Gaiduchok E.I.: tape of time, predictions about the future, photo

We, adults, find it hard to believe that people from the future can be among us. Many, at one time, probably read the book of the famous science fiction writer Herbert Wells "Time Machine".And the hope that someday we will be able to travel in time, lives in the dug-out corners of our soul, regardless of whether we are adults or children.

It may seem strange, but in the 20 th century in the Soviet Union there was a man among us - Gaiduchok Eugene Iosifovich , who claimed that he was a man from the future.

Take your time, dear reader sarcastically smile and say: "Yes it can not be this!".I myself could readily agree with you, if not for some strange facts from the life of EI Gaiduchka and his undeniable gift of the exact prediction about the future in Russia of .

Unfortunately, a lot of materials are lost about the biography and life of this amazing extraordinary person, but there will be enough to dispel all your doubts.


From the future in the past and. .. the present

Messages about other worlds and aliens from the future sometimes appear in newspapers and on airs of TV channels. There are historical chronicles of information about executions and the imprisonment of some people in the dungeons, appearing to appear from "out of nowhere".In a strange( for that time) clothes, manner and language of communication and depth of knowledge, bordering on insight and foresight.

Today, in the 21st century, there are people who claim that they came to fulfill certain missions from the future. For example, in:

  1. Japan - Louis Roger,
  2. America - Andrew Carlsson,
  3. Italy - Said Nahano.

These people do not look like typical crazy people. They have exceptional "occult" forces, clarity of mind, their lives are filled with an incomprehensible meaning for us. They believe that they came to this world to tell us today's mistakes, for which everyone will have to answer tomorrow.

An alien from the future: history, autobiography EI Gayduchka.

. A boy from the Soviet Union - Zhenya Gaiduchok. When he appeared in our world( or time?) At the age of 13, due to the lack of any information about his relatives, the local authorities had no choice but to transfer him for adoption to the family, where he received the surname Gaiduchok.

Zhenya claimed that he flew from the future - 23 century. According to him, he hijacked the time machine to ride with his girl. They planned, travel in a later time, but something went wrong on the way, and it was not possible to go back together, together. Zhenya freed his car, sending back to his real companion.

Thus, it was in the 30s of the 20th century. Realizing what time he got, at first Zhenya hoped for help. But the help never came, probably the girl could not return to "her" time. .. Her fate is not known, because if she had returned, probably Zhenya would also have mysteriously disappeared, as it appeared from "nowhere" and we would haveYou did not read these lines.

Despite the fact that the thirteen-year-old Zhenya Gaiduchok suffered from the experience, he learned to ride our bike in our time! !!For him it was a very significant event.

After becoming a young man, Yevgeny Iosifovich entered Leningrad for a librarian. His student life was rich, in communication with the creative people of that time, young writers. But, difficult political time, his extraordinary abilities and extraordinary knowledge led Gaiduchka to a few months in prison. Before the Great Patriotic War he was released.

Then, Yevgeny Iosifovich went to the front, he served near Baku as a commissioner.

Haidukok in the Red Army was a political worker, he was good at drawing posters. He went through the whole war, served in the Far East, Ukraine, the Caucasus.

After the war he married, he had a daughter and a son.

Evgenia Iosifovich was transferred to Stalingrad, where he lived more than five years. Then he retired to the reserve, on the recommendation of doctors( health "pumped up"), settled in the city of Zhirnovsk.

Gaiduchok worked as the director of the palace of culture, he headed the theater studio, he wrote plays, he was the director. During his life, Yevgeny Iosifovich had many students, he told them stories from his life and taught him to draw, even though he did not have a pedagogical education. Yevgeny Iosifovich had a talent for collecting people, demonstrating the natural skill of communication.

Photo by

Photo by Yevgeny Gaiduchok with his family
EI Gaiduchok: photos at work and at home
Photos by Evgeny Gaiduchok at work and at home

Evgeniya Iosifovich's historical activities

After retiring Gaiduchok was fond of working in the Zhirnovsky Local History Museum of the Volgograd Region. More precisely, he himself was the founder of the museum, where from the 40's and 60's he collected a large archive, which, according to his intention, was to be preserved until the XXIII century.

