Tablets from dry cough to adults are inexpensive

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List of inexpensive but effective cough medicines

cough dry and wet

Cough is a symptom of catarrhal disease, which causes a lot of trouble. Most people with the onset of colds suffer from coughing, working, resting, sleeping normally and eating becomes harder. Discomfort is not only delivered to the sick person, but to everyone around him. When choosing a remedy for coughing, you do not need to self-medicate, it is worthwhile to see a doctor for help and prescribing the drug. But, if you decide to choose a remedy on your own, remember that the medicine should be bought first depending on the type of cough: dry or wet. Here is a list of not only the most effective tools, but also affordable. Cough medicine is inexpensive and effective.

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From dry

In the absence of phlegm withdrawal cough is called dry. For its treatment, drugs are used:

  1. The Falimint.By properties similar to menthol. Causes a feeling of coolness and freshness in the mouth. Do not dry the mucous membranes, the effect and cessation of reflex cough is seen after the first application. It is available in the form of dragees for resorption, it can be given to a child, suitable for children from 5 years of age, contraindications, except for minor allergic reactions, does not. Price: 150 rubles.Falimint
  2. Libexin.Has a triple action, reducing the sensitivity of nerve endings, relaxing the bronchi and reducing the reaction to irritation. It is used for the treatment of severe dry cough, the effect is observed within four hours after administration. Produced in the form of tablets and syrup, not contraindicated to children, there are side effects (dizziness, allergy, fatigue). Price: 300 rubles.Libexin for coughing
  3. Kodelak.An antitussive agent of plant origin. Produced in various forms: tablets, syrups, elixirs. Has a combined effect, reduces excitability, increases the viscosity of phlegm with a damp cough, does not cause respiratory depression. It is not recommended to use a long term - the drug causes dependence. Children are appointed from 6 years. The price: 140 rubles.Codel Codel
  4. Herbion with plantain. Syrup has antitussive and antibacterial effect. Increases the amount of sputum, reduces its viscosity. Due to vitamin C increases immunity. The drug forms a protective film on the mucous membrane, reduces irritation, reduces inflammation. Suitable for children from 2 years. Has almost no contraindications. Price: 250 rubles.cough medicines are inexpensive and effective
  5. Haliksol.One of the most effective drugs, the effect comes after half an hour after use, dilutes sputum, reduces its viscosity, soothes the mucous membrane. Produced in the form of syrup, has a number of contraindications. It is forbidden in pregnancy and with gastrointestinal diseases. Children are appointed from 5 years. The price of the drug: 100 rubles.Haliksol
  6. Lazolvan.It is prescribed for acute pneumonia, chronic sinusitis, acute bronchitis. The effect is observed after half an hour after administration, the effect lasts up to 10 hours. Cough is eased, sputum is diluted, respiratory tract irritation decreases. Produced in the form of tablets, syrup and solution for inhalation. Suitable for children over 6 years. Price: 150 rubles.Phlegm of dry cough
  7. Ambroghexal.The remedy is used for chronic and acute bronchial diseases, asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis. Used in the treatment of complications after surgery, as well as to stimulate the fetus during pregnancy. It has well-pronounced properties, well-established in the market. The price: 70 rubles.Ambrohexal when dry cough
  8. Omnitus.Produced in the form of tablets and syrup. Reduces the inflammatory process, fights infections, relieves dry cough, positively affects the general condition of the body. Has a number of side effects, including. drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting, stool disruption. Contraindicated in pregnant women and children under 6 years. The price of the drug: 90 rubles.Omnitus from dry cough
  9. Stoptussin.It is a combined remedy, has antitussive and mucolytic effect. It is used in the treatment of dry and unproductive cough, is made in the Czech Republic. Produced in the form of tablets, drops and syrup of vegetable origin. Price: 150 rubles.Stoptussin when worried about dry cough
  10. Lorraine.The product is suitable for combating dry cough, it is available in various forms: powder, capsules, tablets, suspension and solution. Eliminates the symptoms of ARI and colds, has antipyretic properties, suitable for children from 6 years. Side effects include increased blood pressure, dizziness, mild irritability. The price: 200 rubles.

