Orthopedic pillow for newborns


  • 1From what age and for what the orthopedic pillow to the newborn is needed
    • 1.1Why do I need babe
    • 1.2The need for an anatomical cushion in pathologies
    • 1.3Types of pillows
    • 1.4Materials of manufacture
    • 1.5Helpful Tips
  • 2Use of an orthopedic pillow for newborns. How to make the right choice
    • 2.1When should children need orthopedic pillows?
    • 2.2Features of sleeping orthopedic accessories for newborns
    • 2.3How to choose the right one?
    • 2.4Form Features
    • 2.5Used fillers
    • 2.6Contraindications
    • 2.7Rules of application. Brief instruction
    • 2.8Kinds
    • 2.9Under the head (butterfly cushion) in shape really looks like a butterfly
    • 2.10Positional cushion (cushion-positioner)
    • 2.11Inclined
    • 2.12Bathing Pillow
    • 2.13In the stroller
    • 2.14Generalized feedback from parents and health professionals about using
    • 2.15Average Prices
  • 3Orthopedic pillow for babies
    • 3.1Do I need a pillow newborn?
    • 3.2When a pillow is needed
    • 3.3Requirements for pillows
    • 3.4Fillers
    • 3.5What are the pillows for babies
    • 3.6The best pillows for babies
    • 3.7Reviews
  • 4Orthopedic pillow for babies: choice, application, reviews
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    • 4.2Features
    • 4.3What is this thing for?
    • 4.4Pillow Butterfly
    • 4.5With memory effect
    • 4.6Other types
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    • 4.8Mode of application
    • 4.9Reviews
    • 4.10Where can I buy?
  • 5Orthopedic pillow for newborns with curvature - use, choice, benefit!
    • 5.1Basic information about children's orthopedic pillows
    • 5.2Baby pillows: a view from the side of medicine
    • 5.3When is the orthopedic pillow really needed?
    • 5.4Orthopedic pillow rules
    • 5.5Contraindications to the use of orthopedic pillows
    • 5.6- Orthopedic pillow for newborns with crooked

From what age and for what the orthopedic pillow to the newborn is needed

Before the birth of the baby, parents are trying to prepare as much as possible for this event. Considering the fact that the child will spend a considerable amount of time horizontally, it is necessary to equip the crib.

Bed linen should be made of natural ingredients, mattress - hard. Earlier pediatricians believed that an anatomical pillow for newborns is strictly prohibited.

But now you can argue with this, because manufacturers produce such models that can not negatively affect the health of children.

Why do I need babe

The use of a regular pillow for a newborn child is strictly prohibited by pediatricians. This can adversely affect his spine, neck.

The reasons why a baby can not sleep on a regular pillow:

  1. If the baby rolls over on his stomach, he can rest his nose in the pillow, perhaps choking.
  2. When the head of the child is constantly in a raised state, this provokes the development of scoliosis.
  3. The filler is fluff or feathers. They can cause an allergic reaction in children.

Orthopedic pillow - it's quite another matter. It adapts itself to the physiological characteristics of the child and positively affects his health.

What does it give?

  1. Supports the cervical department, normalizes muscle tone.
  2. Helps avoid flattening in the occipital region, from birth forms the correct shape of the skull in the child.
  3. Allows you to avoid putting on the bonnet, adjusts the temperature comfortable for the child.

At what age can a baby sleep on such a pillow? This question interests all young parents.

Now manufacturers produce such variants of pillows on which it is possible to put the child from the first days of life.

Of course, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician beforehand. He will tell you what kind of pillow you need a baby.

The need for an anatomical cushion in pathologies

Sometimes an orthopedic pillow for children is needed because of the presence of congenital pathologies. The pediatrician must first examine the child, to understand at what age this child should be put on an anatomical pillow.

Common pathologies:

  1. When the crooked muscles of the cervical region are poorly developed, which leads to the fact that it is constantly tilted in one direction. If you do not start treatment on time, in the future the baby will have scoliosis. When the pediatrician is crooked, he recommends that the baby sleep on a special cushion with a recess (turn on the sore side).
  2. Hypotonus and hypertonus. In this case, often prescribed massage, fizioprotsedury. Orthopedic pillow also helps to adjust the condition of muscles. Any orthopedic doctor will advise you to purchase it.
  3. With birth injuries in a baby, the pain can be weakened in this way. Surprisingly, it has been proven that the anatomically correct form helps to calm the nerve endings.
  4. When rickets were diagnosed at an early stage, you can use a special anatomical pillow to avoid deforming the cervical region.