Tape of time

A large image of historical events in chronological order, beginning with the Stone Age and ending with the XXI century - is called the "Time Tape".

Tape of Time EI Gaiduchoka

Separate value - workshop materials, where thousands of documents are collected - newspaper clippings, postcards, letters, photographs, illustrations.

The surviving fragments of "Tapes of Time" by Yevgeny Gaiduchok

During the life of EI Gaiduchka, the museum was repeatedly attacked by barbarians. But, newspaper clippings are not a material asset for thieves. Four trucks were needed to transport documents to a quiet place.

Evgeny Iosifovich selected for collection not dry official facts, but those that corresponded to reality. He did not divide the publication into beautiful, and not beautiful, he classified them into categories.

Unfortunately, during transportation, most of the archive was lost, and two years later another part was burnt.

10/19/1991 Yevgeny Gaiduchok died. He is buried in the city of Zhirnovsk, Volgograd region, where he lived and worked for the past few years.

Phenomenon of a man from the future: Vadim Chernobrov

For the first time, the history of EI Gaiduchka is described by a scientist, a researcher of mysterious and otherworldly phenomena, the author of books about the time machine Vadim Chernobrov.

In his book, Vadim talked about his first meeting with Evgeny Iosifovich Gaiduchok, who approached him and said that he had flown in from the future.

Believe it - it's not easy! Chernobrov asked why Eugene chose him. Also has received the unexpected answer! That he can be trusted by a man who himself writes about the time machine and that he had already read his book! Vadim could not believe his ears, because such a book did not exist even in drafts. The world learned the amazing story of this man seven years after Gaidochuk's death. She was told by Vadim Chernobrov, the daughter of Evgeny Iosifovich, Svetlana.

Daughter Svetlana remembers many interesting facts, prophesies of her father from childhood. Father, she told me amazing stories about flights in the Cosmos, interesting beyond the creatures, about the future life on earth. But because of her age, she took it for amazing tales. At the end of the school Svetlana left for another city and their communication with her father was on rare visits to her daughter's home.

He gave his daughters advice on work, in personal relationships, what can be done, and what not. Thanks to his instructions, they stocked products, survived the times of empty shelves in the late 80's.

Svetlana remembers that all the father's prophesies came true, up to a single .

Friends and students of Gaidochuk told many interesting episodes from life. These are ecstatic and warm memories as a person close to them. About Gaidochuk was remembered as a man with a phenomenal memory, with great patience. He captured his stories about intergalactic flights. People perceived his stories, in his own way, someone believed, and who believed that this was the scenario of another play.

Gaiduchok was so comprehensively developed that it is easier to say about what he could not do than list all that he could.

Evgeny Iosifovich was:

  1. historian;
  2. poet;
  3. the director;
  4. artist;
  5. by the astronomer;
  6. as a teacher;
  7. interesting interlocutor;
  8. loving father and husband.

Predictor of the future

Friends and children of Evgeny Iosifovich say that he could predict the future by making unique predictions.

After Evgeny's death, amazing things began to happen. One of his brother-soldiers told many facts from their life, where Gaiduchok acted as a clairvoyant.

Eugene Gayduchok before the outbreak of World War II predicted the exact date of fascist Germany's attack on the Soviet Union and the victory of the Soviet people in this war.

His predictions were pessimistic:

  1. political and military conflicts in Georgia;
  2. war in Chechnya;
  3. riots in Yugoslavia;
  4. the collapse of the USSR into individual republics.

And this is in the early 80's!

His daughter Svetlana Gaiduchok told about space, interplanetary flights, told her the continuation of the book "The Wizard of the Emerald City", which will be written in more than. .. 10 years!

He predicted the appearance of the Internet and mobile phones, describing them in a poetic form.

