After a cold, the temperature is kept 37

What can keep the temperature 3, - 3, many days, although the cold has already passed and there are no other abnormalities? Well



It is better not to go anywhere, especially on the train - there are drafts everywhere.
This temperature can occur with pulmonary diseases in
initial stages.


There is some inflammation in the body


For example, after a tick bite. That is, there are many reasons. Infection in you is haunting


To sit at home is not necessary, perhaps such a reaction to treatment ...


In vain about the doctors say so, you can also talk here. Temperature 3, within the limits of the norm, but 3, - 3, this is already the presence of the inflammatory process in the body. To hand over to you analyzes on a common blood from a finger and the general or common analysis of urine, and already from it or this to dance all with you by way of.

Andrey Yanushkevich

It's just that some people after a cold, constantly changing body temperature, it's normal! Congratulations, you're even hotter!


know the same doctors say that now this is the normal temperature, if he podymaetsya this evening is normal, and sat all day in the morning, then lutshe goes to a good doctor


The trip is not dangerous, but self-medication is dangerous, if the temperature holds, then there is inflammation, if there is inflammation means there can be a complication, and then you can get to the hospital to those doctors whom you do not so love.


This is a sign that the body has a focus of infection (kidneys - pyelonephritis, inflammation of the appendages, even problems with caries or gums, there may be a slow inflammation of the appendix). It is better not to go anywhere, check with doctors. Imagine getting sick on the road or in a strange city?


Measure the temperature after 8 am and until 20.00 in the evening. Not earlier and not later. And stop constantly measuring it. All will pass.


Initially, the temperature is the reaction of the body to the pouring (but not always) if there is a tempirotura means there is a process of recovery, but do not worry it will take 2-3 days. just orgonizm boritsya with the disease.


The body continues the inflammatory process, it is necessary to take tests. Any push - draft, cooling and a serious complication can begin.

Lyudmila Galanova

there can be several reasons, immunity is suppressed because of medication; if a detailed blood test and rengen (such a temperature can be a symptom of pleurisy) is OK, and maybe the evil eye. From the trip, it is better to refrain

Vladimir Molokov

Elevated temperature - the work of the immune system. There is a struggle with the "invaders it can be anything: bacteria, viruses, fungi and even helminths that get into the blood. The folk remedy is to provide access to oxygen through the skin, and a honey-free, non-hot (up to 50gr) drink
With them, the body will receive almost everything necessary to repel "attacks"
And, if you do not, you're welcome to the Aesculapius. The dose of antibiotics will provide you with dysbiosis for 5 years. But that's another story ...

Svetlana Mazurkevich

the cold affects the autonomic nervous system, which also regulates the temperature. an imbalance is developing. what is called vegeto-vascular dystonia. one of the symptoms is a different body temperature from different angles. measure the temperature at the same time from two sides - if it is different - it's dystonia and it's not worth worrying about. you just need to wait.

Marina Odintsova

Hand over for the beginning the general or common analysis of a blood


so I generally have 37 with a little ordinary temperature!
... Well, sitting at home may not necessarily be on the train for five days would not


aa.. at most the same thing was in the summer, and now.. .

in the summer: felt fine, and the temperature was 3, kept and kept... cold symptoms ВООБщЕ was not. .
doctors are really fagots.. t. To. I have come and me have rasvervnuli and have told or said that such tempra them does not excite at all.. freaks. I hate them.
the temperature is really addictive. .
in the end were easy. .
now pharyngitis, same temperature.. but there is a cough, runny nose, etc.

to doctors do not want to go.

At me 2 weeks the temperature 37.2.. kept was signs of cold, but they have passed or have taken place for three days. What is it and how to treat?