In any case, before using the orthopedic product, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician and find out at what age your child can sleep on an anatomical cushion.

Types of pillows

Manufacturers produce to date a huge number of anatomical cushions for children, different in size, color, thickness, and specific effects on the body.

  1. Headrest with a small depression. It is called a "butterfly". It is very useful when the child is crooked. On sale there are models, different in size, for your child you need to choose the one that will suit him by the size of his head. "Butterfly" supports muscles, maintains a comfortable temperature for the baby.
  2. "Positioner." This orthopedic model consists of two ridges connected in the middle by a ribbon. The model can be used for children of any age. It is possible to adjust the distance between the rollers with the Velcro.
  3. Inclined. It is very similar to the usual one. The shape is the same, only the model has a slope of 30 degrees. For a child, this option is very convenient.
  4. Anti-choking. When parents only hear the name of this model, they begin to have the most unpleasant thoughts. Of course, the name scares, but for children it's safe, it's comfortable to sleep on. The surface is perforated, covered with a special cotton cover. When the baby is spinning in a dream, this orthopedic pillow will ensure a constant supply of air to the child.
  5. Multifunctional model. It can be used by moms when they feed the baby. She supports the spine in the right condition and will be needed during the growing up of the baby, when he will begin to quietly sit down.

Materials of manufacture

Choosing an orthopedic pillow for your child is necessary, taking into account the individual characteristics of his body. Preliminary consult an orthopedist and pediatrician so that they can advise the optimal shape and model of the pillow that the baby needs.

Fillers that are used for pillows:

  • polypropylene;
  • viscose;
  • polyurethane;
  • latex.

Helpful Tips

  1. When choosing a pillow, pay attention that it was manufactured by a certified manufacturer and had a quality certificate.
  2. Acquire orthopedic goods for children only in specialized stores, so as not to run into a fake.
  3. Choosing a pillow, you need to take into account the age of the baby and the size of his head. The child should be comfortable sleeping.

Manufacturers do not just choose these materials for the manufacture of their products. Their main feature is elasticity, durability and slow wear.

When the babe is sleeping on such a pillow, his body and head will be in the right position. This will contribute to a stronger and healthy sleep, and you can not worry about the discomfort - it is not.

A source: https://grudnichky.ru/uxod/ortopedicheskaya-podushka-dlya-grudnichkov.html

Use of an orthopedic pillow for newborns. How to make the right choice

Sleep is an integral part of life for every person, and even more so for newborns who sleep about 20 hours a day, and spend the rest of their time lying in bed. That's why the baby needs to equip the most comfortable sleeping place.

But how to approach the choice of an orthopedic pillow? As for the parameters of the blanket, mattress and bed linen, the experts are of the same opinion and here everything is more or less clear, but there are fierce discussions about pillows.

So, is such a bedding necessary for the baby? The answers to these and other questions are in our article.

Many chronic diseases begin to develop from an early age, soin a dream, the child must fully rest.

An important factor is the understanding of the parents of the fact that immediately after the appearance of the baby, it is necessary to provide it with properly selected bedding.

From the arrangement of the bed will depend on the correctness of posture, good mood and the general condition of the baby.

To sleep the baby was healthy, the crib, blanket, mattress and other similar accessories must meet the highest standards.

First, parents should pay attention to the position of the body of a sleeping child.

Baby, sleeping face in the pillow, can suffocate, so many experts believe that babies can not sleep on a pillow.

However, if you put a child without a pillow, his head will be at an angle to the spine, which makes it necessary to raise the head of the crib.

In the process of sleep, when the baby sleeps on its side or on a very high cushion, the angle of the head tilt changes, and this can cause a change in blood flow in the arteries of the spine.

In this way,it's important to put the baby right.

When should children need orthopedic pillows?

In some cases, doctors do not deny the necessity of using an orthopedic pillow.

One of them is a pathology called "torticollis" - then the choice of a sleeping accessory should depend on the degree of curvature and the general condition of the baby.

The exception is children prone to frequent regurgitation - for them the use of a pillow is contraindicated.

An orthopedic pillow is needed if:

  • there is a birth injury or damage to the cervical vertebrae;
  • diagnosed torticollis;
  • the baby has an uneven head;
  • the newborn has a lowered or elevated tonus of the neck muscles.

There are cases when surgical treatment of torticollis is shown or medication is prescribed - then the pillow will not bring the desired results.

But most often this disease is treated with a massage, therapeutic physical procedures and parental control.


Therefore, one should listen to the recommendations of a doctor specializing in the treatment of such abnormalities.


He will appoint a set of necessary measures, and the need to use an orthopedic pillow can only be determined by a pediatrician, not a manufacturer.

