Removal of adipes on the face

Weners - small neoplasms, the basis of which is subcutaneous fat, they are more correctly called lipomas. Their occurrence is not a hazardous to health problem, however, while their presence for some - a serious cosmetic defect. It is worth knowing how to get rid of fat wizards on the face quickly and without harm to health.

  • From what appear zhiroviki on the face
  • Can I squeeze out WenWiki - how to get rid of them
  • White Wigs
  • Small Wen
  • How to get rid quickly
  • What to do if a grease on the face is inflamed
  • How to remove big wigs
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Small weners often appear on the face, sometimes they are so small that people just do not pay attention to them. They can appear in different places: in the eye area, on the forehead, on the nose, wherever there is subcutaneous fat. The main feature of the lime, formed on the face, is a small size and often a large number.

Often, facial adipes arise from a small group of rashes, so they are often called white eels. From the side they can look like small pimples with a white head, and the inflammation that is usually present with real acne is not observed.

There is another kind of facial lime: xanthelasm, yellow coloration, which usually occurs on the eyelids and form small groups that can merge with each other. Both varieties of tumors occur quite often.

Since lipomas are not common rashes, the approach to their treatment should be completely different. Wenews arising on the body, when they are large enough, can usually be treated solely under the supervision of a doctor. With neoplasms on the face a little different situation, they can be treated at home, although in any case, it is better to first get a specialist consultation.

From what appear zhiroviki on the face

This answer is difficult to answer, experts find it difficult to determine the exact cause of the lime. Usually, there are many factors that can influence the appearance of tumors. It happens that a person with lipomas does not have any of them.

Why do white faces appear on my face? In general, their occurrence can be affected by the following reasons:

  1. Improper skin care. This is a fairly common cause of lipoma in adolescents and people with problem skin. Incorrectly selected means in this case can lead to disturbances in the production of subcutaneous fat, which leads to the appearance of tumors.
  2. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, high blood cholesterol, high blood sugar or developed diabetes. With these pathologies, wenewolves often appear.
  3. Unhealthy Lifestyle. Improper diet, bad habits negatively affect the skin condition and can lead to the appearance of adipose. Indirect factors can be permanent stress, mental and physical exhaustion, underdelivery.

Important!Before the treatment of adipose tissue, it is important to undergo a checkup to exclude serious health problems.

Greasers on the face of a child should be more alert, it is advisable to immediately consult a dermatologist, check the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and take a blood test. In adolescents, similar rashes occur quite often due to hormonal changes and restructuring of the body.

Can I squeeze out WenWiki - how to get rid of them

Experts warn that such neoplasms should never be squeezed out, even ordinary acne that is located close to the surface of the skin, it is better not to disturb again, as it can provoke the development of a vast inflammatory process.

Subcutaneous adipes on the face are too deep, so squeezing them out will lead to nothing. Moreover, extrusion can lead to an inflammatory process, the formation of scars, which may not pass for a very long time. In this case, whiteheads can be opened, but it is best to do it with a specialist.

White Wigs

The method of combating such neoplasms depends on their size and quantity, the reasons that could influence their appearance. The main rule in the fight against lipomas - they can not be squeezed out or pierced independently, except for this there is a mass of effective techniques.

Neoplasms on the face of the newborn should not be touched. Trying to remove them yourself, you can hurt the baby, so when they appear, it's best to show the baby to a dermatologist. The expert will help to determine if they are a significant problem, or you can do nothing.

Important!If the skin of the face is problematic, there is a tendency to the appearance of fattyks, do not touch your face with your hands, without first washing them with soap.

Small Wen

With small numerous rashes it is not always necessary to be treated by opening the wen or laser procedures. First of all, it is advised to choose suitable means for skin care, go to a healthy diet. This will help normalize the work of the sebaceous glands. Most people, after taking such measures, the situation is already improving.

In general, often small neoplasms are treated by a cosmetologist or are picked up by suitable means independently, it is possible to treat at home. The following are the most effective against small adipocytes:

  1. Drying ointments and creams. Find a suitable remedy better after consulting with specialists, especially often use salicylic acid and cream based on it.
  2. Face cleaning. Chemical peeling is extremely effective, it helps to clear the sebaceous ducts, to get rid of clogged sebaceous glands, pimples, adipose. For chemical peeling, preparations based on fruit, salicylic acids are used. It is worth noting that after professional cleansing the skin for some time still retains redness, all defects disappear not immediately.
  3. Folk remedies. At home, you can try to make drying ointments and scrubs on the basis of folk remedies. To dry the skin is effective mask on the basis of oatmeal: it must be brewed, cooled and applied to the face with a thin layer. Scrub can be made from honey, it can be mixed with coffee or sour cream, then applied to the face, massaging.

It is worth remembering that these recipes will help with small, non-inflamed wen, which are located close to the surface of the skin. If the neoplasm is large, lie deep, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.

How to get rid quickly

How to get rid of a small adolescent for one day? It is worth saying that with the help of home remedies it is almost impossible to get rid of tumors, it is sometimes easier to disguise pimples than to completely remove them.

Sometimes it is advised to open the wen, this method will help if it is small and located close to the surface of the skin, the white head protrudes. It is necessary to thoroughly disinfect the hands, wipe the place of dissection with alcohol solution or another antiseptic, take a sterile needle. With the tip of the needle, pick up the head of the wen, then lightly press the fingers on the skin around the wen, the contents of the lesion should come out.

Then you need to treat the puncture site with an antiseptic, apply Panthenol or another wound-healing ointment. This method is not the most reliable, it should be resorted to in exceptional cases. Redness in this case disappears in a few hours.

What to do if a grease on the face is inflamed

With inflammation of the lipoma, you need to contact the dermatologist as soon as possible, probably, it needs to be urgently removed. It is worth remembering that in the normal for this condition, inflammation should be absent.

If you can not get to a specialist immediately, you can apply a compress on the basis of Vishnevsky ointment. Ointment should be applied to a piece of cotton pad, fastened on the face with a patch. Even if the inflammation completely disappears, then you should definitely consult a doctor, a relapse is possible.

How to remove big wigs

Large neoplasms, rashes around the eyes, should be removed only from a specialist. There are several different techniques that doctors use, the best and most suitable one can be chosen according to the indications.

  1. Autopsy and removal of a wen doctor. Depending on its size, removal is carried out through a puncture or incision. This is the fastest way to remove, however, it can be quite painful.
  2. Laser removal. In this case, a laser beam is sprayed onto the tumor, drying the wen. In its place a crust is formed, which disappears in a week. This is the most effective method to remove lipomas on the face around the eyes.

Before and after removal, one should not forget about skin hygiene. To prevent the adolescent from reoccurring, you need to find the right means for skin care, maintain a healthy diet. It is also necessary to treat diseases that could affect the onset of the disease.

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