Treatment of dry cough during pregnancy

Features of treatment of dry cough during pregnancy

Cough during pregnancyConsidering the fact that during the period of bearing a child in the body of a woman, inevitably there is a decrease in the immune system, it is difficult to avoid catarrhal diseases. Very dangerous for the fetus of the child are diseases that are accompanied by a symptom such as coughing. As the experts themselves say, dry cough during pregnancy can worsen the child's development process, so do not let the disease run its course.

What is dangerous cough?

The danger of a dry cough for a pregnant woman lies in the fact that during coughing attacks the abdominal wall and uterus greatly strains, where the child is. Prolonged tone of the uterus can cause a miscarriage in the early stages of gestation, and in later periods often leads to premature birth, which is also dangerous for the child.

The increased tone of the uterus prevents normal circulation of blood, causing oxygen starvation fetus, and, as is known, such a process with a long flow often leads to intrauterine hypoxia. Moreover, dry cough is dangerous because it can lead to detachment of the placenta.

When can a cough occur?

Before treating a dry cough in a pregnant woman, it is important to know what kind of disease caused such a process in the body, because coughing is just a symptom of certain disorders. Most often, coughing attacks indicate such diseases as:

  • ARVI;
  • flu;
  • pneumonia;
  • bronchitis;
  • allergy;
  • Sexual infections.

Each of these diseases is a great danger to the health of women and children, so you should immediately contact a specialist. It is very important to know how to cure a dry cough during pregnancy, because only so you can protect yourself from the occurrence of serious consequences.

Treatment with traditional methods

Many modern methods and preparations for cough are known, however, there is often a problem of choice, rather than treating a dry cough in a pregnant woman. At the beginning of pregnancy with a dry cough you can drink syrups Bronchicum, Stodal, Sinekod. In the second half of pregnancy, usually appointed Stoptussin, Falimint, Libeksin.

It is important to remember that Tussin plus, Grippex, Codelac, Bronholitin, ACTS, Ascoril, Travisil are contraindicated for the entire period of pregnancy against coughing.

Than to treat a cough during pregnancy?In addition, categorically prohibited for medicinal purposes use mustard plasters, soar legs, conduct physiotherapy, and you should not take alcohol-containing tinctures, solutions and drops. Can with a dry cough appoint potions, ointments, candies, pastilles and tablets on the basis of plant components. To this category of pharmacological drugs are Muciltin tablets based on the root of the althaea. With the use of these pills, the cough from the dry form turns into a moist one, begins to cough, thereby improving the well-being of the woman. The dosage of the tablets should be determined by a specialist, but usually with a dry cough, 2 tablets 4 times a day are indicated for the use of the pregnant. Not dangerous to the health of a pregnant woman except the root of the althaea are syrups and tablets, which contain extracts of a violet tricolor, plantain, coltsfoot and rosemary.Do not exclude doctors and treatment with such a drug as Bronchipret, which has an effect on the body bronchodilator and antibacterial action, which is achieved due to the content of extracts of thyme and roots of the primrose. The drug can be used in the treatment of any cough, but only on the prescription of a doctor.Sometimes in the second trimester of pregnancy tablets Ambroxol are prescribed, however, their use should be especially careful, since an overdose can cause serious complications. With the bacterial origin of cough, the use of the antibiotic Bioparox often becomes inevitable, which does not have a harmful effect on the body, since it has no property to be absorbed into the blood.

Folk treatment

Treatment of coughThinking about what can be treated dry cough during pregnancy, it is worth remembering the effective methods of traditional medicine. A good therapeutic effect with a dry cough is inhalation. For inhalations with a dry cough you can use these recipes:
  1. Natural honey is dissolved in warm water 1: 5, the temperature of which should not be more than 40 degrees. Inhale evaporation by alternating mouth and nose.
  2. Spoon sage with boiling water in the amount of 1 cup, insist, breathe 10 minutes.
  3. 2 spoons of eucalyptus grass, 1 shredded tablet of validol, 1 scoop of grated garlic put in boiling water, bend over the container with water and breathe fumes. Validol is used as a source of menthol extract, so it can be replaced with essential oil of menthol.
  4. In a liter of boiling water, dilute 3 tablespoons of soda.Soda inhalation is useful for coughing caused by bronchitis and bronchial asthma. They soften the airways, reduce inflammation and do not cause allergic reactions.For inhalations, you can use and anti-inflammatory herbs such as plantain, linden, St. John's wort, yarrow.
Than gargle?When dry cough inevitably suffers from mucous throat, there is perspiration and pain. Therefore, it is useful in parallel in the treatment of cough to carry out therapeutic measures aimed at softening the mucous throat. For this purpose, after eating, you need to gargle each time with the following solutions:
  • mix in equal proportions eucalyptus, calendula and sage, spoon mixture pour a glass of boiling water, stand for 10 minutes, apply warm, store can not more than 3 hours;
  • mix raspberry leaves, mint leaves, mother-and-stepmother's grass, chamomile, pine buds in equal quantities, cook in the same way, store for no more than 2 hours.