An increased body temperature of over 37 degrees is a protective reaction of the body to many diseases. At a temperature, the metabolism increases, speeding up the formation of antibodies that fight infection. Viral infection can sometimes lead to a drop in temperature, but it often increases it - sometimes even up to 4, degrees. The causes of persistently high fever may be viral and bacterial infections: colds, tonsillitis, flu, acute otitis media, pneumonia and others.
Traditional methods of treatment: Moderately high temperature, well tolerated by patients, should not be reduced with the help of medicines. In cases of severe fever, as well as with respiratory failure, exhausting diseases, antipyretic agents are used - aspirin, amidopyrine. Treatment should be directed to the underlying disease.
Unconventional and folk methods of treatment:
1) Mix evenly the honey, grated on a shallow grater onion and mashed apples. The resulting mixture is taken 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, as an antipyretic.
2) Grind 1 onion. Pour it, l. hot water, insist, wrapped, night, strain and drink during the day, 5 glasses 3-4 times a day for 20 minutes before meals at a temperature and headache.
3) Fresh berries and jam from honeysuckle are used as antipyretic and antipyretic agents.
4) The forest raspberry is an excellent antipyretic agent. Brew as a tea 2 tablespoons of dried berries raspberries 1 cup boiling water, drink for 1 time. You can drink tea with jam from raspberries.
5) Berries of strawberries reduce fever well.
6) Grate on a large grater 2 raw potatoes. In the resulting mass, pour 1 tablespoon of vinegar and lay it on a clean cloth or gauze, folded in several layers. The fabric should be wide enough for wrapping the mashed potatoes. Ready to compress the compress on the forehead, and after a while, change it to a new one.

Elena Izmailova

Flu. It is advisable to lie out for 8 days, at least.


It means the body is in an inflammatory process, you need to see a doctor urgently.

Petya Makhorkin

an inflammatory process occurs. For example, pneumonia or even where. Do not knock this temperature down.

Vanya: з

Can a bronchitis. Go to the doctor or drink antibiotics.

Mikhail A Kolesnikov

Approximate symptoms of AIDS ...

Pavel Vovk

check with phthisiatrician


I do not want to frighten you, but this temperature often accompanies pulmonary and kidney diseases. If you do not understand with a specialist, then everything can be much more difficult! RECOVER, Good luck!

Ksenia Solovova

This means that the healing process has remained. Try to drink herbs and paracytomole or aspirin!


In our region, at the end of autumn, early in the winter, there was an outbreak of mouse fever, two fell ill from work, one is already working, the second is still sick. Symptoms, too, like colds, in my likeness to yours, in general we everywhere have memos on the job hang and there it is written that it can sit in the body without showing itself especially from 3 to 20 days. So it's better to turn into a stew! Anything can happen!

Tatiana Konyukhova (all red)

It was the same: two months. She went around all the doctors, did all sorts of tests: not a fig. Doctors agreed that the immune system failed. Drink a medicine to maintain the immune system. I do not remember the names. In any pharmacy will prompt. And the primary source of ailment was still a cold.

Natalia Ivkina

in general, that the temperature is kept, a very bad sign, this is the first sign that inflammation is occurring in the body, it is necessary to go to the doctor and take anlizy to establish the cause.
In general, you can drink to strengthen immunity "Immunall"


judging by the temperature it can be pneumonia, it is necessary to do an x-ray


You ask puzzles that do not exist
specific medical measures. You need to apply
in the polyclinic to the district doctor, who
listen, appoint a fluorography or attract
narrow specialists for diagnosis and subsequent
treatment, according to the indications.


Here at my girlfriend too most 3 weeks have gone and the temperature keeps, she and blood has handed over and still what that analyzes, like all normally, only a few white blood cells, in general, her therapist sent to the gynecologist, says inflammation, and the runny nose could have just been together begin


We had the same thing - go to Laura. Check the tonsils - there are probably cork. We must wash it. At us after the second procedure the temperature has fallen. Now there is some kind of infection that gives such a course of the disease. .
My throat did not hurt either.

Fatal Error

Perhaps prostkdda passed into chronic tonsilitis, with it can be kept for a long time supraphibril temperature, it is necessary to visit a doctor and make a general blood test

Valentina Batochenko

most often a cold provoked a chronic illness that you might not even know about. it is necessary to pass tests (the general analysis of a blood with the formula, the general analysis of urine, and biochemistry of a blood with revmoprobami, well and the cardiogram of heart) recover !!!


