Burn with boiling water: fast and effective treatment at home

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Burns are of different origin and varying severity. Depending on the type of burn, the medic prescribes treatment. First aid also depends on where the thermal injury came from. Let's talk today about the most popular kind of household burn - about scalding with boiling water.

Burns with boiling water cause severe pain, blisters appear on the site of injury. When they burst, fluid flows out of them. The burst blister forms a aching wound.

Those who have at least once spilled boiling water on themselves, understand what is at stake. A small burn can be safely cured at home, using folk remedies and preparations from a personal first aid kit.

Article content:
  • Causes of burn
  • Symptoms of symptoms
  • What to do and what to treat?
  • What is not recommended?
  • Prevention measures

Causes of burn

The cause of a burn can be an accident, inattention, forgetfulness. The burn with boiling water is dangerous because it causes an instant shock and a panic state in a person.

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Do not forget that you can get burned not only by water from the kettle, but also by any other boiling liquid: freshly prepared soup, herbal decoction, milk, compote. You can get a thermal burn even with tap water.

Symptomatic symptoms of

If you happen to be scalded with boiling water, first of all evaluate the severity of the injury and the area of ​​the affected surface. Your further actions will depend on this. In total, there are four types of burns.

  1. First degree burn .The skin at the site of the injury takes a scarlet shade, a little swelling. Small watery blisters appear on the surface.
  2. Second degree burn .There is a discoloration of the skin and its swelling. Bubbles have a larger diameter, some of them can be opened and cover the skin with a thin crust.
  3. of the third degree .Thermal damage reaches the muscles and bones. The wound gradually becomes covered with a crust. At the edges of the affected surface, the skin turns red and blisters.
  4. Fourth degree .The most dangerous and severe type of injury. Part of the body, subject to a fourth-degree burn, is charred, the skin becomes black, tissue dying begins. Scalding with boiling water has a severity from the first to the third.

If there are several burns of different degree on the skin, the injury is judged by the damage having the largest area in comparison with the others.

The lesion area is also of great importance. In this case, the "palm rule" works. The size of the open palm is taken as 1% of the entire surface of the body. The number of palms that covers all the affected skin, and will be equal to the injured area in percent.

For teenagers over fifteen, as well as for adults and the elderly, you can apply the "rule of nine".It states that the area of ​​body parts is nine or a multiple of this number:

  • cervical and the whole head - 9%;
  • one hand - 9%;
  • one leg - 18;
  • chest and abdomen - 18%;
  • back and buttocks - 18%.

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What to do and what to treat?

A first or second degree burn without signs of infection in an adult can be cured at home. Traditional medicine offers many recipes, the regular use of which will help quickly get rid of the pain and heal a closed wound.