Throughout the day, to relieve coughing attacks and improve the woman's well-being, a profuse warm drink is useful. With this method of treatment, pain in the chest, dilute sputum and improve its removal from the respiratory tract.You can use this drink:

  1. In a glass of warm milk, not more than 60 degrees, dilute a spoonful of honey, butter and baking soda taken at the tip of the knife. Drink medicinal milk 3 times a day.
  2. In 200 g of milk, boil 2 ripe figs. Drink milk before bedtime. Half a glass of Kalina fruit pour 200 g of boiling water, insist, add a spoonful of honey. Drink half a glass 3 times a day.Viburnum with honey

    Half a glass of calyx berries pour boiling water and add honey to taste - an effective folk remedy for coughing

  3. Carrot juice diluted with warm milk in the proportions of 1: 1. Take a spoonful 5 times a day. It is necessary to prepare the medicine just before use, as the carrot juice will lose its useful properties.
  4. 200 grams of wheat bran pour a liter of water, cook for 10 minutes. Strain, add honey and drink throughout the day in a warm form. This method of treatment can be used until the cough begins to clear up.
  5. Spoon the pine buds with a glass of boiling water, insist and take 2 spoons with coughing attacks.
  6. Pour the spoon of poppy into powder, pour 100 g of warm milk. Drinking such a medicine, you can well soften the mucous and eliminate pain in the chest.

For every woman who expects the birth of a child, it is very important to know how to cure a dry cough during pregnancy, because with the neglect of the disease, serious complications can develop.

Dry cough during pregnancy - you need to treat properly!

Dry cough during pregnancyIn most cases, dry cough during pregnancy is caused by various respiratory diseases (ARI, ARVI) caused by bacteria or viruses or ailments of a chronic nature (bronchitis, asthma). Very often it can be accompanied by a runny nose, fever and sore throat. A large part of the adult conscious population has become accustomed to being treated with "grandmother's" drugs and drugs, widely advertised on television. But this approach to the treatment of dry cough during pregnancy is very dangerous. Only a specialist can prescribe the necessary medications or procedures, correlating the benefits to the mother with the risks for the child.

Why it is necessary to treat a dry cough during pregnancy

Cough during pregnancyEven a small manifestation of reflex action can lead to unpleasant consequences. A severe dry cough during pregnancy provokes discomfort, interferes with full sleep, prevents proper breathing, which can lead to hypoxia of the fetus. Because of him, the muscles of the abdominal press are constantly straining and the diaphragm is contracting. This can lead to miscarriage in the early stages or to premature birth on later. Attacks reflex act can cause nausea, and subsequently vomiting. Frequent unproductive reflex act raises blood pressure in pregnant women, and there may also be a risk of detachment of the placenta. Late treatment leads to the development of bronchitis or pneumonia, and accordingly to the use of strong drugs (antibiotics), which can adversely affect the development of the child.

Than to treat a dry cough in pregnant women

First of all, it is necessary to contact a specialist who can determine which symptom of which disease is an unproductive physiological effect. A severe dry cough in pregnant women can be caused by:

  • Bronchitis.
  • Tracheitis.
  • Laryngitis.
Dry cough during pregnancy - treatmentBut there are also more unfavorable causes associated with the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system or allergic reactions. To reduce the negative effects of dry cough during pregnancy, it is necessary first of all to make its attacks more rare. To do this, you need to moisten the air in the room, use warm drink to soften the mucous throat (milk and honey). The next stage of therapy is the appointment of treatment for the transition of dry cough to productive, with sputum discharge. Depending on the timing of pregnancy and the severity of the disease, the doctor can recommend both medication and traditional medicine.