He predicted the date of his death 30 years before.

Who was Eugene Iosifovich Gaiduchok really?

Until now, there is no clear answer to this question.

Eugene Gayduchok met with many famous people: Bernes, Marshak, Bulgakov. Several times he met with Kirov.

It seems incredible to meet Gaiduchok with the author of the book "Time Machine" by Herbert Wells. Is it a coincidence or a sign? At first glance, this is unbelievable! Being in Leningrad G. Wells was invited to visit one of the schools. He was brought to the same school and the class where Zhenya Gaiduchok studied. Eyewitnesses said that they had time to talk among themselves, although no one suspected that Eugene was fluent in English - that's when he was 13 years old.

Was he Evgeny really a traveler in time, maybe he's a "tourist", a joker, an inventor?

It is known only that Gaiduchok was a serious man, he was not joking in his rules. He was attentive to the interlocutor, whether it was a famous writer, a poet or a 12-year-old girl.

How then to relate to the predictions, which, according to eyewitnesses, have always been true. The percentage of coincidence of his predictions in accuracy was equated with the prophecies of Nostradamus. It is much easier to believe that he really came from the future, and there is much training?

According to the stories of relatives, Evgeny Iosifovich had a special feature: he periodically entered a certain state, when he suddenly lost consciousness and spent some time in a state similar to someone. After 5-7 minutes he came to himself and continued to work. Sam explained the attacks by the fact that he flies somewhere, into space or into the future.


Traveling in time Evgeniy Gayduchok

On the video channel "Mrjenya68"

Look, I was shocked! Moving in time

On the video channel "Petr Petrov".

The time machine is already on its way. And its inventor - a Russian researcher of anomalous phenomena Vadim Chernobrov.

Vadim Chernobrov on Eugene I. Gaiduchok

V.Chernobrov, "Secrets of Time": Inovremenne - the heroes of our time.

"We are people, and our destiny is to learn mysterious worlds and invade them."(George Bernard SHOW).

I hesitated for a long time, not knowing where to begin my story about this amazing and mysterious person. He came up with dozens of different variants of an exciting string and an amazing( I thought it was) story development. But the further he honed and finished his documentary story about a real man, the more and more the hero in him became like a character in a fantastic novel. How to make this person in the eyes of the reader a very real tangible figure? In the end, I had to sacrifice artistry and move on to a direct narrative of this story. ..

What is trivial, in fact, everything started very simply, without any adventures. This man came up to me and after a short introduction said: "I flew here in a time machine! !!And introduced himself: Evgeny Iosifovich. "How do you think I had to answer this? !Before I said goodbye, I asked why he was telling me all this, and I heard an obvious nonsense: he was reading about the time machine. .. from me! It was impossible, because at that time my book about Time did not exist even in drafts. However, I did not explain all this. What for? What with the patient you will take? !

The version about mental illness was the very first and the most logical, and even now, so many years later, sometimes I return to this saving thought, and if it's true, everything would be very much simplified in this story. Running ahead I will say that I found out from local doctors - he is absolutely healthy person in the mental plan. On the contrary, as I later had a chance to see, he had a very sharp and penetrating mind. In response to my farewell, he responded with the same banal "good-bye," but stressed the emphasis that a meeting will be necessary.

It can not be said that now the idea of ​​traveling in Time has taken hold of the masses, but in those years any mention of your own flight in the time machine served as a pass to the psychiatric hospital even better than the almost anecdotal statement "I am Napoleon!" People who could believe or though-but to listen to this statement was very little: just a couple of months in the newspaper "Socialist Industry" flashes a little note about the famous physicist Kip Thorne, who finally theoretically justified the possibility of creatingMV, a year later a similar book will be published by the Moscow scientist Igor NOVIKOV.

