Useful tips for the elderly

At the end of the first spring month, a thematic meeting dedicated to healthy lifestyles for elderly people was held at the institution - SCU SB "Name of the CSN", with the invitation of Nadezhda Alexandrovna Tridubova, a neurologist and psychiatrist at the Nekhaevsky Central District Hospital.

After all, with increasing age, people have the ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions - fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, magnetic storms and solar wind.


What is the path to longevity?

This is the question that became the occasion for communication between participants and guests. Here everything takes on a serious meaning - clean air, water, sunlight, movement, rationality in nutrition and deep, refreshing breathing.

Elderly people should keep in themselves valuable personal qualities - caring, charity, friendliness, patience, endurance, courage, dedication, optimism and self-confidence and trust in the world and people.

Tridubova N. A. at a thematic meeting in a very detailed and accessible manner told about the importance and influence of natural factors on the human body, about rationality in nutrition and choice of products for improving health, introduced participants and invited with the basics of the exercises of the yoga and qigong system. And most importantly, it's because Nadezhda Alexandrovna is a practitioner, because not every doctor can do exercises and even elementary systems of qigong and yoga to tell and show on their own.

First symptoms-bell

The first bells of beginning diseases in any age, and especially in the elderly can be - noise in the head and ears, dizziness, pain in the head with pressing foci in the temples and occiput, chest pain, excessive sweating, the appearance of "flies" before the eyes.


The healthy lifestyle of elderly people should include not only the treatment of medicines, it is important to limit the consumption of table salt to 5-6 g. per day, the amount of liquid from 1 to 2 liters per day. It is necessary to normalize the body weight with the help of rational nutrition and sufficient physical activity in the form of walking from 3 to 10 km per day, charging therapeutic and preventive physical training, etc. During the day, find time to take a horizontal position for 20 - 40 minutes, self-massage and water procedures. Of course, it is very strongly and desirably to exclude smoking, alcoholic beverages. Develop a daily routine, normalize sleep, avoid stress situations whenever possible.

How to lead a healthy lifestyle after 50 years

And what is meant by a healthy lifestyle in old age?

the main task

It should be noted that the most important task is maintaining the flexibility and maintaining the metabolic rate at a decent level. These factors, in the first place, must be taken into account when drawing up a program of their daily physical activities and diet.

In the beginning, it is necessary to understand that movement is the most important for a person. Walking outdoors should become an indispensable element of everyday pastime. No matter what the weather or mood, you need to get out on a daily at least thirty-minute walk.

Physical exercises

As for the most specialized physical exercises, for example, force methods and techniques in the elderly, for example, should be treated with increased caution. In order not to harm the body, it is necessary to consult the competent doctor when making the program of such activities, to conduct appropriate regular checks of your health status.

And this will strengthen the heart and rid of excess fat deposits. But swimming classes or elementary exercises of the yoga system in any case will not bring harm, and are the most optimal physical exertion for people over 50 years of age. In addition, it is highly recommended to carry out a set of exercises for stretching the muscles and tendons.

And do not worry about that in your youth you could not give proper attention to physical culture and sports - even after starting them after 50 years you can still achieve positive results. Data from medical scientific research show that those who started to lead a healthy lifestyle after 50 years and increased their level of physical activity and live about the same as those who practiced sports, regularly beginning with middle age.

Proper nutrition

Nutrition is an important element of a healthy lifestyle at any age, and after 50 years its value is still more increasing. Of course, many of the favorite dishes will be completely abandoned by many, but what can you do - health will bring more happiness.

Your diet should be coordinated with the doctor and dietician who can help choose the most optimal menu based on the state of your body, but in any case there are also compulsory products to improve digestion: kefir and natural probiotics. Try to drink more purified water - except, of course, black tea and coffee.

After 50 years, life is just beginning!

What is most important to say - after fifty years of life actually begins. And with the observance of the rules of a healthy lifestyle, she will become happy, fascinating and full of bright, good and wise events.

Let the old medicines do not! But it's always possible to slow it down. Extension of life begins with the exclusion of those things that shorten it.

We are for a healthy lifestyle

Thus, a healthy lifestyle depends, first of all, on the person himself.

A source: this article is taken from the site Medvlad.Ru