Medication for dry cough during pregnancy

Prescribed drugs should in no case contain narcotic drugs (codeine, morphine). The best means are suitable drugs for treatment during this period. Homeopathic preparations can be prescribed, taking into account the absence of allergic reactions to natural ingredients in a woman.

Dry cough in pregnant women - treatment with folk methods

Herbal decoctions and infusions are often used for colds. But it is necessary to remember the possible individual intolerance of certain plant species. In the absence of allergies, it is best to use no more than 2-3 kinds of herbs (linden, chamomile).

Dry cough during pregnancyYou can use inhalations with a nebulizer or inhaler. If they are not available, use the improvised means (pot, kettle). The main contraindication for inhalations is high body temperature and high blood pressure.

At the first signs of development of dry cough during pregnancy, you should consult a doctor and begin to treat, to prevent getting complications.

Dry cough during pregnancy: what to treat. Advice

When a woman learns that in the near future she will become a mother, she begins to take special care of her health. Despite this, many pregnant women suffer from viral and bacterial diseases. And all because of the fact that the immunity in this period is somewhat reduced. The most common cause of concern with this is dry cough. When pregnancy than to treat this symptom? You will become aware of this after reading the article.

dry cough with pregnancy than cure

Dry cough during pregnancy

1 trimester is a period, which accounts for up to 80 percent of colds in expectant mothers. Everything happens for the reason that the immune defense is reduced. This is necessary for the normal course of pregnancy. Otherwise, the body will reject the fruit, perceiving it as an alien body.

Dry coughing while waiting for a child can be a consequence of an inflammatory respiratory disease. Also, future mothers are prone to allergies. This may lead to a dry cough. Irritation in the throat is sometimes the result of bacterial damage to the tonsils and the okolothril ring. Most often this happens when you use cold foods. Rhinitis of the pregnant can provoke the appearance of dry cough.

Correction of pathology

If you have a dry cough during pregnancy, how to treat it - will prompt a specialist. Remember that any independent appointment can lead not only to the complication of the state of the future mother, but also to the negative effects on the fetus. Most drugs are not allowed to be used during this period. However, doctors know the list of permitted funds and appoint them if necessary. There is another way how to eliminate dry cough during pregnancy. Treatment can be carried out by folk methods. In this case, you also need to be careful.

To begin with it is necessary to find out what causes a dry cough during pregnancy. Treatment is selected only after this. Incorrectly selected correction will only contribute to the development of symptoms. Consider in detail what causes a dry cough during pregnancy, than treat it in different situations.

dry cough during pregnancy how to treat

Allergic reaction

Quite often, future mothers experience allergy. The reaction can occur when certain plants bloom or on chemicals. Also, some pregnant women face food allergies. To treat this pathology, antihistamines are prescribed, for example: Tavegil, Suprastin, Zirtek, and so on.

It is worth noting that almost all antiallergic drugs are prohibited during the waiting period of the child. However, doctors can choose a certain sparing scheme, while taking into account the development of the embryo. Remember that self-administration of these medicines can lead to disastrous consequences.

dry cough during pregnancy treatment

Cold or viral infection

What if the expectant mother picked up the virus and had a dry cough during pregnancy? Than to treat this pathology? Of course, first you need to visit the therapist and make sure that the cause is precisely the disease. Most often, doctors appoint immunomodulators to women, for example: Arbidol, Otsilokoktsinum, Interferon, and so on.

Also, therapy can be symptomatic. In this case, funds are used to relieve dry cough during pregnancy. Medications most often are: "Tantum Verde "Lizobakt "Ingalipt" and others. When prescribing these or other drugs, you should always consider the length of pregnancy.

than to treat dry cough during pregnancy

Bacterial disease or pathology in the bronchi

If there was inflammation in the lungs and bronchi, resulting in a dry cough during pregnancy, how to treat this pathology? In most cases, doctors appoint funds that are available in the form of syrups and suspensions. To such preparations it is possible to carry: "Stodal "Gerbion "Gedelix" and many others.

When bacterial disease often rises body temperature. While waiting for the baby, this can be very dangerous. Than to treat a dry cough during pregnancy in this case? You can use "Teraflu "Coldrex Knight" and so on. It is worth considering the time and possible risks.