Features of sleeping orthopedic accessories for newborns

Pillows for babies,take into account anatomical and physiological featuresstructure and are able to provide the baby with the correct support of the head, to relieve the muscles and vertebrae of the cervical region.

If you do not use the pillow, the child will lie, turning his head to one side. This situation is due to the peculiarities of the shape of the head - in another way it is simply inconvenient for them.

Thanks to the use of an orthopedic pillow, the situation can be corrected, while improving the quality of communication between the baby and the mother, which will make it possible for the child to feel much more comfortable.

Such pillowsnormalize blood circulationandguarantee a good restin the process of sleep.

In the course of their manufacture, only hypoallergenic materials are used that are easily erased and perfectly retain their shape and original qualities.

Correctly selected orthopedic pillow will serve to prevent the development of torticollis, headaches, and will provide:

  • normalization of muscle tone in the cervical region, back and shoulder girdle;
  • formation of proper bending in the cervical region;
  • reduction of pain in newborns with birth trauma.

How to choose the right one?

The cushion for a child must be made in accordance with the standards required for its quality, that is, it must be:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • safe;
  • thermo-insulating;
  • qualitative;
  • wear-resistant.
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All of the above characteristics should be taken into account by the parents in the process of choosing a pillow for the baby.

It should also be noted that pillows for feeding and orthopedic pillows are different products that have different intended purpose.

The main criterion for choosing is the height of the roller, which should be equal to the shoulder of the baby.

Form Features

The main difference between orthopedic pillows for babies, which plays an important role in the formation of the correct proportions of the head, ispresence of a notchlocated in the center and designed to support the baby's head in the required position.

The edges of the pillow are equipped with special platens 3-4 cm in height.

Due to the shape features, the pillow prevents the development of curvatures in the occipital region and helps to relieve muscle tone of the neck, which improves the circulation of the cervical region.

Also, the configuration of the product guarantees the newborn the right breathing.

Used fillers

The fabric for the cushion cover, as well as the filler, are one of the key elements that you need to pay attention to entering the selection of this bedding.

Natural wool or fluff will not be the best option, since they can provoke an allergic reaction.

In addition, in such products can get ticks, and washing pillows with natural filler is quite problematic.

The optimal solution is to purchase a sleeping accessory with a filler that hasspongy or perforated structure- they provide good ventilation. Then you do not have to worry about that the babe can suffocate, buried her face in the pillow.

Material for the manufacture of the cover, on the contrary,must be natural- it can be linen, chintz or cotton.


I must say that childrenup to 1 year is better still without a pillow. Although, as noted above, there are cases when, on the recommendation of a doctor, its use is a necessity.

A great role here is played by the fact that such a pillow helps limit the mobility of the baby's head during sleep. In certain cases, this is good - but, for example, if a baby gets up and does not manage to turn his head, the consequences can be deplorable.

Rules of application. Brief instruction

For a healthy child, doctors adviseuse a pillow only from the age of twoSince the bends of the spine in children are formed gradually and are associated with motor activity.

In the process of choosing an orthopedic pillow, the priority factors should not be the color or shape, butthe size, which in this case is crucial.

So, the pillow is bought, and the parents have a question - how to place it under the head of the baby correctly? What should be done to make it a useful addition and do not harm the child?

On close examination, you can see that the pillow has a somewhat asymmetrical shape - on the one hand it is equipped with a large, and on the other - a small roller. A smaller roller should be placed under the head, when the baby sleeps on the back, and a large roller is optimal for comfortable sleep on the side.

Thanks to the configuration features of the product, the comfortable position of the neck in relation to the spine is maintained, helping to relax the muscles and distribute the load.

The pillow has a recess in the center, designed for proper positioning of the head. On such a pillow, you can save children between the ages of four weeks and two years.


A healthy child does not need an orthopedic pillow - its purchase becomes a necessity only on the recommendation of a specialist.

Conditionally, all orthopedic pillows can be dividedinto two groups- under the head and positional:

Under the head (butterfly cushion) in shape really looks like a butterfly

Such a pillowis an annular roller, having in the middlegroove, designed for correct fixation of the head.

This orthopedic accessory repeats the physiological and anatomical features of the cervico-occipital region, contributing to the proper formation of the neck calving of the spine and skull.

These pillows are recommended for use at a very early age -from 28 days after birth. The operational period is two years.

The butterfly cushion is prescribed for the diagnosis of torticollis, during rehabilitation with birth injuries of the cervical region and with rickets to prevent deformation of the bones of the skull.