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From wet

Cough with sputum is called wet or productive. For its treatment, preparations with an expectorant effect are used:

  1. ATSTS.Liquefies phlegm, promotes the productivity of cough, relief comes in the first days of admission. Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It does not combine with paracetamol and other cough drugs. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers. Price: 130 rubles.ATSTS with a damp cavern
  2. Doctor Mom.Means of plant origin fights with diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, relieves of the common cold, colds and bronchitis. Available in the form of lozenges, lozenges, syrups, tablets, ointments, roller pencils. Suitable for children from 2 years. The cost in pharmacies: 140 rubles.Doctor Mom from a wet cough
  3. Broncholitin.It is very popular as a trustworthy tool. Suppresses the center of a cough, does not depress breathing, treats acute respiratory illnesses, displays phlegm, relieves the mucous membrane from swelling. Effective in childhood. Has only a few side effects: allergies, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate. The price: 55 rubles.Broncholitin from a wet cough
  4. Bromhexine.The agent is used for acute and chronic bronchial diseases with sputum of increased viscosity. The drug is well tolerated, prescribed from the age of 6, combined with antibiotics, contributing to their penetration into the bronchial secret. When treating, you need to consume more fluid, exclude driving and performing hazardous work. Price: 30 rubles.Bromhexine from a wet cough
  5. Ambroxol.Bulgarian preparation of expectorant anti-inflammatory effect. It is also used for the prevention of respiratory tract infections, it is available in the form of a syrup with a pleasant smell and raspberry taste. Helps in a short time cure cough, tracheitis, pneumonia, whooping cough and bronchitis. The price: 25 rubles.Ambroxol from a wet cough
  6. Mukaltin.A natural remedy fights with a wet cough, relieves viscous sputum, which prevents normal breathing. The effect of taking tablets is observed a couple of days after the start of the course. Contraindications: gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, diabetes mellitus. It is not addictive, children can be taken from the age of 12. Cost: 15 rubles.Mucaltin from a wet cough
  7. Ambrogen.The chemical preparation expectorant and diluting effect, facilitates the outflow of sputum from the bronchi, neutralizes the damaged molecules. The action is seen after only half an hour after taking, lasts about 10 hours. Produced in the form of capsules, syrups, tablets, solutions for inhalation and injection. Children are appointed from 2 years. The packing price: 105 rubles.Ambrogen from a wet cough
  8. Fluidite.It is used for acute diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tract, accompanied by viscous sputum. Poorly combined with other drugs, weakening their effect. Struggles with infections without clarifying their form and localization. Available for adults and children in the form of syrup, as well as in the form of granules for suspension. Price: 250 rubles.Fluditik from a wet cough
  9. Herbion with primrose.The drug is made using plant material. A syrup is prescribed not only with a moist but also senile cough, when the lungs are not adequately supplied with blood. Improves the work of the adrenal glands, is a diaphoretic, expectorant, diuretic, strengthening agent. It facilitates breathing, removes inflammation of the mucous membrane. Children are appointed from 2 years. The price: 200 rubles.Herbion with primrose when tormented by a wet cough
  10. Gedelix.I have recommended myself as a means to combat productive cough in children. Has spasmolytic properties, removes sputum from the bronchi, relieves inflammation of the respiratory tract. Form release: syrup with mint extract, eucalyptus, menthol. Side effects usually do not appear, does not contain sugars and alcohol. Price: 150 rubles.Gedelix
  11. Pertussin.One of the most inexpensive, but very effective tools in the fight against wet cough. Has an expectorant property, dilutes sputum, promotes its excretion. In the preparation of a substance of chemical and vegetable origin, incl. thyme. Children are appointed from the age of 3, during the reception it is necessary to dilute with water. The price: 15 rubles.Pertussin
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Among the most effective drugs for dry and wet cough in the Russian market you can find inexpensive means. Before using it is necessary to consult with specialists, since cough is just a symptom of other diseases, it is necessary to fight first of all with the cause of coughing. Remember that timely diagnosis can save a person's life.

Drugs for dry coughing for adults: expectorants

Cough is a protective reaction that allows the body to respond to stimuli. Such an unpleasant symptom appears when smoke, dust or some chemical substances enter the throat.

Quite often it occurs in the case of allergies. But often the cause of this symptom lies in the presence of an infectious disease. With a dry and long cough, the throat is irritated, which prevents the patient from relaxing at night.

The primary cure for cough is that it must first be made productive. For this purpose, expectorants with dry cough are shown, making the sputum not too viscous.