Dry air

In addition to all the above reasons, due to insufficiently moisturized air, dry cough can occur during pregnancy. How to treat this phenomenon in this case?

The effect of dry air on the respiratory system can be enormous. However, this reason is the most innocuous. Treatment in this case is not assigned. Physicians strongly recommend the use of special devices or moisten the air in the room with improvised means. Usually within a few hours a woman begins to feel better.

dry cough with pregnancy than cure help

Application of inhalations

If you have a dry cough during pregnancy, than to treat it without medication? An excellent option will be inhalation. This method is quite safe and does not have a negative effect on the fetus and the organs of a woman. It must be remembered that inhalations can not be performed with an increase in body temperature. You can use a special device (inhaler) for the procedure or you can use the improvised means.

For the inhaler, you can use a variety of cough syrups. Also, you can pour ordinary mineral water or saline into the appliance. If the inhaler is not near at hand, then use other methods. Heat the kettle and breathe over the steam. To enhance the effect, you can use a cardboard homemade tube. Also, a dry cough of potato steam is very good.

dry cough during pregnancy 1 term

Healing teas and decoctions

Than to treat a dry cough at pregnancy it is safe? The people know a lot of different "grandmother's" recipes. Almost all of them contain a variety of herbs. It is worth noting that some components can adversely affect the fetus. Many formulations even have an abortive effect. That is why before starting any treatment it is necessary to get a specialist consultation. Here are a few proven and most harmless recipes for making teas.

dry cough with pregnancy medications
  • Take in equal proportions dried thyme and linden. Brew herbs in one liter of boiling water. After that, cover the container with a lid and wait 20 minutes. Next, strain the solution and take it before going to bed one glass. The prepared composition should be stored in a refrigerator, and preheated before use.
  • Use 2 tablespoons of dry meadow clover (inflorescence) with 300 milliliters of boiling water. Cook the broth for about 15 minutes, then strain and cool the composition. Take the medicine you need half the glass three times a day.
  • Take two tablespoons of raspberry jam and pour them a glass of boiling water. Allow the product to stand for about 10-20 minutes and drink in a warm form. It is necessary to know that raspberries contribute to a certain degree of softening of the cervix. That's why you should not use this method in case of threat of abortion or a high probability of premature birth.
  • Lemon helps to remove the virus from the body and increase immunity. If dry cough is caused by a cold, then use this recipe safely. Take a few slices of the cleared lemon and mash it. Pour half a glass of boiling water and cool a little. Drink tea after eating.

dry cough during pregnancy 3 trimester


What else to cure a dry cough during pregnancy without taking medication? You can safely gargle. Such treatment does not affect the fetus in any way because the drugs are not absorbed into the blood.

Gargling is possible with a variety of means. Salt and soda are an excellent antiseptic and regenerating agent. Chamomile removes inflammation and soothes irritated mucous membrane. Sage has an astringent effect, removing the redness.

Gargle is better after eating. You can do this several times a day. In this case, after manipulation, it is necessary to refrain from drinking about half an hour.

Tips for treating dry cough during pregnancy in different periods

Many future mothers turn to doctors with the words: "I had a dry cough during pregnancy. Than to treat? Help! "Surely you know that the entire period of bearing a child is divided into three parts, which are called trimester. The first period of this time is the most dangerous for colds. If at this time you have a dry cough, then you should give preference to the use of safe means: decoctions, teas, inhalations and rinses. At this stage, important organs and systems for the future baby are formed. Uncontrolled use of medicines can lead to various injuries and irreversible consequences.

And how can you treat at a later date a dry cough during pregnancy (2nd trimester)? Treatment involves, in this period, a greater degree of medication. At this time the future child reliably protects the placenta. It is worth noting that even antibacterial and antimicrobial agents can be used in this period, but this should be done only on the advice of a doctor.

dry cough during pregnancy 2 trimester treatment

There are several limitations in the treatment in later terms. Dry cough during pregnancy (3rd trimester) can be especially dangerous. This period every day brings the future mother to a meeting with the baby. That is why physicians with caution prescribe those or other drugs for correction. Many means are forbidden to use less than a month before childbirth. This is explained by the fact that drugs are absorbed into the blood and can be excreted in breast milk. That is why it is so important not to make independent appointments, but to contact the doctors for help.

