Meltwater: benefit and harm, cooking at home

Today we will talk about what is thawed water , its benefits and harm, ways of cooking at home and how this water can be used to treat and improve the body.


Meltwater: benefits and harms

Water melted ( homemade water called prototype ) per hourt cycle freezing / thawing is particularly structured( alternating structure of water molecules), allowing to have a strong positive effect on the body of any living beings: human, animal or plant. The healing properties of melt water have been known for the past several centuries. Our ancestors called this kind of water "magic, alive".

Properties of

  1. when freezing and turning into ice, the crystal structure of water changes, the water molecule decreases, becoming similar to protoplasm, easily penetrate through the cell membranes;
  2. when the water is defrosted, it recreates its initial state of energy and information absolute purity;
  3. additionally, with the proper preparation of melt water at home, all salts, harmful heavy metals, chlorine are freezed and expelled from it.

Benefits of

Meltwater is a unique liquid with a special taste, healing properties. It gives health, strength, strengthens the body's immunity. One glass of this kind of water helps the human body to better absorb incoming nutrients, life processes normalize, the body heals.

Our ancestors treated many diseases with thawed water. Women restored the beauty of the skin, the color and structure of the hair, men - physical strength.

If melt water to water plants, you will get an excellent and rich harvest.

Meltwater helps any person, regardless of age:

  1. from an orgasm toxins and slags are released;
  2. normalizes digestion;
  3. increases immune defense;
  4. improves performance;
  5. increases the speed of metabolic processes;
  6. is allergic;
  7. undergoes insomnia;
  8. improves memory.

Improving the condition of the entire body, updating the composition of blood, melt water pushes the aging process of the body. Increases metabolic processes in cells, they are actively updated.

In parallel with this, thawed water normalizes the weight. If you want to quickly get rid of extra pounds, try drinking drinking water along with dietary and physical methods for weight loss.

Benefits and harm of melt water, how to cook at home

Just one glass of "live" water before eating - all you need!

How to drink

In order to maximize the use and preservation of medicinal qualities of thawed water, it should be drunk immediately after thawing. Because in five to six hours it loses most of its biologically active beneficial properties and becomes ordinary water, though it is clean.

Melt water do not heat or boil!

It is defrosted naturally - by extraction from the refrigerator and leaving the vessel with ice at room temperature.

Take in the thawed water as follows: 3 times a day for half - one glass in small sips slowly.

Is it possible to damage

The harm of meltwater can be as follows:

  1. Application of water as a panacea for all diseases.
  2. With a plentiful inclusion of thawed water in the diet( accustom the body gradually to her, until one-third of her intake in the body from all daily intake of fluid).
  3. If it is improperly prepared: it becomes completely useless.

Do not forget that meltwater is part of the treatment, its auxiliary component, and not the foundation.

Meltwater: How to cook at home

It is not necessary to prepare melt water with large volumes. A portion of fresh water is the best option for disease prevention, general sanitation.

You can make the protrude water as follows:

  1. dial tap water in one liter plastic bottle;
  2. let it stand for four to five hours( you can also pour water through the filter so as not to stand up);
  3. transfer the standing water into a food container made of plastic, place the container in the freezer;
  4. after 2 hours, open the lid of the container, remove the ice cake formed on top( it contains harmful deuterium ), return the dishes back to the chamber;
  5. when 2/3 of the entire volume of the container freezes, drain the remaining water( harmful chemicals are concentrated there);
  6. a piece of ice leave in a deep dish at room temperature for thawing.

Melted ice - there is thawed water. Take it better one hour before a meal. The first glass is good to drink in the morning on an empty stomach. You can make a drink: purified water plus ice cubes - well gives vivacity.

You can drink a liter of melt water per day. But start taking the living water gradually with small sips.

How to make thawed water at home: recommendations of Dr. GNNyegov

To prepare melt water, place the enameled pan with plain water in a freezer or( if it happens in winter) into the street. Once the walls of the pan and the surface of the water is covered with ice, pour the water into another pan. The first ice in the first pan collects all the heavy elements of water( deuterium and others).

Put the second pan in the refrigerator. When the water freezes by two-thirds, merge the unfrozen water( it contains all the chemically harmful impurities), and the ice that remained in the pan is the same medicinal pro-water that our body needs. The ice melts at room temperature. To drink it it is necessary on 2-3 glasses in day for an hour before meal.

According to some doctors, melt water promotes resorption of thrombi, relieves heart pain, improves the condition of patients with varicose veins, with hemorrhoids. Melt water improves venous and arterial blood circulation, improves metabolism, reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and the phenomenon of sclerosis.

If melt water to water plants( especially cereals), then the crop is almost doubled.

How to use thawed water to treat

Alive water improves blood composition, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, lowers cholesterol. Therefore, it is of great benefit for those with cardiovascular diseases.

On the basis of thawed water, compresses are applied to sore spots. You can brew medicinal herbs, boil infusion, cool, cool in the freezer and apply after thawing as a compress. In this regard, the infusion of celandine helps to remove acne and warts.

With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, poor digestion, unimportant bowel work, drink half the glass of thawed water 3 times a day in small sips, not a volley.

For heartburn also: three times a day for half a cup;

Those who have diabetes should take 1 glass of thawed ice 3 times a day.

Good results are obtained by the use of melt water in skin diseases associated with immune, allergic reactions. In combination with the treatment prescribed by a dermatologist, regular reception of thawed structured ice in three to four days facilitates the condition of patients. Passes a strong itch of the skin with neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema. Redness and irritation of the skin decreases, a person feels great relief.

Remember that melt water is not a panacea, it's not a medicine, it does not replace a doctor's prescribed treatment, especially for serious diseases.

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