Cold at the cat

Do cats suffer from a cold and how is this to be understood?


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certainly sick!
Cats are very sensitive to drafts and easily exposed to colds. This is manifested by well-known signs: sneezing, coughing: the eyes of a sick cat are watered, half closed by a inflamed third century. Treatment of a sick cat is carried out by a veterinarian or independently, if there is no possibility to address him. Intramuscularly injected 1 ml gentamicin 2 times a day, inside give ascorbic acid 0.1 g 2 times a day, norsulfazole according to 1/4 table. 3 times a day and immunofan subcutaneously 1 time in 2 days 2 times. In the presence of several cats in the house, the patient must be isolated until the cause of the disease is clarified. Much attention is paid to the prevention of this disease: the elimination of drafts and hypothermia of the animal and contacts with other animals. In addition, timely vaccinations with complex vaccines will increase the immunity of the animal to many diseases.


cats like people get sick. they cough, sneeze and they also flow snot. as well as people, they need to be treated

Maxim Goldfinger

.. they are not only sick, but they also sneeze laughingly ....)


The cat lost an eye, thought that the eye was pierced. And the wind-r said that the cat had tonsillitis, anointed the throat and said that during an infectious disease the cat's eyes went inside. I looked - and indeed, about 5 cm of the eye left. Then the cat recuperated gradually and the eye also gradually returned.

yes sick... cough, snot... like people

Marina Vasilenko

My cat Jorzhik (and I have another cat - Puss) when I was sick, it was necessary to see.... He sneezed so that he himself jumped, lay on the back, spreading his little fells and almost cried, and the second cat constantly licking him, slept almost in an embrace with him. It's a pity when they get sick, you do not know what and how to do just so it was good for them !!

here they are small yet. Now two motherfeet !!!!

**** DAYS

They should be treated like little children... from the pipette amidoperine with analgin diluted boiled water-helps for 2 days, I tried it!


At us the cat only sneezed half a day (every half an hour), approached to water, but
could not drink
Veterinarian came-listened-turned out to be a pulmonary virus (I do not remember the exact name), said lungs as an accordion: 10 days with antibiotic 2 mg 2 times a day
But what does it mean to stuff drugs into a cat from a syringe, those who have come across it can understand
And once the dog had only a cough (pulmonary plague)

Alyona Markova

Cats like people, they also tend to be sick. First you need to measure the temperature rectally (I apologize for my French through the ass), the normal temperature for cats is from 37.5 to 38.5, at most 39. If there is a temperature knocked down with antibiotics, you can metronidazole (cut the tablet into 8 parts), calmly give 1/8 part with a small amount of water, after the tablets were swallowed we show the pussy where there is water to drink more, the next day we repeat the procedure with a measure of temperature, if the temperature does not drop, we repeat the operation with tablets.

Colds in cats - symptoms

Colds in Cats Symptoms

Many of the diseases of cats according to manifestations resemble human, so the owners purely intuitively discover the ailment of their pet. You need to be completely sure that your diagnosis is correct, otherwise treatment can not only not work, but also bring great harm.

Many wonder whether cats suffer from a cold, while the most common disease in cats is the common cold. Symptoms of colds in cats may vary depending on the virus. Veterinarians distinguish two main cold viruses in animals:

  1. Viral rhinotracheitis. An animal has a clear liquid from the nose and eyes, which becomes more purulent and thick with the development of the disease. The cat has no appetite, the temperature rises, there comes apathy and lethargy. After a few weeks, the symptoms may disappear, but some acquire eye diseases or a chronic runny nose.
  2. Feline calcivirus. The most common virus. The main symptoms: the appearance of ulcers on the hard palate, tongue and nose, fever, general weakness, sneezing. The source of infection is a healthy cat-bearer or sick animal.

These signs of colds in cats can become side effects of other ailments, so it is advisable to consult a specialist. He will take a swab from the eye or from the mouth and do the analysis.

If you do not start treatment on time, your cat can become a carrier of the common cold and start infecting other cats. The main manifestation of this will be short (2-3 days) discharge from the eyes and nose. A cold in such a person can manifest itself after severe stress, for example, the appearance in the apartment of a new animal or a visit to a vet. When the disease starts, a chronic runny nose or prolonged inflammation in the mouth develops.

Than to treat a cat for a cold?

Experts advise to use special medicines for colds for cats and not to experiment with "human" drugs.