Summing up and conclusion

You now know how you can treat dry cough during pregnancy. Remember that in some cases the disease can be very dangerous. During the tension of the abdominal wall, the tone of the uterus increases and the pressure inside the genital organ increases. All this can lead to a temporary oxygen starvation in a future baby.

If symptoms occur, consult a gynecologist or therapist and get qualified appointments. Always listen to your doctor's advice and be healthy!

Effective methods for controlling coughing during pregnancy

Cough during pregnancyUnfortunately, very rarely during pregnancy a woman is avoided by catarrhal diseases. Especially female organism is susceptible to cold in the first months of pregnancy, which is explained by weakened immunity. A major danger to the health of a future mother is a cough during pregnancy. That is why during this period it is so important to take care of one's own health, and at the first manifestations of the disease one should immediately turn to a specialist.

The main reasons for this state

As a rule, cough becomes the main sign of the development of infectious or catarrhal diseases of the ENT and respiratory tract. If a person develops pharyngitis, laryngitis or tracheitis, such diseases are necessarily accompanied by a cough that is caused by the body's reaction to irritation of the mucous membranes. In bronchitis and pneumonia, cough occurs as a result of the accumulation of large amounts of sputum in the lower respiratory tract.

Causes of coughing in pregnant women can also be nervous overstrain and stress, which it is desirable to avoid future mothers. True, such a reaction of the body to nervous overexertion is extremely rare. If a woman is in an environment where allergens become possible, she may have cough attacks of allergic origin.

It is known that a pregnant woman should observe a healthy lifestyle, abandoning bad habits. But, as practice shows, not all women with the onset of conception are ready to give up smoking, which causes a strong cough. In addition, nicotine adversely affects the development of the child.

Danger of coughing during childbearing

Pregnancy examination

When you have a cough, you need to see a doctor

Cough seizures always cause uncomfortable and even painful sensations in the expectant mother, but in addition, they pose a threat to the baby. After a pronounced coughing attack significantly increases the tone of the uterus, which worsens the blood supply of the fetus and often leads to intrauterine hypoxia.

Especially coughing during pregnancy is dangerous for those women who have a threat of abortion or istmiko-cervical insufficiency.The whole complexity of the course of the disease lies in the fact that in the absence of timely treatment, miscarriage or intrauterine fetal death may occur.

Dry and suffocating cough during pregnancy often leads to premature detachment of the placenta. Experts also note that coughing attacks greatly increase blood pressure, often causing nausea, dizziness and fainting.

Every woman who suffers cough during the period of gestation, should understand that it is just a sign of some disease, so it is worthwhile to be afraid of a hidden disease. Cough often accompanied by such diseases:

  • disorders of the thyroid gland;
  • some gastric disorders - reflux;
  • Sexual infections.

A very unpleasant and dangerous consequence of a severe cough for a pregnant woman can be profuse vomiting. This phenomenon is observed quite often, especially with a dry suffocating cough. The danger of vomiting for the body of a future mother and her baby is that it can lead to dehydration and loss of useful nutrients.

A cough during pregnancy, arising at night, leads to insomnia and fatigue.

However, pregnant women should not worry much, because all the consequences listed can occur only with a severely neglected disease, the main manifestation of which becomes cough.

Correct treatment

It is very difficult to treat any disease during pregnancy, as the choice of medicines for women in this position is rather limited. In addition, the use of synthetic drugs is strictly prohibited, especially in the first trimester. To quickly cure a cough during pregnancy, without harming yourself and your baby, you must follow all the doctor's recommendations, not exceeding the allowable dosage of the drug. Traditional and folk methods of therapy can be used in treatment.

Use of medicines

The drug against cough - BronchicumThe choice of medication is carried out depending on the type of cough. So, with dry cough in the first trimester of pregnancy, therapists usually prescribe such syrups that promote the formation and separation of sputum such as Bronchicum, Stodal, Sinekod. If a woman falls ill in the second trimester, then the appointment of drugs will be appropriate: Stoptussin, Coldrex Knight, Fallimint, Libexin.

With a wet cough, syrups such as Bromhexine, Mukaltin, Bronchistrest, Herbion, Breastfeeding, Doctor Mom, Teraflu are safe. You can take them in the second trimester of pregnancy only after the appointment of a specialist. At all times, syrups based on licorice root are absolutely safe.

