Mustard plasters for adults coughing

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Rules for the application and setting of mustard plaits for coughing

MustardsMustard plasters are a cheap and effective remedy for coughing. Many people very often experienced the power of these bandages. Over the past decades, they have proven themselves on the very best side. But at the same time not a small number of patients became known for their "burning", "sharp" and "biting" nature.In this regard, you can not use mustard for coughing, if a person has elevated body temperature.Before this, heat must necessarily be knocked down to at least 37.3 degrees, otherwise the body will experience a heavy load.

Features of use

Mustards are not recommended to be put on regularly. The maximum of them can be imposed for a cough 4 days in a row. In this case, use them preferably every day, one time, without interruption. In the event that a child or an adult does not become easier after such treatment, it is better to stop these procedures. Perhaps, the patient's body is not sensitive to such therapy or the existing disease has developed into something more.

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If you repeatedly put a child or adult man mustard patches (every day for several times for a long time time), it can lead to the formation of severe allergic reactions or individual intolerance.

Listen to what Dr. Komarovsky says about this, maybe you'll change your mind about putting them.


Such a remedy, like mustard patches, is allowed for use only with wet or dry cough, especially if this deviation is of a protracted and severe nature. They are also actively used as an anti-inflammatory external drug in the occurrence of many other diseases (neuralgia, pneumonia, myositis, bronchitis, headache, laryngotracheitis, etc.).

In rare cases, such an effective agent is used for angina pectoris. However, it is recommended to do this depending on the degree of severity of ischemic heart disease.


Caffeine mustards can not be used when coughing is accompanied by acute respiratory infections, which began to actively manifest themselves (for example, the body temperature increased, there was weakness, as well as chills).

Contraindications to the use of such "burning" patches are the following deviations:

  • increased individual sensitivity to the agent;
  • any skin diseases, in particular pustular, in the place of contact with the cards;
  • neurodermatitis;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • asthma;
  • weeping eczema;
  • psoriasis;
  • tumor diseases.

Rules of setting

For greater effectiveness, mustard cough is desirable to set correctly. And where to put them, so that the result of the treatment did not take long to wait, we will consider just below.

In order to correctly place medical cards, you must first prepare all the required attributes. To do this, take yourself mustard, a shallow bowl with warm water, the temperature of which does not exceed 43 ° C, Terry towel, greasy body cream or ordinary vegetable oil, as well as a blanket or a thick plaid.

Before placing mustard plasters on the patient's body, they should be completely dipped in a bowl of water and held there for no more than 5-8 seconds. After that, the soaked cards must be immediately applied to the skin. Above them, you must always put a terry towel, and the patient well wrapped in a blanket or a thick plaid.

The technique of setting mustard plasters

The time that mustard patches should be on the body of an unhealthy person, individually. But still there are some recommendations. If the cards are installed correctly, they should be kept for about 5-15 minutes (with a dry and strong cough for at least 9-10 minutes), but not more than a quarter of an hour. If the patient can not tolerate the "burning" and "biting" effect of this remedy, then it can be removed after 5-7 minutes.

It is extremely important not to confuse the proper effect of mustard cards with a strong allergic reaction or individual intolerance. If there is no allergy, but the burning is unbearable after 2 or 3 minutes, then it is allowed to put a single-layer gauze or a thin napkin between the burning medicine and the body to reduce it.

At the end of the procedure, the used remedy should be removed from the patient, and after that gently and gently wipe the skin clean a towel, grease it with oil and again wrap the child or adult in a warm blanket, providing him with complete peace. At this time, freshly made tea with milk or raspberry fruit juice with lime honey will be especially effective.


Mustard plasters should never be placed on sensitive areas of the body or in places where there are any damages to the skin.

We put mustard plaits on coughing on the back

So, where can they be placed for effective impact?Most often, such a remedy for coughing is placed on the chest, upper back, between the shoulder blades and under them.

Also, these burning cards are applied to the feet of both feet or to the calves (it can be both there and there simultaneously). It is recommended to put warm and thick woolen socks on top of the superimposed medical product. Unofficially, this technique is called "mustard boots."