Causes of a cough

cough causesAs a rule, dry cough is accompanied by diseases such as influenza and acute respiratory infections. This manifestation often indicates the presence of irritation of the mucous by some object.

Another attack can happen with pneumonia or bronchial asthma. A characteristic sign is a whistle when inhaled. With this phenomenon, you need to quickly consult a doctor and conduct treatment in the hospital, where the patient will need to take effective antitussive tablets.

Sometimes a dry cough occurs when hypertension is treated. After all, some remedies (Enalapril, Liznopril, Maleat) strongly irritate the throat.

In this case, when you cough, you need to drink special preparations. In addition, you need to stop taking medicine from high blood pressure or to reduce their dosage.

Allergy to pet hair and pollen often leads to bronchospasm. In this situation, there is a sharp cough, and this symptom does not go away until the treatment with an antihistamine is performed.

A persistent allergic cough is very problematic. If it is not treated, then bronchial asthma can form.

What to choose tablets

Today, the pharmacy sells various antitussive drugs that help to eliminate perspiration in the throat and cough reflex. However, the cough syrups and all sorts of syrups should be prescribed by a doctor.

In order for the treatment to be effective, it is first important to determine the causes of such an unpleasant manifestation. So, various analyzes are used, with the help of which the diagnosis is specified. After all, in certain cases, the therapy of an allergic cough with the use of simple expectorants is unsuccessful.

With a debilitating dry cough that does not allow resting at night, often combined medicines are prescribed. Such drugs dilute sputum and remove irritation in the throat, which allows you to translate dry cough into the wet.

But it is important to note that mucolytic cough drops can not be drunk when antitussive drugs are taken.

The list of tablets that are most often prescribed for a prolonged and dry cough:

  1. Bromhexine;
  2. Haliksol;
  3. Lazolvan;
  4. Ambroghexal;
  5. Omnitus;
  6. Libexin;
  7. Stoptussin;
  8. Lorraine.
BromhexineBromhexine is a popular remedy with an expectorant effect. Such antitussive tablets should be taken with diseases of the respiratory system, which are of an infectious nature, with the passage of which viscous sputum is released.

These cough lozenges are the best remedy, diluting the secret in the bronchi, which makes it possible to translate an unproductive cough into a damp cough. This medication is often used if it is necessary to carry out complex treatment of bronchial asthma and chronic pneumonia.

Bromgexin has no contraindications. But occasionally there may be a high sensitivity to certain components of the remedy.

Reception of these tablets can not be combined with preparations containing caffeine, after all such therapy will be ineffective. For violations of the gastrointestinal tract, medication should be agreed with the attending physician.

Adults should drink three times a day. And when the dry cough turns to wet, Bromhexine should be stopped.

Halixol is an effective cough medicine for adults, the main component of which is ambroxol hydrochloride. List of excipients:

  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • sodium carboxymethyl starch;
  • lactose monohydrate;
  • magnesium stearate.

Halixol exerts an expectorant and mucolytic effect. It helps in the presence of chronic diseases of the respiratory system. In particular, it is prescribed for infectious diseases of respiratory organs.

However, such pastilles from cough can not be taken until 15 years. And during pregnancy these antitussive tablets can be drunk, starting from the second trimester. With renal insufficiency, Halixol is not prescribed.

Ambroghexal is the best cough medicine for adults, belonging to the group of mucolytics. The active ingredient is ambroxol hydrochloride. The list of auxiliary components includes:

  1. silicon dioxide colloidal;
  2. calcium hydrogen phosphate dhydrate;
  3. magnesium sarate;
  4. sodium carboxymethyl starch.
AmbrohexalCough lozenges Ambroghexal have a positive effect after the first days of treatment. These antitussives are used for chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and bronchial asthma.

Treatment with Ambroxol should not be given if the patient is younger than 6 years old. In addition, tablets are contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy and when breastfeeding. People suffering from an ulcer, the drug should be taken under close medical supervision.

Lazolvan is the best mucolytic medicine that helps if a dry cough needs to be transformed into a moist one. The main active ingredient of the drug is ambroxol. Additional components include:

  • magnesium stearate;
  • lactose monohydrate;
  • colloidal silicon dioxide;
  • corn starch.