The choice is better to stop on a classic butterfly cushion made of latex, which has hypoallergenic properties and corresponds to the norms of sleep appliances.

Also today, pillows are sold from synthepone, cotton wool, buckwheat husks and a feather, but these materials can cause allergy, and buckwheat will rustle and disturb the sleep of the baby.

Positional cushion (cushion-positioner)

Specifically designed for weakened and premature babies with a high risk of developing defects in the musculoskeletal system.

Pillow-cocoon is recommended for the diagnosis of "muscular dystonia when the baby is not symmetrical against the background of tonus disturbances.

The cushion helps maintain the optimal position of the body, facilitates the loading of the spine, preventing its deformation.

There are other types of orthopedic pillows:


It features a low altitude and a slight slope, which is about 15 ?.

It's greatfor a healthy baby, providing convenience and fixation in a raised position.

When choosing, it must be taken into account that the width of the product should correspond to the shoulder of the baby. The filler material should be elastic, dense, do not crumple and do not slide.

You can use this pillow from the first days after the birth of the baby.

Bathing Pillow

Made of waterproof material and looks like a circle with a hole in the middle, designed to fix the head.

In the stroller

A pillow in the stroller will protect the newborn from jolting when driving.

It supports the head, as well as the upper body in elevated position.

The cushion is characterized by high rigidity, elasticity and low height.

Generalized feedback from parents and health professionals about using

Reviews of parents and doctors indicate that healthy babies do well without orthopedic pillows. However, for some newborns, a pillow is a must.

Today the choice of such products is wide enough, and each variety has a special purpose.

Depending on the type of pillow chosen, the spine and skull of a growing child are formed.

Average Prices

Orthopedic pillows can be bought in a store for the youngest or in an online store specializing in the sale of bedding for newborns.

The assortment of goods is very large and can satisfy even the most demanding parents: a variety of colors, sizes, fillers, configurations, manufacturers, etc. is simply huge.

Russian companies offer their products at prices that fluctuatefrom 500 to 1500 rubles, and imported models will cost more -1500-3000 rubles. However, it should be noted that the prices for products of foreign firms often depend not on the quality of the goods, but on the popularity of the manufacturer.

A source: http://vashaspina.com/lechenie_spinyi/tovaryi/ortopedicheskaya_podushka_dlya_novorozhdennyih.html

Orthopedic pillow for babies

Parents try to provide the baby after birth with everything necessary. Now many accessories for babies are on sale. And the novelty, like the orthopedic pillow, became popular. Parents buy it to their babies from birth, thinking that this makes him better.

After all, a child of the first year of life spends a lot of time in a dream. But in fact, the usual orthopedic pillow for newborns is not always useful, and sometimes it can even be dangerous.

Therefore it is very important to understand what kind of devices can be put under the head, and at what age.

Do I need a pillow newborn?

Such an innovation, like an orthopedic pillow for babies, appeared recently.

Producers advertise the merits of this product, explaining its need for the fact that only this way it is possible ensure proper development of the spine, reduce the burden on the cervical spine and normalize circulation.

But parents who believe these words do not take into account the anatomical features of the child at this age. After all, the purpose of orthopedic pillows is to support the natural bends of the spine, relieving the load from the muscles and discs.

But the newborn baby still does not have these bends, his spine is straight. Neck bending is formed only at the time when the baby starts to hold the head, and the pectoral bend - when he starts to sit.

The photo shows that they do not provide the physiological position of the baby's neck and shoulders. In addition, if a child often spits up, he may choke, as the pillow will prevent him from turning his head.

Especially dangerous are soft cushions, which severely limit the mobility of the child and can cause choking.

In addition, forcing the process of forming a cervical bend can lead to serious pathologies of the spine.

Incorrectly chosen pillow for a newborn can be dangerous


All doctors believe that a healthy child does not need any adaptations under the head for a year. He must sleep on a firm, level surface, this position helps to form the musculoskeletal system correctly.


It is permissible only to put under your head a flannel diaper folded in four. The responses of most parents point out that the baby is perfectly well cared for without a pillow.

And attempts to put a fashionable accessory under his head often cause anxiety, sleep disturbance, crying.

When a pillow is needed

But there are situations when an orthopedic pillow for a baby is still needed. Most often, these are various deviations in the state of health.

Indications for the use of special devices for the newborn are birth trauma with damage to the cervical vertebrae, torticollis, impaired tone of the neck muscles.

In addition, an orthopedic pillow under the head helps to prevent deformation of the skull in rickets.

A special device in the form of a cocoon is used to support the body of the baby in the right position with a broken muscle tone and other pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

But the question of how to choose an orthopedic pillow for a baby, it is better to decide with a doctor.

