Books by Dale Carnegie

Books by Dale Carnegie will help teach anyone, probably the most important thing in life - to listen to your spiritual heart;find your own zone of personal comfort and vocation in life;to become a creative way of development and self-improvement;boldly and broadly march in their unique life path in accordance with their creed. You can always find a way out of the unpleasant life conflicts, instead of bad people - there are only certain life situations that can always be resolved positively.


About the author

Total Dale Carnegie wrote several books. In the USSR, for the first time in 1991, three of them were published thanks to Lenizdat. This is the famous trilogy:

"How to win friends and influence people", "How to develop self-confidence and influence people, speaking publicly", "How to stop worrying and start living."

In which Dale Brekerich Carnegie expounded his theory and practice of communication. He was able to convey to readers of books and listeners the benefits of a wise psychological approach to life and to people, based on the scientific developments of psychologists of the early 20th century. To date, many people are guided by its principles, advice on how to conduct interpersonal, effective and conflict-free communication.

The first book of D. Carnegie came out in 1926 was called "Public Speaking and Influencing Business Partners."In it, he outlined the basics of the skill of preparing and conducting speeches to the public.

The main idea passing through all the books of the author is that

"There are no bad people, there are unfavorable circumstances with which you can work and not complicate life for yourself and others."


How to Acquire Friends and Influence People

When in the distant 1933 the owner of the publishing house "Simon and Schuster" Leon Shimkin listened to the author's course of Dale Carnegie, he was impressed not only directly by the training itself, but also interested in new discoveries in the field of psychology- the principles of interpersonal relationships.

L. Shimkin suggested the demand for this information material in the literature market and suggested that D. Carnegie systematize everything and arrange it in the form of a book. So on November 12, 1936, the next world bestseller was born. The book "How to win friends and influence people" was an optimal collection of real stories and practical recommendations on how to behave properly in order to interest the interest in their person from surrounding people.

Read the full text of the book here.

How to stop worrying and start living

The book "How to stop worrying and start living", or "How to overcome feelings of anxiety", was published in 1948.It reveals ways to relieve stress. Here you will see how to overcome the crisis periods in life. Dale Carnegie's wise advice will not lose its relevance, because we are subject to constant psychological stress and unfavorable environmental influences.

Even at home we often can not disconnect from obsessive unpleasant thoughts, sometimes unreasonable excitement. Chronic nervousness leads to the birth of new conflict situations from scratch. The state of health deteriorates. Life is filled with suffering and confusion. But the author will teach us how to avoid or overcome anxiety.

Read the full text of the book here.

How to develop self-confidence and influence people by speaking publicly

At one time, the New York Times recognized the best book ever "How to develop self-confidence and influence people by speaking publicly" as the best guide to oratory ever written. It is translated into thirty languages ​​and has already withstood at least one hundred reprints in the United States.

The book was intended as a practical guide to oratory. It provides detailed recommendations for resolving daily problems and establishing relationships with people, business partners.

Six ways to get people to yourself

The book "Six Ways to Have People" is full of information about the positive attitude to people and events in the most dramatic situations. The book, intended for students of the course of D. Carnegie, in the year of its publication sold in a circulation of 500 thousand copies. It is like a handbook, the recommendations of which can be used in all spheres of life situations.

Download for free and read the link here. ..

How to be happy in the family

The contents of the book Dale Carnegie "How to be happy in the family" can be conveyed in one of his capacious phrase:

"There is only way to earn love - to give it without demanding gratitude".

Basically we want sympathy for ourselves, but by learning to genuinely empathize with another person, we will soon find out how our relations with others are harmonized.

Ancient truer truths will not lose their relevance, no matter how much time passes!

We all dream of an ideal family relationship, our home, the birth of children. At the same time, we do not think much about the fact that good joint relations between one's half and children need to be studied. After all, family troubles often knock us out of the usual rut. We are annoyed, worried, can not come to mutual understanding. The stated methodology in the book will help us correctly plan, create and develop family relations.

Whims of luck or little-known facts from the lives of famous people

Dale Carnegie's book "The whims of luck or little-known facts from the lives of famous people" is based on years of research by the author himself. Here is a detailed description of the way to success with world celebrities. This is very useful information, where we can track the beginning of the life path of the leaders of their own destinies, its extent and finale. And in the most engaging and lively form the author presents us with instructive stories. You can download and read this book for free here. ..

How to locate people

Dale Carnegie's book "How to locate people" will teach us how to attract positive people to ourselves, we will be able to maintain old useful links and make new ones, influence outside opinions,to build trust and build effective relationships with quite complex people in communication.

Friends will offer their help to us, even when we do not ask for it, life will be filled with chains of amazing festive events, joy and delight from life will become our faithful companions. Read more. ..


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