How useful is lime tea for women and whether it is possible to drink during pregnancy

The useful properties of lime became known many years ago.

In the old days, lime trees were often planted near churches and temples as a healing and sacred plant.

When a child was born, it must have been planted on a lime tree, considered to be an amulet of the genus.

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What is in the inflorescences of
  • How to brew
  • How is
  • useful How does it help women
  • Benefits for pregnancy
  • Side effects and contraindications
  • Useful tip for the last time

  • Lipa has an incredible amount of medicinal properties, thanks to which, it is used in folk medicine, andthey also produce folk remedies.

    But along with this, color and leaves can shake your health.

    Today we will talk about such a wonderful drink, like lime tea, and get acquainted with its use and contraindications.

    What is contained in the inflorescences

    To begin with, I would like to talk about the composition of lime tea. It contains the following substances:

    • vitamin C;
    • phytoncides( have antiseptic properties);
    • flavonoids( characterized by anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effects, and also known for providing antioxidant effects);
    • essential oil, thanks to him, and the same special flavor arises.

    Also, oil helps calm the nervous system.

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    How to brew

    Preparation of lime tea takes just a few minutes and does not cause any special difficulties.

    It is enough to collect the color and leaves, and then put them in a brewer with dense walls of faience or ceramic type, and pour water, temperature, about 90 degrees Celsius.

    Add sugar or honey to the tea, but you can drink it by yourself.

    If, for some reason, brewed tea can not be drunk, do not dispose of it. It is best to freeze the infusion, and subsequently to treat the ice with facial skin and décolleté area.

    You will notice how much more velvety the skin becomes( small wrinkles will disappear, and pimples will pass).It is not for nothing that the linden tree is called the tree of the Slavic goddess Lada, who was considered the embodiment of beauty.


    is useful And now we pass to the main part and we will get acquainted with useful properties of lime tea. Drink is an ideal "kit" for getting rid of colds.

    It is characterized by an expectorant and antipyretic effect, which is no worse than the drugs sold in pharmacies.

    If you understand that you have a cough and runny nose - immediately brew a cup of lime tea, and after half an hour - another.

    This will make the disease weaker and, possibly, even prevent it.

    Also tea perfectly fights with a cough in the period of various respiratory diseases.

    The composition of lime tea includes flavonoids. They maintain the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, protect against sclerosis and prevent the development of heart disease.

    In other words, drink is a good way to "disperse" blood on the vessels .

    Lime tea is consumed by those who have cystitis, urolithiasis problems, or inflammation of the urinary tract.

    It also reduces the headache, relieves edema, relieves spasms and joint pain.

    Thanks to the drink, bile begins to be more active, which allows you to fight with various inflammations in the stomach and has a positive effect on digestion, in general.

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    Healing tea is used as a sedative, relieving insomnia and relieving nervous tension.

    Trying, one day, you will understand how much better to drink a cup of warm fragrant tea than a sleeping pill.

    How to help women

    Lime tea is considered a very useful tool for the female body. Why?

    It's simple:

    • contains phytohormone as a part of the drink, almost identical in composition to female sex hormones.

    It compensates for the lack of these hormones if the body of women begins to fail. Lime tea helps:

    • during the menstrual cycle violation of ( or in the event that it is accompanied by pain).
      In this case, it is recommended to make "double brew" tea.
      To do this is simple enough:
        • when tea, filled with boiling water, is infused for 10-15 minutes, put it on the fire for another 20 minutes.

      Similar, repeated brewing will remove a lot of useful substances from the lime tree.

    • during the climax .
      Yes, the daily use of linden tea really calms hormonal storms a little.
      Since the body is filled with phytohormones, the lack of a hormonal background in a woman ceases.
    • in the fight against tumors of female genital organs( myomas and fibromas) .
      It is worth adding that the flowers for this tea should be collected in the first days of the lunar month - this will make the drink more effective.
      Lime tea is brewed with sage.

    In addition to healing properties, lime tea is ideal for women and as a means of maintaining beauty.

    It is endowed with a rejuvenating effect and will be useful for people seeking to get rid of excess weight .

    The drink begins to burn calories actively if it is taken daily before meals.

    Benefits for Pregnancy

    Tea from the color of lime is considered one of those tools that are recommended for taking in the period of bearing a child.

    1. It is a good preventive in the season of colds and flu.
      When the weakened immunity of the expectant mother is especially prone to disease.
      Therefore, the drink will be an excellent option, protecting against diseases.
    2. Lime tea will help, and if the virus caught a pregnant woman after all.
      Then it is used as a natural antipyretic agent at high temperature.
      Unlike tablets, it is not endowed with side-effects that will affect the development of the baby.
    3. The diuretic effect of tea allows you to cope with edema - a difficulty that pregnant women face almost always.
    4. Also fragrant lime tea will favorably affect the nervous system of the pregnant woman, which often happens to be "on the platoon".
      Insomnia in women in position, the same is known to everyone, so here the use of the drink will be, as never before, by the way.

    Side effects and contraindications

    It is worth highlighting the contraindications to the use and harm of lime tea.

    Do not forget that the drink, in the first place, is a remedy.

    Tea constantly has a significant effect on the body.

    And it means that you can not always drink it .The antipyretic property of the drink, sometimes, leads to heart problems.

    There is some influence on the kidneys, so it's very important to know the measure and pause. Especially if you use "double brewing"..

    Useful tip at last

    You can drink the drink for no more than three weeks. Then you must make a two-week break.

    Lime tea is endowed with useful properties, and also has healing power, tested for several generations. Everyone should know about miraculous actions of the drink, but do not forget that his excessive use can have a negative impact on health.

    How to collect and dry the lime flower for tea. From what diseases and how to brew - the answers you will learn while watching the video.