Longevity: Secrets of a healthy active lifestyle for all

The secret of longevity is simple - stay in sound mind and memory, active and light body as long as possible! Less sick, more joy every day of your life! But first things first.

Any of us goes through certain periods of our life - birth, growing up, aging and. .. leaving, everyone says it's death, but nobody knows what it really is.

How can you be afraid of something you do not know? !

Stages of life each person passes at different speeds. When comparing people of one biological age, they can look different. One lives 90 years, and the second can hardly reach 60.What are the secrets of longevity? Let's figure it out!


Longevity and its components

Scientists have long been studying what the life expectancy depends on. Secrets of longevity include several components, among which a special place is occupied by the following:

  1. The number indicating the birth cycle, that is the average life expectancy of in your gender of the representatives of your gender. If this age is small, for example, 60 years, then you will live 100, most likely, will not work.
  2. The presence of genetic diseases in your family. Most of them affect many functions of the body, so usually long-livers with such diagnoses do not happen.
  3. Lifestyle .It has long been proven that regular exercise, refusal from bad habits not only improve the quality of life, but also prolong it.
  4. Power supply .About it you can talk for a long time and a lot, but the secrets of longevity are based on a small consumption of salt or complete rejection of it.
  5. Everyone dreams for a long time, but most importantly, that they are full and active years, and not a miserable vegetation with Alzheimer's disease or senile dementia.

The main secrets of longevity

In the field of gerontology, studies have been conducted for a long time, scientists have established that the lifespan of almost 75% depends on the person himself and 25% depends on the hereditary factor.

The issue of life expectancy is complex, it is impossible to give a single recipe, respecting which one can live happily ever after, while maintaining clarity of mind. But still, through joint efforts of doctors and long-livers, it was possible to identify certain aspects that play a certain role in life expectancy:

  1. Positive Thinking .Everyone in life has black stripes and troubles, but relate to it all in different ways. Some do not lose heart and keep positive thinking, while others fall into despair. It has long been scientifically proven that human thoughts are material. If you constantly think about the bad, then it will happen.
  2. Active lifestyle .Most long-livers will tell you that they have practiced physical labor almost all their life, doing morning exercises. They are always easy to climb. Only it should be noted that professional athletes do not fall into the category of long-livers, because intensified occupations do more harm to the body than good.
  3. Proper nutrition .Each country has its own traditions in nutrition, but analyzing the secrets of youth and longevity, we can say that the diet of long-livers includes a large number of fresh vegetables and dairy products.
  4. Activity relative to the opposite sex .If a person keeps his sexual activity for as long as possible, then the hormonal system functions normally. All, probably, saw the elders, who are already in a fairly old age not only active, but give birth to children.
  5. Day mode .It does not have to be respected by minutes and hours, but there is a certain rhythm of life that should be adhered to.
  6. Complete sleep .The organism needs rest to recover the energy spent for the day. A full-fledged sleep is simply necessary, everyone needs a different duration.
  7. Full family of .It is established that family people live longer than single people.
  8. Favorite work of .It is important that you are happy to wake up in the morning and go to work. When a person retires, it is also important to find a job for oneself that will bring joy.
  9. Bad habits of .It can not be said that the secrets of active longevity include a complete refusal to smoke or drink alcohol. Only there is an important feature - long-livers have never become slaves to their addictions.

Secrets of youth in Japan

Japan has always been considered and considered a country in which a fairly large percentage of long-livers. And people not only live for a long time, but also keep cheerfulness, activity and clarity of mind until death.

Japanese secrets of health and longevity of the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun are contained in only three postulates:

  1. Proper nutrition.
  2. Healthy lifestyle.
  3. Correct attitude.

With regard to nutrition, it can be noted that the Japanese are content with a small amount of food. The basis of their diet are fruits and vegetables, they are necessarily present on the table several times a day.

Fish and bread are the second most frequent drinkers, dairy products and meat are used even less often. If you look at the Japanese centenarians, then there are practically no people with overweight among them.

The climate in which the Japanese live has its influence. Of course, we can not change the climatic conditions in our locality, but we can revise our diet.

Habits centenarians

If we analyze the secrets of healthy longevity, we can distinguish some useful habits which for years of his life to develop and comply centenarians almost religiously:

  1. Never from the table, they do not leave, after eating to satiety, it is believed that the stomach should be filled with food of allon 80%.
  2. The basis of their food is vegetables, rice and seafood.
  3. Almost no smoking and no alcoholic beverages.
  4. Lifestyle active, many worked all his life on earth.
  5. Live in a mountain-wooded area where there is clean air.

If you examine these habits, there is nothing special, but for some reason we did not try very hard to produce the same at home.

Tibetan secrets of long life

Tibetan monks believe that the duration of our lives depends on:

  1. Exchange of substances.
  2. The state of blood vessels.
  3. Functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  4. Presence of fatty and other deposits in the body.

Over 2000 thousand years ago, Tibetan monks came up with recipes for longevity. With the help of them you can not only significantly improve the metabolism in the body, but also cure many age-related diseases.

