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book by Vadim Zeland "Transerfing reality" is dedicated to all « depressed and erring Wanderers » - with the words of the author himself. It is definitely not written for a wide range of readers, but for those who constantly or occasionally have a vague impression of a vague impression that something is going wrong in our life, is there any meaning in what we are doing likewe live, what to expect in the future, in the future. In short, is there any sense in our life and whether it is possible to control reality at our discretion.

Some people are restlessly gnawed by the most important question. .. And probably neither you nor I are an exception!

How to become the creator of your destiny?

Is it possible to harmonize in unison with your life so that events resonate in time, that happiness, enthusiasm, ecstasy, constant success and success have become indispensable and constant companions in our life?

We all, of course, want to live without any diseases and shocks, in self-sufficiency and without any infringement of our healthy interests. So far, life has been twisting us in a state of chaos and uncertainty. There comes a feeling of fatigue in the pursuit of solutions to worries, worries. The hope is rooted in the hope that there will be at least some stability and prosperity in our life. We come to a standstill, all the ways known to us exhaust themselves.

The traditional world view

Maybe the whole point is that the traditional world view, imparted to us by diapers, the socio-psychological programs put into our head have limitations? If we are at a dead end, definitely - Yes, they do!

Here we will talk about very unusual objects and strange phenomena! Why strange and unusual? Because all this will go beyond the very social and psychological programs, the traditional world view, which leads us to a dead end, which is obviously limited and unoriginal.

We will talk with you about the methods of managing reality in order to improve our life comfort, the effectiveness of our actions, bringing to life a state of happiness, health, a sense of peace and a happy peace. And the belief in the effectiveness of these methods is not required here. Everything is so absolutely simple and verifiable in practice. You will be pleasantly surprised.

The habitual attitude and outlook will be abolished, and a new fresh and effective world view will naturally enter our life, making it orderly, rational and romantic at the same time.

So, what is transforing?

The concept of "transfing", introduced by Vadim Zeeland, is a powerful technology that gives the opportunity to create incredible things from the point of view of "common sense", if it is still considered so. There are no miracles in the world. And it's not about miracles. A miracle is simply an unknown process of flowing, of any phenomenon, event, fact. Manage your destiny, in other words - to be the creator of your destiny - this is real and without any mysticism.

I analyzed books, videos, films, in which the themes of success, happiness and wealth sounded promising. I do not deny any of them, and at the same time I have always failed, in everything and everywhere. Everywhere in books, films it was said that in order to become rich, happy, successful, something must be done. And the bet on the recipe is being made, but not on the goal itself.

You will be surprised. You, for success, happiness, health, etc., etc., DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING!

Nothing that you did before!

After all, so many times we attacked the same rake, they beat their heads against the wall - but to the point!

Non-standard thinking

Try not to do anything. Let you give a gift to your new free and original thinking, and take you out of the impasse.

In many books, films you are told that you are imperfect. That you must change, therefore - your life will change. This is not true! You do not need to change anything. Everything is created as it is. And everything is fine. When we notice this, life will automatically change in a favorable direction.

Notice, if it seems to you now that you know the answer to any question. This is not true. You all have to learn something new!

Transurfing reality means a new way of thinking and acting to get what we want. WHAT WE NEED SOMETHING!We will not change anything. We suggest that you return to yourself. To such as it is. Without any struggle, get what you want, and not achieve.

Do not chase a bird of happiness, and she herself to feed themselves.

The new past of

Any of us is mistaken, sorry, and I would like to change my past in something.

Do you think it's real - to change the past?

I quote to you the answer of non-standard and new thinking:

Yes, it's realistic to change the past!

And what, when our cart was still not ahead of the horse?

So, let's begin our joint journey into a new, unexpected, surprising, pleasant worldview, worldview and thinking.

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The most positive feedback about the books of Vadim Zeeland

Vadim, Your books are extremely interesting, in demand among your fans and readers, very much act encouragingly and encouragingly. In short - you are a true professional psychologist and psychotherapist in one person. I will say more - you are a doctor of souls.

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After such a prehistory, allow me to go to the topic of Transurfing with a summary of the content-summary and the main thoughts from all five books.

