Barley on the Century: Drug and Folk Treatments

Barley on the century is a common phenomenon, which is not always taken seriously.Meanwhile, this reddish swelling brings a lot of inconvenience. And no make-up can hide this painful ball filled with pus.

If barley jumped, then it is urgent to begin treatment, so that the infection does not spread further.The course of treatment should be as effective as possible, and for this it is necessary to identify the cause of the suddenly sprung barley.In this article we will tell you how to quickly get rid of barley. In addition, all measures should be taken to prevent the re-occurrence of inflammatory swelling in the eyelids in the future.


  • 1Definition of disease
  • 2Medication
    • 2.1Antibacterial eye drops
    • 2.2Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
    • 2.3Ointments for the eyes
    • 2.4Preparations of internal action
    • 2.5Antiseptic solutions
    • 2.6Cauterization
    • 2.7Radical measures
    • 2.8Vitaminotherapy
  • 3Folk remedies
    • 3.1Compresses
    • 3.2Gadgets
    • 3.3Washings
    • 3.4Dry applications
  • 4Prevention
  • 5Video
  • 6conclusions

Definition of disease

Barley in the century is a swelling caused, as a rule, by the infection of the follicles of the eyelashes at the root.Barley on the outer surface of the eyelid is called external, located inside - internal. In medicine, there are terms denoting diseases associated with the formation of barley, - gordelum or meibomite.

Frequent appearance of barley - a serious warning of a reduced state of immunity and a clear signal about the need to see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of the cause.

Painful barley in most cases appears due to Staphylococcus aureus - a bacterial infection that flares up in the body in the following cases:

  • With weakening of immunity;
  • After hypothermia;
  • If contamination occurs on the eyes;
  • In case of avitaminosis;
  • In the presence of furunculosis;
  • In diseases of the endocrine system;
  • If the work of the digestive tract is impaired(gastritis, colitis, etc.).

Each of the above reasons can provoke the appearance of swelling on the eyelids. In order for the treatment of barley to be effective, it must be directed at eliminating the cause. To do this, it is necessary to contact the doctor in a timely manner, who will schedule the examination and further therapy of the underlying disease, and also will tell you how to eliminate barley without consequences and avoid relapse.


For the treatment of barley, antibacterial drugs in the form of drops and ointments are most often used.In complicated cases, antibiotics of internal action are prescribed. Sometimes pus does not go out on its own, in a similar situation it is opened in a medical institution.

An example of drugs for the treatment of barley

Drugs for the treatment of barley in the century should be prescribed by a doctor. The ophthalmologist's task is not only to select the drug for treatment, but also to determine the appropriate dosage of the medication for each patient. In this case, drugs should not contain components that can cause an allergic reaction in the patient.

For the treatment of barley, drops, ointments, and sometimes tablets are used.

Antibacterial eye drops

In general, doctors prescribe antibacterial drops to patients, capable of destroying harmful bacteria and preventing the development of the inflammatory process.To this end, drugs are prescribed:

  • Sofradex;
  • Penicillin;
  • Levomycetin;
  • Tobrex;
    Levomycetin is used to treat barley
  • Gentamicin;
  • Chloramphenicol;
  • Fucitalmic.
    Drops Dexa-Gentamycin used in the treatment of barley

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

With the help of non-steroidal preparations, heat, inflammation and pain are eliminated. To such medicines from barley on an eye it is possible to carry:

  • Paracetamol;
  • Aspirin and others.
    Paracetamol is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

Ointments for the eyes

Antibacterial ointments also have bactericidal action and stop the development of inflammation. Antibiotics in the form of ointments, in contrast to drops, are used before bedtime. The most relevant from barley are ointments such as:

  • Tetracycline;
  • Erythromycin;
  • Floxal;
  • Tobrex.
    Phloxal Ointment is used to treat barley

Preparations of internal action

They are used to treat complex forms of this disease (complicated or multiple barley). Systemic medications are used if the patient's immunity is severely impaired or local treatment is ineffective. Drugs of internal influence inhibit the development of infection and accelerate recovery. Often for these purposes apply:

  • Doxycycline;
  • Amoxiclav;
  • Azithromycin.
    Azithromycin is used to treat a complex form of barley

Antiseptic solutions

With their help, the patient is washed with eyes after opening the purulent capsule.Typically, for this use Furatsilin or Sulfacil sodium.

Sulfacil sodium is used for washing the eyes


Often there are daredevils trying to independently burn barley with alcohol, iodine or greenery.In most cases, the result is deplorable: the patient burns the mucous membrane of the eye. But this does not mean that such a method as moxibustion is not suitable. Just entrust this procedure to a specialist. The ophthalmologist will do this in the laboratory (if he considers this procedure necessary), observing the conditions of hygiene and sterility. In this case, the infection will not spread further, and an unpleasant, painful swelling on the eyelid will not leave after itself any consequences and complications.