Perhaps I should have believed this. Yevgeny Iosifovich could not have known about this, but, really, for about a year in one of the editors lay my( first) article about the experiences with the Times and the possibility of creating a CF.(But it's not so simple! The editor of the department named Chudakov, now a retired journalist, probably considered me an eccentric man.) What would he think and everyone else if it became known that in the pursuit of extra proofs written I wouldhe could not be better discredited. .. It's because, and why not more, I instinctively reinsured( in which, probably now I'm trying to justify myself for missing opportunities).

It took, however, about two years, curiosity gradually took up and, taking with me as a formal pretext for the "accidental" resumption of the conversation, a couple of my own already published articles on this topic, I set out on my journey. The impression was that Yevgeny Iosifovich was waiting for this visit, in any case, he did not say the slightest surprise about this. The conversation itself went about politics( the most fashionable topic of the times of Perestroika), the forthcoming election of the first Russian president. .. "Yes, an interesting time now!" - I quote his words not quite verbatim, "It is clear to the presidents that Yeltsin will be elected. Gorbachev will leave, the USSR will disintegrate, the war between Armenians and Azeybaydzhans will continue, but the Moldavian, Georgian, Chechen-Ingushetia, Central Asia war is still close to the war. .. Here Ukraine is like a toothache. .. "He was telling incredible things,conclusions are entirely logical facts;all this was extremely interesting, but it was time to take the bull by the horns. ..

Evgeny Iosifovich, all this is convincing enough, you did not accidentally find out about all this in the Future?- just in case, he smiled, but what if his former statement about the time machine was just a joke? !

No, in fact, I did not know the history so well, and I managed to forget a lot. I would have known that history might be useful to me, maybe it would not have been so. .. - he lit cigarettes( "Devil's habit, I will not get used to it!"), With the most serious expression on his face settled comfortably on a chair( as it turned out, for a long time - onthe whole working day) and began to talk. More surprising and at the same time unrealistic oral story, neither to me nor to whom I subsequently gave to listen to four completely recorded cassettes, had not yet heard. In view of the fact that Yevgeny Iosifovich often made significant digressions, I quote the story with extremely great reductions:

"I was then, in the 23rd century, still quite a young teenager. Once, together with a girl slightly older than me by age, we got inside the time machine. How and for what purpose - this secret I will take with me to the grave. .. We were going to go to a much earlier time, but it just so happened that in the thirties of this( your) century we had an accident. .. I hit my head very hardsuch a state of flying further did not make sense. My companion was not in a better position. But not physical injuries were the most terrible. ..

The horror hindered us when it became clear that a damaged machine could not return us back! Perhaps there was some way out of this situation, but then I was just an unthinking boy, and all I could think of was to lighten the car for the weight of myself. Let at least one person reach home, and so without hesitation I pushed the girl inside. In addition, it could happen that the car does not have enough energy to fly up to the twenty-first century, but wherever it makes an emergency landing, everywhere it would be closer to its Time and farther from your cruel age. To remain in the twentieth century is much more terrible than anywhere. .. later. Moreover, although we were weak, we still knew how dangerous that place was and exactly the time where they were. ..

USSR - the beginning of the thirties. ..

That's why I stayed in your Time. At first I was hoping for some help, but no one came for me. .. Because of the injury, I was sick for a while, I was picked up by kind people, and their family later became my own. And although the attitude towards me was good, nevertheless, to admit, I almost hated this Time. The first shock was when I first cycled in my life. The most unforgettable impressions! !!Yes, and in the twentieth century there are small joys!. .

Then he grew up, went to Leningrad to study as a librarian. I began to meet with writers, mostly young people, who were just beginning to shyly pee, but which, as I remember, will certainly become famous. Do not be surprised that I now have so many manuscripts and autographs of writers.

I remembered that senseless arrests and executions of innocent people should soon begin to be condemned by everyone, including the Soviet people themselves. How petty and meaningless all these revolutions, wars, all this fuss, if you know in advance what it will lead to. I, as a foreigner in this Time, could not interfere in anything. Yes, and there was no desire to participate in everything that happens, it's like reading a detective with a famous finale. But it's one thing to know about future events, it's another thing to be able to use your knowledge. At home, we are not used to keeping our mouths shut especially, and besides, I "knew too much," so I blurted out too much. The formal reason was that I was allegedly carrying a photo of Stalin in my jacket pocket with pinned eyes. ..