Lazolvan is effective when treating the cough reflex in influenza and acute respiratory infections. In addition, it is used if it is necessary to dilute sputum in bronchial asthma and pneumonia.

Such tablets from a dry cough adults can not drink during breastfeeding and in the first trimester of pregnancy. Another drug is contraindicated in the treatment of children and adolescents.

You should know that Lazolvan is considered a mucolytic, for these reasons, its reception can not be combined with treatment with antitussive medications. Otherwise, the process of excretion of sputum from the bronchi is difficult.

When coughing adults should drink 3 tablets Lazolvan for the day. When the cough becomes wet, then the drug should be stopped.

Omnitus - pastilles from cough, the active ingredient of which is butyrate citrate. Auxiliary components:

  1. magnesium stearate;
  2. hypromellose;
  3. lactose monohydrate;
  4. anhydrous silicon dioxide colloidal.

This antitussive drug helps with severe attacks provoked by infectious diseases: acute respiratory disease, pertussis, influenza. In addition, Omnitus can be prescribed to suppress the cough reflex if an operative intervention has been performed.

Omnitus is an inexpensive but effective medication for non-productive cough. The cost of such pastilles is not more than 200 rubles. However, you can not buy a medicine without medical advice.

Quite often, patients become intolerant of certain components of the drug. Moreover, pastilles are contraindicated in the period of breastfeeding. In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, Omnitus is prescribed if the potential outcome is higher than the harm that may affect the health of the fetus.

Libexin is prescribed if it is necessary to eliminate an unproductive cough. The active substance of the drug is prenoxdiazine. Additional components are:

  • corn starch;
  • talc;
  • lactose monohydrate;
  • glycerol;
  • magnesium stearate.
LibexinLibexin is prescribed for the treatment of various inflammations of the respiratory system. Pills are often taken before bronchoscopy.

Cough antitussives can not be taken in patients with a disease that causes a high separation of the bronchial secretion. It is worth noting that pregnant women and children - this drug can be taken.

Therapy must necessarily be carried out under medical supervision. Occasionally, a high sensitivity to the main substance of the drug is observed.

Stopoutsin is indicated when dry cough occurs. To simultaneously obtain several effects, combined medicines have been developed. These tablets are Stoptopsin, which has an antitussive and expectorant effect, so this is an excellent expectorant.

The main active substance of the drug is dihydrocitrate butamirate. As additional components are used:

  1. magnesium stearate;
  2. colloidal dioxide;
  3. glyceryl tribehenate;
  4. microcrystalline cellulose.
StopoutsinStopoutsin is indicated in the treatment of irritating and dry coughs that appear in infectious diseases of the respiratory system. However, tablets can not be taken until the age of 12 and during the first months of pregnancy. During the lactation period, the drug should not be taken until after a medical consultation.

Lauraine's antitussive lozenges are a low-cost but effective remedy. The composition of the drug is phenylephrine, chlorphenamine and paracetamol.

The medicine has a combined effect. Often, it begins to take, when there are primary symptoms of colds in adults.

This medicinal substance dilutes sputum, general strengthening of immunity and lowering of temperature. However, for pregnant women and children under 6 years of age, the drug should not be taken.

In addition, allergies and people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract Loraine should be used with extreme caution.

Can I not expectorant for dry cough?

Only the attending physician can prescribe a certain drug to treat an unproductive cough. But what if there is no possibility to seek medical help in a timely manner? In such cases it is possible to apply recipes offered by traditional medicine.

So, with the help of non-traditional treatment it is possible to eliminate unpleasant manifestations of colds. In addition, fast liquor sputtering is promoted by warm drinks.

For this purpose, the milk should be slightly heated, and then add 1 hour to it. l. honey. This tasty drink has an expectorant effect and eliminates irritation in the pharynx.

Equally effective is inhalation based on herbal medicine at home. For this purpose, you need to prepare 2 liters of water and bring them to a boil, and after adding a couple of drops of tincture of chamomile. Treatment is carried out this way: the patient leans over a bowl of hot liquid, covering his head with a warm towel. A video in this article will help with the choice of treatment with a dry cough.