Colds in Cats Symptoms 1The most effective are antibiotics, which eliminate the cold virus in a short time. In addition, corticosteroids, immunomodulators, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed.

Care of an animal is no less important than medication. Give the cat plenty of water to avoid dehydration and spend steam inhalation to reduce the inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Organize the inhalation is very simple: just close the animal in the bathroom for the time of taking a shower, putting a basin with warm water and a drop of Olbas oil.

The cat got sick. It looks like he caught a cold. (inside)


Kathris Dark Moon

Chihi and snot in cats may not be a symptom of a common cold, but a disease of a viral origin (caliciviroz, rhinotracheitis, etc.), and in the spring these diseases in cats become more frequent, especially if the animal is not vaccinated. It is best to consult a good doctor, not experiment. And I would not go to the sellers in pet stores, they usually just sellers and cat physiology do not know. So cats in an armful and run to the doctor.

Vladislav Leonov

my cat coughed for a cold.... It is necessary to go to the viterenarku there will make a little ukolchik.... for two injections and will pass! without pricks in any way ...!

Olga Zakharova

Just go to the pet store, tell me what's wrong with the animals.
There are not just people from the street, but those who understand how to care for animals, treat, etc.
They will advise the right medicine.


Do an analysis of blood and urine, fluorography, ultrasound of the prostate, and in the wind bark!

Galina Cherneva

Are you sure that the cat is coughing??? can they fish they travnulis you?? they then have such sounds... as a cough... Is there vomiting? I recently had a cat also caught a cold, but I took it to the veterinarian, he received injections.... A fish in its raw form by the way cats is not recommended, the more cheap.... harmful is very.... side effects of mass.

Stefan Razin

Something from the fish could. It is better to defrost, then defrost before giving.

Christmas tree

STORAGE can not be infected. But RINOTRAKHEITOM - quite. The cat picked up from street cats and infected the housewife. After all, the cat is not vaccinated, right? Now take both and go to the vet clinic. On treatment.

Lami 56

In the street you can not only get cold, but also get infected. Therefore, with both of them to the doctor. Even if it is only a cold, it must also be treated.

Natasha Topilina

I advise anyone not to ask anything (meaning sellers in pet stores), and take seals and show the doctor. At us such was with a house cat. cured

Yuliya Ivanycheva

Tetracycline will help. a floor of a tablet in day of 10 days. Symptoms will disappear on day 2-3, but do not stop.
In fact, you have hit big. Cats do not catch cold. This calciviroz or chlamydia and both are not completely cured. Recovered cat remains a virus carrier and can repeatedly infect itself. You need to make vaccinations to cats to avoid this.
And do not feed cats fish, nothing good will come of it. Cats can not fish at all.

Symptoms of a cat's colds, than help?


Irina Popova

Gamavit colitis is urgent, most likely a helminthic infestation... and drive worms... Of course, it would be good to the veterinarian-they would have put him after a dropper... but if there is a temperature-heater is not needed, only worse ...


a teaspoon of vodka in the mouth. I saved mine so much.


Excuse me, but why have not you so far catrocketed the cat? ?

Antibiotics can prescribe only a veterinarian, if you do not want to ruin an animal.

Natalia Levina

Glistular invasion can give the strongest intoxication, which you observe in the cotyke, first you poison the worms, then you understand further.

Everything will be fine

In occasion of cold it is exact to the doctor, 2 days of a stupor, and then he will forget all. But about the worms, this is first of all dangerous for you.


Help the cat breeze!

Alex Prysiazhniuk

Do not torment the beast! It's bad for him. They have 9 reasons for life! Immediately to Aibolit!

*** EVGENIYA ***

Carry it best in the hospital and all of you will be EXACTLY told and advised!

Russian LEN

Urgent worm-from worms and sick

How to treat a cold at the cat?



These symptoms are not a cold, but the symptoms of VIRUS. Treatment is prescribed only by vetom, after an accurate diagnosis. Itself will not work. And self-medication you will do worse. Go to the vet clinic, and sooner, if you do not want to lose the animal ..


it's not a cold, it's an infection, go to the doctor already.

Guest Uninvited

Ears looked? There may be parasites. Symptoms are uniquely similar.
To the doctor. And yourself, too.


Do not put anything and do not bother even. You will drive the cat into the grave. Consult with the vetom. For demand, money is not taken.


Cats do not have colds. It's a viral infection. He is treated by a veterinarian.

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