Treating stones in the gallbladder with folk remedies

Gallstone disease is one of the most frequent ailments. In this disease in the gallbladder and in its ducts, stones are formed, consisting primarily of cholesterol or bilirubin.

  • How to treat stones in the gallbladder without surgery folk remedies
  • Treatment with juices and oils
  • Oats for the treatment of gallstones
  • Dill treats stones in the gallbladder
  • Dissolution of gallstones with herbal infusions
  • Bird's bile as a remedy for the management of cholelithiasis
  • Gallstone disease in children
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Most often, the disease occurs in people who consume a large number of products. Observance of the wrong way of life leads to a violation of cholesterol metabolism and congestion of bile. The size of the formed stones is different. It ranges from a couple to hundreds of centimeters. The same should be said about the number of stones.

Often the development of the disease occurs within a few years. Therefore, it is important to prevent it in the early stages of formation.

Note!An important tool for preventing disease and treating gallstones is diet. It is necessary to exclude from the diet fatty, smoked food, alcohol, liver and eggs.

One of the most important ways of treatment is surgical intervention. Operations, as a rule, are appointed in neglected cases. In the early stages, a stone in a gallbladder can be treated without surgery by folk remedies, because it is better to warn with more loyal methods than waiting for extreme ones.

How to treat stones in the gallbladder without surgery folk remedies

Treatment with juices and oils

Here it is worth noting that only juices of raw vegetables favorably influence the dissolution of stones. This fact is confirmed in many countries, such as Ukraine, the United States, Switzerland.

Below are the main types of funds intended for the treatment of ailment.

Olive oil + grapefruit juice

It is recommended to mix 50 ml of grapefruit juice with 50 ml of olive oil. It is preferable to drink the mixture at night, having done before it an enema for cleaning the intestines.

After using the medication you need to lie in bed on your right side and put a heating pad under it. It is advisable to repeat the cleaning of the intestines the next morning.

Olive oil + lemon juice

First of all, you need to carefully filter half a liter of lemon juice and cook the same amount of olive oil. It is recommended without fail:

  • do not eat 6 hours before taking the medicine;
  • every 15 minutes, use 4 tablespoons of oil, squeezed with lemon juice;
  • at the end, drink a leap of the remaining amount of lemon juice.

With strict adherence to all recommendations, within a few days, the patient's condition may be improved.

Juice from carrot, cucumber and beetroot

Mix 1 liter of carrot juice with 300 ml of juice from cucumbers and beets. Take small meals throughout the day. In just a day it is advisable to drink all the resulting mixture. This mixture excellently removes stones from the gallbladder.

Carrot and spinach juice

Also very effective in fighting this disease. Mix the juices, you need based on the proportions: 1 liter of carrot and 600 ml of spinach. The minimum amount of liquid drunk should be at least 600 ml.

Remember!To achieve a better effect, the intestinal cleansing is additionally done either daily or every other day.

Oats for the treatment of gallstones

Oats broth perfectly copes with stones in the gallbladder. For cooking you need 2 tbsp. l. oats thoroughly rinse and pour 2 liters of water, add 1 pc. the bulb is peeled. All this boil, then reduce the heat and burn for at least 2 hours, you can periodically pour water. Infuse for at least 8 hours, strain, drink every 2-3 hours for 100 ml. The course of treatment is 40 days.

Dill treats stones in the gallbladder

Take 2 tbsp. l. dill, pre-chop it, and pour half a liter of water, which just boiled. Insist 20-25 minutes, take in a warm form during the day to 50 g. The course of treatment is 30 days.