It is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to treat the disease with such agents as Tussin Plus, Glikodin, Grippex, Kodelak, Terpinkod, Bronholitin, Pertussin, ACTS, Ascoril, Travesil. In addition, it is necessary to exclude hot baths, physiotherapy, UHF, and the use of mustard plasters and cans.


FigsProceeding from the fact that treatment for pregnancy should be, first of all, safe and effective, you should use proven folk methods. But do not assume that folk remedies, in particular medicinal herbs, have a slow effect on the body, because when using them, do not overdose. In addition, there are certain herbs that are very dangerous for the fetus, therefore, cure for a pregnancy during pregnancy is necessary only after the approval of the therapist.

It is recommended to use such recipes for preparing preparations intended for oral administration:

  1. Fresh radish juice will help reduce coughing attacks. To prepare a remedy, you need to mix the radish juice with honey in the proportions of 2: 1. Mix well and use 2 tablespoons 6 times a day.It is important to use black radish for making juice, since this root crop is characterized by many useful properties useful for pregnant women.
  2. Take figs - 3-4 fetuses, milk - ½ liter, put on fire and cook until the milk turns brown. This medicine is not only effective in treating cough, but also very tasty. You need to drink it 100 ml three times a day.
  3. Grate the onions to make 500 grams of gruel, dilute it with 2 tablespoons of honey. Take medicine for ½ hours. l. every time before eating. Also this gruel can be rubbed on the chest, when the dry cough is strongly disturbed.
  4. Mix the chopped hazelnut and honey in a 1: 1 ratio, take a spoonful 5 times a day.
  5. Horseradish juice will help reduce coughing attacks, and it also helps to separate sputum. For the preparation of a medicinal product, it is necessary to mix the juice with honey in the proportions:. Drink three times a day in small portions, drinking plenty of water.
  6. Pour a glass of milk in a saucepan, put on a fire and put a spoon of herb sage, boil for several minutes. Then the medicine should be insisted for 4 hours, putting it in a warm place. Drink 100 grams of decoction before bedtime with severe attacks of cough.

Treatment of cough should be of a complex nature, so you need to take the medicine inside and use it externally. For this purpose, it is considered effective to apply a cabbage leaf, smeared with honey, to the breast. The breast should be wrapped around with a scarf, covered with a warm blanket and not removed until morning.

Since mustard plasters are forbidden during pregnancy, you can do massage with honey. This treatment procedure should be performed before bedtime, since after it you must be warm.

Gargling and inhalation

Rinse throat when coughingRinse throat when coughing is considered an additional method of treatment for basic therapy. The procedure should be done before, after and between meals 6 times a day. For this purpose it is recommended to use anti-inflammatory herbs - sage, chamomile, calendula, mother-and-stepmother. To prepare the infusion, you need to pour a spoonful of grass with a glass of boiling water and let it brew for 15 minutes.You can also rinse your throat with plain water with the addition of salt, soda or apple cider vinegar. Using soda and vinegar, it is important not to let this solution come in.Effective when coughing is considered to rinse the throat with water with onion or beet juice in proportions of 1: 1.

Softening and antiseptic effect on the mucosa is provided by inhalation. For the procedure, you can use herbs such as chamomile, plantain, lime blossom, eucalyptus, calendula, string, ledum. Decoction or infusion is prepared this way: a glass of water requires a tablespoon of medicinal plant, which must be insisted for 15 minutes. Strain and take for inhalation. Eliminate cough during pregnancy at the initial stages of its development can be, using for inhalation of mineral water or saline.

When treating a cough, do not forget about this ancient method as a warm drink. Drinking such a delicious medicine for the night as a glass of warm milk with honey and butter, you can make a calm sleep, and rest is full.

Cough during pregnancy is a serious cause for concern, since in the absence of proper and timely treatment can cause many complications dangerous for the future mother and child.A pregnant woman should remember that any medicine can be used only after appointment or approval by a specialist.

Cough during pregnancy

cough treatment during pregnancyDuring the course of the pregnancy process the organism of the future mother is especially prone to negative influences from the outside. Cough during pregnancy is a fairly common symptom. The complexity of the problem lies, first, in the negative effect of coughing on a woman and on the fetus, and secondly, in numerous contraindications regarding the treatment of ailment. Pregnant women do not even recommend the use of a seemingly absolutely harmless cough syrup, not to mention tablets for liquefying sputum.