Only an expert can understand whether there is a need to use it, what kind of adaptation is necessary for the child.

Do not make your own choices based on the advice of acquaintances or consultants in the store.


And what is needed for a pill to a healthy baby? It happens that children do not sleep well on a flat surface, they are uncomfortable. In this case, you can use different accessories.


A wide variety of orthopedic adaptations for babies allows you to choose the right one.

For example, you often need a small soft pillow in the stroller, which will help to soften the shaking, support for head for bathing newborns, head restraints on the width of the crib with a slight bias, cushion-positioner for the whole body.

Sometimes a newborn requires special orthopedic devices to maintain a comfortable position of the body

Requirements for pillows

If the parents decide to use an orthopedic pillow for the baby, you should carefully approach the question of choosing it.

Such accessories must meet certain requirements.

It must be ensured that the device that parents put under the head of a toddler possessed the following properties:

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  • natural composition, since synthetics can accumulate static electricity and heat up strongly, which causes discomfort;
  • hypoallergenicity - for this it is necessary to exclude also fillers of animal origin, in which dust mites often breed;
  • The pads used for babies should be easy to clean and hygienic;
  • their height should not exceed 3-4 cm;
  • the angle of inclination of the head restraint in some types of pillows can be 15-25 degrees, no more;
  • you need to choose a product of medium hardness.
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The most important thing for this accessory is to choose the filler correctly.

An ideal pillow for a newborn should be natural, made from environmentally friendly materials that do not cause allergies.

Because it is not suitable for children's bedroom accessories fluff, feather, sheep wool. They can fall down, they can not be washed, in addition, in these materials dust mites begin to grow.

Rid of these drawbacks of modern material is the komforel. These are small balls of special fiber.

Products filled with them, do not fall down, do not cause allergies, keep a good shape and do not lose their properties after repeated washing.

Such pillows are elastic, they pass air well and do not absorb odors.

The best filler is now considered to be latex. This is a natural material produced from the juice of tropical plants. It is soft, but elastic, hypoallergenic, does not lose shape and well supports the body in anatomically correct position.

A new material, from which orthopedic products recently began to produce - bio-foam. It is made from vegetable raw materials - castor oil, which is foamed in a special way with the aid of water vapor. From this material, ideal for babies cushions that have a memory effect.

If parents prefer natural materials, they can pay attention to buckwheat husks. It is an environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic filler.

Pillows with buckwheat have the ability to pass air, create a comfortable position of the child's body during sleep.

Their only drawback is a rustling sound, which may not like the baby.

The best material for the pillow is latex or foamed polyurethane foam, which has a memory effect

What are the pillows for babies

Now on sale a wide variety of orthopedic pillows. But products for newborns are different from the usual ones.

They have not only other dimensions, but also a form, and sometimes they do not at all resemble a pillow.

Traditional bedding in the form of a rectangle will be needed for the baby not earlier than a year. And for a newborn it is better to choose special models.


The butterfly cushion is a roller running a curved ring. In the middle there is a hollow for the head.


It is used for babies with torticollis or rickets to ensure the correct formation of the skeleton. Best of all, it performs its functions, if made of latex.

You can use it after the baby turns a month old.

A cushion-positioner, also called a cocoon, allows you to fix the baby's body. This is necessary if he suffers from a violation of the muscle tone, which leads to an asymmetric position of the body.

The instruction recommends the use of a position pillow for preterm infants. It is a thin headrest and two rollers on the sides of the body, fixing the baby.

They can change position, and sometimes they have a device simulating a heartbeat inside.

For preterm infants or those who suffer from a muscle tone disorder, a pillow-positioner

Pillow-headrest is used for healthy children from birth. This is a kind of tab in the crib, coinciding with it in width. The accessory has a small height and an inclination angle of 15-20 degrees.

The material from which it is made must be dense and elastic, the child should not slide. Most often such devices are made of polyurethane or latex.

Correctly selected headrest provides comfort to the baby during sleep, helps to get rid of air swallowed during feeding.

There are special anti-cushion pillows. They are designed for toddlers who like to sleep on their tummies. Made of spongy material with a perforation device allows the child to breathe freely, even if he bites into it with a spout.

The best pillows for babies

Many companies make orthopedic products, but not all of them are safe for newborns. Therefore, when choosing, you must also pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer. The most qualitative products are considered several firms.

