Genyantritis: treatment at home with folk remedies

Genyantritis is an inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the maxillary( maxillary) sinus. It happens that in complicated cases, the periosteum is involved in the process, sometimes the bone wall of the sinus is involved.

Here we will talk about the treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis at home with folk remedies and medical preparations, procedures in the conditions of the polyclinic.

Sinusitis as a disease can be acute and chronic. A sharp sinusitis, in turn, is divided into catarrhal and purulent. Treating sinusitis in a doctor otolaryngologist in the ENT office of the clinic. With the recommendation of the ENT doctor it is possible to try folk methods of treatment at home. The information given here is given for the purpose of increasing the erudition and familiarization of the reader. Self-medication can be dealt with by medical consent.


Causes of

Reasons for sinusitiscan be: a general decrease in the patient's immune status, chronic diseases of the nasopharynx and the whole body, weakening his defenses, infections - viruses andintroduction of pathogens.

Symptoms of

Acute maxillary sinusitis usually causes fever, general malaise, pain in the jaw area, headaches that increase with coughing and sneezing, and when the head is tilted. Sometimes there is photophobia and lacrimation. With chronic and catarrh of the maxillary sinusitis all the signs are not pronounced sharply. The main sign of any sinusitis is a permanent cold, sometimes of a purulent nature. A distinctive feature of sinusitis is that the headache always carries one-sided nature of .It hurts that half of the head and the sinus that is affected by the disease.

Often, doctors over a long period of time treat "prolonged ARI".But in 90% of cases it is nothing more than an ordinary sinusitis.

Treatment of genyantritis: general recommendations

American doctors( "Home Doctor", Cron-Press, 1995) in the genyantritis recommend the following simple methods that improve the overall condition:

Do inhalation while the is in operation."If the nasal congestion catches you in the daytime when you are at work or on the road, take a cup of hot coffee, tea or soup, fold your hands over the cup and breathe in," suggests Dr. Howard M. Drews, associate professor of internal medicine and laboratory managerphysiology of nasal and paranasal sinuses at the School of Medicine at St. Louis University."It does not work as well as a steam bath, but it gives some relief."

Daily rinse the nostrils of .To wash off nasal secretions, Dr. Jafek suggests using saline or mixing 1 teaspoon of salt with two cups of warm water and a pinch of baking soda. Pour the solution into a small glass, tilt the head, pinch one nostril with the thumb, and the other nostril draw in the solution. Then gently blow your nose. Repeat with the other nostril.

Relieve your pain. "Applying moist heat over sensitive sinuses is an easy way to relieve pain," says Dr. Drews. Attach a warm wet napkin over the eyes, cheekbones and leave it until you feel that the pain decreases. This can take only a few minutes. Shrink each nostril one by one. "This will help prevent an increase in pressure in the ears, because of which bacteria can spread further into the sinus cavity," says Dr. Farb.

Drink how much the soul asks for. Dr. Farb says that if you drink more fluids all day long, both hot and cold, it helps the liquefaction of mucus and its outflow. Hot tea from a herb such as fenugreek, fennel, anise or sage, will further help the outflow of mucus.

Exercise 1: massage the Teng-tu point located near the midline of the neck, about 2 cm below the edge of the hairline. The point of Tengtui is easy to find: with her irritation, there is irritation in the eyes and nose. Tenchi points are paired. Massage them with both hands from behind, more pressing the middle fingers. While exhaling, press for five seconds with a little effort. Exercise repeat ten times 2-3 times a day for a month.

Exercise 2: annoy the two active Ioty points located on the back of the wrist in the middle of the deep transverse fold. Press and massage the dots for 3 minutes with your index finger.

Treating sinusitis at home with folk remedies

Traditional medicine recommends simple and effective home remedies for getting rid of chronic sinusitis.

For inhalations and rinses of the nose with sinusitis apply infusions of the following medicinal plants: calendula, mother-and-stepmother, bird cherry( flowers), celandine. All of them are prepared in the same way: add 10 grams of dry raw material to 200 ml of boiling water, let it brew.

Collection 1 :

  1. walnut leaves - 1 tbsp.a spoon;
  2. leaves of plantain large - 3 tbsp.spoons;
  3. herb yarrow - 2 tbsp.spoons.

Mix everything, grind it. Collect the pour in a glass of boiling water, leave for 1 hour. Use for inhalation.

Gathering 2:

  1. bark of barberry - 10 g;
  2. Root of the Bleeding - 20 g

30 g of collection pour 200 ml of cold water, boil for 15 minutes, infuse for 1 hour. Use for inhalation.

Gather 3:

  1. infusion of nettle leaves - 15 g per 200 ml;
  2. infusion of St. John's wort - 10 g per 200 ml of water;
  3. decoction of the bark of a guelder-rose - 10 g for 200 ml of water.

Broth and infusions mix. Use 100 ml per inhalation.

Gather 4:

  1. grass of geranium meadow - 5 g;
  2. calendula flowers - 10 g;
  3. chamomile flowers in pharmacy - 15 g.

Collect 200 ml of boiling water, insist 1 hour, strain. Apply 50 ml per inhalation.

Chestnut. Remove the brown peel from the chestnut fruit( put it in warm water, and the peel will depart itself).From the white core of the chestnut, scrape the shavings and insert it into the nostril more deeply. Within an hour from the nose will flow. The next day, repeat the procedure for the other nostril. Treat for a week the right, then the left nostril. After such treatment passes even chronic sinusitis.

In the steam room, apply hot birch broom to the face and keep it as long as possible. Breathe in the smell of a broom, turning and shaking it.