Dissolution of gallstones with herbal infusions

Infusions of herbs can be taken as a separate medicine, or in conjunction with another medicine. There are the following recipes for infusions:

  1. Leaves celandine, wormwood and sweet clover to 50 grams, the roots of gentian, dandelion, chicory and valerian to 30 g mixed with each other. Take a tablespoon of the mixture and throw in a glass with boiling water. Let it brew for a few minutes. Use morning and evening for 50 ml of infusion.
  2. Mix in equal proportions mint leaves, chickenies, shandra, crawfish, knotweed, bark of buckthorn and root of ayr. The recipe for cooking is the same. Take 70 ml three times a day for half an hour before meals.
  3. Take leaves sporisha, flowers of the immortelle sandy and chamomile, the crust of buckthorn in the proportions of 30 g - 40 g - 40 g - 20 g respectively. Take 60 ml in the morning, afternoon and evening for half an hour before meals.
  4. Take an equal amount of celandine ordinary, sporicha, dandelion root, fruits of anise and coriander. Take 100 ml three times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
  5. Collect in equal proportions immortelle, birdwort, chamomile flowers, peppermint grass, rose hips and nettle leaves. Take the collection should be on a tablespoon three times daily before meals. The duration of the infusion depends on the improvement of well-being, but not more than 3 months.
  6. Equal amount of wormwood bitter and horsetail field mixed together. Take a teaspoon of the collection on a glass of water and boil. Drink 2 times a day for 200 ml.
  7. The Alexandrian leaf is a good laxative, which facilitates the removal of small stones from the gallbladder. Infusion of grass is recommended for taking with constipation.
  8. Watermelon peel divided into small pieces, dried in the oven, very finely chopped. In the proportions of 1: 1, add water and boil for half an hour on low heat. A filtered broth is taken one by one - two glasses 3 to 5 times a day for 20 minutes before meals.
  9. Take a tablespoon of leaves of wild strawberry and dried fruit. Boil, allow to brew for 20 minutes and strain. You should drink half a cup 3 times a day.
  10. The number of cholagogue means corn stigmas. For the infusion, you need 10 grams of stigma and a glass of boiling water. The mixture is heated for about half an hour, then cooled and filtered. Take 50 ml for half an hour before meals.
  11. Collect 10 kg of black radish and squeeze out the juice from it. Strain it, add honey and whey. Keep in a warm place. Use in small portions depending on the state of health.

Bird's bile as a remedy for the management of cholelithiasis

Bird's bile has special properties: it is able to dissolve almost all the salts found in the bile ducts, both in the bladder, joints and vessels.

Such an original method of treatment was developed by Academician Boris Bolotov. And these properties have chicken, turkey, duck, goose bile.

One patient had an acute attack of biliary colic. She was offered an urgent operation. But she refused it, because she preferred to follow the recommendations on the method of Bolotov.

According to the treatment, it is necessary to take bird bile every day. For this, the patient bought a chicken and carefully cut out her gallbladder with careful movements.

Attention!For better safety, the unused bile should be stored in the bladder itself. The maximum amount of bile taken should not exceed 40 drops.

Bolotov advises with caution to take "medicine" under the watchful guidance of a doctor. The period of treatment with bile is generally from one week to two. It is recommended to refuse for a while from meat, fish and mushrooms. In the evening, you should eat more salads from vegetables.

Gallstone disease in children

Gallstone disease in children is most often inherited. If the parents had this ailment, the child becomes predisposed to the disease. Hereditary factor is one of the most frequent factors contributing to the process of stone formation in children.

The risk factors for the disease also include anomalies in the development of the gallbladder and metabolic disorders.

Among the activities that take place to treat a child are:

  • diet: exclusion from the diet of fatty foods, muffins, sweets, sour cream and salty foods;
  • surgical treatment;
  • taking drugs that include ursodeoxycholic acid;
  • combined treatment.

Treatment should be carried out in a comprehensive manner. It is recommended to exclude physical activity, spend more time in the open air, it is desirable to be treated in a sanatorium. The complex of measures can also include the intake of infusions from herbs, oils. But here you should be careful, because of the occurrence of allergies to certain medications.

In any case, one should keep in mind that it is not necessary to limit oneself to taking such infusions and medicines. It is necessary to consult a specialist and do all the necessary tests and procedures. Otherwise you risk only aggravate the situation!

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