Eye drops Tlezin: a description of the drug

A teardrop is a drug that is widely used to combat various problems in terms of ophthalmology. Basically, it is recommended to those patients who suffer from dry eyes. In order for you to understand whether you should use such a tool, let's consider its features, as well as the main indications and contraindications for use.


  • 1Description of the preparation
  • 2Pharmacological action and group
  • 3Indications and contraindications in use
    • 3.1In pregnancy
    • 3.2To small children
  • 4Possible complications caused by the drug
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  • 6conclusions

Description of the preparation

The teardrop is an eye drop, the main active components of which are hypromellose and dextran 70.This is a colorless solution without impurities, which has no significant odor. This medication is issued in vials-droppers.

this product is intended for topical use only. It can not be used to prepare a solution for injection.

Pharmacological action and group

The presented drug of its type refers to keratoprotectors and performs the

function of artificial tears. It provides protection of the cornea from unfavorable external factors, promotes its uniform moistening, eliminates uncomfortable sensations.

this drug is identical in its optical characteristics to the natural human tear. It does not distort the sight of a person.

Analogues are such drugs:eye drops Hilabak, Vizin, Artelak, Innoksa, Cationorm, Okulokhel, Systein, Hilo-Komod.

Vizin is an analogue of Slezin.

Indications and contraindications in use

The main indication for the use of this remedy is the dry eye syndrome.It can be observed in patients after some types of surgery, with prolonged work at the computer, as well as with the long-term use of contact lenses. In some cases, it can be recommended to those patients who have insufficient natural moistening of the cornea as a result of any pathological processes.

Dry eye syndrome

it should be noted that in all these cases, the medication can only be taken on the recommendation of the attending physician. Otherwise, it should not be used.

As for contraindications to the use of this drug, the main one of them can be considered a person's personal intolerance to his basic or auxiliary elements.With care, it is necessary to apply drops of this type also to those patients who suffer from eye infections, since such a drug can cause their exacerbation.

In pregnancy

The effect of this drug on the fetus is not established.In this regard, the presented medication can be used to treat pregnant women, however only on the basis of a special recommendation of the treating doctor and under his strictest control. This rule applies to all trimesters of pregnancy.

the drug in most cases can be used during lactation. The main active components of these drops do not fall into the mother's milk, therefore, the woman should not interrupt the feeding during the treatment with this drug.

To small children

Persons under 18 years of age are not prescribed this drug.Instead, use other drugs that have a similar therapeutic effect (Innoksa).

Possible complications caused by the drug

This drug rarely provokes the appearance of various adverse reactions. In patients who do not comply with the dosage of this drug, and also having increased sensitivity to individual components of droplets, there may be observed:

  • Allergic reactions.These side effects can be of varying intensity: from mucosal inflammation to severe swelling.
  • Various uncomfortable sensations: itching, burning, visual disturbances.Are manifested most often with an overdose of the drug.
  • Fatigue, as well as increased tearing.This group of side effects when taking this drug appears extremely rare.
  • Common disorders: drowsiness, decreased ability to work, dizziness, nausea.Such symptoms are observed in patients using this medication, extremely rarely. Most often, they are formed against the background of a long reception of the drug.

if a person has noted any of the above-described side effects as after the first use of the drug, and after a certain course of treatment, he should immediately consult a doctor. It is not excluded that the presented drug is simply not suitable. In this case, the physician will have to cancel the reception of this remedy and designate in his place another, having the same therapeutic effect.



As you can see, drops for the eyes Slezin - one of the simple and effective tools used in ophthalmology to eliminate the dry eye syndrome. So that during the application of this drug you do not have any difficulties with it, it is recommended to get a full diagnosis from a doctor and clarify the period of admission and dosage of the drug. If you strictly adhere to medical recommendations, absolutely no problems with taking such a medicine you will not arise.