Tablets for dry coughing for adults and children: reviews and prices

Do you know which are the most effective tablets for dry cough? If not, then in this article you will find all the necessary information.

tablets from a dry cough

General information

Before taking pills for a dry cough, you should visit a doctor and find out why you are concerned about this ailment. After all, without clarifying the reasons for treating such a disease is extremely dangerous. This fact is due to the fact that all medicines that affect the cough reflex, as well as its productivity and intensity, are divided into three main groups:

  1. Drugs that have a deterrent effect on the cough center in the brain, as well as in the nerve endings of the receptors. As a result, the person is suppressed in whole or in part.
  2. Medications that favorably affect the smooth muscles and bronchial mucosa.
  3. Medications that have a positive effect on the state of bronchial secretion, that is, sputum.

As you can see, tablets from dry coughs for adults and children should be selected only after examination and finding out the causes of the disease.

Group of tablets affecting the cough center

As mentioned above, such tablets from dry cough have a direct effect on the cough center. Most often they will be used for partial or complete extinguishing of coughing attacks. Moreover, such drugs are prescribed only in the absence of sputum.

Currently, there are two types of similar drugs:

  • C narcotic effect. These drugs include funds Codeine, Demorphan, Hydrocodone, Morphine Chloride, Kodipron, or Ethylmorphine Hydrochloride.
  • Without the narcotic effect. These drugs include Glauvent, Sedotussin, Tusuprex, Sinekod and Pakseladin.

effective tablets for cough dryThe best representative of the group

Tablets from dry cough "Omnitus" - this is the most effective antitussive medicine of central action. This drug is neither a pharmacological nor a chemical relative of an alkaloid opium. It directly affects the cough center.

It is these tablets from a dry cough that have a mild bronchodilator, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect.

The dosage of the agent

This tool is prescribed only for oral administration. It is available in the form of tablets of 20 and 50 mg, as well as in the form of a syrup.

For adults, the medication "Omnitus" is prescribed 2 units (20 mg) 2 or 3 times a day. As for children, their dosage should be two times lower. Tablets should be taken only before eating, without chewing them.

If, for any reason, a person can not take the pill, then he is given a syrup. For adults - 6 measuring spoons (about 30 ml), and for children - twice less.

Price and reviews

Presented tablets from dry cough to adults and children are prescribed only if the cough reflex does not allow a person to calmly engage in their activities or sleep. According to the reviews, such a drug is coping well with the task. He quickly eliminates the perspiration in the throat and facilitates the patient's condition.

tablets from a dry cough libexin price

You can buy this medication in any pharmacy. On average, 10 tablets (20 mg) of Omnitus can cost about 200 Russian rubles.

Group of drugs of peripheral action

Such medications affect the receptors and smooth muscles of the tracheobronchial tree. As a result, the patient coughs up partially or completely. Such medicines include "Libexin", "Helicidin" and "Levoprint". Consider the pharmacological action of the first drug in more detail.

Tablets from dry cough "Libexin"

The price of such a tool varies between 300-350 Russian rubles. You can buy it at any pharmacy.

Medication "Libexin" is a good antitussive drug of peripheral action. It blocks the links of the cough reflex as follows:

  • Due to the local anesthetic effect, which significantly reduces the irritability of peripheral respiratory tract receptors.
  • For the light of bronchodilator action. Due to this, suppression of stretch receptors occurs, which take a direct part in the cough reflex.
  • By reducing the activity of the respiratory center (insignificant).

It should be specially noted that such a drug never provokes addiction and dependence.

Tablets from dry cough: instructions for use

Medication "Libexin" is prescribed only inward. Tablets should be swallowed whole, without chewing. This is necessary in order to avoid anesthesia of the oral mucosa.

dry cough tablets

Adults are prescribed 100 mg three times or four times a day. As for children, their average dose is about 25-50 mg (depending on the weight of the child).

Combined medicines

Combined medicines have both bronchodilator, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, and cough reflex-reducing actions. These drugs include "Stoptussin", "Protiazin", "Tussin plus", "Butamirat", "Broncholitin", "Lorain" and "Hexapnevmin." Let's consider one of the means in more detail.

The drug "Stoptussin"

This drug has mucolytic and antitussive effect. Butamirate dihydrogen citrate, which is part of this drug, is a local anesthetic, which affects the nerve endings of the bronchial mucosa, which, in fact, provides the antitussive effect.

In turn, a component such as guaifenesin, is able to increase the secretion of bronchial glands and reduce the viscosity of mucus. The first effect is achieved by direct exposure to the bronchi. As a consequence, secretion is secreted and its viscosity is reduced.