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Book one: Step 1. The space of variants

Chapter I. The model of variants

  1. Reality has an infinite variety of forms of manifestation.
  2. The multivariance of the world is its first fundamental property.
  3. Any model represents only a separate aspect of the manifestation of reality.
  4. Any branch of knowledge is based on the chosen aspect of manifestation of reality.
  5. Your choice is always realized. What you choose, you get.
  6. The space of options is a field of information about what was, is and will be.
  7. The information field contains potential variants of any events.
  8. The variant consists of a script and scenery.
  9. Space can be divided into sectors, each with its own version.
  10. The greater the distance between sectors, the stronger the differences in options.
  11. Sectors with roughly uniform parameters line up in the life line.
  12. Material realization moves in space as a density bunch.
  13. Radiation of mental energy materializes a potentially possible option.
  14. Each organism contributes to the formation of material realization.
  15. When the radiation parameters change, a transition to another line occurs.
  16. You can not change the script, but you are able to choose another one.
  17. You do not have to fight for happiness - you can just choose your own liking.

Chapter II.Pendulums

  1. The pendulum is created by the energy of people who think in one direction.
  2. The pendulum is an energy-information structure.
  3. The pendulum captures the mental energy of the adherent at its frequency.
  4. There is a fierce battle between the pendulums for adherents.
  5. The destructive pendulum imposes on the adherents alien goals.
  6. The pendulum plays on the feelings of people, luring them into their networks.
  7. If you do not want something actively, it will be in your life.
  8. To get rid of a pendulum means to throw it out of your life.
  9. Throwing out of life means not to avoid, but to ignore.
  10. To disable the pendulum, you must break the game script.
  11. A beneficial visualization gently extinguishes the pendulum man.
  12. The energy of the extinguished pendulum passes to you.
  13. The problems are solved by the failure or damping of the pendulums that created them.
  14. To solve problems, rent yourself out.
  15. To avoid a suspended state, you need to find your pendulums.
  16. It is necessary to develop a habit of remembering all this.

Chapter III.Wave of luck

  1. A wave of luck is an accumulation of favorable lines in the space of options.
  2. Cascade of luck should only be in case you are imbued with the first success.
  3. Destructive pendulums take you away from the wave of luck.
  4. Having eliminated dependence on pendulums, you get freedom of choice.
  5. By accepting and transmitting negative energy, you create your own hell.
  6. Taking and transmitting positive energy, you create your paradise.
  7. Your thoughts always return to you as a boomerang.
  8. Pendulums will not be thrown off the waves if you have a habit of remembering.
  9. The habit of remembering is developed by systematic practice.

Chapter IV.Balance

  1. An excess capacity is created only if the value is assigned to the estimate.
  2. Only importance specifically for you empowers your evaluation with your energy.
  3. The value of the potential increases if the estimate distorts the reality.
  4. The action of equilibrium forces is aimed at eliminating the excess potential.
  5. The action of equilibrium forces is often the opposite of the intent that created the potential.
  6. When you lease yourself, turn on the internal caretaker for impeccability.
  7. Discontent and condemnation always draws equilibrium forces against you.
  8. It is necessary to replace the habitual negative reactions with positive translation.
  9. Unconditional love is a delight without the right to own and worship.
  10. Setting conditions and comparing give rise to dependency relationships.
  11. Relationship dependencies create redundant potentials.
  12. Idealization and reassessment always ends with the debunking of myths.
  13. To achieve mutual love, you must give up the right to own.
  14. For contempt and vanity must pay.
  15. Free yourself from having to confirm your superiority.
  16. The desire to hide flaws gives the opposite effect.
  17. Any inferiority is compensated by your inherent merits.
  18. The higher the importance of the goal, the less likely it is to achieve it.
  19. Desires free of potentials of significance and dependence are fulfilled.
  20. Discard the feelings of guilt and duty to justify yourself.
  21. To give up guilt, it's enough to allow yourself to be yourself.
  22. No one has the right to judge you. You have the right to be yourself.
  23. Money comes by itself, as a companion attribute on the path to the goal.
  24. Meet money with love and attention, but leave carelessly.
  25. Refusing external and internal importance, you get freedom of choice.
  26. The only obstacle to fulfilling the desire is the importance.
  27. Do not overcome obstacles - reduce importance.
  28. Take care without worrying.

