How to cure chronic bronchitis

Cure chronic bronchitis forever - is it real?

how to cure chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is an inflammatory process in the bronchi, which worsens every 2-3 months for at least 2 years. Even if the cough (the main symptom of any type of bronchitis) is present for a month, then disappears for a couple of weeks and resumes with a new force, unconditionally diagnose chronic bronchitis it is impossible. First, a constant cough may be in smokers, and secondly, this symptom may be associated with special / harmful working conditions.

Types of chronic cough

treatment of symptoms of chronic bronchitisIn medicine, there are several principles for the classification of chronic cough:
  1. By degree of injury:distal and proximal. In the first case, the inflammatory process affects small bronchi, in the second - large.
  2. By the presence of bronchospastic seizures:obstructive and non-obstructive.
  3. By qualitative changes:catarrhal, purulent, fibrous.

In addition, chronic bronchitis may be in remission and / or exacerbation - this also applies to classification and must be indicated in the patient's medical / outpatient card.

Causes / factors of development

Chronic bronchitis can develop for two reasons:

  • the patient constantly, for a long time, inhales chemical substances, toxic fumes, fine dust - this is typical for some specialties. For example, wood dust after grinding works not only "hangs" in the air, but also gets into the bronchi, settling on their walls. In this case, the mechanism of bronchial function is reconstructed, the structure of the walls varies;
  • Earlier acute bronchitis was diagnosed, his treatment was not complete. Alternatively, the patient developed the acute form of the inflammatory disease in question too often.

Factors that can exacerbate chronic bronchitis are:

  • attachment of the virus - for example, the development of an acute viral respiratory disease or common cold;
  • infections - angina, influenza, laryngitis (tantum verde spray with laryngitis), tracheitis and any respiratory tract diseases;
  • regular hypothermia.

Signs and symptoms of a chronic nature

treatment of chronic bronchitis in adults

Cough - the main sign of chronic bronchitis

The only common sign for all types and forms of chronic bronchitis is cough- this is the main symptom of bronchitis, it is necessarily present, but it can manifest itself in different ways.

For the catarrhal form is characterized by a moist cough, uncritical fever, signs of general intoxication. The frequency of exacerbations of this type of chronic bronchitis is no more than 4 times a year.

When the obstructive form of the inflammatory process under consideration in the bronchi is observed:

  • paroxysmal cough;
  • difficulty in getting a sputum;
  • Attacks of suffocation and bronchospasm.

Pay attention: hyperthermia (fever) with obstructive bronchitis of chronic form may not be noted.

treatment of chronic bronchitis in adults drugsNon-obstructive type of disease - sputum purulent-serous character is allocated constantly, with every fit of coughing.The daily norm of excretions is maximum 150 ml, but this figure corresponds only to the period of remission.At an exacerbation to pristanopojnomu to tussis are added:
  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • a slight increase in temperature;
  • signs of intoxication, characteristic of all inflammatory processes (weakness, drowsiness, loss of appetite, headaches).

Important: with prolonged flow of obstructive chronic bronchitis may appear thickening in the area of ​​finger phalanges, the patient notes increased sweating.

Diagnostic measures

Can you cure chronic bronchitis?

The doctor needs to not only diagnose, but also to identify the cause of the development of bronchitis

Diagnosis of chronic bronchitis should be carried out only in a medical institution by an ENT doctor. It is necessary not only to put the diagnosis itself, but also to identify the cause of the development of the inflammatory process under consideration. This will determine the purpose of medicines, the feasibility of using folk remedies.

When examining the patient, the ENT doctor will notice a too long exhalation, wheezing / wheezing sounds in the lungs, wet "sobs".To confirm the diagnosis and clarify the required accuracy (what kind of chronic bronchitis is present, what is the degree of its development, and more) the doctor directs the patient to X-ray, and if necessary, and carried out radiation diagnosis (eliminates emphysema, tuberculosis and oncology).

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After the common cold, the sense of smell is gone, what can you do, you can understand reading the article.

What good and inexpensive remedy for the common cold is used most often, is indicated here:

It is mandatory to take sputum for laboratory testing - the causative agents of the disease are identified (microbiological analysis), the structure of secretions (serous-purulent, purulent) is determined, and its viscosity.

An effective method of diagnosis is computed tomography, but more often the study is performed using a bronchoscope, which allows to determine the degree of pathological changes in the walls of the bronchi.

Methods of therapy: can I be cured forever?

Chronic bronchitis can not be cured forever - every patient of an ENT doctor will receive such an answer. It is believed that literate appointments can only increase the period of remission, but exacerbations will be necessary. In fact, chronic bronchitis in mild development can be completely cured. For this, it is not absolutely necessary to be registered for inpatient treatment, although with serious exacerbations such a step is mandatory.

At home

To permanently get rid of chronic bronchitis, you must follow the following treatment regimen:

  1. Reception of medicines.The appointment should be done only by the attending physician - echronic bronchitis symptoms and treatment in adultsit is not discussed. First, doctors will find out which virus / pathogenic microorganism has caused the development of the inflammation in question
    process. Secondly, some medicines can provoke the development of the strongest allergic
    reaction. Thirdly, it is necessary to conduct a dynamic observation of the treatment process.
  2. The use of medicinal drink.It can be herbal decoctions / teas - for example, lime blossom, raspberry, chamomile or thyme.
  3. Diet.Remove from the diet fat, spicy, smoked or pickled - anything that can serve as an irritant for the bronchi.

At home, it is most appropriate to use medicines prepared with "your own hands". These include

folk treatment of chronic bronchitis
  1. Take in equal amounts of plantain juice and honey, warm in a water bath for 20 minutes and cool. Take the medicine should be 1 teaspoon twice a day.
  2. Brew a teaspoon of Icelandic moss in a glass of boiling water, like ordinary tea. Drink the medication for the night in full.Note: Iceland moss gives a lot of bitterness, so in the "tea" you can add a little honey to improve the taste.
  3. Prepare a medicinal mixture: 1 egg yolk of a chicken egg, 1 teaspoon of honey, as much butter and flour. Mix thoroughly and take half a teaspoon at least 4 times a day.Please note: this mixture must be dissolved in the mouth an hour before meals.
  4. From the lower leaves of the aloe plant make juice and mix it with honey - per 100 ml of juice 20 grams. Stir and take a tablespoon twice a day. How to use aloe in case of nasal congestion in a child is indicated in this article.

Pay attention: the listed means need to be used not up to that time, as symptoms will disappear, and before complete cure. Up to this point, it can take a long time - up to 3-5 months.

