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Fig with milk from cough - recipe

Milk with figs will help with coughingTasty and useful medicine - figs with milk from a cough. The recipe is relict, it can be read in old znakharian books. What is the secret of the drug? Figs are useful in heart diseases because it contains potassium, is an easy diuretic and laxative. With a dry and moist cough, a fig with milk is used to obtain an expectorant effect.

Use fig fruits and colds because of its anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic qualities. Such medicine helps to strengthen immunity, restore body strength, both in children and adults. Particularly useful figs for colds during pregnancy.

How to cook?

Recipes for cough medicine vary somewhat among themselves.

Here's a popular way of cooking: you need one fruit and a half cup of milk. The fig will suit any - fresh, dried or dried.

If you can find fresh fresh milk, the medicine will be more effective. Otherwise, you can take and ordinary pasteurized milk fat content of at least 3.2%. The fatter the product will be, the more it will soften the irritated throat.

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The figs are put in milk and put the saucepan on a slow fire, before covering it with a lid. Boil the agent for at least half an hour, while the liquid should evaporate by 1/3. After this, the pan should be wrapped with a blanket or pillow, so that the sweet fruits give their useful qualities.

Cool the medicine in a warm place, then it is poured into a glass jar and stored in a refrigerator under a cap nylon. Do not be surprised if the product becomes viscous and viscous the next day. When the consistency changes, the drug does not lose its useful qualities, but before using the figs with milk from a cough, it needs to be warmed up.

How to use?

Treatment can be carried out for a month. The recommended dose is half the glass of the drug for one dose. Take the medicine before meals three times a day, while the liquid is drunk, and the sweet fruits are eaten. This amount of drink is recommended for children under 7 years old. Adults and older children can drink a glass of delicious medication at the reception.

Cough treatment during pregnancy

In the period of gestation, almost all medicines are prohibited, taboos are applied to many medicinal herbs. But when coughing during pregnancy, this delicious treat is allowed, which also helps to soften the sore throat.

The recipe for the preparation of the medicine is about the same, only it takes 4 figs of fruit to 3 glasses of milk. Boil the preparation until a brownish hue. Take 100 grams three times a day for 20 days. During pregnancy, the drug can be used not only as an expectorant and an anti-inflammatory drug, but also for preventive purposes.

Preparation of cough medicine without milk

This recipe is suitable for people who do not tolerate milk, for example, with lactose deficiency. It will take 8 dried fig fruits, which are filled with a glass of water. The medium is cooked on low heat for about 20-30 minutes, after which a glass of water and the same amount of sugar are added to it. The syrup is heated until the sugar melts. At the end of this place put the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of grated ginger.

Cold figs treatment

The broth can be used for grinding the chest, for this you need to take 5 fruits and brew them in a glass of milk. The procedure is carried out 4 times a day.

Decoction of figs is also used to rinse the sore throat.

If you have lost the voice, the following recipe will help restore it: 6 fig fruits are boiled for two hours in 2 glasses of milk. During this time, the liquid should be evaporated by half. Treatment is carried out with this decoction 4 times during the day, the amount at the reception is half a glass.


Because of the high content of carbohydrates, figs are not recommended for diabetes mellitus. Do not forget that the fruits can cause a loosening of the stool.

Recipes of figs with milk from a cough

figs and honey from coughs are the best of folk remedies

Seasonal colds are often accompanied by a painful and prolonged cough, which is not easy to overcome. Effective, and, most importantly, an unusually simple and tasty home remedy - figs with milk, will help to say goodbye quickly with a pesky cough and promote a speedy recovery. This is one of the popular ways to get rid of cough. If you are concerned about other respiratory illnesses, then you will find from the links folk remedies for nasal congestion, folk remedies for the common cold and colds.


figs with milk from a cough recipe

The usefulness of this fruit is known for a long time, and the active use in folk medicine of the East has smoothly passed to us, proving its effectiveness and safety.

Useful properties of figs:

  • Febrifuge.
  • Helps to sputum.
  • Nutritive product quickly restores strength.

These unique features of fig fruits can be easily explained, if only list the chemical composition of the fruit. This and a lot of vitamins, especially group C, so necessary for a successful fight against the common cold. These are useful microelements: potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and others. Without these incredibly important elements, the normal vital activity of any organism is impossible, as well as the fight against catarrhal and simply seasonal weakened states. It happens that the cough does not last long. Here you will find additional treatments.