On the forehead warming compress of salted wool at night.

Prepare ointment : alcohol, honey, milk, onion juice, vegetable oil, dark economic soap ( finely cut).Take in equal parts and melt on the steam bath. Pour the contents into a small glass jar, cool. Turunda with ointment, put into each nostril 3 times a day for 15 minutes. You can just enter the ointment on the match. The course of treatment is 3 weeks.

Paraffin therapy. In cases of sinusitis and rhinitis paraffin treatment is one of the most common treatment methods. There are several ways to apply paraffin. The most common are the following:

  1. Paraffin melt to a temperature of 60-65 degrees and apply a thin brush on the affected area. Apply several times until the paraffin layer on the skin reaches approximately 1 cm, then apply a piece of waxed paper or polyethylene to the paraffin wax and tie it with woolen cloth for 1 hour.
  2. Pour the melted paraffin into a small saucer and wait until it turns into a hot paraffin cake( for the skin to suffer).Paste the cake on the affected area and heat insulate, as in the previous recipe.

Use silver water ( concentration 20-25 mg / l) for inhalations, rinses and sinus washings for sinusitis.

For sinusitis, take a hot steam bath for face over a hot water pan in which half a teaspoon of propolis tincture is dissolved.

More than 100 years ago, the medicine men used the following method: the powder obtained from dried toad skin, was mixed with Vaseline( 1: 1) and rubbed into the affected area for sinusitis, toothache and bleeding gums. This same tool was used by healers of China and Japan.

According to the cured patients, do not drink tea and coffee, and the disease will stop bothering you.

With genyantritis and frontalis rub the area of ​​the sinuses with the adam root. He burns, but heals. A few days after the start of treatment, pus and mucus discharge will flow from the sinuses. Treatment is painful, but effective.

For acute and chronic rhinitis, as well as for sinusitis, pharyngitis and tracheitis, honey inhalation works well. In a coffee pot with a little boiling water, add 1 tablespoon of flower or lime honey. On the spout of the coffee pot, put on the tube and breathe through it for 15-20 minutes. The course of treatment is sufficient for 12-15 procedures.

Honey is used in another recipe: put the patient on his back. Using a glass rod in each half of the nose, enter honey( 1-2 g).After melting, honey flows down the nasal passage and is absorbed by the mucous membrane. If honey irritates the mucous, it is mixed with with olive oil in a 1: 1 ratio. After the "honey procedure" for two hours is not recommended to go out. The course of treatment should take up to 20 procedures.

In addition to the local treatment of sinusitis( sinusitis), general methods of action on the body are used. To increase the resistance( resistance) of the body, patients are prescribed hips infusions, lilac inflorescences, roots and rhizomes of cattail grass. Useful inhalation with fir oil or infusion of needles of pine, cedar, fir.

In the treatment of infants and young children of school age, is used for ingestion of with the following infusion

  1. : St. John's wort;
  2. linden flowers;
  3. flowers of chamomile.

Take 10 g of each component, pour 200 ml of boiling water and use as inside( 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day), and for nasal and inhalation. Potatoes in a uniform. Boil potatoes in a uniform, add 0.5 teaspoon propolis. Wrap up and breathe on the pan. Take 7-10 procedures every other day.

Menthol dry in grains dissolve in a saucepan with boiling water. After wrapping your head, breathe your nose over this pot. The procedure takes 10-12 minutes.

Ebonite disk with a diameter of 110 mm and thickness of 10 mm, grind on one side. Be straightened by a polished side on the side of the face with which there is sinusitis. Do one turn on the cheek for 1 second. The session lasts 15 minutes. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day. It is used in the treatment of sinusitis, frontitis, headache and toothache.

With genyantritis and front, folk medicine advises applying the so-called "onion oil". Vegetable oil pour into a small bottle and put on a water bath( on a rag).Then, on the smallest grater, grate the onion. Press 1 tablespoon of onion, add 1 teaspoon of butter and mix everything. Dilute the resulting composition 5 drops 3 times a day into each nostril. With an acute process, you can dig in every hour. Usually, sinusitis disappears after two weeks.

If a cyst is formed in the maxillary sinus, you can resort to this method: take the plant as a golden mustache ( live hair - Rev.), cut one quarter of the leaf and squeeze the juice with garlic. Brew the juice 3 times a day in each nostril. After 3-4 months from the nose will go green slime and pus, and breathing will become free.

Treatment of sinusitis with medical means and procedures

Acute forms of sinusitis are best treated in a clinic under the supervision of an ENT doctor and with his recommendations and advice.

In acute sinusitis, antibiotics, antipyretic, vasoconstrictive agents are prescribed: a solution of ephedrine 3%, adrenaline 0.1%.

To remove sensitization of the body use calcium chloride, diphenhydramine.

From physiotherapeutic procedures - UHF, sollyx, intranasal iontophoresis with calcium chloride, diathermy.

In case of prolonged sinusitis, procedure for puncture of the maxillary sinus can be prescribed, followed by washing with Furacilin solution, Rivanol and Penicillin solution( 300,000- 500,000 units).

If necessary, puncture should be repeated after 3-5 days or depending on the doctor's prescription.

On this page you can see the list and the names of very effective antibiotics, which you may well appoint an ENT doctor for the treatment of sinusitis in acute and chronic chronic form. This page is dedicated to Orchitis in men, but do not be embarrassed, the antibiotics given in it - Azithromycin and others - are very effective agents that have the effect of accumulation and cure in pathological foci.

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Source: NGNogov. Official and traditional medicine. The most detailed encyclopedia.- Moscow: Izd-vo Eksmo, 2012.

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