Do not forget about the compresses - warming the upper sections of the breast will help to withdraw sputum from the bronchi and speed up the process of treatment. As fillers for compresses, you can use:

  • 2 parts of aloe juice + 1 part honey + 3 parts vodka or alcohol - the mixture needs to be heated to 40 degrees;
  • 1 part honey + 1 part melted animal fat (the most effective is goat fat).

You can actively practice the treatment of bronchitis with honey:

  • propolis- for inhalation (pour a teaspoon of 100 ml of boiling water and inhalate);
  • pollen- to strengthen immunity (mix 5 grams of pollen with a teaspoon of honey and eat 15 grams 2-3 times a day).


treatment of chronic bronchitis in adults drugsImportant: only a doctor should prescribe medicines!The composition of therapy for chronic bronchitis may include the following drugs:

  • mucolytic- help get rid of phlegm;
  • antispasmodic- relieve pain in the chest and ribs (it appears from a constant cough);
  • antibacterial- Antibiotics for chronic bronchitis are prescribed when an infectious etiology of the disease is identified;
  • antiviral.

The above medicines can be used as tablets / capsules or intravenous / intramuscular injections - which is optimal, will be determined by the attending physician.

Possible complications

treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis in adults

If no treatment is carried out, then the bronchitis is aggravated by bronchial obstruction, pulmonary emphysema and respiratory insufficiency

Chronic bronchitis can for years run almost asymptomatically - the patient from time to time worries cough, but there are no powerful exacerbations. But if no treatment is carried out, then the inflammatory disease under consideration is aggravated by bronchial obstruction, pulmonary emphysema and respiratory failure.

To permanently get rid of chronic bronchitis, it is necessary to carry out an exclusively complex therapy - it is necessary to simultaneously take prescribed medications and funds from the category "folk medicine".Necessarily it is necessary to strengthen immunity and undergo a course of physiotherapeutic procedures.


All about the correct treatment of chronic bronchitis - in this video:

Prolonged, long-lasting and often exacerbated chronic bronchitis can not be cured forever. But using all of the above methods of therapy can achieve long-term remission.

How to cure chronic bronchitis. folk remedies


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What nonsense about family problems. My mother-in-law had a family life just a gift from God. Everything is quiet. For all my life I have never quarreled with my husband. My husband is also calm. Did not drink did not walk. So the soul lived in the soul all his life. But her bronchitis tortured her. Once an old grandfather came to her on the street. He heard how she coughed with an anguish. Come and say the Little one, I hear you cough. You have these bronchial tubes. Take in the pharmacy plantain. Brew as napar. And drink as soon as you want to drink. Drink a long time. Until all the dirt goes. You'll see how this happens. Plantain is not harmful. It is useful for the whole body. Do not be afraid, drink. And left. She began to do everything as he advised. My mother-in-law is a stubborn woman. I'll drink it for a week and leave it. And she drank 6 months. Once she started washing in the bathroom. Half washed clothes and suddenly she began to cough heavily. She leaned over the bathroom and a big clump fell out of her chest. She told me that it reminded me of how jellyfish floating in the sea are liquid. This is something that came out of the bronchi. Since then and now she has not been ill for 85 years. If you do not believe you can write in a personal I will give a phone and she will confirm to you. Plantain she took in briquettes == Then this was sold in pharmacies. Did napar, just do not boil. In a small pot put a little plantain, pour boiling water over what you want. And let it infuse. Drink as you please. That's the story my mother-in-law had.

Irina Kovaleva

Folk remedies for bronchitis

* 500 g of crushed bulbs, 400 g of sugar, 50 g of honey mixed and added 1 liter of water. Cook the mixture on low heat for 3 hours, cool, filter and pour into a bottle. Take 1 tablespoon 4-6 times a day.
* 10 grams of dried and chopped mandarin peel pour 100 ml of boiling water, insist, strain. Take 1 tablespoon 5 times daily before meals. It is used as an expectorant for bronchitis and tracheitis.
* 1 cup of rubbed onion pour 1/4 cup of vinegar, rub through 4 layers of gauze, add 1 cup of honey, mix thoroughly until smooth. Drink 1 teaspoon every 30 minutes. The drug is used to treat bronchitis, laryngitis, with a strong cough.
* Licorice naked (root) - 30 g, plantain (leaves) - 30 g, violet trichrome (grass) - 20 g, mother-and-stepmother (leaves) - 20 g. Two tablespoons of the mixture is poured into a glass of boiling water, heated in a water bath for 15 minutes, cooled, filtered and adjusted to a volume of 200 ml. Drink 1 / 4-1 / 3 cup 3 times a day for tracheitis.
* A tablespoon of the dry crushed rhizome of spring primrose is poured with a glass of boiling water, heated for 30 minutes in a boiling water bath, stirring occasionally. Cool at room temperature for 30 minutes and filter. Take 1-2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day before meals. The drug is especially effective in the chronic form of bronchitis.
* Thyme (grass) - 5 g, fennel (fruits) - 5 g, mint (leaves) - 5 g, medunitsa (grass) - 20 g, mother-and-stepmother (leaves) - 20 g, clover (grass) - 5 g, plantain (leaves) - 10 g, althae (root) - 10 g, licorice naked (root) - 10 g. A tablespoon of the mixture is brewed with 2 cups of boiling water. Drink 1/2 cup 4 times a day.
* 10 grams of thyme pour a glass of boiling water, heated in a water bath for 15 minutes, cool 45 minutes, filter, squeeze and bring the volume to 200 ml. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.
* In bronchitis, especially acute, it is recommended to drink 4 times a day tincture (30 g per 100 ml of alcohol or a glass of vodka) for 40-50 drops or juice of fresh grass yarrow ordinary 2 tablespoons 4 times a day.
* Ledum herb - 4 parts, birch buds - 1 part, oregano grass - 2 parts, nettle leaves - dioecious - 1 part. Two tablespoons of the crushed mixture pour, l steep boiling water, boil for 10 minutes. Infuse, wrapped, for 30 minutes, then strain. Drink 1/3 cup a day after meals.
* Tablespoon chopped grass horsetail field brew 2 cups of boiling water, insist 2-3 hours. Take 1 tablespoon 5-6 times a day.
* Devyasil (root) - 10 g, primrose (root) - 10 g, mother-and-stepmother (leaves) - 10 g. Two teaspoons of mixture pour a glass of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. After 15 minutes, cool. Drink infusion should be with bronchitis in small sips in 3 divided doses during the day.
* 2 tablespoons chopped turnip pour 1 cup boiling water. Infuse, wrapped, 1-2 hours. Take 1/4 cup 4-5 times a day. Juice and infusion from turnip apply for a sharp cold cough, hoarseness of voice, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma.
* Tea made from 40 g of buckwheat flowers per 1 liter of boiling water facilitates dry cough.
* Bronchitis is well treated with pork "healthy that is, the internal lard from the intestines, which has the appearance of a grid. This greasy mesh is put in a bowl and placed in a warm but not hot oven or on a very light fire, so that the liqueurs are drained off the mesh. The melted fat is drained and placed in a cold place. 1 dessert spoon to dilute a glass of hot milk and drink in small sips. For external rubbing in the chest, it is necessary to mix this fat with turpentine and rub it into the chest to dryness.
* Chive the garlic and 1 teaspoon of flower honey thoroughly chew until completely chopped 3 times a day.
Treatment of chronic bronchitis with the help of folk remedies

