Banks on the back with a cough

How to put cans on cough and what they are

In Soviet times, cough treatment by banks was widely spread. This method is really effective, but only if it is applied correctly. How can we take advantage of these devices so as not to harm the patient, and what kind of person to choose?

Banks for coughing: what are they?

Today, there are two types of products of this type. We are talking about glass and silicone jars. The former are well known to many. Such useful adaptations were probably found in the first aid kit of every Soviet family. In order to put glass devices on the back with a cough, it was required to produce a lot of cunning manipulation - to build an improvised torch, to light it, to make sure that the glass does not overheat and so Further. After their use on the back of the patients often left bruises, burns, which did not pass for several weeks. However, the effectiveness of treatment in this way was considered undeniable. Glass jars from cough, which can still be bought in most pharmacies, helped to get rid of both colds and heavier bronchitis that can be treated.

Silicone accessories have come into our everyday life relatively recently and were operated exclusively as massage ones. They were used for coughing a little later. The main advantage of such products is the ease of installation and the absence of the need to use fire for their operation.

How to put glass jars on cough

Glass jars should be placed on the preheated back. It should also be lubricated with petroleum jelly or a massage oil. As a torch, it is recommended to use a metal rod, for example a knitting needle. On it it is necessary to wind cotton wool and to moisten it in alcohol or cologne. The torch should be lit next to the patient, but not over it. The glass product should be placed above the flame for three seconds and put on its back. They should be placed in the area of ​​the bronchi and lungs, retreating about three centimeters from the spine.

After this, the patient should be covered with a warm blanket. You can remove glass jars in 20-30 minutes. Each of them should be carefully poddevat finger. After that, the back of the patient is smeared with cream and left to lie in the heat for another half an hour.

How to put silicone cans on coughing

Those who have never used such products, often wonder about where to put the banks when coughing. Silicone devices as well as glass put, retreating a few centimeters from the spine. Preheat them before this is not required, but it is necessary to handle these products equally accurately. Before installation, the silicone container must be squeezed with two fingers. After that, attach to the back of the patient and release. Vacuum, created by compression, will allow the product to securely attach to the back. The force of compression should always be counted, since after its use on the body can remain bruises.

The time of interaction of silicone products is also 20-30 minutes. They need to be put on preheated palms and oiled back. You can put the cans only on the back, as the chest area, especially on the side where the heart is located, should not be exposed to such an effect.

How Cough Banks Work

The effect of this method is based on the improvement of blood circulation. It is believed that banks that have a beneficial effect on the skin and are close to it, accelerate the process of resorption of inflammation.

They can not be used if there are rashes, dermatitis and various injuries on the patient's skin. Another contraindication to the use of this method is the children's age of up to twelve years.

How to put the banks on the back

A few decades ago, this method of treating colds was just as popular as mustard greens. To treat inflamed respiratory organs in this way are solved by few, and only because they do not know how to put the banks on their backs, so as not to harm the weakened organism. Indeed, this method has contraindications, but with the right approach, the effect is worth it: the cold will quickly recede and the patient will recover.

Why put banks

Biologically active substances help to improve metabolic processes in the body. To provoke an organism to a powerful release, it is necessary to accelerate microcirculation, and in this case the banks help with colds. To the area of ​​the skin where you put the jar, will begin to pour in the blood, because the shape of the glass vessel with thickened edges creates a vacuum. Methods of Chinese medicine, where this method of treatment came from, still provide for the use of glass products in bronchitis, back pain, lower back and joints.

What can I put on my back?

Before mobilizing the forces of the immune system, wishing to use medical cans, it is useful to learn about the types of vessels used. They differ in appearance, used for fabricating the material, methods that help to correctly place the cans on the back when coughing. If there are no contraindications (high fever, purulent processes, oncology, tuberculosis, allergy, asthma), then it will remain to choose the appropriate instrument for treatment:

  • Glass or traditional cans create a vacuum by burning out air, so you have to use an open source of fire. Before you put such banks on the back, you should carefully read the step-by-step instruction.
  • Vacuum vessels are a polymeric flask with a rubber balloon, which, when in contact with the skin, helps to squeeze out air. Such medical banks are considered safer, since there is no need to use fire.

When treatment with banks is useful

In addition to treatment for colds of the respiratory system, when inflammation and high the temperature is over, medical banks are successfully used in the treatment of some other diseases. How can I put jars on my back and why is it useful? These special vacuum vessels are effective in inflammatory diseases of muscles, nerves, myositis, radiculitis, intercostal neuralgia. Physiotherapy with their use helps to cope with a headache or when you need to raise blood pressure.

