How quickly to get rid of a headache with the help of folk remedies?

Headache is one of the most unpleasant diseases. A huge number of people throughout their lives have faced this ailment many times. Many seriously begin to pay attention to this disease only in case of acute attacks.

However, whatever the nature of the headache, you should diagnose the cause. Contrary to the popular belief that the headache is not worthy of close attention, it can be a symptom of a variety of diseases.

Contents of the article:
  • General information
  • Possible causes
  • Home treatment
  • What should be prohibited?
  • Possible prevention of

General information

There are various manifestations of headache. It can be pressing, pulsating, aching or squeezing the entire area of ​​the head. Also, it can be observed in the frontal lobe, in the parietal, in the occipital.

Headache is both permanent and single. Subsequently, the manifestation of other symptoms, indicating a major disease. In addition to pain in the head, a person may experience fatigue, nervousness, restless sleep.

It is very important to accurately diagnose the disease, especially if the seizures become permanent.

Possible causes of

A huge number of causes can cause headaches. This and all sorts of diseases, heat stroke, mental or physical fatigue, poisoning.

Also, headaches can be both primary and symptomatic - associated with the use of various drugs, head injuries, infections. The most understandable and applicable is classification according to the nature of the onset of pain.

Headaches for brain diseases:

  • If there were or are head injuries.
  • In the case when there are volumetric formations in the brain.
  • As a symptom of inflammatory processes( such as meningitis).

Pain associated with autonomic dysfunction:

  • Migraines .This is a very painful condition. Often with migraines, people experience a strong throbbing pain in one part of the head. Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting may accompany. Patients react sharply to light and loud sounds. Many often see bright flashes of light in front of the gases. This type of headache requires compulsory observation by a doctor and medical treatment.
  • When the pressure drops .Patients experience weakness, mild nausea, dizziness.
  • With a sudden surge in pressure, .Often accompanied by noise in the ears, the character of the pain is dull, squeezing, manifested in the back of the neck.(how to lower the pressure?)

Headaches caused by extracerebral causes:

  • Any infections in the human body. Later, other, very different and depending on the nature of the disease, may manifest themselves.
  • When poisoning with chemicals or getting used to medicines. To chemical substances can be attributed to intoxication with alcohol, lead, benzene, carbon monoxide.
  • Pain due to metabolic disorders.
  • In case of diseases of facial and skull structures - eyes, sinuses of nose, ears, mouth, teeth.
  • Due to diseases of the spine, such as cervical osteochondrosis, sciatica. In this case, it is difficult to move. Many do not associate pain with diseases of the spine, tk.the appearance of pain is often unexpected. But, as a rule, the emergence of pain comes from overwork, awkward movement, stretching, physical activity.

Pain due to mental or mental stress. This type of disease is the most common. It occurs in connection with constant stress, fatigue, frustration, depression, severe physical or mental stress.

The pain can be varied, be either one-time or permanent. It is in this case that you can and should treat headaches yourself.

How to relieve a headache at home?

  • The very first and simplest way to cope with the pain is to ventilate the room, take a cold shower, eliminate sharp smells, sleep in a dark room .
  • With accompanying colds, can lubricate the forehead and whiskey with menthol oil .
  • Infusions and herbal teas from , the essential oils of which are natural analgesics. You can brew mint, melissa, oregano, St. John's wort. Decoction of these herbs is preferably consumed in small portions with each meal.
  • Decoction of cowberry .For the preparation of cranberry compote it is desirable to use fresh berries. Add 50 gr. Berries for 1 liter of boiling water, cook a few minutes. Cowberryberry can be used well if the pain in the head is caused by a cold disease.
  • Infusion of Valerian officinalis .First, the root of the valerian must be ground.15 g.crushed plant soak 250 ml.boiling water. Infuse 6-8 hours. Eat 15 ml each.with each meal. With long-term use, the effect can be much stronger.
  • Light head massage .The pressure should be gentle and neat.
  • Juice of the Viburnum .For juice, fresh berries of viburnum are used. Next, 1 part of berry juice and 1 part of honey is taken. It is used in a dosage of 15 gr.two or three times a day. It is advisable to drink a course of up to two weeks.
  • Infusion of cinnamon .A glass of boiling water is used for one tablespoon of cinnamon, after which the mixture is brewed for 5-8 hours. Take 15 gr.a couple times a day.
  • Warm foot baths .This method is good for migraines.

Symptoms and treatment of pancreatitis are the most effective folk remedies.

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What should be prohibited?

  • Alcohol .Under the influence of alcohol, the vessels dilate, which can lead to increased pain, and in some cases cause an acute attack.
  • Smoking .The spasm of the vessels that causes nicotine can lead to increased pain.
  • Apply cold to the head. If you do not know exactly the root cause of your painful sensations, then this should not be done. With some diseases, cold can help, but with others, such as hypertension, only worsen the condition.
  • Take a new dose of pain medication .Overdose can cause side effects.

Possible prevention of

In the event that headaches are caused by fatigue or a breakdown on nerves, their appearance can be prevented. It is necessary to reduce the mental load, eliminate possible causes of disorders and stress, as often as possible to relax. Focus on pleasant and positive moments.

Also it is important to alternate rest and work, to normalize sleep .Stop using foods rich in preservatives, fast food, sugar substitutes. They contain substances that enhance headaches.

Headaches are often underestimated and do not appeal to a doctor. If this symptom is of a permanent nature, it is important to get a qualified consultation of the neurologist .If the pain appears from time to time, and you are aware of the state of your health, feel free to use folk methods to ease your condition.

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