughed in the morning. Not worth it! If the child only coughed once, this is quite normal. Thus, the child's body is freed from the mucus that has accumulated overnight.

Physiological cough is absolutely safe for the child, because it is short-lived and does not threaten the baby. Special treatment in this case is not required, as a rule, the cough passes by itself. If an unpleasant symptom occurs periodically, you need to follow the child, perhaps he has ARVI, a cold or another infectious disease.

When morning coughing, the child is recommended to pay attention to such symptoms:

  • Body temperature.
  • Type of cough - with phlegm or too dry.
  • Duration of cough.
  • Other signs are sore throat, runny nose.

A wet morning cough in a child can be a symptom of clearing the bronchi from accumulated mucus. In children, such a cough occurs with an allergic reaction, a runny nose, a viral infection, bronchitis. It is very important that the mucus does not linger on the bronchi, cough it out, because everything will end in severe consequences. If you notice a turbid mucus, most likely, you have inflammation. Rusty mucus in a child speaks of an allergic reaction, and a green one about sinusitis.

The morning dry barking cough can be one of the symptoms of laryngitis, whooping cough, measles, flu. In this situation, you urgently need to call a child therapist at home.

So, many morning cough is a common occurrence, it is not at all dangerous. So a person is released from accumulated sputum for the night. It is necessary to worry if the cough begins to often disturb, especially if it is accompanied by high fever, sputum with blood. Cough with dyspnea and worsening of general condition is no less dangerous. If you have such a morning cough, immediately go to the doctor. You will be assigned a full examination to determine the cause of the troubling and unpleasant symptom.

The child cough after sleep

All parents know that cough is a symptom of some disease, but not necessarily a cold. Young mothers often make the same mistake: when this symptom appears in the baby, they immediately begin to panic and run after the medicine to the pharmacy. If a child has a short cough after a dream that does not cause him discomfort and does not appear in the daytime, then he can be physiological, not dangerous to health.

That is why before giving the children expectorant and antitussive drugs, it is necessary to consult a doctor, otherwise you can cause harm to health.

Physiological cough

Sometimes morning coughing attacks can not represent any threat to the health of the baby. They can be caused by slime accumulated in the air in the air. Very often such a process occurs in infants, because when feeding some part of the food enters the trachea and thereby provokes a cough.

When children begin to erupt teeth, they have excessive salivation, which can also cause a cough reflex. If you periodically get a cough in a child after sleep, then do not worry, it may be physiological, but a doctor's consultation is necessary in any case.

Pathological cough

Cough attacks that occur in the morning can be caused by diseases such as:

  • ARVI;
  • laryngitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • pneumonia;
  • tuberculosis.

With the development of these diseases an unpleasant symptom will tormentbaby for a whole day, not just in the morning. In addition, other symptoms of the disease will appear, such as fever, sore throat, loss of appetite, weakness.

Very often in the morning after sleep cough appears in children who are prone to allergies. It can provoke dust, houseplants, feathers in the pillow, pet hair and other allergens. But it is worth noting, if such a process continues throughout the day, then parents must necessarily show the child to an allergist.

Also, a morning cough sometimes appears due to mucus in the stomach, it can get into the esophagus or settle on the back wall of the pharynx. Naturally, when a child wakes up, he tries to get rid of mucus and clears it. This phenomenon in babies is called regurgitation, and in older children - reflux esophagitis. If such a process continues for a long time, then you need to undergo a checkup with a gastroenterologist, because of this symptom, as a rule, the esophagus suffers.

What to do?

If a baby has a morning cough, then parents should not immediately panic. First you need to observe the state of the child. You should pay attention to the nature of the symptom and determine what it is - dry, wet, frequent, rare. To see if a child has caught a catarrhal disease, it is necessary to measure the temperature of the body. In the event that in the morning the cough is short and while the child is well during the day, then there may not be any cause for concern.

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