  • Orthopedic pillows luomma suitable for kids with a month old. They are hypoallergenic, safe, ensure the correct position of the baby's head and improve the quality of sleep.
  • Pillows with the memory effect of the firm "Trives" are made of modern bio-foam. They provide maximum comfort and are shown to newborns after birth injuries, with cranking or rickets.
  • Very well-known orthopedic sleeping accessories of the company "Trelaux". These are special head restraints in the form of a trapezoid, cushions with a memory effect, cocoons for fixing the baby. They support the correct position of the child in a dream, prevent the formation of deformations of the musculoskeletal system.

One of the best are orthopedic pillows made of latex from the company "Trivers"


Parents differently speak about such accessories for kids. But most of the reviews are still positive.

When our baby was born, I wanted to buy him the best. Therefore, they bought many different accessories for sleeping in a crib and a stroller. But the grandmother came and began to swear that the pillow for the baby is harmful.

I began to study this question, indeed, much of what we bought until he needed it. But I still left the headrest in the crib in the form of a trapezoid. He was very comfortable, and not harmful for the child.


My son was diagnosed with torticollis after birth. The doctor prescribed many procedures and advised to purchase a special orthopedic pillow. She was not what I expected, but she really helped the baby.


Relatives gave the child after birth an orthopedic pillow. I was unhappy, because I know that she does not need a baby yet.

But it turned out that this is a special cushion with a memory effect. It provides comfort in sleep and prevents the development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Now I bought the same for the whole family.

If parents decided to use an orthopedic pillow to sleep their child, it is necessary to carefully select it. It is not worth saving, it's better to buy quality products from well-known manufacturers.

A source: http://MoyaSpina.ru/tovar/ortopedicheskaya-podushka-grudnichkov

Orthopedic pillow for babies: choice, application, reviews

Most recently, a new and necessary thing for newborns is an orthopedic pillow for a baby.

She very quickly gained popularity among parents, because every mom and dad want for her child only the best and from the very first days try to provide the baby with everything that will be useful for his further development.

But many have not yet encountered this innovation, so before buying, you should read some useful information about this thing.


Many mummies when the birth of their long-awaited child, first of all, ask the question: "Do I need him orthopedic pillow for babies? "And this is understandable: after all, the first year of his life, the baby will mainly spend in sleep. The opinion of specialists in this matter has been divided, but many believe that this particular thing in everyday life the baby will allow to form correctly to his spine, will contribute to the acquisition of a beautiful form head.

It is very important that the orthopedic pillow for the baby, regardless of what kind it is, Made only from hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials, so it is suitable for anyone the baby.


Specialists developed a useful accessory for sleep, considering all the anatomical features of the structure of newborn babies.

Orthopedic pillow for babies has a design that allows you to correctly develop the cervical spine of the child: from the first days of his life and until his execution one year.

This object works in such a way that, by supporting the baby's head, significantly reduces the load on the neck.

Orthopedic pillow for babies with muscle tone is very useful for the newborn. Her constant use normalizes their condition, improves blood circulation of the head and neck.

This thing is very convenient to use, due to the fact that it is easily washed and dries very quickly, while retaining its original properties, shape and dimensions.

In addition, it has good heat transfer.

What is this thing for?

Having visited necessary doctors, for certain it is possible to solve, whether it is necessary for a child an orthopedic pillow for babies.

Indications for its use can immediately identify any qualified specialist. It will undoubtedly be very useful and useful if the newborn has an early stage of rickets.

In order to avoid deformation in the occiput, you must constantly use it.


Then any doctor will say that an orthopedic pillow for babies with curved is the right thing. It is suitable both for the prevention of disease, and in the event that the ailment of the baby is congenital. This device can normalize the muscle tone of the child's neck, if it is lowered or raised.


Healthy babies can also use this item during their sleep for proper development. All pillows are divided into positional and under the head. This should be taken into account when selecting and further buying.

Pillow Butterfly

Its shape actually resembles a beautiful insect, so this thing got its name. It looks like an annular roller with a small depression in the middle. This design will help to fix the baby's head correctly.

Orthopedic pillow for babies "Butterfly" is recommended crumb almost from birth. It can be used when the baby is 28 days old, and before the age of two.

Its main purpose is to help the child get rid of torticollis and spinal injuries during childbirth.

It also helps fight the deformation of the skull with the initial stages of rickets.

All children who sleep on such pillows, according to doctors, have a deeper and more sound sleep, since they take a more correct position and thereby facilitate their breathing.

Its application from the earliest childhood has a positive effect on the psychomotor development of the child and contributes to its excellent emotional state.

Filler products can be holofayber, buckwheat, cotton wool, sintepon, feathers, pillowcase is better to choose from cotton. At the same time, an orthopedic pillow made of latex is in great demand, as this material is fully approved by leading orthopedists and does not cause any allergy.