The video tells about the useful properties of figs with milk from cough:


For cough treatment there are several effective and time-tested recipes. The main ingredient is a fig, you can use it both fresh and dried, which greatly facilitates the search for the necessary ingredients.

This remedy also perfectly helps with loss of voice and various degrees of laryngitis. Regular reception will help get rid of the characteristic cough of the smoker, and also simply strengthen and vitaminize the body during the demi-season.

Gargling with a decoction of figs helps to relieve pain and inflammation in angina and serves as an additional remedy for upper respiratory tract diseases.

Recipe # 1

Take one fig and a half cup of milk. The main condition: milk should be as fresh and high as possible (ideally home, you can shop, but with a minimum shelf life). The more fat milk, the better it will soften the throat and pass a cough more easily. Figs can be taken fresh, dried or dried, this does not affect the effectiveness of the broth.

figs with milk from cough recipe 1

The algorithm for preparing the mixture is very simple: the milk with the fig boils over low heat to reduce its volume by about a third. After that, it is better to wrap the container in a blanket or a towel so that the broth is slightly infused.

The prepared mixture is perfectly stored in a clean container in the refrigerator.When cooled, the broth can thicken a little, this is quite normal phenomenon, indicating the correct preparation of the mixture. Before use, the mixture should be slightly warmed to a comfortable temperature.

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Recipe # 2

Sometimes for people with lactose intolerance, a recipe without milk is recommended, it is less effective, but can also be used to treat a cough. To do this, about 8 pieces of medium-sized dried figs pour a glass of water and boil for at least half an hour on low heat. After that, the broth is diluted with another glass of water and sugar. All boil until the sugar is completely dissolved. For taste and greater utility at the end of cooking, lemon juice and a little fresh grated ginger or a dry mixture can be added to the mixture. This broth also has a warming effect due to ginger.

boiled figs from cough

Recipe # 3

This remedy is more recommended for avid smokers for additional cleaning of the bronchi and lungs. To do this, about 10 fresh fruits are crushed in a meat grinder and mixed with a small amount of honey.As a result, a viscous paste with a homogeneous structure should be obtained.

Take the drug better on an empty stomach on a tablespoon, chewing it thoroughly and washing down a glass of milk. After a month of regular intake, there is considerable progress in mitigating the "coughing of a smoker" and alleviating chest pain.

figs and honey from cough

Also, this mixture is a kind of course of vitaminization and will perfectly replace the use of pharmacy multivitamins. In the absence of allergies to honey, it is perfect for children as a restorative.

Application features

The course of treatment will be strictly individual, a one-time intake should not exceed a glass of the finished mixture. It is best to drink it before eating, while the fruits are also eaten. Daily intake - three times a day. For children under 7, it is better to give half a glass, keeping the frequency of reception.

Safety and effectiveness are the main trump cards of ginger milk. This broth is not forbidden during pregnancy and is even recommended as one of the most harmless home remedies.Good help is the decoction of ginger and just with laryngitis, softening and relieving the inflammation of the throat.

The use of this drug in diabetes should be consistent with the doctor. Figs are famous for their high carbohydrate content, so the doctor can recommend another remedy.

Side-effect of the figs can be a temporary disorder of the intestines, which each manifests individually. If you are experiencing this kind of reaction, perhaps this tool is not too suitable for you.

In the presence of allergic reactions of any degree of localization, it is more expedient to change the treatment plan. Allergy to figs is a rare occurrence, but nobody is immune to this, so the first reception of broth is better to do the minimum amount. After you make sure that the fruit is well tolerated by the body, you can safely continue the treatment.

Do not eat decoction for more than a month. If the cough by this time has not passed, an urgent examination is necessary to exclude other causes of the disease.

A fig with milk is an excellent home remedy for coughing and relieving inflammation and swelling in the throat.Thanks to milk, the ligaments are warmed and softened, and the fig fruits saturate the body with additional vitamins and microelements. Safety and practically no contraindications makes this remedy harmless and effective. One of the characteristics of the mixture will be its sweet taste, which will allow it to be used without problems for its children.

On the video - another recipe for figs with milk from a cough:

Milk is often used as a component of cough remedies. Here you will find a recipe of milk with soda from a cough. Milk with butter from cough and milk with badger fat from cough are also often used.