Reception of the drug

Tablets "Stoptussin" it is desirable to take after eating food. They are not recommended to chew. The medicine should be washed down with plenty of liquid (for example, water, fruit juice or tea).

It is impossible not to say that this medication is produced not only in the form of tablets, but also in the form of drops. To obtain a medicinal solution, they must be dissolved in 100 ml of liquid. The dose of the drug depends on the patient's body weight. Its price varies between 100-150 Russian rubles.

pills for dry coughing adults

Mucolytic group of drugs

Now you know what effective tablets for dry cough can be taken to eliminate an unpleasant ailment.

I also want to talk about a group of drugs that have a mucolytic effect. It should be noted that such funds are taken exclusively with a wet cough. Such medicines include the following: "Lycorin", "Devyasila root", "Terpinhydrate", "Solodka", "Althaea", "Sodium benzoate", "Isad", "Ammonium chloride", "Sodium citrate", "Guaifenazine" and so on.

These drugs can reduce the viscosity of phlegm and remove it from the bronchi. However, due to the large list of medications, it is rather difficult for an average person to understand which antitussive drug should be used to ensure that the treatment is as effective as possible. This is why we recommend that you contact an experienced therapist for treatment.

Basic principles of treatment

About what the best pills for cough dry exist, we told above. But you are deeply mistaken if you think that the medicine will very quickly contribute to your complete recovery. After all, any treatment should be carried out in a complex manner.

As is known, at the very beginning of the development of inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract or in other diseases that have no connection with the pathology of respiratory organs, cough can be quite heavy, overwhelming and painful. The situation of the patient is aggravated also in the event that the disease proceeds without the formation of sputum.

Of course, the only way to eliminate this ailment is the use of antitussive drugs. However, for a more effective treatment, the patient is often recommended other means. As a rule, they include various multivitamin complexes that are able to maintain the immune system of a person at the proper level.

tablets from a dry cough omnitus

If you do not want to take the vitamins purchased at the pharmacy, they should be replaced with fresh vegetables and fruits.

What drugs should I give to children?

Do not dry-cough tablets for children in any case should be with a narcotic effect. If you do not know what preparations belong to this category and which ones do not, then it is not recommended to purchase them yourself. It is better to consult a pediatrician who will prescribe the most effective remedy.

Typically, small children are prescribed not pills, but similar medications, but in the form of syrup or drops. As for the form, such as sucking or effervescent remedies, for babies they also do not fit, although the effect from them comes very quickly.

So, for children who have a dry cough, the following drugs are recommended:

  • Medication "Libexin". Give small children should be very careful. The duration of this remedy is rather short (about 3-4 hours).
  • The preparation is Glaucin or Glavent. He does not have a narcotic effect, in connection with which he can be assigned to a child from the age of 4.
  • Bithiodine. Comparable with "Codeine", but not addictive and has few side effects.
  • Medication Stoptopsin. Has mucolytic effect. Use only for children over 12 years.
  • The drug "Broncholitin". Produced in the form of syrup. The spectrum of application of this remedy is very large - from catarrh of the respiratory tract, pneumonia and bronchitis, to treatment of COPD pertussis and bronchial asthma.pills for dry cough for children

As for adults, they can also use these drugs to treat dry cough, but at high dosages.

Cough for adults

cough for adults

Flu and cold are always accompanied by a pathological condition of the respiratory tract, a congestion of sputum in the lungs and bronchi. Selecting cough medicine for adults, it is important to pay attention to the nature of the symptom - wet or dry, the presence of allergic reactions to the components of the drug, the severity of side effects.

How to choose an effective and strong cough medicine for adults?

To purchase an effective drug, first of all you need to familiarize yourself with their classification. There are 2 types of medicines under consideration:

  1. Expectorants.Are intended for treatment of a damp cough with separation of thick, viscous mucus.
  2. Antitussive.Appointed with dry painful cough, irritation of the pharynx and vocal cords.

Each of the presented groups is produced in various forms - syrups, tablets, soluble capsules, powders. In addition, the preparations may differ in composition, they are based both on artificial chemical compounds and on natural components. Also it is worth paying attention to the phytochemicals in the form of breastfeeding.