sergey ivankov


Hovhannes Martirosyan

Folk remedies for bronchitis [link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]


In metaphysics, bronchitis occurs when problems arise in the family. Experience, anger. There may be a desire to break off relations, but they are resolved because of feelings of guilt.
Treat life more joyfully and simply There are no families where absolute tranquility. The views of members of your family can be different. This is completely normal. Do not take everything so close to heart, do not yield to the influence of other people, even they are your close ones. do not despair but resist without the slightest feeling of guilt. By respecting the rights of others.

Natalia Eksatova

I personally helped infusion of herbs BAGULNIK.


First check the kidneys, Possible sand.

Natalia Yugova

tortured bronchitis that I do not drink nothing helps... What else can be cured of bronchitis coughing is not what is not coughing up inside everything is croaking

Treatment of bronchitis in the home: acute, chronic, folk remedies

Bronchitis often begins in the program of influenza or ARVI or as their complication, when a cold and sore throat is joined to a dry and debilitating or moist cough and if during the time to help your body, quickly transfer dry cough to wet, then bronchitis can be cured faster than 10 days.

However, if untimely therapy, violation of a calm semi-fasting regime, or worse - go to work for patients, acute bronchitis easily turns into chronic. More details about symptoms, signs of bronchitis in adults, read in our article. On how to treat bronchitis at home, so that it does not become protracted or chronic, we'll tell in this article.

Any treatment should be comprehensive:

  • Active control of the virus and infection
  • Improve patency of the bronchi, dilution of sputum and the fastest removal of sputum
  • Elimination of provoking factors

The regime with bronchitis

At the very beginning of the illness, you just need to have a bed rest for 2-3 days, then you can have a half-fast mode for 3-4 more days, when it will become easier, the temperature will be normal, you can go out and make small walks in the fresh air, better in the park, rather than along the motorways.

It is necessary to observe a predominantly vegetable - cereal, milk diet, during the illness the body especially needs vitamins, it is better if it is natural vitamins - fruits and vegetables.

If a person smokes, giving up smoking should happen as if by itself, because smoking is so raises and provokes a dry cough, and postpones the day of recovery, what to say about it, not even worth it. Very many inveterate smokers who think about their health quit smoking after acute bronchitis, pneumonia or obstructive bronchitis!

One of the options for rapid recovery with bronchitis is the prompt dissolution of sputum and its excretion from the body, and this is very simply achieved by abundant warm drinking. This is a commonplace advice, but the most correct and correct, the more fluid the patient drinks with bronchitis, the faster the sputum is produced, which means the bronchial discharge.

Also, inflammation during intoxication produces a mass of harmful toxic substances that poison body, and a plentiful drink of up to 2-3 liters a day - the way to purification from toxins and speedy recovery.

You can drink any drinks, best if they are fortified with natural vitamins - broth of dogrose, raspberries, linden, mint, chamomile tea, milk-mineral honey cocktails (mineral water without gases Borjomi, Narzan + milk + honey). And from strong tea and coffee should refrain, because caffeine dehydrates the body, which is not desirable for any disease.

In dry air, cough is much stronger, so try to moisten the air in the room where the patient is. It is best to use an air cleaner and humidifier for this purpose. It is also desirable to carry out a daily wet cleaning of the patient's room, to purify the air.

Do you need antibiotics for bronchitis?

There are cases of very severe bronchitis with obstructive syndrome and respiratory failure, in such a situation, hospitalization in the pulmonology department is indicated. With a mild form of bronchitis, uncomplicated other pathology, after consulting a doctor, you can treat acute bronchitis at home, using various medications or traditional medicine.

Treatment of bronchitis in the home

Usually, to apply antibiotics for bronchitis is not advisable, if it is caused by the flu virus, the common cold. Strong immunity perfectly copes with inflammation of the bronchi. Antimicrobial agents in the absence of appropriate changes in blood and in the absence of purulent sputum, can not be used in bronchitis, because they not only do not have anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect, but also increase allergization, can provoke bronchoobstructive syndrome. But in case if:

  • long lasts a high fever, with coughing purulent sputum
  • or after an acute period of illness after 4-5 days suddenly the condition worsens, a new high jump appears temperature, with coughing purulent sputum (yellow or green), general condition of the patient worsens

it is necessary to once again address to the doctor who will examine, listen to patients, will direct on analyzes and a roentgen, then recommends a course of antibiotics aimed at destroying the attached bacterial infection. You should never start taking antibiotics without a doctor's recommendation. 11 rules - how to take antibiotics correctly.

How to quickly cure bronchitis at home

Antiviral drugs

If bronchitis occurs against the background of the flu, then for therapy you can connect antiviral drugs. You can use interferon preparations intranasally, that is, instillation into the nose of both children and adults, the use of other antiviral drugs for ARVI and influenza on Today, it is widely advertised and recommended, however, there is no convincing research and evidence of their effect and safety, therefore the decision on their application is personal everyone's business.


To improve the departure of phlegm, the doctor prescribes expectorant, mucolytic drugs, there are many of them in the pharmacy network - the most popular and effective among them: Lazolvan, Ambrohexol, Bromhexin, Herbion, herbal pectoral dues (which can be used in the absence of allergy to medicinal herbs). With prolonged cough and bronchial obstruction, Ascoril (Josette, Cachnol) is prescribed, containing salbutamol.

At the very beginning of bronchitis, the patient usually has a prolonged dry, unproductive cough. Therefore, to facilitate the condition, you should take funds such as Glaucin, Libexin, Tusuprex, Levoprot, suppressing a dry cough, and expectorants are taken later, when the cough goes into wet. Also it is possible to use and the combined preparations, such as Sinekod - the instruction, Bronhikum, Bronholitin. For the treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies, with dry cough they use thermopsis, licorice, mother-and-stepmother.