Chapter V. Induced transition

  1. Each person creates a separate layer of the world in which he lives.
  2. The world of people as a whole consists of separate layers superimposed on each other.
  3. By emitting negative energy, a person himself worsens the layer of his world.
  4. Aggression is mistaken for strength, and discontent for a normal reaction.
  5. A response to a negative event induces a transition to negative life lines.
  6. The induced transition includes a negative event in the layer of an individual.
  7. Do not let any negative information into the layer of your world.
  8. Do not let it go - means not to avoid, but deliberately ignore, not to be interested.

Chapter VI.The flow of variants

  1. Intelligence interprets information using a set of well-defined notations.
  2. The soul does not think and does not speak, but feels and knows.
  3. Reason is able to create only a relatively new version of the house from the old cubes.
  4. Fundamentally new discoveries come from unrealized sectors of
  5. The soul serves as a mediator between fundamentally new information and reason.
  6. The soul perceives unrealized information as knowledge without interpretation.
  7. If the mind manages to interpret the information of the soul, a discovery is born.
  8. The mind is able to unambiguously determine the state of mental comfort.
  9. Teach yourself to pay attention to spiritual comfort.
  10. Refusing importance, you get freedom to choose your destiny.
  11. Freedom of choice allows you not to ask, not to demand and not to fight, but to go and take.
  12. The structure of information is organized into a chain of cause-effect relationships.
  13. Causal relationships generate a flow of options.
  14. Paths of least resistance are organized into separate threads.
  15. Flows in the course of options already contain solutions to all problems.
  16. Internal and external importance throws the mind out of the optimal flow.
  17. Mind brings you to the waterfall, not streams in the course of options.
  18. Everything is done much easier than it seems. Give yourself to this simplicity.
  19. Not the sign itself works, but your attitude to it.
  20. Guiding signs indicate a possible turn in the course of options.
  21. Lines of life are qualitatively different from each other.
  22. Signs are alarming because they appear when changing to another line.
  23. Signs are different in that they create a feeling, as if something is not right.
  24. Spontaneous phrases can be perceived as a guide to action.
  25. The state of mental discomfort is a clear sign.
  26. If you have to persuade yourself, then the soul says "no."
  27. If there is a possibility to refuse an uncomfortable solution - refuse.
  28. It is necessary to loosen the grip and take an unforeseen event into your scenario.
  29. To accept the possibility of deviation from the script is hindered by the importance.
  30. The mind seeks to control not its own movement along the current, but the current itself.
  31. Move the center of gravity from control to surveillance.
  32. If you give up control, you will gain real control over the situation.
  33. If you move with the flow of options, the world will meet you.

Download the first book in docx format: vadim-zeland-transforing-reality-book-1

Book two: Step 2. The rustling of morning stars

Chapter I. Intention of

  1. In a conscious dream, the mind can control the game scenario.
  2. A dream is a virtual journey of the soul in the space of options.
  3. Dreams can not be interpreted as signs.
  4. If the soul flies into the realized space sector, it may not return.
  5. Realization is not desire, but intention - determination to have and act.
  6. Desire is the concentration of attention on the very goal.
  7. Internal intention is the concentration of attention on the process of its movement towards the goal.
  8. The external intention is to focus on how the goal is realized.
  9. Internal goal is achieved, and external - is chosen.
  10. Internal intention seeks to directly influence the world around them.
  11. External intention gives green light for self-realization of the goal.
  12. The laws of natural science work only in one particular sector of space.
  13. The work of external intent is a movement in various sectors of space.
  14. The outer intention is the unity of the soul and mind.
  15. Imagination participates in a dream only as an idea generator.
  16. The soul and mind are united in negative expectations, so they are easily realized.
  17. In reality, the dream continues in reality in one way or another.
  18. In order to gain control over external intent, it is necessary to wake up.
  19. While reality is not realized, it is not controlled, but "happens."
  20. In any game you need to participate suspension, as a playing spectator.
  21. Awareness is achieved by detachment from the game.
  22. Remoteness implies attention and complete clarity of thoughts.
  23. Awareness is not control, but observation.
  24. Control should only be aimed at allowing the desired scenario in your life.
  25. To select the desired scenario, you need to imagine what will happen in this way.
  26. Internal intention is the determination to act.
  27. External intention is the determination to have.
  28. External intention is the force that carries out Transurfing.
  29. To reduce the importance of the goal, it is necessary to reconcile with defeat in advance.
  30. Resigned to defeat, no longer meditate, but just go to the goal.