With memory effect

Recently, the material, remembering the shape of the head and reacting to pressure and heat, is very popular.

Those who have already used such a product say that they liked the pillow (orthopedic) with the memory effect, the reviews about it are left only positive.

Mommies are confident that she is able to quickly take the shape of the baby's body.


It is used in the syndrome of vertebro-basilar insufficiency, in order to prevent the development of osteochondrosis, with increased fatigability of the child, as well as with crunched and abnormal muscle tone.


To produce it can be used a variety of fabric and a variety of fillers, but the orthopedic pillow from latex and in this case will be the best option, as this material is produced only by unique environmental technologies and has an excellent wear resistance. It does not crumble, it does not deteriorate at all and can keep the right shape for fifteen years.

Other types

In addition to the main varieties, there are also so-called pillow-positioners, developed specialists for weak children, as well as for children born in the premature birth. These babies are especially susceptible to the development of abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system.

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The product is recommended for use in muscular dystonia in infants, when the body of a newborn with a strong tonus can take asymmetric forms. This pillow helps to take the desired position of the body, relieving the load from the spine that has not yet strengthened, thereby avoiding its deformation.

There are pillows with a slope for babies - they are also called headrests. Their size is small, so they are ideal for kids with good health, ensuring their correct and fixed position of the body when feeding.

When choosing this type of pillow, you need to consider that it is in size fully consistent with the width of the shoulders of the baby. The material should be elastic and dense, so that the baby does not slip and slide over it.

The headrest helps to avoid excessive ingestion while feeding, thereby saving the baby from unnecessary colic.

There is also a product for the safe bathing of a child, made in the form of a circle with a small hole for the baby's head.

The pillow is made of a special material that does not get wet at all.


It can be used right after the baby begins to hold his head confidently.


For convenient and comfortable walks with the baby a special product is developed in the stroller. This pillow plays the role of a shock absorber during movements. It should be stiff and small in height, in order to keep not only the baby's head, but also the upper part of his body.

As we see, a large number of varieties have an orthopedic pillow. Its price depends on many factors, such as: material for manufacturing, application and much more.

Recommendations for care of the product

If the pillow is made of filler and has a cotton pillowcase, then in this case it should be thoroughly ventilated every week.

It is only necessary to wash it with soiling, using the delicate washing function in the washing machine.

Dry only on a level surface and in a well-ventilated room.

Latex cushions do not need special care. In order to wash such a product, it will only be necessary to wipe it with a damp cloth and wipe it dry. They can not be dried in the sun and left in cold rooms, since high temperatures for this material are unacceptable.

Mode of application

If you look at the usual orthopedic pillow for babies, you can see in its structure some asymmetry. On both sides it has cushions slightly different in size.

The smaller of them is put under the head of the baby, when he sleeps on his back, and the larger one - during sleep on his side. For example, a butterfly pillow should be placed with a narrow roller under the child's neck. Thus, it helps the child to spin less and move around the perimeter of his crib.

This species is most effective until the child is 6 months old.


According to some moms, their babies can do without such a product.

But still the vast majority of parents believe that for their child the best choice for an ideal sleep will be an orthopedic pillow with a memory effect.

Reviews about her are positive, it is recommended even by leading orthopedists. They say that from the correct choice of a sleeping subject will depend on the further development of the spine of the crumbs and the formation of his skull.

Pillow in the form of a butterfly is also popular among newly-made mothers. Those who started using it at the first signs of the disease in their babies, after a while, received an effective result from the application of this subject.

Where can I buy?

You can purchase the product for babies in any specialized children's store. The assortment is very large, able to satisfy all tastes and needs.

The cost of it is not too high, and in the care of a crumb always come in handy orthopedic pillow. The price for it can vary depending on who the manufacturer is.

The cost of products sold by Russian companies varies in this range: starting from 400 rubles and ending, and higher.

Having in your arsenal such an orthopedic pillow for babies, you can not worry about the strong sleep of your child.

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Orthopedic pillow for newborns with curvature - use, choice, benefit!

Krivosheya is one of the most frequently diagnosed diseases in newborns. According to statistics, this disease is inferior in terms of the prevalence of congenital clubfoot and hip dislocation.

Currently, there are many effective methods of treating torticollis in newborns that do not deliver any discomfort or pain to children.

One of the means of prevention and treatment of the ailment in question is a special orthopedic pillow - it is recommended to use many doctors, and equally the same number of specialists insists on categorical uselessness, and sometimes even the harmfulness of the use of such accessories.