After 4 days, as a rule, sputum begins to depart, so the suppressant cough supplements should be canceled, and take the medications diluting sputum:

  • Mucolytics - these include acetylcysteine ​​- ATSTS, Mukoneks, Fluimutsil, as well as carbocysteine ​​- Fluviert.
  • Ekspektoranty - means that improve the expectoration of phlegm, that is, the reflex effect, they include all known plantain (Herbion), ivy leaves (Prospan), marshmallow, thyme, aniseed drops, as well as Thoracic collection.
  • Mukokinetics are agents that facilitate the promotion of sputum, for example, Bromhexine. Such popular medicinal products as Lazolvan (in Ambroxol tablets), Ambrobe, in addition, have the property of diluting sputum, making it not so viscous, it is easily removed from the body.


It is very effective to treat bronchitis with the help of various inhalations. If you want to quickly cure bronchitis, you should definitely do inhalation. Just first make sure that there is no heat and no palpitations.

Recipes for steam inhalations in bronchitis are many - this is saline, and soda solutions, and essential oils of eucalyptus, pine, grass, herbal collections, the inhalation of phytoncides, which are rich in essential oils of garlic, rosemary - reduce coughing jerks and facilitate the process coughing up. However, it is not uncommon for allergic reactions to essential oils and medicinal herbs and therefore people prone to allergies (pollinosis) it is better not to take risks and avoid using different herbs and essential oils.

Also for those who have a home inhaler, you can perform inhalation in bronchitis with a nebulizer with Lazolvan, Ambrobene, etc. Special medicinal solutions designed to improve the release of bronchi from sputum.

In the case of obstructive bronchitis in children or adults, the effective bronchodilator is Berodual, special solutions are available for inhalations.

Massage, breathing exercises

Always effectively and quickly helps to cope with almost all diseases - massage, with bronchitis it can be done only in case of normalization of body temperature, you can do it yourself, with the help of various massagers, Kuznetsov's applicator, or vibrating massage. To date, there are many different types of massagers, so you can buy any of them.

After the acute period of inflammation ends and there are only residual effects in the form of a rare cough, you can begin to do therapeutic respiratory gymnastics, for example, according to Strelnikova. Women can try to perform simple exercises from breathing exercises Bodyflex, which strengthens not only the respiratory system, but also normalizes metabolism and promotes weight loss.

On the recommendation of a doctor, you can also take a course of physiotherapy.

Oddly enough, old proven tools are forgotten by modern people, and methods such as cans, mustard plasters, warming compresses are rarely used by people. But these are safe and very effective procedures.

Treatment of chronic bronchitis with folk remedies

In each family there are grandmothers, great-grandmothers, who used to treat all diseases, exclusively with folk remedies. Among all the methods of treating chronic bronchitis with folk remedies, we will talk about the simplest and most accessible to everyone:

Radish, honey

Treatment of chronic bronchitis with folk remedies

A very ancient and effective recipe is a radish, in it a small indentation is made, in which is laid a teaspoon of honey. After a while, the radish gives juice and you can eat it 3 times a day. This is a good way to relieve cough, if there is no allergy to honey.

Chamomile, St. John's wort, sage, calendula, calamus

Such medicinal herbs as chamomile, St. John's wort, sage, calamus, calendula possess anti-inflammatory properties and in the absence of allergies you can make infusions - 1 st. spoons on a glass of boiling water, insist for one hour and drink 3 r / day.

Garlic, dill, butter

Sandwiches with garlic, dill and butter - to make a sandwich, take 5 denticles garlic, squeeze through garlic, mix with butter 100 gr., you can add finely chopped dill or parsley. Eating a sandwich 3 times a day.

Medicinal Herbs

  • Plantain has always been valued by folk healers for its excellent expectorant properties. Therefore, to treat bronchitis, you can buy leaves of plantain, 4 tbsp. Spoon the leaves with chop, pour half a glass of boiling water, allow to stand for 4 hours, drain and drink this amount during the day.
  • Such medicinal plants as thyme, eucalyptus, pine buds, cumin, St. John's wort, fennel have an expectorant effect, so they can also make infusions and inhalations.
  • To increase immunity in chronic bronchitis, such medicinal plants as decoctions of plantain, yarrow, violets, althea roots, mother-and-mahihi help.
  • The intake of natural mummy, tincture of echinacea, licorice root syrup also helps to increase immunity.
  • Decoctions of parsley, juniper, horsetail, birch, cowberry leaves. These remedies are not direct methods of treating acute bronchitis at home, but they help a lot to strengthen the body and speedy recovery.


To remove the symptoms of intoxication in viral and infectious diseases, in order to quickly remove toxins from the body, you can use and pharmaceutical means sorbents - Polysorb, Enterosgel, Filtrim STI, Polyphepan, etc., but they must be taken in the gaps between drug and food intake, is best 1 time per day at night, 2 hours after the last meal and medication and short course.

Psychological attitude

It is possible that many will seem strange and unacceptable, but psychological, emotional, a positive mood for recovery is always very important, especially for chronic diseases. Faith in healing - gives the brain a very strong push to strengthen the struggle of the body with the disease. Daily reading of positive attitudes, which you can think up for yourself, pronouncing affirmations, self-hypnosis, meditation - can help more than some medicinal facilities. The main thing is to believe that it works, to believe in the strength of your body and the illness will go away.


Sokoterapiya has long been considered the most powerful way of healing the whole body. Especially useful are vegetable juices:

  • Beet juice is considered to be the most highly effective juice for cleansing the blood of toxins, it helps to normalize the blood composition, especially increases the platelets, the only condition for its reception is that you can not drink freshly squeezed juice, first the raw beetroot rubbed on the grater, squeezed the juice, and then put in the refrigerator, after 3-4 hours of it You can drink.
  • Carrot juice - a lot of beet juice is not recommended to drink, not more than 100 ml., It is better to dilute it with a useful carrot freshly squeezed juice. It's tasty, and extremely useful.
  • Cowberry juice - very good for sputum.
  • Cabbage juice is fresh, it's not very pleasant to drink, but if you add a little sugar, then as an expectorant it is very effective. In addition, cabbage juice helps and with diseases of the stomach.

How to cure chronic bronchitis.