Cough is a response responding to respiratory tract irritants. They can be infectious agents, allergens, inhaled toxic substances, dust and dust mites. In the beginning, the bronchi are trying to get rid of foreign bodies with coughing jerks, while coughing is dry without excretion. If, with the help of an unproductive cough, the respiratory tract can not be cleared, the mucous secretes a secret containing cells that neutralize the irritants. This secret, together with inactivated agents, is secreted in a productive, or wet, cough in the form of sputum.

Danger of coughing during pregnancy

  1. A prolonged non-productive symptom can cause a rupture of the lung and the development of pneumothorax, that is, a decrease in the organ.
  2. Dry cough promotes muscle tension in the abdomen. As a result, the tone of the uterus increases, which threatens the termination of pregnancy.
  3. The strained muscles of the abdominal press can also lead to spasm of the uterine vessels, which is the cause of intrauterine hypoxia of the fetus.

What should I avoid while treating a cough in pregnant women?

Many common methods of cough treatment for pregnant women are contraindicated, among them:

  • cough preparations having in their structure alcohol;
  • banks and mustard plasters;
  • active intake of vitamins, especially ascorbic acid;
  • some physiotherapy procedures, for example, UHF;
  • medicinal preparations for cough (ACTS, Pertussin, Kodelak, Bronholitin and others).

All methods of cough treatment in pregnant women, including folk methods, should be carried out exclusively with the consent and approval of the attending physician.

Cough in Pregnant Women

In the fall and spring it is difficult to protect against viral infections. It is not easy for pregnant women, who are already weakened by immunity, so nothing can be treated.

Although it is especially impossible to treat future mothers, it is necessary, because viruses and bacteria can get through the placenta to the child. Cough in pregnant women should be treated at the very beginning, when the disease did not give complications, when you can do without some serious drugs. As folk remedies are not able to overcome a neglected disease.

Dry cough in pregnant women

Pregnant women, without the urgent need and appointment of a doctor, it is better not to take chemical drugs. Even harmless at first glance, aspirin in the first trimester of pregnancy can cause irreparable harm to the baby. Do not completely trust the folk medicine, because some phytopreparations can be much stronger than chemical medications, which is unacceptable in pregnancy. For example, the root of licorice can increase the tone of the uterus.

Dry cough in pregnant women is treated by inhalation. The procedure can be carried out using a modern inhaler or a conventional pot with potatoes or herbal decoction.

Soften the breath of decoctions of chamomile, sage, eucalyptus. In hot water, you can add a drop of Vietnamese balsam "Asterisk" or a few drops of essential oil, pine, fir and eucalyptus will suit.

Well, massage with warm honey helps. Massiruyte need two minutes for those places where usually put mustard plasters.

Severe cough in pregnant women

In order to quickly get rid of a cough without harm to health, you can prepare such a drink: take three figs of milk and take four figs and cook until the milk turns brown. Take this medicine three times a day for a hundred grams.

Someone will like this milkshake: half a cup of milk you need to take a teaspoon of honey and half a glass of sea buckthorn juice. Take in warm form before meals three times a day.

A strong cough in the pregnant woman will pass, if you gargle with the infusion of chamomile, sage and marigold, the usual or sea salt with soda is also suitable.

It's forbidden to hibernate pregnant women, but you can sleep in woolen socks with mustard and wrap your neck with a scarf.

Basic recommendations for cough therapy during pregnancy

It is necessary to limit the maximum physical load. The room should be properly ventilated, daily wet cleaning should be carried out. In the diet, it is recommended to give fresh milk products, vegetables, juices, fruits. From hot dishes, mashed potatoes, porridge of oatmeal with the addition of vegetable oil are welcome.

Showing abundant drinking regimen. Drinking is necessary often and much. Non-carbonated pure water, herbal teas, cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks, warmed milk with the addition of butter and honey will do.

A good expectorant effect in pregnant women is a drink made from milk and fig fruits. For its preparation, it is necessary to place 500 ml of milk and 5-6 figs in a pan. Set on fire and boil until the milk becomes brown. It is useful when coughing also to drink a drink made of milk and birch juice, taken in equal proportions.

