Useful properties and contraindications of black currant leaves: a recipe for tinctures of berries on vodka

Black currant is for sure known to everyone living in the middle band of Russia.

This berry has been loved by us since childhood and has often become a favorite treat in the summer.

What to say, even some manufacturers of edible delicacies use blackcurrant in the filling in their desserts, which increases the interest of consumers in the products.

  • Contents of the article:
    • Introduction to black currant
    • Useful substances
    • In combating diseases
    • About leaves and shoots
      • How to use
    • Folk recipes
    • Contraindications and side effects

    Introduction to black currant

    In this article we will talk about the beneficial properties of this berry,consider some areas where it is applicable and conclude that it is a treat or a health product?

    Black currant is a unpretentious plant.

    Dwells in the middle zone of the country, not bad neighbors with other bushes and trees and does not require careful and careful care.

    In connection with this circumstance, summer residents are so fond of planting this berry on their plots.

    Black currant ripening time is the middle or end of summer.

    This plant is thermophilic, so the flowering period falls on late May, and the first fruits appear only when the sun warms at the peak of its activity.

    Despite such a love of light and warmth, currant steadily tolerates frosts.

    This plant is referred to the family of gooseberry.

    Black currant is known not only to the inhabitants of the Russian Federation.

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    These bushes are cultivated in all countries of Europe, Asia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and even China.

    It's impossible to confuse the black currant with another berry. It is slightly, but differs from white and red currants( useful properties and contraindications).

    As a rule, the distinctive feature of this shrub is large, heavy berries in comparison with representatives of red and white currants.

    In addition, deep black color is very attractive, and has a slightly burgundy tide.

    On taste, blackcurrant berries are very pleasant. They have a sweetish flavor, as well as a pleasant characteristic aroma that can drive you crazy.

    Pahuchi not only berries, but also currant leaves.

    Therefore, many summer residents gladly brew tea, using not only dry, but fresh shoots of the bush. The fragrance spreads to the whole house.

    In addition, berries and black currant leaves are widely applicable in the field of cooking and cosmetology.

    Some cosmetic companies say that the vitamins contained in the berries are able to somehow tonify the skin and rejuvenate it.

    But we will talk about the use of currants in traditional medicine, although, in truth, even official medicine does not deny its useful properties and uses several medicines in the manufacture.

    Useful substances

    Not every plant has as many nutrients as currant.

    Scientists say that the berries contain vitamin A, which is useful for the body.

    He is responsible for maintaining immunity, has a beneficial effect on our body and digestive system.

    Group B vitamins, which are abundant in the berries under discussion, are a real storehouse of useful substances.

    В1, В2, В3, В6, contained in berries, are considered to be vitamins of beauty and are able to positively influence the skin, hair and nails, making them healthy and strong.

    The currant berries contain vitamins P and E. Vitamin C, which is contained in the largest percentage of the flesh of berries - a real protector of our immunity.

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    This vitamin is contained not only in the flesh itself, but also in the leaves of the bush, so the brewed teas will bring you not only a pleasure in the scent, but also the benefit of the application.

    But the list of vitamins useful substances are not limited. Currant contains:

    • phosphorus,
    • potassium,
    • calcium,
    • iron.

    Black currant leaves, in addition to high content of vitamin C, can please connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle percentage of the content:

    • magnesium,
    • manganese,
    • lead,
    • copper,
    • silver and sulfur.

    Despite its apparent utility, berries are considered dietary.

    The currant is often recommended by dietitians to those categories of patients who want to lose weight and do not have problems with high acidity in the stomach.

    Calorie content of 100 grams of blackcurrant is only 50 kilocalories, which is considered to be negligible for such a large amount of vitamins and nutrients.

    In the fight against diseases

    Black currant has long been used in folk medicine.

    But then the application was reduced to simple lotions and broths.

    People used berries, not having knowledge of any scientific facts and the results of research that could tell in which cases the currant is different, and in what cases the enemy is.

    The use of berries at random, has formed a firm opinion that black currant is a good helper in the fight against various diseases of the heart, immune system and blood vessels, but negatively affects the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract.

    This opinion is erroneous, in fact, the currant perfectly copes with certain types of stomach diseases, but only if the patient has not increased acidity.

    Today the spectrum of knowledge about this bush and berry, in particular, has become more impressive, and we will acquaint you with the list of diseases in the treatment of which the blackcurrant will become your reliable friend and assistant.

