Cold in cats treatment at home

How to treat a cat with a cold

Many of the symptoms that would indicate an ordinary cold in humans, for a cat, in most cases, mean an infectious disease, so it is often necessary to treat not a cold, but something else. Cats can also catch cold, but this happens very rarely. Serious symptoms mean that you urgently need to see a veterinarian, especially if the kitten is sick. The disease, which will cope with an adult cat, can become fatal for a baby.


  1. When the cat has caught a cold, then its appetite is reduced, there is sluggishness and apathy. Vitamins and immunomodulators help the animal to cope with the disease faster. In no case can the pet be treated with medicines for humans. They can have the most unexpected effects, well, if not severely harm the pet. For cats, there are their own medicines, specially developed for them. If the cat is simply supercooled, then it quickly enough recovers itself.
  2. If the cat sneezes, from the nose flows, then he picked up the infectious disease. Even if the cat is homemade, he still had where to get infected - on the soles of shoes people bring from the street a lot of all kinds of germs. Infections in cats are treated with antibiotics, vitamins, immunomodulators. Antibiotics are in tablets and injections, the rest of the drugs are usually injected as injections. Do not try to treat yourself with caudate for colds, all these medicines should be specially reassigned to cats, and the veterinarian must prescribe them. Sometimes, in order to determine the disease, it is required to analyze the mucous membrane of the cat's nose, as well as conjunctiva and the oral mucosa.
  3. The sign of a healthy cat is a wet nose. If it is dry, then it can be caused by both hypothermia and something else: from dehydration to parasites. The cause of a cold in a cat may have been an allergic reaction. The house is full of substances and compounds that are harmful to cats, from all sorts of household chemicals to cosmetics.
  4. If the cat continually sneezes, it's not a cold, but, probably, a foreign object hit him in the nose. Usually cats get rid of such things themselves, but if they have problems, contact the veterinarian immediately.

What are the symptoms of colds in cats and how to treat it?



Cats have a cold - cough, shortness of breath, a temperature above 39, in general pneumonia - is treated after the diagnosis of the veterinarian's appointment. Colds in our understanding - a runny nose and a slight malaise in cats does not happen. If your cat flows from the nose, cough, tears from the eyes - this is most likely an infectious serious disease.


You can give a quarter of asperina, helps. And voobshche-naturally in vestenarku-self-treatment dangerously !!!

$ LaVuazen $

if I do not like something from my cat, I always ask the experts (either in the pet store or in the vet clinic)


Coryza, cough, fever. It is treated only at a veta, hodge what medicines (I shall not tell or say what) from different blisters or blebs, and then to you give also houses are treated. GO TO THE WIND.


better to the wind, there are cats in the cat flu, people do not get sick, the cat becomes sluggish, sneezes, flows from the mucous... medications are needed Veterinary, in contrast to dogs that can give human cats more tender in this respect, I was treated to a cat and refused the liver, died... give gamavit, fosprenil and some other veterinary antibiotic so it seems... find the site Elena Dubrovina Moscow branch, go to her not to the guest and on the forum she gives an answer quickly enough to get qualified help there

Svetlana Kurenkova

The common cold can be different, it can be:

1) Rinotracheitis
2) Herpes
3) Calcivirus
4) Pannelopenia, continue on?

What kind of cold, you mean?
signs are different! please specify!


runny nose, eyes can water. I in this case antibiotic to a cola, a couple of injections helps. and I also give him glucose


Hot dry nose, discharge from the nose, coughing, sneezing. If it is otitis, then the cat constantly shakes its head and scratches its ears.

The cat got sick. It looks like he caught a cold. (inside)


Kathris Dark Moon

Chihi and snot in cats may not be a symptom of a common cold, but a disease of a viral origin ( calicivirosis, rhinotracheitis, etc.), and in the spring these diseases in cats become more frequent, especially if the animal does not grafted. It is best to consult a good doctor, not experiment. And I would not go to the sellers in pet stores, they usually just sellers and cat physiology do not know. So cats in an armful and run to the doctor.

Vladislav Leonov

my cat coughed for a cold... It is necessary to go to the viterenarku there to make a ukolchik... for two injections and will pass! without injections in any way !!!

Olga Zakharova

Just go to the pet store, tell me what's wrong with the animals.
There are not just people from the street, but those who understand how to care for animals, treat, etc.
They will advise the right medicine.


Do an analysis of blood and urine, fluorography, ultrasound of the prostate, and in the wind bark!

Galina Cherneva

Are you sure that the cat is coughing??? can they fish they travnulis you? they then have such sounds... as a cough... Is there vomiting? I recently had a cat, too, but I took it to the veterinarian, he was given injections... A fish in its raw form by the way cats is not recommended, especially cheap... it's harmful... side effects of mass.

Stefan Razin

Something from the fish could. It is better to defrost, then defrost before giving.

Christmas tree

STORAGE can not be infected. But RINOTRAKHEITOM - quite. The cat picked up from street cats and infected the housewife. After all, the cat is not vaccinated, right? Now take both and go to the vet clinic. On treatment.

Lami 56

In the street you can not only get cold, but also get infected. Therefore, with both of them to the doctor. Even if it is only a cold, it must also be treated.

Natasha Topilina

I advise anyone not to ask anything (meaning sellers in pet stores), and take seals and show the doctor. At us such was with a house cat. cured

Yuliya Ivanycheva

Tetracycline will help. a floor of a tablet in day of 10 days. Symptoms will disappear on day 2-3, but do not stop.
In fact, you have hit big. Cats do not catch cold. This calciviroz or chlamydia and both are not completely cured. Recovered cat remains a virus carrier and can repeatedly infect itself. You need to make vaccinations to cats to avoid this.
And do not feed cats fish, nothing good will come of it. Cats can not fish at all.

How to cure a cat from colds at home?



if only OK, Google, then there are answers and search. On the sites of the vet clinic, on zooforumam. There are also doctors. On the sick-cat or mea-forum, even exemplary schemes with dosages are prescribed for infectious diseases. Just your cat and the decision about what to give is yours too. To suffer from a conscience, but not to hurt the cat, hardly anyone will want. And without a diagnosis and by eye, only so it will be ..
What can I tell.. In addition to the meow forum and the sick cat, many articles were posted on the website of the zoo. Read about respiratory infections of cats-rinotracheitis, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia.. Colds in cats do not happen


infection in a cat is likely, but not a cold. To the veterinarian it is necessary to carry, to define a virus and treatment to learn or find out.
at home, you can only hurt the cat

Alexander Kucherenko

Plant in a warm place and get milk!

Robert Cardoza

just in case, take to the vet.

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