Cauterization of barley

Radical measures

In the absence of temperature, in some cases UHF therapy is prescribed to eliminate barley.The essence of it in the impact on the inflammatory focus of high-frequency electromagnetic field. If this type of therapy against barley does not work for a century, the doctor decides on a surgical intervention. The operation provides for the opening of the abscess with a scalpel and the purging of its contents in order to prevent the further development of the infection.

Apparatus for UHF therapy

Iodine, zelenka or alcohol can be used to cauterize inflammation in case of external and internal forms of inflammation, but this procedure can only be performed by a health professional. Categorically it is impossible to cauterize independently internal barley.


If barley appears on the eyelids quite often, it indicates a weak immunity. Therefore, it is necessary to use drugs that promote the activation of the body's defenses. These include:

  • Vitamins(especially group B);
  • Adaptogens;
  • Yeast preparations;
  • Autohemotherapy.

Proper nutrition, containing vitamins and trace elements, normalization of the stool, hardening procedures, physical activity - all this contributes to the enhancement of the body's immune system.

In the case of frequent relapses of barley, a thorough examination and consultation of the therapist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, immunologist, blood test (including sugar), as well as the immunogram and blood on sterility.

Folk remedies

To help in the fight against barley, folk remedies come, which can be used in addition to medications. In the effect of folk recipes, which will be given below, there is no doubt, because they were used by our ancestors; they are actively used so far. Means of traditional medicine will contribute to the fact that:

  • The pain will subside;
  • Barley will become less red;
  • Puffiness decreases;
  • The general condition will improve.

Folk remedies for barley on the eye will be especially effective if applied at the initial stage of the inflammatory process.


Compression on the eyelid is a fairly effective remedy for barley, which quickly removes inflammation. Applying compresses is recommended simultaneously on both eyes, in order to avoid an abscess in another century. Recipes for the preparation of compresses:

  • Flaxseeds(1 tbsp. spoon) cook in 1 cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Leave the broth in the heat for 30 minutes. After shaking, strain and apply to the eye.
  • Chamomile perfectly helps when treating barley.Decoction of this universal herb is prepared in a water bath (2 tbsp. spoons of chamomile for 1 cup of boiling water). The solution is filtered, then moisten a clean napkin in it and attach it to the swollen eyelid. Instead of chamomile, you can use calendula.
  • From the pulp of fresh white bread make a cake the size of the eye, soak it with 3-5 drops of olive oil and put the bread swab on the eyelid, having stood for 15 minutes.Repeat the procedure three times a day.
  • A compress of boiled and mashed potatoes helps a lot.


Anti-inflammatory effect will give a lotion of aloe juice.From an old plant tear off one large leaf, rinse and squeeze out the juice from it. Dilute the juice in a glass of boiled cold water (: 0). Infusion leave at night, and in the morning, apply to cotton balls and apply to the eyes (three times a day for 15 minutes).

Excellent barley tea is treated. Strong tea solution apply on gauze, or take the bags after brewing tea and just attach to the eyes. Tea can be replaced with a decoction of St. John's wort.


With the goal of washing the eyelids and eyes, you can use fresh flowers of marigold. 15-20 inflorescences insist in 250 ml of boiling water.Then strain the broth and dilute with cold boiled water (: 0). Wet the swabs with a decoction and wipe their eyes.

For each eye, use a separate tampon. Try not to get the solution into the eyes.

Dry applications

Medicinal plant plantain is found everywhere. This herb not only heals bruises and abrasions, but is also used in the case of barley for a century. Rinse well, dry the plantain leaves and attach them all night.

Very much helps from barley applying a boiled egg to a sick age.Weld a warm warm egg in the shell to the eyelid. For repeated use, the egg should be periodically lowered into boiling water.

There is a second way to treat barley with an egg.Boil it hard and cut it in half across. Apply only protein to the eye. Keep it until completely cooled.


The main prevention of the appearance of barley is the constant observance of the rules of personal hygiene. These rules are elementary:

  • Do not touch dirty hands with your eyes;
  • Use a personal towel and cosmetics;
  • Maintain your immune system is normal;
  • Walk more in the fresh air;
  • Eat right.



Barley on the century - very unpleasant from the aesthetic side and quite a painful phenomenon.No make-up is able to disguise the red swelling, which contains pus. If you encounter such an inflammation, then take it seriously.Think about your immunity and start treatment in time, after consulting a doctor.And people's recipe for arming, using them as auxiliary tools.