  • Freshly squeezed fresh potatoes should be burned. Clean gently with a damp cloth every ten minutes for one hour. This method is considered the most effective. Potato acts as a powerful painkiller. If the degree of burn is small, then with the help of potato gruel you can do without the formation of blisters.
  • Take the egg , separate the yolk from the protein. You will need only protein. Anoint them with a wound. Possible unpleasant feelings at first, but they quickly pass. Egg can quickly soothe even a severe burn.
  • An excellent way to prevent the occurrence of blisters is powdering the wound with ordinary flour .The more flour, the faster the pain passes, the less likely that the blisters will jump.
  • Brown soap economic is in every house. If it is wetted and rubbed with a burn spot, the redness will almost immediately drop, and the pain will disappear.
  • Porridge from fresh beet , attached to the site of the lesion, will relieve soreness and swelling.
  • Pumpkin grinded on a grater , cools the surface of the skin, gives relief. Often physicians advise this method to treat light thermal burns in children. If the child is burned, be sure to show it to the doctor! Do it immediately.
  • If there are tablets "Penicillin" in your home medicine cabinet, they will save you from a burn with boiling water. Grind the preparation to a powdery state with two tablespoons and sprinkle the wound.
  • Healing plant of aloe will help from seven troubles, including from a burn by a boiling liquid. Tear off the leaf of the home healer, clean the spines and rinse well under running water. Then grind it and mash it with a knife. The resulting gruel is applied to the injured area of ​​the skin, bandage. Change the bandage every 4 hours during the first day, at night make fresh gruel.
  • Fresh high-quality honey is able to alleviate the condition scalded with boiling water. Anoint the affected area and leave for 1 hour.
  • If in your medicine cabinet is not only medicines, but also medicinal plants, then look for oak bark .In the decoction of the crushed oak bark, filtered and added to a piece of butter, moisten the gauze dressing. Attach it to the wound.
  • is known for its useful properties and the echinacea tincture. It acts as a natural antiseptic. Wet the dressing in the tincture and tie it to the wound. Echinacea disinfects and heals the skin.
  • Brew strong black tea and apply compresses to the burned areas. Compress every hour for eight hours.
  • The plantain leaves rinse, dip into boiling water and apply to the affected body area.
  • Cook the handful of blueberries in a glass of water. Allow the berries to cool, then grind or remember them with your hands. Kashitsu place on the burn and secure with bandage or bandage.

Well-known visionary Vanghelia not only helped people to look into the future, but also saved them from various wounds and burns. Here's what Vanga advised for burns boiling water m:

  • Lentil well and boil to the affected skin.
  • Take lime and wash it in seven different waters. Pour a little olive oil and well beaten egg yolk with a fork. The resulting mixture is placed on the wound, fix it with a gauze bandage.
  • In the washed lime, you can also add the juice of cabbage, beets and rose water. Melt half of the candle and pour the wax into the lime. Apply the resulting mixture to the burn. When it hardens, tie a bandage.
  • Boil the green onions for ten minutes, chop, mix with the flour flour. Apply the resulting mixture to the burned skin.

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What is not recommended?

Many people make mistakes, trying to cover a fresh thermal burn with a fatty substance, for example, oil. This can not be done in any case. Fat has the property of forming an oil film on the wound surface.

This will complicate the process of cooling the tissues, which is necessary in the first minutes after the appearance of a burn. Under the oily film formed microflora, ideal for the propagation of harmful microorganisms.

Even with burns with boiling water it is impossible:

  • use folk remedies for an open wound;
  • to smear the wound with antiseptic means( they will increase painful sensations);
  • apply a piece of ice to the open burn( risk of frostbite);
  • to blister blisters without the presence of a medic( this is a barrier against infections and germs);
  • cauterize the wound with diamond greens, iodine or alcohol;
  • attempt to remove clothing that sticks to the burnt fabrics;
  • take in drinks containing alcohol, for courage, anesthesia or disinfection.
If boiling water is spilled on a baby or a young child, be sure to call an ambulance. Such a small child can get not only physical injuries, but also a deep emotional shock. Do not experiment with children's health.

Preventive measures

The prevention of burns is the observance of safety rules at home and in the workplace.

  • Do not hold hot liquids on the edge of the table. At home, a child can reach the pot with hot compote or a mug of boiling water. Then the burn is imminent. The tablecloth on which there is a container with a hot liquid is also a source of increased danger. Children can pull it on themselves, which will result in a thermal injury.
  • If you wish to take a bath, then check the temperature of the collected water with a special home thermometer .Otherwise, there is a risk of getting burns of a large area. Never immerse the child in a filled bath, not making sure that there is water at the optimum temperature. First, lower the thermometer into the bath.
  • Do not grasp a child if you hold a mug with hot coffee or tea. Kids are restless and active. Any sudden movement can cause the boiling water to flow to your feet.

Burn with boiling water - trauma is unpleasant and painful. Try to do everything to avoid an accident. In particular, carefully monitor the young children. They are the most at risk of injury due to their inexperience and increased activity.

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