. .. The camera where I was placed was small, but the people in it were under the string."Articles" were mostly "political", although the peasants were mostly illiterate. An exception was one officer, he was "brought under the article" a neighbor who did not like other people's cucumber beds under the window;the neighbor himself was sitting in the next cell, others were tapping on him. The officer also told me how to get out of prison alive. He realized that I'm a smart guy, but in the "modern moment" I do not understand anything. Now, when the overseer brought a daily portion of paper to the camera for a cigarette, the peasants waited patiently for a long time, while I from fragments composed fragments of newspapers and arranged them for collective readings. For the company then I was drawn into smoking( in the Future there was no such stupid habit), but after a couple of months in politics I understood "perfectly".It also helped that, unlike the others, I knew the true goals of Stalin and Hitler, and therefore could read "between the lines". ..

I was released before the war. I got to serve in the aerodrome service of the bomber regiment near Baku. During the Finnish war, everyone feared that the British would start bombing the Caucasian oilfields.( Indeed, such plans were prepared by Britain, although in another version, it was a deliberate bluff, Britain's intelligence in March 1940 only threw Stalin a film in which she hinted that the heavy bombers "Wellington "from the base of the Royal Air Force in Iraq's Masula ready to strike at the then the only large oil field in the USSR in Baku - V.Ch.).I remembered that on the contrary, England would be our( our ") ally, that the bombing of Baku would be prevented" thanks "to Hitler's actions, but. .. the prison managed to teach something, and I was" afraid "and" alert ", like everyone else. And just like everyone else, "believed" Stalin, agreed that the war with Germany did not begin in 1941.

But when Hitler "suddenly" attacked, I was already on Sunday, June 22, when the officers were simply dumbfounded, lecturing to the soldiers on the German animal fascism. So he became a commissioner, a political worker. I drew posters, in the Future I can draw almost everything, here it was useful to me. The pilots always listened with pleasure to my political discussions, especially when I analyzed the further moves of the allies and opponents. It was necessary only not to blurt out anything that will become known only after the war. ..

The last hopes for help from their century have disappeared, even if she had flown in now, she just could not find me - so my life was throwing me from side to side! The war went to the commissioner, then traveled with his squadron almost all of Eastern Europe, North, Central Asia, Russia. In the century whence I was born, I would not have had the price! On the part, of course, they saw all the main events of history, but it's one thing to peek out of the vehicles unnoticed, quite another - when you feel all this "history" with your own hands. ..

I got a family, retired, so life went by the end. I do not have any health, so until the moment when the first CF is created, I will not live to see it. Hope was only on the search groups from the Future, now it's easier to find me, just go to the passport office, but I myself became part of the History. And this is a verdict for me: no one has the right to take a person from whom something depends in the Past. The only thing I can "sweeten myself a pill" - I leave them, contemporaries, information. I know exactly what information about the past is valued in the Future, sooner or later they will receive from me this "parcel", even if they do not remember badly. .. "

I would have added for him:". .. and they think to some extent a scout. .."

. .. He passed away on October 19, 1991( a strange combination of" nine "and" units ") exactly 2 months after the August so-called putsch in Moscow, which just prevented me from coming to this city in late summer a year afterthe last, fourth or fifth of our conversation. He died two centuries before his birth. ..

His widow, his disciples, his "premise" and his personal secrets remained. At first, I assumed that when referring to the "premise" he meant precisely his few, but loyal disciples. That's the way he called them, although he himself was never a teacher. I just got acquainted with neighbor boys and girls, taught them to draw, write poetry and prose, talked to them about enduring values. I taught to live nobly."Disciples" themselves are grown-up uncles and aunts, but periodically sent to the last day Eugene Iosifovich letters-reports in a format with a decent parcel. Yes, such faithful students could be entrusted with their secret, and they would deliver the necessary oral or written information through the children and children of their children! But. .. I called, probably everyone, carefully taking care of Teacher's assignments. No, no one even suspected the "great mission" of a seemingly familiar person. ..