  • Mariyana, 24 years old:"I learned about this tool relatively recently, but I already checked its effectiveness. It helped very well from sore throat and loss of voice. Inexpensive and very effective tool, now I advise all my friends. A big plus is a very pleasant taste, I think such a medicine and children will like it. "
  • Наталья, 36 years oldMy daughter treated as a child only with the broth of figs, especially since she was eating him well enough. Often I make a vitamin mixture with a fig, which we use the whole family throughout the whole winter. The main advantage is that you can always buy ingredients, for example, I buy dried figs for stock, if necessary, at hand, but milk is all the more available to everyone.
  • Lena, 42 years oldRecently I suffered a serious tonsillitis with bronchitis in the company. I had to even go to the hospital, but when I was discharged my cough did not go away, so the doctor advised this remedy. She said she perfectly cures even her family with this method, so she advises his patients. Initially, the attitude was somewhat skeptical, but regular use helped to significantly reduce the cough in two weeks. Until the end of treatment is still far away, probably, it will take two months to drink, but the effect already exists, so I will continue. The main plus for me is that such treatment is quite affordable for any income, in contrast to pharmacy drugs.

How to prepare milk with figs?


Salaam Aleikum

Or maybe you just started to sour the milk. Buy fresh.
4-5 pieces steamed in a glass of milk, then rubbed. Take 0.5 cup 2-4 times a day in a warm form.

Figs - 2-3 pcs.
Milk - 1 glass
Take 2-3 fig fruits, you can drice them, wash them, pour a glass of milk and cook over low heat until the milk turns brown. Drink milk and eat cooked in it a fig 2-3 times a day in intervals between meals. If you do this course for 10-15 days, it will not only cough up, but will also strengthen your immunity.

Option with dried figs:
for 1 glass of milk take 2-3 dried figs. Stir in cold milk for half an hour. Then put on a slow fire and gradually bring to a boil so that all the juices from the figs come out into the milk. Boil 1 minute is not more. And then leave to stand under the lid for another 15-20 minutes.
You can knead the figs and drink, eat with milk, and you can drain and drink only milk. It will be very sweet, and with figs - luscious.

Elena Matveeva

3 figs are washed, cut into pieces, pour a glass of milk. Soar for 15 minutes, not letting the boil. The counting of minutes begins with reaching the milk of 95 degrees.


Pour the figs with hot milk, let it cool down, during this time it is fed. some are poured and put in the oven not for long.

Recipes with figs from a cough

Figs have long been known for their healing properties. It is used in the treatment of various diseases, among which of course there is also a cough. This beautiful and sweet fruit contains a mass of vitamins, pectins, malic and citric acid. It also has many minerals and other useful substances necessary to improve the functioning of our body.

Ingredients include:

  • Vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B6), vitamin C, vitamin PP
  • Minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, copper)
  • Fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6)
  • Amino acids and other useful substances

Despite the fact that this fruit in medicine uses the plant almost completely, the fruits are used in the fight against the cough. Of these, many folk remedies are being used to treat respiratory disorders. They are prepared on the basis of water, syrups, milk, wine and other ingredients.

The most common cough remedy is the fig on milk. In its preparation, dark purple varieties are used, which are more effective than light ones.

Fig with cough milk

Fig with cough milkTo make this curative broth, take about two spoons of the dried chopped fruit, put it in a container and add one glass of milk. The resulting mixture should be cooked on low heat for about 20 minutes. Take one third of the glass four times a day. With constant use, the product helps to cope with a dry and protracted cough, reduces the number of reflex attacks, softens the pain and sore throat.

Recipe for decoction of figs

A tablespoon of sliced ​​fruit is added to a glass of boiling water, cover and insist on a water bath for about half an hour. After this, the liquid must be filtered and added boiling water to the top of the glass. Use the decoction in full just before bedtime. This remedy perfectly complements the course of treatment for a damp cough, relieves the sore throat and improves sleep.

Recipe for syrup from figs

Syrup from figsIn this syrup recipe, it is best to use a fresh fruit. To make it, you need to take 6-7 large fruits, first grind them, put in a saucepan and pour 300 ml. water. Cook over low heat for about half an hour. After this, the chopped fruits are pulled out of the liquid, add a glass of sugar to it and stir until it dissolves completely. When the syrup becomes homogeneous, add a little lemon juice and a paste of figs. Take several teaspoons 3-4 times a day. This medicine is useful in the treatment of all forms of cough, it is an auxiliary tool in the fight against various types of infections of the respiratory tract.

Using figs during illness, you provide yourself with an excellent tool for fighting all kinds of cough. In addition, you add a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which will always be useful to the body, especially during the fight against the disease. As they say numerous positive reviews on the Internet - the treatment of this ailment with the help of fruit is effective.

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