In rare cases, mustard plasters are applied to the surface of the palms under the thumb. According to experts, this zone corresponds to easy.

Gorcicks on the palm

Can I use children

Such a remedy is permitted to be used to treat a child, if he is strong in spirit. However, the time of this procedure should be reduced to 4-6 minutes.

Mustard cards for children can be replaced by an appropriate wrap. To do this, prepare dry mustard (1.5 large spoons) and a small film. The product should be filled with warm water, cover and insist for 20 minutes. After that, in a mixture with a pungent odor, you need to pour in 1 liter of unsweetened boiling water. In the received liquid it is necessary to moisten the film, and then wrap it with the baby's chest and wrap it well. Then the procedure is similar to the one that was presented just above.

At what cough can be put mustard plasters?

At what cough can you put mustard plastersAlready for many decades in the treatment of cough used such a simple, affordable and cheap method, as the use of mustard plasters. Many people even constantly have these lining at home "just in case." However, is it always possible to put mustard plaque when coughing? When will this simple tool be very effective, and in which case completely useless?

At what cough are put mustard plasters: dry non-productive symptom

Heating pads can be used in the fight against bronchospasm of a different nature. Do they put mustard cough dry? Of course yes. However, the cause of the symptom should be such diseases as:

  • Tracheitis.
  • Bronchitis.
  • Acute respiratory viral infection.
  • Cold.
  • Flu.

In this case, as a result of the ingress of water onto the mustard powder, essential oils are released, under their influence the skin begins to warm up, the nerve receptors are irritated. In the place on which the overlay is placed, occurs:

  • Strengthening of blood circulation.
  • Acceleration of metabolism.

This stimulates the early transition of dry bronchospasm to wet.

Do they put on mustard plasters, if they have a wet character and are accompanied by sputum production?

Doctors recommend conducting warming procedures not only if reflex spasms of the respiratory tract have an unproductive nature. Also it is possible to put mustard plasters on cough accompanied by sputum discharge. Do it better before going to bed, every other day for two weeks.

At the beginning of such treatment it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the cough will intensify, as the "detachment" of stagnant mucus will begin. It will be possible to observe its very active output.

Do the mustards help cough, caused by allergic reactions, diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous system or stomach?

In order to treat bronchospasm effectively, it should be remembered that putting mustard patches makes sense only when the symptom is caused by diseases that affect the respiratory system. If sharp spastic exhalations have arisen because of other ailments, then the procedure does not make sense. Of course, you can put mustard plaque on cough, there will be no harm from them. However, it does not bring benefits to the body, you can not expect a positive result, and the whole procedure will be a completely useless waste of time.

Do help with mustard coughing if the patient has a fever?

Mustard cuffsWhen carrying out any warming procedures, doctors always emphasize one common and very strict rule - in no case can they be used for people with high body temperature. This is directly related to the use of mustard pads. If the thermometer has exceeded the 37.5 degree mark, then it is strictly forbidden to put them.

Before using mustard plasters should always consult a doctor, find out how to use them correctly, what time the procedure should last, where the body can be heated. These indicators depend on the disease and individual characteristics of the patient. Patients who have a skin reaction in the form of red spots, it is recommended to put mustard patches not on bare skin, but through gauze.

Mustard cuffs

mustard plasters for coughing

At a time when there was not such a wide variety of treatments, cough used mustard plasters. This method is one of the most effective and cheap, but not all recipes of our grandmothers are suitable for treatment now. So let's see if it's possible to put mustard on cough, and how and where to put them to meet your expectations.

The principle of action of mustard plasters

A mustard is a sheet of paper covered with mustard seed powder or a bag of mustard powder. The phytoncides that enter into the composition of mustard have a warming effect. This helps improve blood circulation, by expanding the blood vessels, and increasing human resistance to viruses and infection. They also have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

To put mustard plasters can only be 4 days in a row 1 time per day. Use them no longer makes sense, because either your body does not respond to this procedure, or your disease requires more serious treatment.

Use in the treatment of mustard plasters makes sense only with a prolonged dry cough, but not in the acute form of cold or infectious disease.

Where should I put mustard plaits on coughing?