Overwhelming cough in adult medicines

First, consider effective antitussive drugs intended for the therapy of dry cough:

  • Omnitus;
  • Falimint;
  • Panathus and Panathus Forte;
  • Butamyrate;
  • Alex Plus;
  • Glycodine;
  • Broncholine Sage;
  • Kodelak Broncho and Kodelak Fito;
  • Bronchicum;
  • Co -anol;
  • Neo-Codion;
  • Broncholitin;
  • Bronchocine;
  • Noscapine;
  • Insty;
  • Bronhitusen Vramed;
  • Codipron;
  • Tedein;
  • Bronchoton;
  • Oxeladine;
  • Terpinkod;
  • Hexapneumine;
  • Kodelmikst;
  • Paracodamol;
  • Grippostad Good Night;
  • Tusuprex;
  • Tercodin;
  • Tussin Plus;
  • Codterpine;
  • Libexin;
  • Sinecod;
  • Prenoxdiazine;
  • Levopron;
  • Pentoxeverin;
  • Stoptussin;
  • Levropropizin;
  • Paxelidine;
  • Fervex from a dry cough;
  • Sudotussin;
  • Pharmaceutical tablets for cough.

Sometimes, to suppress very violent attacks, drugs with a narcotic effect must be used that affect the main cough center and suppress unpleasant symptoms:

  • Hydrocodone;
  • Morphine chloride;
  • Codeine;
  • ethylmorphine hydrochloride;
  • Demorphan.

The best expectorant for coughing adults

The described kind of medicines is intended for liquefaction of mucus, decrease in intensity of its allocation, destruction of polymeric communications between molecules of a bronchial sputum.

Good medications for wet coughing adults:

  • Bronchipret;
  • Acestin;
  • Mukomiks;
  • Bronhosan;
  • Haliksol;
  • Exomuk 200;
  • ATSTS;
  • Mukobene;
  • Fluimucil;
  • Gedelix;
  • Bromhexine;
  • Mukonakes;
  • Bronchicum;
  • Ambroxol;
  • Bronchophyte;
  • Solvyn;
  • Mukaltin;
  • Herbion;
  • Dr. Taiss syrup;
  • Bronkatar;
  • Ambrogen;
  • syrup doctor IOM;
  • Kodelak Broncho;
  • Thoracic Elixir;
  • Broncho's Witchcraft;
  • Flavamed;
  • Flexin;
  • Linkas;
  • Bronhobos;
  • Fluidite;
  • Lazolvan;
  • Bronoxoxol;
  • Libexin Muko;
  • Fluviert;
  • Flegamine;
  • Carbocysteine;
  • Mukodin;
  • Helomitrol;
  • Pectusin;
  • Suprema Broncho;
  • Travisil;
  • Bronchorus;
  • Mucosol;
  • Myrtol;
  • Coldrex Bronho;
  • Mukoprint;
  • Rinicold Bronho;
  • Eucabal;
  • Eucatol;
  • syrup from licorice root;
  • syrup with plantain root and mother-and-stepmother from wet cough;
  • Teraflu-Bro;
  • Tussamag;
  • Travisil;
  • Flavamed;
  • dry cough medicine for adults.

Also it is necessary to pay attention to natural medicines:

  • chest collection (№1, №2, №3 and №4);
  • Phytopectol №1, №2;
  • extract of thyme grass;
  • expectorant collection;
  • eucalyptus oil is rod-like.

Most of these medicines are combined and have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

Cough for adults

Cough for adultsWhen choosing a cough medicine, one should not only know all the pros and cons of a particular drug, but also understand for which age category it is more preferable. This article is devoted to cough medicines for adults.

Drug for dry coughing for adults

With a dry cough in his life dealt with almost every person. For today in drugstores it is possible to find the big choice of the preparations effective enough at treatment of a dry cough, both at children, and at adults.

The main cure for dry cough for adults is the translation of the so-called unproductive cough into a productive cough, in other words from dry to wet. The process of sputum removal from the lungs means the beginning of recovery, as this means the beginning of the withdrawal of the infection. For this reason, often the patient is prescribed drugs that cause expectoration - thus, artificial expansion of the bronchi occurs.

Also, when dry cough helps mineral water, for example, "Borjomi". It contains in its composition substances that promote the withdrawal of sputum from the lungs. It is important that the mineral water is really good, preferably from pharmacies.