Monks assure, if you take their elixir of life, you can get rid of:

  1. Sclerosis.
  2. Angina pectoris.
  3. Tumors.
  4. Headaches.
  5. Poor vision.

Here is one of the recipes that you can try:

  1. Take 400 grams of peeled garlic and grate it.
  2. Prepare juice from 24 lemons.
  3. Mix garlic and juice in a jar, cover with gauze, but not with a lid. Periodically shake, especially before use.
  4. Ready mixture should be taken in the amount of 1 teaspoon and diluted in a glass of boiled water, drink after eating.

If you take this mixture for two weeks continuously, you can notice significant changes in your condition.

Brain and its aging

It turns out that our main control center begins to age earlier than other organs. The death of brain cells begins already from about 20 years. Of course, this is not reflected in mental activity at such a young age, but with age this process of withering continues, and already in 50 years our brain works at 50%, and in 80 years - only 10%.

These processes can be quite slowed down if you use foods containing antioxidants, for example, cocoa beans. In addition, now in pharmacies presented a huge amount of biological supplements that will help support the work of the brain.

Youth and blood vessels

Any doctor will say that the state of your blood vessels affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and therefore, the well-being of the whole organism. The consumption of a large number of animal fats leads to the fact that cholesterol clogs blood vessels, leads to the formation of plaques.

That's why the control of the state of blood vessels in many peoples is a point that is certainly included in the secrets of longevity.

In the city of Veliky Novgorod there is a clinic of the same name, where experienced and competent doctors will help you to diagnose the condition of all body systems and give recommendations on keeping them in a normal state. Sometimes our inattentive attitude towards your body and its signals leads to big problems.

Secrets of longevity of the ancients: Food of the gods

Igor Prokopenko has a book called "Food of the gods. Secrets of ancient longevity ».If you decide to read it, you will not regret it. The author dips readers into the world of our distant ancestors to acquaint them with their traditions, customs and way of life.

The book answers many questions: about where the ancient heroes drew their strength, how they kept their kind and lived a long and healthy life. It turns out that to a large extent this was due to a special diet, which they adhered to throughout their lives.

The book "Food of the gods. Secrets of longevity of the ancients "does not lead to bare speculation, there the reader will find a lot of useful information for himself, which is confirmed by doctors, cooks and other specialists.

Rules of centenarians

Over the years of its existence, mankind has accumulated enough experience to give an intelligible answer to the question of how to preserve youth and prolong their lives. Here are some rules in which there is quite common sense.

  1. It's necessary to eat according to its age, if the children need meat for growth, then it is better for an adult to replace it with fish.
  2. Do not eat high-calorie foods.
  3. Any physical load helps maintain muscle tone, which positively affects the body.
  4. Avoid prolonged stress, although a short shake for the body is only useful.
  5. Do not save in yourself all the negative, do not hold resentment, evil, it is better to spill it out.
  6. Lead an active social life.
  7. Communicate more with others, it is established that silent and closed people live less.
  8. Train your brain: solve crosswords, learn poetry, play games.
  9. You need to get enough sleep. Chronic lack of sleep leads to the development of many diseases.

These are very simple secrets of longevity. Great Novgorod and other cities in our country have specialized medical centers, in which all the work of doctors is to prolong our life and youth.

Secrets of a long life from all corners of the world

Scientists-gerontologists from different countries certainly communicate with each other, exchange opinions, achievements. They not only study the aging of the human body, but also collect numerous secrets of longevity.

Reviews of most long-livers allow them to assert that there is nothing special about them, but, unfortunately, most of us do not observe these simple rules.

Here are some secrets that are observed in different countries:

  1. The use of of green tea .It is believed that this drink contains powerful antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals.
  2. The good heart of .It turns out that many people hold the opinion that kindness will not only save the world, but will also ensure longevity.
  3. Optimism of the .Studies prove that a positive attitude toward old age also prolongs life. Every period of a person's life is beautiful in its own way and it is necessary to be able to find a good one in adulthood.
  4. Brain Activity .This body in our body is mostly in inactivity, as many scientists believe, and its active work helps to prevent the aging of the whole organism.
  5. Important is not the amount of food, but its quality .With age, the body needs fewer calories, as the metabolism slows down, so you need to pay special attention to what we eat. More vegetables, fruits, it is necessary in the diet should be polyunsaturated fats, which are many in olive and sunflower oil.

Formula of longevity

Scientists from China who are studying the aging of the human body and the conditions for prolonging youth, are almost sure that the secrets of longevity of people can be translated into a special formula, and it looks like this:

  1. The use of low-calorie food.
  2. Reduce the number of animal fats and meat in the diet.
  3. Every day on your table must be present vegetables and fruits in fresh form.

This formula affects only proper nutrition, but for good reason there is a saying: "We are what we eat".And if we add to this physical activity, positive emotions, kind attitude towards people, our life will not only change for the better, but it will be substantially extended.

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