Salaam Aleikum

Peace to you!
First of all, do not smoke and no one smokes nearby.
If there is a temperature, an antibiotic is needed.
Inhalations are the best remedy to increase sputum discharge, thereby improving the condition when coughing. You can use a special inhaler or just breathe, covered with a blanket, over a pot with brewed chamomile, mint or thyme, or dissolve in hot water 10 tablets of Validol.
Now about how to carry out inhalation. You can roll a funnel from a thick paper, cover it with a wide end or a teapot, and inhale steam through a narrow gap. Many people prefer to breathe steam over the pan, covering the head with a towel. This is also not forbidden, just be careful not to overturn accidentally a pan of hot water. And keep in mind that suffering from hypertension, with increased blood pressure, this method is contraindicated.
Some inhalation is more convenient to make from a teapot or a coffee pot. Fill it with water for one third. On the spout, put a pacifier with a cut end or a rubber tube through which it will be eaten. The duration of any inhalation is 5 - 15 minutes. Do it 2-4 times a day.
Inhalation start 5 minutes after the water boils. It is strictly forbidden to breathe over boiling water!
Promotes separation of phlegm warm milk with soda (a quarter teaspoon of soda per glass) or milk in half with mineral water (Essentuki No. 4) - two to three times a day. If very tasteless - replace with milk with honey. Cook in a liter of milk of medium size onion and add a spoonful of honey. Use this mixture for the night. Milk is made very tasty, the onions do not smell at all, and even children drink it easily. Dry cough after it becomes softer and faster passes.
To get rid of a cough during a cold, you can rub your chest with any (even pork) fat and wrap up warmer. Bearish, badger and other exotic lard has no advantages! A good iodine mesh or a bag of warmed oats or salt placed on the chest is also good. Another option - one pepper plaster on the chest and two under the shoulder blades, keep the day (with a strong burning, take off!).
As with the common cold, do not allow sputum to dry out. If the doctor has not appointed, do not take cough suppressants (for example, libexin, tusuprex or codeine). With dry cough at the beginning of the disease mucolytics are effective, increasing the amount of sputum and diluting it (pectusin, licorice syrup and others). And when the cough became wet - expectorants (mucaltin 2 tablets 4 times a day, washed down with warm green tea, smokers - bromhexine or ambroben).
I also like to prescribe broncholitin for 1 tablespoon 6 times a day. It's from wheezing and wheezing.
If the cough is excruciating in the mornings or evenings, it is recommended to drink a glass of hot water with the addition of 3 drops of iodine.
When it will be better - breathing exercises and hardening.
Hardening is not pouring cold water, but, on the contrary, warm. First, use water with a temperature of 33-34 degrees. And every week, lower the temperature by 1 degree. Over time, you can pour cold water from the tap. You need to make an injection every day! They got sick - stopped, recovered - all over again, with warm water. Wipe dry.
The most mildly effective procedure is wiping the body with water (and immediately wipe dry). It should be recommended to weakened people. After 2-3 weeks, go to another, more powerful procedure - dousing, and then to the soul. People with good health can begin hardening immediately with a shower.
How to protect yourself from colds?
It is more useful to walk barefoot, less to wrap around, do not neglect the morning exercises, run, swim and just try to walk more. Start with a small, gradually accustoming your body without consequences in the form of a cold or a cough to endure both winter cold, unreliable spring heat, and dank autumn slush.

. .

they say it helps the dog fat to drink it in the morning or try the licorice root.

Galina Akulina

Grandmother made such things to us. She took a three-year-old aloe, twisted it in a meat grinder, in the proportion of a glass of aloe, a glass of honey, everything is insisted on dark, warm place for about a week (store in a cool place), take a tablespoon three times in day. I also took a large black radish, soap, cut off the tip, the middle clears, the flesh mixed with honey, and laid out inside the radish, closed with a cut on top, insisted, and just three times a day, on the dining room spoon. For a week all bronchitis leaves, and the heaviest, is used even at treatment of a tuberculosis.


Tablets or syrup LAZOLVAN. Literally pulls out everything! And the filbert fat in the capsules in the pharmacy. Take three months to complete the disappearance of excreted sputum.


First, brew the herb of Hyssop and drink a glass, 2 or 3 times a day, instead of tea. secondly, take a large round beet, cut off the top (like a lid), but do not throw it away, then pull it out beets of the inside, put there (inside) 2-3 tablespoons of honey, cover back the lid and put in the microwave for 5 min. after that, pull out and drink the resulting juice for 2-3 spoons (you can often). The course of treatment - until recovery. Here I, for example, this method cured cough in 2 days! Be healthy, do not cough!

Alexander Medvedev

At me since the childhood was hr. bronchitis, asthma, and a bunch of other incurable diseases. Now I'm 47. Even young people envy my health. But it is difficult to tell you in two words how to cure yourself. If briefly and concisely: optimism (saves energy of the body and spirit, necessary immunity), nutrition (the less you eat, the less slags, and more EFFICIENCY of food), dousing with cold water (stress hormone is produced, which is a cure for all diseases). alcoholic minimum (from the calculation of 100 grams per week). I've been smoking all my life, and with this way of life (provided that I had asthma and bronchitis earlier), I have lungs (indications of the last x-ray) as in a baby (ideal). Here you see how it happens. You can still get out if you want. And if there are additional questions, write directly to me on the blog, where "leave a message." OK?


chronic cure is very difficult... complex therapy is needed ...


scarlet and radish as described above, I make scarlet honey and insist on vodka in equal proportions, then in the refrigerator is stored as much as necessary, at the first signs of illness I take out


try respiratory gymnastics shooter. even from asthma helps, not that from bronchitis


First of all, find out the cause and bronchitis whether it is.
Make yourself an MRI of the lungs.

Chronic bronchitis symptoms and treatment | How to treat chronic bronchitis

Bronchitis is a disease of the upper respiratory tract. The disease affects the mucous membrane of the lungs and bronchial tree. Distinguish between two types of illness: acute and chronic. Symptoms and treatment of the latter type of disease - the topic of today's article. How to treat chronic bronchitis with medication and home methods, find out later in the article.

Symptoms of chronic bronchitis

The most important symptom of bronchitis is a long intermittent cough. Damaged mucous secretes sputum, which is worse out, usually it causes a tearful morning cough. Cough can be worse and at night, with damp and cold weather, sputum is constantly allocated.

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The disease is also characterized by:

1. fatigue,

2. temperature increase,

3. dyspnea,

4. unpleasant sensations behind the sternum.

After a while, the cough becomes wet and sputum begins to come out. With a favorable course of the disease, the symptoms of bronchitis subsided on day 5 and completely disappear by day 10.