    1. The weakened immunity of in the cold season is not uncommon, and the black currant strengthens it.

    2. Continuous use of black currant food reduces the likelihood of various diseases of the vascular system.

    3. Currant normalizes blood pressure .

    4. Yagoda affects the improvement of blood composition.

    5. Consumption of black currant - prevention of the onset and development of Alzheimer's disease .

    6. The use of black currant has a beneficial effect on the health of patients with diabetes mellitus ( about the medical properties of flax seeds written in this article) and is able to stop its development.

    7. For diseases of the liver and kidneys ( how to help the leaves of cranberries read here) use folk recipes with currants.

    8. Recommended for older people to prevent the development of age-related diseases.

    9. Has the properties of the antiseptic , thanks to the content of vitamin C in the composition.

    10. Anti-heat agent at the time of colds and viral infections.

    11. Prevents the development of oncological diseases , similar to the flowers of black elderberry in cancer( medicinal properties).

    12. It is recommended for persons who underwent surgery to improve immunity and general condition.

    13.Smorodina affects the development of visual acuity, stops the fall.

    14. Improves metabolism and digestion system.

    We listed the useful properties of this berry - not all of the possible areas of its application.

    But, despite the obvious utility of blackcurrant consumption, in one form or another, remember the need for medical advice before applying this natural healer.

    About leaves and shoots

    Leaves like berries are very useful.

    Their incredible toning effect is noted, after all, after tea with brewed shoots immediately appear forces and new thoughts.

    In addition, decoctions and infusions of black currant leaves are famous for their diuretic effect, therefore they cope with the task of purifying the body in preparation for surgical interventions.

    In addition, the content of vitamin C carries antiseptic properties, which also affects the disinfection of the body.

    Broth and currant leaves relieves inflammation, fights skin diseases from the inside.

    Remembering the list of useful substances contained in shoots, you can confidently say that infusions have and simply fortifying effect on the body.

    And this means that you can consume it and absolutely healthy people for the prevention.

    And why not, when it's not only useful, but also incredibly tasty?

    Ways to use

    In childhood, for sure, some of us ate black berries, tearing them from the bush.

    Consumption of berries in this form is useful, because the healing properties of fruits fall directly into the body and certainly contribute to health.

    But in the frozen form berries do not lose their useful substances.

    If in winter you feel an acute shortage of vitamins - be sure to stock up several containers of berries and send them to the refrigerator.

    Not only children, but also adults like to eat jams, jam and jelly with currants.

    Do not deny yourself such pleasant pleasure.

    Berry will lose some of its nutrients during heat treatment, only, in part, but it will keep for you all the most delicious and useful.

    Those who do not imagine themselves without fragrant and fragrant tea can indulge in dried leaves of black currant even in cold winter.

    To do this, you just need to leave the washed leaves for a few days in the sun and collect them in a jar.

    Folk recipes

    Now let's talk about recipes that are used in folk medicine. Popular broths and tinctures of leaves and currant berries.

    If you want to improve your immune system, use the following recipe.

    A pinch of crushed currant leaves and a handful of berries fill with a glass of boiling water. Top cover and let it brew for twenty minutes.

    After, cool and drink half of the broth in the morning, half the evening.

    Such a decoction will improve the weakened immunity and prepare the body for colds.

    If you want to have a curative effect on your body, folk medicine calls you to pay attention to the recipe for infusion of black currant berries.

    To do this, three tablespoons of berries are brewed with a glass of boiling water and sent under the lid in a warm and dark place for three hours.

    After the allotted time, the glass is drunk, but dosed, three times a day before meals in equal proportions.

    Contraindications and side effects of

    But not everyone enjoys the taste and medicinal properties of berries.

    Scientists have found out that in a number of diseases black currant inflicts significant harm to the body, which means that it is excluded from the diet for people suffering from the following diseases:

    • hepatitis;
    • suffered a heart attack;
    • stroke;
    • increased gastric acidity;
    • thrombophlebitis;
    • acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
    • allergic reaction;
    • increased blood clotting;
    • dehydration.

    Do not risk your health in the hope of finding a panacea for your illness.

    But if you believe in the healing properties of berries and want to experience yourself at any price, be sure to consult with your doctor.

    We wish you health and time to enjoy the taste of ripe, juicy and healthy currant berries in the coming season.

    You will learn about the dangers and benefits of black currant for the human body while watching a video.