Fast treatment of chicken pox in adults at home

Chickenpox, considered a childhood disease, is sometimes noted in adults. Partly this contributes to unfavorable ecology, excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation, the use of a huge number of chemicals, stress, weakened immunity.

When chickenpox occurs intoxication of the body with damage to the skin and mucous membranes.

Contents of the article:
  • Possible causes
  • Characteristic symptoms
  • General recommendations
  • How to treat folk remedies?
  • What's not allowed?
  • Preventive measures

Possible causes

A virus that causes a chickenpox virus is unstable in the environment: it dies for a short time under the influence of sunlight, when heated, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

Infection from a sick person is transmitted by airborne droplets. During the first week after the appearance of skin eruptions and the last 10 days of the incubation period, the diseased person poses a danger to others.

During a conversation, coughing, sneezing viruses from the patient are in the external environment and with an air current spread to a distance of about 20 m. In most cases, people suffer from chickenpox in childhood, in adults it is difficult. In those who have recovered, immunity to it is developed for life.

Characteristic symptoms

The onset of the disease is acute:

  • weakness;
  • headache;
  • slight increase in temperature( 37.5 degrees);
  • pain in the joints, muscles.

When the appearance on the face and skin of the head rashes in the form of specks of pink color:

  • signs of intoxication are increasing( the temperature rises to 40 degrees, weakness, chills);
  • abundant rashes on the body are accompanied by intense itching;
  • on the mucous membranes of the mouth there are enanthems;
  • in people over 20 years of rash are noted on the genitals, urination is accompanied by intense pain. First a speck is formed, then - a liquid filled bubble with a dented center. After the bubbles burst, the liquid from them flows to the skin, then a crust is formed. With timely treatment after healing, there are no traces. If a secondary infection( after getting into the wound) joins, complications arise with the formation of wet pustules and scars after healing;
  • enlarged lymph nodes, their soreness;
  • rashes have undulating character, their duration is 10 days;
  • with a strong weakening of the immune system may cause abscesses, sepsis.

In some cases, in adults the onset of chickenpox is accompanied by brain edema, a violation of the nervous system, symptoms appear:

  • vomiting and nausea;
  • light and phonetic;
  • muscle weakness, convulsions, impaired coordination.

With erased forms, there are no clinical manifestations. These are severe forms, they include:

  • buleznaya ( on the skin flabby large blisters are formed with the transition to long-healing ulcers);
  • hemorrhagic ( occurrence of vesicles filled with bloody contents, the appearance of bleeding from the nose, hematuria, hemorrhages on the skin);
  • gangrenous ( vesicles rapidly grow in size, their contents become hemorrhagic).

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General recommendations

Treatment in outpatient settings, with severe forms requires hospitalization. Bed rest, frequent airing of the room and wet cleaning.

At high temperature, the body is given antipyretics. The rashes are greased with greenery, a solution of potassium permanganate, rivanol, Castellani liquid, fucorcin( trying not to break the formed crusts).To treat the oral cavity, a solution of hydrogen peroxide( 3%), rivanol solution( 0.1%) is used.

To reduce itching, the use of desensitizing drugs( Tavegil, Suprastin) helps. In the case of a complicated course, Acyclovir is prescribed. It is important to carefully observe hygiene( frequent change of bed linen, clean hands and nails).It is recommended that patients drink plenty of water and must rinse their mouth after eating.

How to treat folk remedies?

First and foremost use the means that reduce itching. To do this, dissolve the soda( 1 tsp) in a glass of water, the resulting solution to lubricate the itchy areas.
Facilitate the status of proven recipes:

Description Dosage How to use
Nuts walnut green
By 1 stack. Nuts routed through the meat grinder to honeycomb. Recommended daily intake of 1 tsp.x 2 times within 10 days.
In equal parts Mix( 1 tsp) with boiling water( 1 cup.), Allow to stand for 15 minutes, drink 1/3 cup.daily three times.
Aloe juice
3 sheets of aloe
100 g
0,5 l
Squeezed aloe juice is combined with honey and Cahors, take 1 tsp every day.within 10 days. As an immunomodulator.
Viburnum berries Milk ½ cup.
1/2 l
Grind the berries in a blender, add warm( not hot!) Milk. During the day, drink.
Vegetable oil
2 pcs.
1 stack.
Combine the chopped garlic with vegetable oil, drink 2 teaspoons a day.x 2 times.
Garlic 1 piece. Combine the minced garlic with warm water, let stand for 20 minutes. Twice a day use for compresses.
Grass celandine( dry) 60 g Cleaner brew 1 liter of boiling water, insist, add to the bath for bathing twice a day.

What's not allowed?

Strictly forbidden:

  • leave the sick person from home until the end of the incubation period;
  • take a bath at a high body temperature;
  • use a washcloth, rub the skin with a towel after the bath;
  • to moisten with water the formed bubbles;
  • combing rashes on the skin;
  • use spicy, salty, fried, fatty foods.

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Prevention measures

To prevent the development of chickenpox helps to restrict communication with the sick, frequent airing the room, daily wet cleaning. Reduce the risk of infection allows a domestic quartz lamp( requires careful follow-up instructions).

To prevent the occurrence of chickenpox in the family in adults during quarantine:

  • put the patient in a separate room;
  • utensils and hygiene means for the ill should be individual;
  • to erase things ill should be separated from the things of the rest of the family;
  • wear a gauze dressing for care of a sick chickenpox.

After appearance of crusts on the last rashes the patient does not pose a danger to others. There are no medications for the prevention of chickenpox.

When treating chickenpox in adults at home, it is necessary to carefully perform the prescription of a doctor, to facilitate the use of traditional medicine.

See a video on how to treat chickenpox in adults:

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