After another six months, I think I learned the clue. At the end of his life, Yevgeny Yosifovich created, on a purely voluntary basis, the most beautiful local history museum. To gawk at the curiosity came even from abroad, especially the successes enjoyed by himself recreated ornaments, weapons, household items of antiquity. Personally, I was interested in his "Tape of Time" of a huge length image of all major historical events simultaneously across the Earth from the Stone Age to. .. the 21st century inclusive! True, the upcoming events are somewhat vague, or the author has forgotten the history of this century, or did not want to allow excess and dangerous information. .. But the most important surprise, it turned out, was not in the museum's open-ended funds, but in his workshop.

Thousands if not millions of clippings from magazines and newspapers, illustrations, documents, family and household photographs, children's drawings and diaries of future writers, ordinary letters, everything that best describes our era from 1940 to 1991( there are also earlier onesrelics of the 17-19th centuries).Most of the collection would simply have fallen into disrepair, as letters and postcards, utterly useless for our ancestors, but indispensably valuable for modern historians, disappeared in stoves and trash cans. I have no doubt that if you get this "complete collection of our century" in the Future, you would learn from it no less about us today than from the funds of "Leninka", and in some cases more. Unlike state archivists, Evgeny Iosifovich tried to select not officially pompous information, but the one that was as close as possible to reality, classified according to the most improbable collections( from "Love" to "Struggle against genetics"), she is life itself withall its beautiful and unsightly sides. At the same time, it is a reflection of our reality in the eyes of future descendants. Knowing the sections of this greatest collection, one can guess that in the future the study of our art is placed above the investigation of war crimes, and the themes of love, ecology, space exploration, today's "non-traditional" sciences are more interesting than mournful official reports and reports.

If this "complete assembly" is the notorious "premise", then its fate can not but cause concern. Even during the owner's lifetime, the museum was twice subjected to devastating raids by modern barbarians, Yevgeny Iosifovich treated this philosophically indulgently( as adults forgive the irrationality of babies) and every time started from scratch. Cuttings, fortunately did not suffer( for thieves they have zero value), however, leaving them in the museum was already dangerous. In 1992, for transportation to a reliable( as I hoped) place of newspaper clippings it took. .. several truck voyages!. .

Now, when there is an opportunity to look back, is it possible to find at least some evidence written above? His friends and students, perhaps, can only talk about "an unusually keen mind, intelligent eyes and. .. a very strange face mimicry."That's it - absolutely unaccustomed to us the movement of the muscles of the face could be liked or not, but could not help but notice! But, you see, this is not yet a proof. .. But what else do I want, so that in the storeroom of his widow they find a plasma blaster or a passport issued by the government of the United Mankind? !This can not be in principle. A person who has fallen into the Past from the Future can not, does not have the right to exert any significant influence on the course of History. If you recall even his frank story, then for all the time he did not mention a single technical detail( except that the "MV cab is round", so I wrote about the ball as the optimal form for the MB in the article given to him), not one "dangerous"fact( talking about the coming wars and military conflicts, but this absolutely could not change anything). ..

So the only proof can be considered only that described. .. could be in principle and it does not contradict any laws of Nature! However, I do not insist on this either. If there are people who voluntarily or involuntarily deliver us from somewhere in the distance clues to the secrets that tormented us, why should we demand from them a certificate. Once I did not believe - and lost much, now Gaiduchok has nothing personally to tell. However, there is hope, the case of Eugene Iosifovich, although unique, but not the only one. It is known, at least, several cases when on the Earth people with incomprehensible habits, facial expressions, gestures, and knowledge appeared from whom it was not clear. There were conversations with similar personalities and from me, but so long and detailed - alas, there was. ..