It should be remembered that when preparing herbal infusions you need to familiarize yourself with the possibility of applying this or that herb during pregnancy. For example, the ability to increase the level of muscle tone of the uterus is possessed by oregano, raspberry, strawberry leaves, chamomile, juniper, buckthorn, basil.

How to treat a cough with pregnant women?

In order for a pregnant woman not to suffer, she must take care not only of her health, but also of the health of all family members. The common cold, flu and SARS quickly spread through the apartment. Therefore, in order not to harm a future child, a pregnant woman should regularly engage in prevention. Frequent walks, regular airing of the room, cleanliness in the house, eating onions, garlic and fruits will do their job.

How to treat a cough with pregnant women? Everyone knows about the benefits of onions. In order to prepare a good medicine for a dry cough, you need one bulb and honey. Onions are finely chopped and poured with honey, insisted and taken three times a day in a teaspoonful.

Inhalation in the treatment of cough during pregnancy

Pregnant from coughing

During the cough, you should drink as much as possible, although, if it is a pregnant woman, this advice does not quite fit. After using excess fluid can lead to edema.

Pregnant from a cough you can drink a banana drink. Overripe bananas are wiped through a sieve and poured with hot sweet water. For one glass of water you need two bananas. Drink should be taken when the cough begins.

The pharmacy sells medicines for cough, which can be consumed even by pregnant women. Usually doctors prescribe "Mukaltin "Doctor Mom "Gedelix" and syrup of plantain.

What can you expect from a cough?

In order to long and painfully not to be treated, it is necessary to constantly be engaged in preventive maintenance and zakalivaniem. Even before pregnancy, you need to take a course of vitamins, exercise and spend a lot of time in the fresh air. As soon as a person feels that he is starting to get sick, you must start drinking hot tea with honey and raspberries, every day there are lemons and gargle.

During pregnancy, you can not take most of the medication, especially in the first trimester. In this period, it is advisable not to get sick. Therefore, if all the same happened, it is better to go to the doctor and find out what can be pregnant for a cough.

Cough for pregnant women

Many people go to work with a cough, runny nose and even fever. They are not always given a sick leave sheet, and sometimes they do not want to be treated at home, believing that everything will pass by itself. All would be nothing, if pregnant women are not working nearby, who can not go to the hospital because they are sick at the office. If someone is sick in the office, it is necessary to offer this person to wear a mask that will not allow the bacteria to scatter around the room. A pregnant woman should stay away. At home actively eat garlic and onions, and also rinse your nose and throat, even if the infection has not yet occurred. An effective remedy is Oxolin, an ointment that needs to be lubricated by nasal passages before going out.

If the expectant mother still gets sick, she should start the correct and timely treatment, until the disease has blossomed in double color. In order to moisten the mucous membrane and reduce inflammation, it is necessary to start gargling at the first signs of the disease. The cough medicine for pregnant women should be absolutely safe, because even the unfavorable ecological situation can harm a toddler, let alone talking about chemical preparations.

Inhalation in the treatment of cough during pregnancy

Contraindication to inhalation is an increased body temperature. On the day should be conducted four to five procedures, the duration of each of them - 10-12 minutes. For inhalations, a nebulizer is required, in which a liquid prepared for inhalation is poured into the reservoir. It is best to make alkaline inhalations with the use of mineral water or soda food. For the preparation of soda inhalation liquid, two teaspoons of sodium hydrogencarbonate must be dissolved in a container with water at a temperature no higher than room temperature. The alkali ions help to break the bonds between the sputum particles, thereby reducing its viscosity and speeding up the cleansing of the respiratory tract.

Onion syrup from cough

To prepare the syrup, you need one large or two small bulbs, which must be crushed. Mix the onion with 2 tablespoons of sugar or honey and leave in a closed container for 8-10 hours. During this time, the juice will start to separate from the onion, which, mixed with the sweet part, will be a remedy.

You need to drink this syrup within 24 hours. The course of treatment is about 5-6 days.

With caution should be used onion in the presence of stomach disease.

Rinse throat when coughing during pregnancy

Rinses can be carried out 3-4 sessions per day. The filler for this procedure is prepared as follows: a teaspoon of soda and a couple of drops of iodine are mixed in a glass of water.

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