Further you are invited to familiarize yourself with the basic information about orthopedic pillows for newborns. Having studied the information below, you will learn how much more pillow is good than harm and when its use is really necessary.

Basic information about children's orthopedic pillows

Manufacturers of children's products unanimously repeat the invaluable benefits of orthopedic products for newborns. But how much do these statements correspond to reality? Next you are invited to understand this point.

In fact, the main task of such a pillow is to ensure the correct and uniform development of the cervical spine in a newborn.

The product is made in view of the most important features of children's physiology, helps maintain the head and neck of the user in necessary position, due to what the level of loads on the neck decreases, and blood circulation, as well as muscle tone, comes in norm.

In addition, according to the statements of the manufacturers,Infant orthopedic pillows have other advantages, including:

  • ability to provide a normal level of heat transfer;
  • hypoallergenic properties;
  • simplicity of care;
  • long service life without loss of the original characteristics.

In theory, an orthopedic pillow for young children is a kind of "magic wand" that allows get rid of congenital torticollis and contribute to the prevention of the appearance of the acquired form of this disease. But what do doctors say about this?

Baby pillows: a view from the side of medicine

Despite the huge number of declared benefits, the opinion of orthopedists in many respects differs from the position of manufacturers of such products. In favor of doctors speak the established features of human development.

Thus, the formation of the cervical flexure of the children's spine occurs at a time when the baby learns to hold his head in the right position.

Breast bending, along with this, is formed when a person begins to sit down on his own.

Lumbar, respectively, develops during the period of walking.


With the intentional acceleration of the described measures, for example, with the help of the same orthopedic pillows, the consequences can be extremely unfavorable.


It is known that in the old days the newborn did not put any pillows at all, and there were no problems with the cervical part of the spine.

In accordance with the conclusions of doctors, children are better placed today without any kind of pillows, because only with such conditions will be provided for the necessary processes of physiological change in the shape of the skull and formation the spine.

Thus, qualified specialists in the overwhelming majority of cases recommend refraining from using any kind of pillows, otherwise the neck of the newborn will be subjected to heavy loads, which have far from beneficial effect on the processes of its formation and development.

When is the orthopedic pillow really needed?

However, in some situations, the use of special pillows is really necessary and justified from a medical point of view.

An example is the treatment of a deviation such as torticollis.

In this case, the need for an orthopedic pillow will be determined in accordance with the degree of curvature of the neck and the condition of the patient as a whole.

Important! If the baby is inclined to regular regurgitation, it is strictly forbidden to put an orthopedic pillow on him.

Recommendations for using the product in question are given in the following table.

Table. Indications for use of an orthopedic pillow for a child

Birth injuries The doctor may recommend the use of an orthopedic pillow if the condition of the cervical vertebrae of the baby has been impaired during childbirth.
Violations of the tone of the muscles of the neck Often, experts recommend the use of such pillows with a decreased and increased tone of the neck muscles.
Uneven head

It is important to understand that in practice a special pillow is not a panacea for torticollis and other problems mentioned. In some cases, the disease in question has to be treated with a medication or even a surgical procedure.

In general, the treatment of torticollis should appoint only an experienced specialist.

In most situations, the problem can be managed with the help of special physical procedures and massage sessions.

Therefore, first of all, listen to the advice of a doctor and do not use a pillow without his recommendation.

Orthopedic pillow rules

If the doctor recommends the use of the product in question, please, first of all, pay attention not to its shape and color, and the size - it will help you choose a doctor or consultant of a specialized store in accordance with the dimensions of the child.

Next, the parent needs to figure out how to properly use such a pillow, so that she actually helped the child, and not brought him harm.

Externally, such a pillow has a certain asymmetry (there are other models, but this one popular): on one side of the product is a large-sized roller, on the other hand is fastened little.


If your baby is sleeping on his back, a small roller should be placed under his head. A large roller is used when the child sleeps on its side.


In the middle of the product there is a depression for the baby's head.

Thanks to the pillow, the position of the child's neck will stay in normal condition with respect to the whole spine, the load will be evenly distributed throughout the body and the muscles will relax.

In the absence of contraindications, you can sleep on such a pillow from a month old and on average up to two years, but beforehand this moment must necessarily be agreed with the doctor.

Contraindications to the use of orthopedic pillows

If used improperly, the pillow in question can do more harm than good, so The possibility of its use, as noted, is subject to mandatory prior agreement with doctor.

Thus, an orthopedic pillow can be of real use in combating torticollis, but it can be used only if there is medical evidence from a qualified specialist.

Do not self-medicate and be healthy!

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