I'll be back to where I started. In 1994, for the first time( withstood the 3-year "moratorium" after the death of EI), I described my meetings with the more than amazing man Yevgeny Iosifovich, without naming his last name. There were few letters, among them one from Baku - from a former colleague in the squadron who remembered how "Zhenya predicted the date of Victory Day even at the very beginning of the war!". .. In 1995, a smaller part of the archive of EI, alas, burned down, andI was melancholy because I let a small, but still part of the "parcel" did not survive and 4 years of storage of the 300, which it was calculated in an idea. .. In the same year I talked about the preservation of documents with my friend Dmitry PETROV, which is specially for the program for the preservation of samples of the Tunguska explosionotal special stainless steel capsule, filled with argon. By coincidence, but the warranty period of storage in such a capsule is just 300 years! But you can put only the smallest part of EI's "parcel" into chronocapsules, and probably you should not divide it. .. Still, five years after her husband, exactly one hour per hour, on October 19, 1996, his widow Elizabeth diedPetrovna. There remained adult children, son and daughter Svetlana. Now all the refinements could be done either through them, or through the students of Gaiduchka. The time now allowed me to relax and quietly remember everything I had heard and seen before. ..

Yes, I still do not know to the end - who was Eugene IGOSHUCHOK( now, probably, the name can already be written).A real traveler, "carried away by the wind" of Time from the Future, the first( known to us) chronotourist, just a joker or someone else? The fact that he really could be what he called himself - I already said. The goal is not clear - nobody ever learned of our conversation from him( in case of a rally, it would be hiding!) It's impossible to explain why he "joked" with me and precisely on this topic. Why did he start talking to me about MV, maybe he really read my( not yet written) book or even briefly heard about it - but in the Future? !I can not believe. ..

However, I postpone the version of the joke aside. With others, he was always extremely serious, even when he wrote to 12-year-old students about the most stupid of their personal problems? Theoretically, I can imagine a man who could live his own fiction for so long, but I can not explain why in this case, if he told a lie, his predictions were fully fulfilled? No, he most likely told the truth, but. .. not the whole truth? Perhaps his goal was to interest me and force me to treat myself with due interest, and the version with "going for 3 centuries" is nothing more than a way to attract attention? Remember the progressors in the story "Almost like gods", so here they are, to achieve their goal on a planet with a lower civilization, sometimes telling about themselves only the smallest part of the truth - and the part most plausible in the eyes of the listener, the one in which he would be inthe power of limited knowledge can be believed. Maybe the truth about where EI came from is actually even more complicated than the fall of the 23rd century? And saying that he came from the Future, he simplified the truth to a minimum. ..

Polls of the daughter, friends and students, in which Dmitry KURKOV and the correspondent of the Moscow Pravda, Ekaterina Golovina, helped, revealed several new interesting details that did not clarify, but rathercomplicated the general picture.

Daughter Svetlana BULGAKOVA-HAYDUCHOK admitted that she had heard from her father many wonderful stories about cosmodromes, interplanetary flights, amazing "shaggy" creatures, about life on Earth in the Future. .. just do not remember. .. but perceived them as normalchildren's tales, which are supposed to be heard in childhood. From her father, she moved away after school( she left to study), then only regularly visited. I remember how my father often taught her what to do and what not to do, how to take yourself with a concrete person, how to work, what and when to store. Thanks to this, with their family, for example, in the late 1980s they prepared themselves in time for empty Gorbachev regiments and in advance bought salt, matches, groats and everything else.(Remember these hungry days?) Only years after her father's death, she first realized that literally EVERYTHING he told her was true, she did not remember a single unfortunate prediction. ..