Options for the development of chronic bronchitis

The development of the disease occurs very quickly if the mucous membranes are constantly affected by microbes or viruses that are in the air. The disease begins to develop when a person is constantly in a damp and cold room. If the bronchi are damaged by dust, smoke, it gives a "push" to the increase and separation of phlegm and cough begins to increase. A considerable harm to the bronchi causes work in harmful production, such as: chemical, wool, confectionery industries, where there is a large concentration of harmful substances in the air.

Chronic bronchitis very quickly progresses, if the focus of infection is not localized. Often bronchitis is aggravated by chronic tonsillitis. When infectious infection joins the disease, the situation changes dramatically, complicating the disease and sputum turns into purulent discharge. Exacerbation of chronic symptoms occurs with the participation of streptococci, pneumococci, staphylococci.

Treatment of chronic bronchitis

This type of bronchitis is in most cases a complication of the common cold and flu. If the infection is not treated, then it naturally gradually descends into the bronchi. In general, the development of bronchitis occurs from the top down. Paroxysmal cough with sputum is an infection, and it moves down the respiratory tract and causes an inflammatory process.

Chronic bronchitis needs long-term treatment. To treat the disease prescribe antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs that increase immunity, drugs for liquefaction of sputum. Also recommend the use of special respiratory gymnastics, physiotherapy procedures.

Objectives of chronic bronchitis therapy

In addition to folk methods in the treatment of chronic bronchitis, standard, medical methods are used:

1. anti-inflammatory therapy;

2. restore the patency of the bronchi;

3. restore immunity;

4. prevent foci of bronchitis during chronic infection.

How to treat chronic bronchitis in stages?

1. At the first stage of treatment it is necessary to refuse completely from smoking. Clinical studies confirm that smoking cessation facilitates the course of severe disease stages, and the treatment process is much more effective.

2. At the second stage of treatment, drugs that expand the bronchi are generally prescribed. To the group of medicines include stimulators of andrenoretseptorov: Salbutamol, Fenoterol, Terbutalin. Stimulants of cholinergic receptors, medicinal preparations that dilate the bronchi, are: Ipratropium Bromide, Tiotropium bromide.

3. In the third stage, expectorants prescribe medications that stimulate sputum production. In the treatment of mild bronchitis prescribed drugs that are prepared on a plant basis and give preference to mucolytics (ATSTS, Ambroksol). Such drugs as Ambroxol, Lazolvan dilute sputum and increase the regenerative capacity of the bronchial epithelium. ATSTS is also able to dilute sputum and strengthen the release of mucus from the bronchi, also reduces the inflammatory process.

4. At the fourth stage, antibiotics are prescribed. Antibiotics are taken at the outset of the inflammatory process, for rapid repayment of the focus of infection. Apply drugs that are part of the penicillin group: Amoxicillin with Clavulanic acid, Azithromycin, Erythromycin. The duration of chronic bronchitis depends on the severity of the disease and on the characteristics of the patient's body.

How to treat modern methods of chronic bronchitis?

Inhalation methods of therapy of chronic bronchitis

In order to correct bronchial obstruction syndromes and acute respiratory failure, inhalation of bronchodilators is used. Such aerosols reduce the reactivity of the bronchi, relax the smooth muscles of the bronchi, reduce the mediator activity of mast cells, improve mucociliary clearance, reduce vascular permeability and edema of the mucous membrane of the bronchi, restore the normal ratio of the cholinergic and adrenergic components of the regulation of the tone of smooth muscles. In the treatment of chronic bronchitis, medicinal substances of various pharmacological groups are used:

1. bronchospasmolytics:

  • nonselective adrenomimetics: Isoproterenol (Isoprenaline, Isadrin Euspyran, Izuprel, Aludrin), Orciprenaline (Astomopent, Alupent). Euspyran, Aludrin is used in metered-dose inhalers for, 8 mg, 1-3 inhalations 4 times a day, Alupent and Astmopent-po, 5 mg in a single dose. In nebulizers, 6-12 drops of 1% Izrupel, Euspyran in 3 - 5 ml of isotonic solution of sodium chloride and, ml, 5% solution of Alupent and Astomopent in 10 ml of isotonic sodium solution chloride. Inhalations are performed with the aid of a compressor inhaler;
  • selective Adrenomimetics: Formoterol and Salmeterol. In the treatment of chronic bronchitis, they relax the smooth muscles of the bronchi, inhibit the release of histamine, prostaglandins, leukotrienes. Formoterol 12-24 mcg is used in the treatment of chronic bronchitis in a metered-dose inhaler 2 times a day. Salmeterol in a dose of 50-100 μg is sprayed in a dispensing inhaler or sprayers-diskhalerov dry powders 2 times a day;

2. cholinolytics in the treatment of chronic bronchitis: Atropine, Platifillin, Metacin - block pre- and postsynaptic M-cholino receptors and stop the vagal component in the pathogenesis of bronchial obstruction. Inhalations are carried out with the help of a compressor inhaler. Use, 5, ml,% solution Atropine or, ml,% solution of Platifillin in 5-10 ml isotonic sodium chloride solution. With the aid of metered-dose inhalers, 20 μg of Ipratropium bromide (Atrovent), Oxytropium bromide (Oxivent), 80 μg of Trententhol and 250 μg of Berodual's two-component bronchodilator are administered. In nebulizers in the treatment of chronic bronchitis apply, 25% solution Atroventa, or 5% solution Beroduala;

3. calcium antagonists: Nifedipine, Verapamil - block potential-dependent calcium channels, reduce the secretion of mediators from mast cells and contractility of smooth muscles of the bronchi;

4. methylxanthines weaken the tone of the smooth muscles of the bronchi. For inhalations 2 - 3 ml,% solution of Euphyllin is used (non-induction routes of administration are preferred);

6. membrane stabilizers stabilize the membranes of mast cells, thereby preventing their degranulation and release of inflammatory mediators (histamine, leukotrienes, prostaglandins, etc.).

Hyperbarotherapy as a therapeutic method for chronic bronchitis

So called therapeutic use of air under increased atmospheric pressure. In the hyperbarium conditions, the resistive resistance to respiration increases due to a change in the nature of the gas streams throughout the tracheo-bronchial tree. An increase in the density of the gaseous medium in combination with the humoral and reflex action of increased PO2 makes it difficult to remove CO2 from the body. The emerging hypercapnia stimulates the oxidative phosphorylation and reparative regeneration in the lungs.