Since mustard irritates the skin, they can not be placed on sensitive areas of the body or on the damaged skin. The most effective is to spread the mustard on both the chest and back between the shoulder blades. In addition, they are placed on the feet and calf muscles. It is forbidden to spread paper with mustard on the heart area.

How to put mustard plasters on cough?

First you need to prepare everything necessary for the procedure:

  • mustard plasters;
  • deep container with warm water (+40 - 45 ° C);
  • towel;
  • emollient cream or body oil (for example: vaseline);
  • a woolen scarf or a warm plaid.


  1. We soak dry mustard plasters for 5-15 seconds in warm water and apply to the body. If a person has a tender skin, in order to avoid a burn, you can put gauze between the skin and the application or put the paper side to the body.
  2. Cover them with a towel or cotton cloth, tightly pressed and wrapped in a warm (scarf or plaid).
  3. Keep mustard should be no more than 15 minutes, increasing the time gradually: for the first time 5 minutes, and in each subsequent session add for 1-2 minutes. If the mustard causes a very burning sensation, it means that the allergic reaction has started and the procedure must be stopped ahead of schedule.
  4. After the time has expired, we remove the mustard plaster, wipe the place of application with a moist napkin or towel, and then lubricate with oil or moisturizer and wrap again.

After this procedure, the patient is recommended to drink a breastfeed with the addition of raspberries or honey and lie in bed for several hours.

Precautionary measures

Contraindications for the use of mustard plasters:

  • pregnancy;
  • skin diseases in places of contact with mustard: abscesses, neurodermatitis, wet eczema, psoriasis and others;
  • high individual sensitivity;
  • lung diseases: asthma, tuberculosis, bleeding;
  • the presence of a malignant tumor;
  • acute form of respiratory disease.
Is it possible to have mustard plasters for coughing

Many people are wondering if they put mustard on coughing when a person has a fever. Yes, they put it, but first knock it down to 37.0 ° C. If this is not done, then the already weakened by the disease organism overload.

In addition to mustard plasters for prolonged coughing, inhalations can be used to warm compresses (honey, curd or potato) and rubbing (camphor oil or turpentine ointment). But the use of these folk remedies does not negate the use of medicines, but is only an additional therapy.

Mustard cuffs

Mustard coughing is an effective, but a forgotten tool. Today they are used less and less. And in vain, because with the help of mustard plasters you can quickly get rid of this unpleasant, painful symptom.

Gorchichniki and cough dry

Mustard cuffsWith tracheitis and colds accompanied by dry cough, this remedy can be safely used. However, before this, it is desirable to visit a doctor who will find out the etiology of an unpleasant symptom. Do not forget that coughing sometimes does not happen, is associated with diseases of the organs of the upper or lower respiratory tract. It can indicate problems with the heart, central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract and so on.

Mustard plasters with wet cough

With a wet productive symptom, it makes sense to use this method only if sputum is viscous and difficult to separate. These are diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia. If the mucus has a liquid consistency and is easily excreted from the bronchi and lungs with the help of mucolytics or expectorants, it is senseless to put mustard plasters in such a cough.

At what cough, and at what age can you put mustard seeds to children

Children in an unconscious age can be very difficult to produce a similar procedure. Putting bags with mustard powder they can only after a year. Newborns can also make mustard wraps. Indications for use of this drug in childhood are described above.

How correctly to put and how much to keep mustard plasters?

Mustard cuffsTo put mustard plasters on coughing can be on the chest and back. The main thing is to avoid their impact on the heart and spine. The fact is that this remedy irritates the skin and the circulatory system, forcing nearby organs to function more strongly.

Before putting on the back and chest a bag of mustard powder, it should be placed on several seconds into warm water so that it completely disappears into it, as shown in the photo on the package. Next, you need to attach it to the body and cover it with polyethylene and a cloth. Interact with the skin, this remedy should not more than fifteen to twenty minutes. A longer time can cause burns.

Use this method of treatment is not possible if the patient has chronic diseases heart, bronchial asthma, dermatitis, psoriasis, as well as allergic reactions in the form of skin rashes. Before using this tool, it is advisable to consult a therapist rather than follow reviews about this medication.

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