Drug for wet coughing for adults

The means for treating wet cough substantially differ from the means for treating a dry cough, and the treatment means used differ depending on whether they are shown to adults or to children. Any means passes its coordination with the doctor, due to the presence of individual specificity: whether synthetic components, plant or essential oils predominate. In addition, one should not take the same medicine for a long time due to the addiction of the organism to it, since then there is no reaction to the medicine.

The medicine for wet coughing adults is shown by both folk and generally accepted medications. Means of traditional medicine are directed, as a rule, to dilution of sputum. For these purposes, hot tea is suitable, combined with lemon and raspberries, cowberry syrup, honey and warmed milk. It is required to maintain the humidity of the air in the room at the proper level, to use household humidifiers if necessary. When an acute need is allowed to hang in the room wet sheets or spray indoor air with a special tool. The remedies shown with a damp cough have a tendency to intensify the expectoration, in addition they contribute to the liquefaction of sputum. According to the principle of action, they are divided into two main groups. Resorptive preparations are made using a base in the form of iodides and sodium, reflexes are produced from substances of plant origin, they act for 3-4 hours. When using the above drugs, stimulation of the gastric receptors involved in coughing occurs, so dosage should be done carefully, in order to avoid emetic pushes.

Good (effective) cough for adults

Cough itself does not represent any significant threat to health, but its presence indicates that the body has undergone a certain external pathogenic effect. By exhaling air, repeated with a certain periodicity, self-regulation of the organism is carried out by removing microorganisms, mucus and sputum accumulated in the lungs. Cough by its appearance may contribute to a certain irritation or swelling of the mucous membrane of the throat, adversely affect the area of ​​the trachea and bronchi. You may need additional cough medicine, in the case when the painful condition leads to a deterioration in the overall picture.

A good cough for an adult can be very different. When it comes to a group of medications for cough, it is usually sprays, pills, drops, inhalers, syrups. The unit for tablets is of various types: some help to suppress cough, others allow expectoration of sputum.

Drugs that contribute to suppression, differ in the central and peripheral action. The use of them is allowed only after reaching the age of 14, and it is necessary to strictly maintain the dosage calculated for one day. Preparations of peripheral action inhibit cough, facilitate breathing and favor the work of the brain. Drugs that act centrally do not have an effect on the respiratory system, they contribute to the dilution of sputum and their subsequent withdrawal.

Good (effective) cough for adults

Best Cough Tablets for Adults

The best medicines have always been those that, at first, help normalize the pressure, and then provide suppression of the cough reflex.

  • if the cough is not very strong, medicinal candies containing peppermint, eucalyptus, sage are not bad enough.
  • very reliable and verified Bronholitin, Libexin.
  • when cough accompanied by abundant phlegm, subsequently poorly separable, adequate drugs can become Lazolvan, Bromhexin, ACTS, Acetylcysteine. They not only provide protection against inflammation, but also contribute to the narrowing of the bronchi.
  • Among the drugs that suppress and reduce the cough center are Stoptusin, Sinekod, Tusuprex.

Home remedies for coughing adults

A very effective remedy for coughing at home is a cocktail of milk with soda and honey. Milk needs to be warmed up, slightly not bringing it to a boil, and stir in it half a teaspoon of soda with a couple of teaspoons of honey. The resulting broth should be drunk instantly.

A good medicine for coughing has shown itself a composition that includes milk with honey and fat, as well as a decoction of mint, dog rose, and chamomile.

In the absence of temperature and cough, which lasted for a long enough period, together with medicinal agents and heated broths, it is necessary to steam out the legs, to rub the body with goose fat or Balm Star.

It is useful to carry out inhalations for a couple, which in a short time can even a very cold man with a strong cough lead into working condition.

Honey cake for cough

It is executed in several variants:

  • Mix honey with flour to form a test of the required viscosity. Used two teaspoons of honey.
  • All the same, but instead of flour used powder from mustard. In order to obtain the necessary viscosity, a little vodka or oil is added.
  • 2-3 small boiled potatoes must be cleaned and chopped, so as to gradually mix them in honey.
  • The salt is mixed with honey, a bit of sunflower oil is added.
  • Regardless of the version used, the resultant mass is laid on gauze or bandage, folded several times. Honey cake is applied to the center of the chest.

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