At me 3 years temperature 3, -sand all analyzes, checked for an inflammation of lungs, tuberculosis not that have not found !!!


There is the concept of "temperature tail" after a cold up to 2-3 weeks or more. If you feel fine, take natures. products to strengthen immunity, for example, Detox ("cat's claw") and live peacefully. Be healthy!

How to be treated at 37

At a temperature of 37, do not rush to take medicine

A slight increase in body temperature to 37 degrees is already felt by the body. You can feel aches, heaviness, headache and drowsiness. To get rid of this condition, many are rushing to take medicine. However, you need to heal at a temperature of 37 in other ways.

You will need

  1. - warm drinks;
  2. - warm clothes;
  3. - a solution for washing the nose;
  4. - a blanket.


  1. Try to analyze the reasons why you have a fever. An increase of 4-5 tenths of the normal rate is very insignificant. Many doctors are sure that this fact does not need to be taken as a cause for concern. The rise in temperature to 37 could be due to excessive physical exertion, stuffy air, little stress. But even if this phenomenon is associated with impending diseases, do not rush to run to a doctor or a pharmacy. In some cases, low-grade fever (37-3,) is generally considered a variant of the norm. Take action if you are experiencing other unpleasant symptoms, such as a runny nose or a characteristic sore throat.
  2. Do not rush to take any medications. Remember that a slight increase in temperature at the onset of a cold is a sign that the body is struggling with an impending ailment. Having drunk a febrifuge, you, of course, temporarily relieve your condition, but only exacerbate the general course of the disease. Symptomatic treatment (vasoconstrictor drops, immunomodulators) is also not needed. Allow the body to cope with the disease itself: thus, you will only strengthen immunity and insure yourself against constant relapses.
  3. Ventilate the room in which you are. If you feel chills, put on warm clothes or lie under the blanket, but try to make the air in the room cool. It is best to fall asleep for at least a few hours: so the body becomes even more active and can recover much faster.
  4. Drink as much liquid as possible, since temperature 37 can cause dehydration. It can be simple or mineral water, compote without sugar, herbal tea, cranberry juice. cowberry, decoction. A big misconception is to drink hot drinks for colds: so you only exacerbate the situation and irritate an already sensitive mucous membrane. Liquids should be warm or even slightly cool. No less harmful with rising temperatures and hot milk (with honey, butter), which is traditionally advised by the older generation. This drink will not only have absolutely no effect on the subfebrile temperature, but will also provoke the formation of additional mucus in the body, which, with a cold, will only intensify the course of the disease.

Constantly keeps the temperature 3, and there are no more signs of a cold. What to do? With what it can be connected?


Tatiana Kiseleva

Hormonal profile - TTG
General blood analysis
General urine analysis.
Chest X-ray.
Additional surveys after receiving the results of the first. Clarifying complaints!


can this be normal for you


Are the wisdom azoubas grown? can loads large. Although there is a virus that, in addition to temperature, seems to give nothing

Olga Sipacheva (Demidova)

The temperature is not only from the common cold.


I used to have this kind of crap.. .
after the birth of the child, everything passed.
now the temperature is constantly 3,

Sergey Parkhomenko

Urgently to hand over analyzes, there can be any inflammatory process.

Chairman of the HOA

And where did you decide that the increase in body temperature is caused only by a cold?
Alas, this is far from the case: the inflammatory process that takes place in the body inevitably causes an increase in (insignificant) temperature.
I do not want to frighten you, but I recommend to be surveyed: SO it happens in the initial stage of tuberculosis, which roughly "walks" around the country ...

yuri shevchouk

Check up shchitovidku.

Larisa Gorbenko

in the body there is some kind of inflammatory process, with a temperature in general, then do not joke, go to the hospital

Irina .

it can be if you perenervnichali, my temperature immediately rises to 3, when I'm nervous.

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