Accumulating nitrogen and CO2 lead to activation of bronchial adrenoreceptors, which is accompanied by relaxation of smooth muscles of the bronchi, decreased release of endogenous spasmogenes, increased mucociliary clearance. Compression of air in the treatment of chronic bronchitis before, 4 MPa -5 min, isocompression - 45 min, decompression - 10 minutes, for 60 minutes, daily; course of this method of treatment of chronic bronchitis 10-15 procedures.

Peloidinterfertotherapy as a method of treatment of chronic bronchitis

Combined effects on the patient's body of interference currents and therapeutic mud in the treatment of chronic bronchitis. Under the influence of interference currents rhythmic contraction of the smooth muscles of the vessels, bronchi, which leads to increased blood supply and lymph drainage in the lungs and bronchi and stimulates excretion secret. Reduces the severity of hyperreactivity of the bronchi, increases the excretion of sputum from the peripheral parts of the bronchi. When mud is applied, the volatile substances, ions, humic acids, hormonal substances contained in it penetrate the skin through the ducts of the sebaceous glands and the hair follicles. Accumulating in the body, humic acids and steroid-containing peloid fractions limit exudation and edema of the lung tissue and bronchi and induce proliferative processes in the inflammatory focus.

In patients with symptoms of chronic bronchitis, various dynamics of bronchial patency were revealed during the treatment. The mud temperature reaches 40 ° C, the current strength depends on the area of ​​the electrodes and is 30 mA, the beat frequency is 100 Hz, the duration of the procedures is 20 minutes, every other day; course of this method of treatment of chronic bronchitis 10-15 procedures.

How to defeat chronic bronchitis at home?

The most important thing in treatment is observance of bed rest and taking prescribed medications. It is recommended to drink plenty of tea: raspberry jam, tea with honey and lemon, increased intake of vitamin C. A good effect is given by mustard plasters, alcohol compresses, rubbing with warming ointments. Apply expectorants and inhalations with the addition of eucalyptus oil, or an ordinary asterisk. Lollipops from the cough will remove the swelling in the throat.

Are there other ways? Of course, there are a lot of them! Here are some of them:

1. inhalation (steam) for chronic bronchitis. Cook potatoes, then they breathe in pairs of potatoes;

2. medicinal fees (herbal) will help treat chronic bronchitis. Make a mixture of herbs: oregano, mother-and-stepmother, plantain, licorice, thyme. Then, one tablespoon of the mixture is poured with half a liter of boiling water. Infuse three hours. Drink ten days for one third of a glass;

3. a great effect is obtained if you drink koumiss, goat's milk. There are three glasses a day;

4. onions with honey - this mass also gives its positive effect in the treatment of chronic bronchitis. Onions are passed through a meat grinder and honey is added, in a one to one ratio. They take one spoon (canteen) from bronchitis for two weeks, twice a day.

The overall picture of the treatment is clear. But we must remember that chronic bronchitis should not be ignored. Otherwise, the consequences of the disease can lead to bronchial asthma, pneumonia, and emphysema of the lungs, and pneumosclerosis. It is not necessary to recruit a whole "bouquet" of diseases, it is easier to start treatment at an early stage of the disease and prevent dangerous consequences. And the treatment will take a long time and your desire to be cured.

Causes of Chronic Bronchitis

Bronchitis often develops due to poorly cured acute bronchitis. Still chronic bronchitis is caused by frequent smoking, air contacts with chemical substances (dusty bronchitis), diseases of the oral cavity organs and paranasal sinuses. If chronic bronchitis is not treated, then there will be bouts of shortness of breath with an exhalation, and choking may occur, which is very dangerous for your health.

One of the causes of this disease is of course, smoking, which affects the upper respiratory tract. It has long been known that all diseases are caused by contamination of the gastrointestinal tract. To a great surprise, chronic bronchitis is directly associated with the contamination of the gastrointestinal tract.

According to experts, most often they are sick people over 50, and a large percentage of the disease falls on women than men. Sometimes the disease leads to death, and the cause of death in pulmonary heart disease and an abnormal increase in airspace.

Chronic bronchitis: disease risk factors

Risk factors for this disease:

1. smoking;

2. bad ecological conditions;

3. poor heredity (lack of alpha-1-antitrypsin).

There are many other reasons - alcohol intake, passive smoking, unfavorable living conditions.

How to cure bronchitis at home?


Pear Orange

Wife, a pharmacist by the way, is now being treated at home. Colet himself Cefotaxime 2p. per day (there is Cefalexin in capsules if there is no one to stab), ACTS200 x 3p per day, clargotil 1p., Bronhomunal 1t. in the morning, still makes mustard plasters, we rub the breast with fir oil, inhalations with eucalyptus oil, milk drinks with honey. Already better!


if you naturally know for sure that bronchitis - sulfonamides (sulfadimethoxin type 2 weeks and not bruise)
or antibiotics of a type tsiproleta (it is more rigid - weeks will suffice)
toko contraindications to read !!!

* Bohemia *

If it's faster, drink the antibiotic sumamed. Cures quickly and reliably. If folk remedies, then drink a decoction of mother-and-stepmothers, expectorant charges, they are sold in the pharmacy. Broncholitin, euphillin will facilitate breathing. Tea with honey and lemon, hot milk with honey or with Borjomi.


buy a black turnip, cut out a glass in it, add honey inside it, let it brew and use a teaspoon before meals and at night


badger fat, on an empty stomach on a spoonful, it is nasty to taste, I have eaten honey, within a month


Antibiotics: tsifran, 2 r / d, expectorant ACTS-long 1 r / d, inhalations with eucalyptus, soda. At night, rub the chest with any warming ointment (you can mix baby cream and a little bit of Kapsikama). wear a cotton T-shirt and a wool sweater. Hot drink with honey, ginger tea. And mulled wine is well hot at night.


Biseptol is perfectly helped by an odd number of days and linkas


Be careful with antibiotics. After their application, the bacteria in the intestines grow to a normal colony of TWO YEARS!!! Children treated (it was impossible to apply medicine) with honey rubs - passed a bronchitis for 2 days. The main condition: while you are treated with honey, you can not go out on the street, on drafts (stairwells), it is better not to get out of bed at all.
So, take about 100 g of honey, we warm on the water bath to 45-50 degrees and quickly spread the skin on the chest and back, especially the sides, but do not smear the projection of the heart on both the back and chest! Immediately put on a T-shirt or shirt made of 100% cotton or linen, preferably on top of something like a sweatshirt or sweater, and - at once in a bed, a warm drink (milk, tea with lemon, fruit drinks - at choice), toes socks, better woolen, it would be nice to put on legs like pajamas or losin. If the cough and temperature are left the next day, then the procedure is repeated. But be careful of my warnings - honey is a very powerful remedy, the slightest cooling can lead to serious complications of the disease. By the way, the body does not wash until you get well. Re-apply honey to unwashed skin without removing the T-shirt.