His pupils and / or friends were also able to tell us a lot of interesting things: Alexei Nikolaevich KOSTIN, Boris Anatolyevich BORISOV, ALEKSEEV, Alexander GAIVORONSKY, Boris Nikolayevich GUSEV, Vladimir Matveyevich ZIMKOV, SHUBIN, ALEXEEV( some, such as GRITSAEVA, Vladimir POSMETUKHOVA anddirector Ivan Shirokov, still hope to find).Literally in all the stories( there is nothing surprising) there are the warmest and rave reviews about the mind, the encyclopaedic memory, the patience of EI, almost all of them remembered his predictions, about the stories of space flights and cosmodromes, V. Zimkov even remembered the conversation abouttime machine. Usually all these topics were raised by Gaiduchkom, the rest, they believed, were drawn into these fantasies. Where did he get all this from? Someone says "I probably dreamed", someone - "I do not remember."But they remember about Gaiduchka's stories about his personal flights into space, they did not laugh at what they heard, in general his "fantasies" were perceived as a self-evident fact. The director of the Palace of Culture, the director of the amateur theater could not help fantasizing, not inventing any new subjects. Even the theme of the time machine was remembered as. .. a failed script for some play. ..

Confuses in the stories of the daughter and friends one common detail. It turns out that Gaiduchok knew not only the future of the whole country and the world, but also the future of each individual person. And this, as you understand, is no longer taught in the schools of the future in history lessons! Either he deceived me about the source of his knowledge about the Future( indeed, I quickly believed in the version of school knowledge), or I simply did not understand it. Most likely then I did not need to know this - in his opinion. .. But all the same, where does knowledge come from? Or is he a clairvoyant and a soothsayer in terms of the percentage of correct predictions comparable to Nostradamus, or. .. maybe he came from the Future, and there he could have been taught everything, it may be that there it is generally taught in schools? He could really be born there( as he claimed) and fly here, could be born here( as, naturally, the daughter thinks) and fly for a while there, could get from the Future to us "in a thin body". ..

Anyway, and the daughter, and some other( but very, very close) friends, a little embarrassed, said that the whole life of EI.From time to time, he pursued a strange "disease", which was manifested as follows: Hajdukok suddenly( it is difficult to say when, sometimes after a momentary anger at someone, although he was rarely angry) was disconnected and was unconscious until a few minutesa state close to a coma!), then came to himself and, catching his breath as if nothing had happened, continued his work. According to him, at these moments he flew somewhere, including into space, and at another time. .. Forgive me, you will say, but this is not a disease, it is a particularly bright meditation! Or something else, even more difficult to understand?. . It is possible that he flew in Time, not in a time machine, but told about it for the sake of simplicity of perception. Maybe. But why did he try to convey something and specifically in the 23rd century? Himself from there, as he said? Or was he just there, and he was asked or decided to make a gift himself?. .

An interesting and unexpected detail for me recently was recognized by E.Golovina from some new witness( we will not name her yet).She very accurately described everything that is connected with Gaiduchok and his students. Moreover, she described me in detail( I do not know her), my conversations with EI, what he told me, and stated that he had not told me everything he wanted to say! He was confused by my unbelief( which is true, that's the truth), and so he did not manage to tell everything he wanted. .. But not everything is so bad. It turns out that he told the time machine to another person, and described his appearance. .. Now we are also looking for this man. ..

P.S.I wrote all this not because I wanted to show off my acquaintances. So, dear contemporaries of the young man who escaped from the 21st century, everything written for you was first and foremost for you. For more information, do not be lazy to apply personally. ..

As I guess, this text is exactly what Gaiduchok( I do not know, just for what purpose, with the one about which he spoke about) was counting on?.There is no better way to communicate information to the Future better than the printed word. So I have fulfilled my duty to him. ..

However, the fact that I told only about him does not at all mean that I had a meeting with only one "strange person".Special thanks to that unknown young man who on the street in spying quietly thrust into my hands SOME documents. .. And to a girl who told me about SOME TECHNOLOGY and hinted that she was my relative( although I knew for sure that among those who LIVED this did not yet appear,only later - a girl with the "right" name was born). .. And the person who handed over December 21, 1998 through the cell phone storage of Domodedovo airport something that makes me simply speechless for an hour. .. And thank you to the rest too. But it's not time to talk about them, it's not about personal dating.

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