Rapid treatment of herpes on the lips with folk remedies

Each person for certain at least once encountered the appearance on the edge of the lips of unpleasant pimples, on which a certain time later appears a crust.

This ailment is popularly known as fever or cold. Herpes can be effectively cured and folk remedies. The main thing is to know what methods to use for this.

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Reasons for the appearance of

The main reasons for the appearance of herpes on the lips is a decrease in immunity or infection of the patient with a virus. In certain cases, no symptoms of herpes can not be observed even during primary infection.

This happens if the patient has contracted another type of herpes, and the overlap of different antibodies provokes a natural "annihilation" of the virus.

Relapses of herpes are manifested for the following reasons:

  • physical diseases, in particular, chronic. It can be both influenza and diabetes mellitus;
  • intoxication of the body;
  • strong stress state;
  • physical exhaustion and exhaustion;
  • alcohol abuse, smoking, taking drugs;
  • menstruation in women.

There are also cases when the reasons are different, for example, overheating in the sun or even drinking strong coffee.

How is herpes transmitted on the lips? The herpes simplex virus is in most cases transmitted as a result of direct contact with .It can be sexual intercourse, a kiss and even simple everyday contacts. There are other ways of transmission of herpes:

  • airborne( during sneezing or even just in conversation);
  • through household items( dishes, towels, etc.);
  • from mom to baby at delivery.

Symptoms of

Symptoms typical for herpes are many, and they should be treated in the order in which they appear in the course of the illness. The cycle of these symptoms is divided into several periods:

  • Itching and light reddening .Itching usually appears after 7-30 days after infection. At first these signs are not even paid attention to by these people, nevertheless, they are the main indicators of herpes. Itching can manifest not only on the lips, but also throughout the face area. This lasts up to two days, and it is during this period that it is possible to eliminate further progression of the disease by means of medicines.
  • The prodromal period is .During this period, the places that have been pinching, swelling and are covered with small transparent bubbles, which subsequently darken. The pressure in them becomes higher, and they provoke strong painful sensations.
  • When a couple of days pass, the vesicles burst, and ulcers appear in their place, quickly covered with a crust of .It passes very quickly, but it is during this period that the patient is particularly infectious.
  • The healing period of ulcers .Continues for 4-5 days, after which there may be small scars. Possible pain and tingling in the healing areas.
  • Restoration of skin at the site of ulcers .Lasts about a week. In some cases, during this period, relapse occurs.

Relatively rare, but possible with primary infection or relapse temperature increase, general malaise and nausea. But they continue, as a rule, not for long.

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General recommendations

Drugs that would completely destroy the herpes virus in the human body, to date, does not exist. But there is a group of antiviral drugs that suppress the reproduction of the virus.

Relapses of the disease that affect the lips or mucous membrane of the nose, are well treated with special ointments or creams. If the case is more severe, the doctor may prescribe pills.

The earlier you start to treat herpes, the better. Before the bubbles appear, the lips become very sensitive, tingling and itching appear. If treatment of herpes begins at this stage, the rash may not appear, and soon you will get rid of the disease.

If you use an antiviral cream with rashes, it will help to achieve healing faster than other methods of treatment.

Folk remedies

Some folk recipes are very effective in combating herpes. They help to cope with its manifestations as quickly as possible. Pay attention to popular methods, time-tested.

  • Soda .This tool, which is found in every home, helps to quickly cope with herpes. You need to boil about half a glass of water, and then add a teaspoon of soda. Then remove from heat, moisten the cotton disc in the solution, and attach it to the lips. Fir oil. Helps to eliminate herpes in just a few days. You need to lubricate them with an inflamed zone three times a day. Tea tree oil also has a good effect.
  • Tea .You need to make hot tea and put a spoon in it. Then wait until it warms up well, and put it to your lips. It is recommended to use this method several times a day.
  • Ice .From the freezer, take out a piece of ice, wrap it in a thin rag, and for ten minutes, hold it near the sore spot.
  • Eggshell .It removes the inflammation of the film from its inner side. You just need to separate it, and apply it to the sick site. The result will be very fast.
  • Honey .It is necessary to mix it with apple cider vinegar in equal proportions, moisten the cotton wool in this solution and apply it to the inflamed area. The drug helps to eliminate inflammation and get rid of pain.
  • Propolis .You just need to burn them with bubbles, and twenty minutes later, use a balm or moisturizer. It is very effective, but slightly painful.
  • Egg with vodka .The egg needs to be boiled hard, put it in a glass, pour vodka to the top and let it brew in a dark place for a day. Next, you need to drink 20 grams of vodka and eat with eggs. Three such procedures can get rid of herpes.
  • Garlic .Try to regularly rub the manifested cold with a cut garlic clove, or lubricate it with garlic juice. This must be done before bedtime. After garlic, you can use honey with apple cider vinegar.
  • Aloe .A quick result gives the wiping of inflammations with a piece.
  • Juice of aspen leaves .It is necessary to apply every hour freshly prepared juice to a place of cold - it well removes inflammations.

What is not recommended?

Specialists do not recommend vaccination against herpes. Such a vaccine exists, but its effectiveness is a big question. If you are prone to manifestations of herpes, you should never freeze , since even minimal supercooling results in relapse of the disease.

You can not overheat the sun , because the rays also provoke herpes. In no case do not use funds on components of which you have an allergy. As for the means of using vodka and eggs, it can not be used by those who are prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages.

Caution is also needed when applying aloe. In large doses, it can lead to problems with digestion and allergic reactions.

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To avoid herpes or reduce the risk of infection, it is worth following such measures:

  • try to avoid contact with people who show obvious signs of infection;
  • always use personal items of hygiene and everyday life: dishes, clothes, bath accessories;
  • remember about contraception, especially if you do not have a regular sexual partner;
  • treat chronic diseases, since they exacerbate herpes infection;
  • try to eat right, temper and lead a healthy lifestyle.

In the case of the prevention of herpes in children, the measures will be similar to .The child should be isolated from relatives who have symptoms of the virus, monitor his diet, and as early as possible treat all the manifestations of the disease.

If the parents do everything right, the baby will transfer the primary activation of the virus quickly, simply and without complications.

The earlier you find herpes, and the sooner you start to treat it, the better. Folk remedies, components for which you will find at home, and can easily use them at home.