Piter gor

black radish with honey, shoots of the Bogolnik swamp drink - back in three days of relief.

Galina Kitcha

the main thing in the treatment of bronzitis bed rest. Inside honey, badger fat. chest collection of herbal, in the pharmacy is on sale. External, too, honey, badger or any interior fat, warming rubbing on the chest, on the back and legs.


Bronchitis. Distinguish between acute and chronic bronchitis.
Acute bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. It is most common in young children and the elderly. It is usually associated with viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, but can be caused by bacteria as well as by allergic reactions. With acute bronchitis, the tissues along the walls of the passages swell and produce a large amount of mucus.
Symptoms: There is a dry, sharp cough that intensifies at night. Cough usually softens in a few days due to the release of mucus.
Traditional methods of treatment: showing bed rest, abundant warm drink, mustard. Appointed expectorant, bronchodilator drugs. Sometimes, antipyretic and analgesic agents are used.
In chronic bronchitis, mucus-producing cells that line the bronchial walls thicken and produce too much mucus. The mucous membrane of the bronchi swells. The occurrence of chronic bronchitis is associated with the exposure to the mucous membrane of the bronchi of harmful impurities contained in the air: tobacco smoke, automobile exhausts, etc.
Symptoms: A persistent cough in which very much mucus is released. As the disease progresses, breathing difficulties increase, especially in connection with physical exertion. Sometimes swelling and puffiness of the whole body are observed. Destructive complications include congestive heart failure, acute respiratory arrest, emphysema.
Traditional methods of treatment: Assign expectorants, antibiotics. In severe cases, patients may be hospitalized.
Unconventional and folk methods of treatment:
1) Clean 3 garlic heads and together with 5 lemons with a peel, pass in a meat grinder or grate on a fine grater, pour them 1L. boiled water and soak in a closed pot for 5 days. Strain, squeeze the remainder. Take as a sucking agent for bronchitis 3 times a day for 1 tablespoon.
2) Take 5-6 large cloves of garlic, grind into a gruel, mix with 100 grams. A butter and a bunch of finely chopped dill. In the morning, afternoon and evening, spread the mixture on bread. This oil also helps with pneumonia.
3) An excellent prescription for the treatment of bronchitis: 1kg. ripe tomatoes, 50gr. garlic and 300 gr. root horseradish grind in a meat grinder. Mix and salt to taste. To eat: to children 1 teaspoon before meal 3 times a day, To adults - 1 table spoon 3 times a day.
4) Mix in the ratio by weight 2 grated on a fine grater onions, apples, honey. To treat bronchitis, accompanied by a cough, take at least 5-6 times a day.
5) Carrot juice, hot milk and honey in the ratio 1 to insist 4-5 hours and drink in a warm form on a glass 3-4 times a day.
6) Mix 300gr. honey and 1 sheet of finely chopped aloe, pour them, l. boiled water, put on fire, bring to a boil and keep on low heat for 2 hours. Cool and mix. Store in a cool place. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.
7) To facilitate the separation of phlegm, drink cowberry juice with sugar syrup or honey. Take 1 tablespoon as often as possible.
8) Prepare fresh cabbage juice, add sugar (2 small spoons for 1 glass of juice). Take 2 times a day for 1 glass, as an expectorant.
9) With bronchitis with viscous sputum brew, l. boiling water 4 tablespoons chopped plantain leaf and insist 4 hours. Drink a glass 4 times a day.
10) To weld in, l. milk 2-3 sheets of mother-and-stepmother and add to the broth on the tip of the knife fresh lard. Drink before going to bed for 2 tablespoons.
11) Powdered althea root (sold in a pharmacy) diluted with warm boiled water, bringing to the consistency of thick sour cream. The resulting mixture is taken 1 tablespoon 4 times a day for chronic bronchitis.
12) Take 1 part of pine buds, 1 part of plantain leaves, 1 part of leaves of mother-and-stepmother. 4 teaspoons of the collection to insist 2 hours in a glass of cold water. Boil for 5 minutes and strain. Take 1 glass during the day.

independent independent

Tea and coffee are not recommended drinks, there is caffeine, which dehydrates, which is bad ...

How to cure chronic bronchitis



it happens, it seems that the bronchitis is chronic from the fact that any cold ends with it. but this is in case of smoking. as soon as you quit smoking, after 2 weeks no harmonic inside, coughing and other signs of that bronchitis, incredible ease in the lungs. I write this way, because I myself went through, as an option on what can be.

Lyudmila Shevchenko (Yatsenko)

Treatment of acute bronchitis should be comprehensive, aimed at fighting infection, restoring bronchial patency, eliminating harmful factors (industrial and domestic). In the treatment of acute bronchitis, it is very important to conduct a full course of treatment, otherwise it does not exclude the transition to a chronic form. Antibiotics, sulfonamides or combinations thereof in combination with vitamins A, B and C are used to suppress the activity of microbial agents. Antibiotics do not completely eliminate the phenomenon of bronchospasm and do not restore bronchial patency. In the early days of the disease, bed rest is prescribed. A mandatory condition for the treatment of the disease is the patient's refusal to smoke. They use massage, physiotherapy exercises, restorative procedures.
Treatment of chronic bronchitis begins in the early stages and lasts for a long time - both during exacerbation and during the disappearance of symptoms of the disease. During the exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, the doctor prescribes antibiotics, expectorants, products that dilute sputum (bromhexine, inhalation solutions of baking soda, table salt), copious drink. It is possible to conduct medical bronchoscopy (bronchoalveolar lavage). In this case, the tube is inserted into the respiratory tract and the bronchi are washed with various solutions and medicines to reduce inflammation and the amount of mucus. Also used: special breathing exercises, physiotherapy (inhalation, electroprocedures). At home, use cans, mustard, mustard wraps, circular warming compresses. With chronic bronchitis there is a decrease in immunity, so it is very important to appoint special drugs that improve the immune system, vitamins, observe a special balanced diet.


Tovarisch... can not be cured 100%... then he and CHRONIC. Only heal and try not to overcool.

Maxim Tsirkova ® ™

no way

Svetlana Miroshnichenko

I wanted to be clever, but everyone here has already told you: (


if there is no intolerance to the products of beekeeping, propolis can help and there is a dragee of de-vit

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