When you cough

An actual method of treatment, but only on condition that the sputum discharge stage has come. Dry cough, which is characterized by the initial stage of the cold, is a contraindication for the use of medical cans as an auxiliary treatment. When wet, several procedures performed can significantly improve the positive dynamics of the course of the disease and accelerate recovery. They put them on a back cough for at least five pieces at a time, and repeat the procedure every other day.

With bronchitis

With caution and only after consultation with the attending physician, medical banks should be used for those to whom such a diagnosis is made. Only later, when the disease passes the acute phase, the use of cans along with antibiotic therapy is allowed. Knowing how to put cans in bronchitis, it is easy to conduct this stage of treatment at the right time and noticeably improve the condition:

  • The positive effect of their use in bronchitis is aimed at diluting the mucus, which causes bouts of painful cough.
  • Correctly put cans will remove painful sensations, expand vessels, activate energy processes, while also having a distracting effect.

With osteochondrosis

They are used as an additional remedy, which helps to reduce the degree of manifestation of the symptoms of the disease. Medical banks relieve muscle spasms by activating the metabolism of cells. Another useful property of this method in the treatment of osteochondrosis is a relaxing effect. Improving blood circulation, these medical instruments of treatment will remove toxins, increase the elasticity of muscles, accelerate the process of cell regeneration.

With pneumonia

Inflammation is a complex and dangerous disease. Localization, foci, pathogens - all affect the picture of the course of pneumonia, for which antibiotics are necessarily used. Banks can only be used as aids, often doctors prohibit their use, so as not to aggravate the course of a serious ailment. The independent decision on the use of cans threatens irreversible processes up to gangrene or rupture of lung tissue, therefore, obligatory consultation with a doctor is required.

When you can not put

With all its useful properties, medical banks remain a controversial method of treatment with a number of contraindications. The effectiveness of adaptations that help to create a vacuum, excellently manifests itself in the treatment of certain types of diseases, while in others it is an unacceptable method of treatment. Among the contraindications, when the use of cans is considered impractical, the following are encountered:

  • tuberculosis,
  • skin diseases,
  • fever, fever,
  • exhaustion,
  • oncological diseases,
  • thrombosis of blood vessels,
  • heart failure,
  • pregnancy,
  • age up to 3 years.

How to put cans on your back

A step-by-step instruction that prescribes how to put the banks on a cold on the back involves a series of sequential actions. To avoid injury, check the integrity of the glass vessels, refrain from using kerosene, gasoline, acetone or other volatile explosive substances. How to properly put the banks on your back, you will learn thanks to the following detailed recommendations:

  1. Prepare in advance 5-6 well washed with warm water and dry wiped out medical jars, alcohol, matches, tweezers or metal spoke, cotton wool, fat cream (Vaseline).
  2. The patient must provide a comfortable environment, put on his stomach, lubricate his back with cream or petroleum jelly.
  3. The edge of the tweezers or knitting needles should be wrapped in cotton wool, dipped in alcohol, slightly wringing off excess fuel.
  4. Then set fire to a match, put the burning torch inside the glass vessel for a couple of seconds.
  5. After that, take out the source of fire, quickly put the jar on your back, and do the same with the rest of the vessels.
  6. You do not need to set fire to a tweezers or a spoke if you put vacuum vessels with a rubber cylinder. In this case, you just need to place them correctly, avoiding the area of ​​the spine and not close to each other.
  7. In order for the procedure to benefit the patient, cover the back with the cans installed with a warm cloth, leave for a quarter of an hour or slightly more.
  8. The final stage will be detaching the vessel with a vacuum. To make it it will turn out simple reception: slightly to lift from one party, admitting air.

How often to put and how much to keep

Place the glass vessels on the intact skin area, maintaining the first time about five minutes. General recommendations prescribe a course of up to four sessions, while the duration can be increased to 20 minutes. It is not recommended to keep special vessels for the treatment of colds or some other diseases longer than this time, because a dark spot can form. This is clear evidence that the skin is injured, so between the procedures should take at least 24 hours, banks can not be put twice on the same place.

Video about medical banks

The most simple visual aid, as on the back put banks with bronchitis, colds, other inflammations, is video. The question is how to put the banks on the back, people are asked who, in addition to the drug treatment, are ready to usefully use additional methods to recover sooner. The video format can replace even the detailed instructions. Together with the demonstration of all stages of the procedure, recommendations are given simultaneously on other important points: which vessels are best used, how long should they be kept or removed?

From what age can

Age restrictions are included in the list of contraindications, when setting banks for colds or for treating certain other diseases is impractical. Is it acceptable to put cans on coughing for young children? Look at the video to get an exhaustive answer regarding the age at which doctors allow the use of medical cans.

Baby massage to the baby

There is only one way to increase the useful properties of a massage that is performed by a child: application special vessels are justified with certain types of treatment, because it helps to speed up the healing process baby. Learn about the features of an effective method, the conditions when the application of can massage is not harmful, but useful for the baby. Adults do not have to think about the hospital, because they can help the child cope with a cold at home, using this method.

But the banks that put on the back - is it useful? What kind of effect do they give the human body?


I'll be better

Attempts to treat patients with rarefied air were made in ancient times.
Only instead of the cans used to us healers used heated pottery or hollow animal horns. Well, with the advent of glass, medical banks immediately appeared.
The secret of the therapeutic effect of the cans is simple. The flame "eats" oxygen and creates in the bank a rarefaction of air - a vacuum, the skin is drawn into it. Blood vessels dilate and damage, a small hemorrhage occurs. And deep under the skin, blood flow increases, metabolism speeds up, tissue nutrition improves. All this contributes to the fastest resolution of inflammation.
Assign banks for pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchial asthma and other diseases of the respiratory system. With their help successfully treated with radiculitis, neuralgia and myositis.

1. Local impact on the surface of the body, retracting the skin and superficial muscles, has a vacuum mechanical effect.
2. During the period when banks interact with the surface of the body, under the banks, under the conditions of vacuum, the greenhouse effect develops, that in tissues metabolism is sharply increased, diffusion of blood and lymph occurs, sweating is intensified and the work of sebaceous glands is activated.
3. Immediately during the procedure, the cans are on the surface of a person's body acting on this zone, and after their removal, the healing effect in this area persists for a long time.The therapeutic effect of the procedure is based on the reflex action on the underlying internal organs and tissues, which contributes to the resorption of inflammatory foci.
In addition, banks have some analgesic effect. They can be placed on the entire surface of the chest, except the heart area, as well as the lumbar region.
However, at present the attitude to this home procedure has changed somewhat due to possible complications in the form of massive hemorrhages in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, as well as violations of microcirculation in the pulmonary tissue. Researches of scientists have shown, that bruises are formed not only on a skin of a back, but also on a pleura, and it is already bad for a broncho-pulmonary department. In addition, according to many experts, the use of cans can promote the spread of infection in the body.
Therefore, it is recommended to use can massage instead of cans.

Recently, medical cans are beginning to be used more often, which need not be set using a lighted rod. These are the so-called pneumatic banks. In addition, they can be used not only as ordinary banks, but also to carry out with them a can of massage. Especially it is convenient for the treatment of young children. During the can massage, not only the circulation in the skin but also the muscles becomes more active, improving their nutrition and tone, the work of the sebaceous and sweat glands intensifies, contributing to the removal of toxins and products from the body exchange.

Lyuba Letoshko

Warm up the patient back in the right places + redness of the skin.


Improve tissue blood supply

Boris Aizikovich

Long ago, they were canceled and banned for use. At present, only BANQUE MASSAGE is used. Diffusive, warming effect

Nina Zakharova

earlier it was believed that it is useful to put banks, and now they say that it is harmful from them only on the body, some githomata


Banks in medicine have long been used. The first to apply them began the Chinese; they believed that banks increase resistance to harmful effects, activate the circulation of blood and vital energy "qi."
When the pot touches the patient's body, the skin is sucked inward. This leads to an increase in blood flow to this site. Banks actively stimulate blood circulation, renewal of body cells, improve metabolism. And this method was treated not only bronchitis and pneumonia. The canned treatment was thought to help with headache, abdominal pain, back, waist, and joint pain. They were treated (and still treated in Chinese medicine) dizziness, cough, asthma and even diarrhea.
And today in vogue the so-called vacuum therapy, which just uses banks of different volumes and configurations. Supporters of vacuum therapy do not doubt how many can help cure a variety of diseases: osteochondrosis, muscle spasms, sciatica, lumbago, bronchitis, chronic pneumonia, bronchial asthma; diseases of the cardiovascular system, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum and and so forth.
By coloring the spots after the procedure, you can tell how far the disease has gone and how much the slag is contaminated by the body.
Banks will help to eliminate the pain arising in the neck, back, waist, with high blood pressure, insomnia, headache, overwork.
Of course, banks can not be put by everyone. It is forbidden to do this for serious heart diseases (acute inflammatory processes in the myocardium, endocardium, pericardium, heart defects, hypertension 3-4 degrees, myocardial infarction in the acute period, frequent attacks of angina pectoris, acute cardiovascular failure); at acute infectious diseases, sclerosis and vascular thrombosis; with significant exhaustion of the body; loss of skin elasticity and a number of other diseases.
Nevertheless, today some doctors treat banks with disapproval. In America, for example, they have been banned for 20 years and withdrawn from the arsenal of medicines. First of all, do not advise them to use as a treatment for respiratory diseases, because, in the opinion experts, banks not only do not stop the infection, but, on the contrary, promote its spread in organism. American doctors say that under the influence of "canned" therapy, bacteria from the bronchi penetrate further and reach the lungs. It is especially dangerous to use cans to treat pneumonia, since pneumothorax may occur, that is, a rupture of lung tissue. This, of course, does not mean that every patient will suffer from cans. But doctors believe that even if a rupture of lung tissue occurs in one patient out of a hundred, it's still impossible to take risks.
It is likely that in some ways they are right, but in many countries banks have been successfully applied to this day.

How to put banks?

Oh, and this insidious time of the year is spring. Cunningly beckoning to the street a bright tender sun, so warm and bright through the window glass of the apartment. Well, are you staying at home here? Especially since the long cold winter with its frosty frosts and thorny winds, and for too long did not let out on a real forest walk. With joy you'll put on a light windbreaker and leave for half a day, freeze, and you do not have to go home again. And the consequence of this imprudence will be an imminent cold. That's when you'll just see that he did not dress properly, succumbed to the persuasion of spring.

What to do, will have to be treated, drink bitter pills, rinse your throat, tolerate mustard plasters and cans. It's a familiar picture, is not it? But do not despair, with timely and proper treatment of a cold quickly give up and run away. It is better to talk about how correctly and for how many minutes it is necessary to put medical banks for adults and children for colds, coughs and bronchitis and when they can not be put.

Banks are different

But before dealing with technology, how to put the banks, let's talk about their types and materials, of which the banks are made. Currently, there are two types of medical cans. Glass medical jars have been used in the treatment of colds for a very long time. There is even an opinion that before such treatment the first to think of the Chinese. However, glass jars pose a certain danger in use, since they can be splintered around the edges, and for their setting requires an open flame. Another kind of cans - vacuum, made of polymer materials, reminiscent of very thick rubber. This kind of cans is practically safe, since it does not require fire. Vacuum cans are installed only by compressing them in the hand and applying them to the place of their setting. With their help, even do a massage, which is called - can.

How to put banks - indications and contraindications

And now let's talk about the kinds of diseases for which banks can be put, but for which it is impossible. Knowledge of this issue is very important, so, how to put banks without definite indications is strictly forbidden. Incorrect use of them can only exacerbate the patient's condition. So, banks help with inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, if there is no suppuration in the lungs, bronchi and pleura. Also, banks can relieve painful manifestations in the major muscles of the back and waist in myositis and sprains. A can of massage perfectly helps people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and nervous system. Contraindicated in the same banks at high temperature, cancer, purulent pleurisy and bronchitis, exacerbation of chronic diseases, tuberculosis of any origin, bleeding, pustular and other lesions of the skin. All the same rules apply to can and massage. And yet, banks are never put on the spine, joints, heart and chest glands, as well as protruding parts of bones.

How to put medical jars in bronchitis and other lung diseases?

Well, finally, we turn to practice. Since there are 2 types of medical cans, there are also two ways of setting them. The first way how to put glass medical jars is as follows. The back of the patient is well lubricated with petroleum jelly. One end of a long rod is wound around a little cotton wool, which is moistened with alcohol.

Banks are disinfected and checked with a finger pad for chipped. If any are found, the can is discarded. When everything is ready, the wick of cotton wool, held in the right hand, is set on fire. They take the jar with their left hand, move it inward with a quick movement and immediately remove the burning wick, and put the jar on the intended place. So put all the banks. Then the patient is covered and left for 15 minutes, after which the cans are carefully removed. Do it this way. The left hand is taken from the top of the can, and the right finger is pressed against the skin at the edge of the vessel. The bank is easily separated.

Vacuum cans are set without fire, applying their simple compression. And the more you squeeze the jar, the stronger it will stick. The back of the patient should also be abundantly coated with petroleum jelly or fir oil. The criterion for correctly setting both of these cans is a feeling of pleasant warmth.

Now, knowing how to put medical banks, you will not make mistakes anymore and will be able to carry out this procedure safely to your relatives. I wish you good health and good mood.

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