Chapter II.Slides

  1. Illusions are not the result of imagination, but a vision of another reality.
  2. A person, being in the material world, can perceive another reality.
  3. Perception of the world can be distorted by inner convictions.
  4. A slide is what's in your head, but not others.
  5. Slides distort the real reality.
  6. A person is inclined to hang projections of his slide on others.
  7. The basis for the slide is importance.
  8. Once the importance has disappeared, the slide ceases to exist.
  9. External intention continuously and gradually realizes the slide.
  10. Stop fighting with yourself and switch your attention from negative to positive.
  11. Create yourself a positive slide, a nice soul and mind.
  12. Review your slide more often and add new details.
  13. Do not copy the slide image from other people.
  14. If you do not have the determination to have, you will not get it.
  15. Allow yourself the luxury of being worthy of all the best.
  16. The determination to have is an immutable knowledge that you are worthy and the choice is yours.
  17. Positive slides help to incorporate the incredible into your comfort zone.
  18. Do not look at the slide as a picture, but live in it, at least virtually.
  19. Include any information from the world of your dreams.
  20. The goal of you is not the contemplation of the result, but the visualization of the movement process.
  21. Not a contemplation of the result, but a representation of the process of birth and growth of perfection.
  22. Visualization in Transurfing is a mental representation of the implementation of the current link in the transfer chain.
  23. If the target path is unknown, perform a slide visualization.
  24. Slide itself will lead you in the right direction.

Chapter III.Soul and mind

  1. Mind has the will, but is not able to sense an external intention.
  2. The soul is able to sense an external intention, but has no will.
  3. The unity of the soul and mind subordinates the will to the outside intent.
  4. Your soul is no worse than the others. You deserve all the best.
  5. You have everything you need. You can only use this.
  6. Stars are born on their own. But their pendulums are lit.
  7. Pendulums hide the fact that each person has unique abilities.
  8. The rule "Do as I" creates the generally accepted stereotypes of pendulums.
  9. Each soul has its own individual "star" sector.
  10. If the mind allows, the soul will find its own sector.
  11. Allow yourself to dare to disdain the stereotypes of pendulums.
  12. Allow yourself the audacity to believe in the boundless possibilities of your soul.
  13. Allow yourself the audacity to have the right to its magnificent individuality.
  14. Keep your joy, and give the pride to the Angel.
  15. Behavior and thoughts of a person are due to its dependence on pendulums.
  16. Keep your importance at a minimum and act consciously.
  17. Do not over-emphasize anything.
  18. Your importance is not for you, but for pendulums.
  19. Not effort and not fortitude, but a conscious intention to keep importance at zero.
  20. Fraule characterizes the individual essence of the human soul.
  21. The mind in pursuit of other people's standards is more and more remote from the heart.
  22. Having adjusted the mind on the soul marshal, you will gain a lot of hidden advantages.
  23. In a state of unity, the soul sings, and the mind rubs hands satisfied.
  24. Reason, thinking about the means, puts a fatal cross on a hard-to-reach goal.
  25. To allow yourself to have is the main condition for fulfilling the desire.
  26. For all its attractiveness, if something is oppressive, the goal may be false.
  27. Do not believe anyone who calls you to change yourself.
  28. Discomfort is manifested as a painful anxiety, a burden, depression.
  29. Mental comfort is not an unambiguous yes.
  30. Mental discomfort is an unequivocal "no."
  31. Reflect on the goal, do not think about its prestige, inaccessibility and the means to achieve it - pay attention only to the state of mental comfort.
  32. Affirmation must be accompanied by appropriate feelings.
  33. A separate affirmation must be positive and narrowly focused.
  34. Direct the affirmation to the cause, not to the effect.
  35. Form an affirmation in the present tense.
  36. When the determination to have no desire to have a pendulum, there is nothing to catch you.
  37. You calmly and not insisting take your, like mail from the box.

Chapter IV.Goals and doors

  1. Another's goal is always violence against oneself, coercion, duty.
  2. Another's goal is under the guise of fashion and prestige.
  3. Another goal beckons its inaccessibility. Another's goal forces you to prove something to yourself and everyone.
  4. Another's goal is imposed on you by others.
  5. Another's goal serves to improve someone else's welfare.
  6. Another goal causes mental discomfort.
  7. Achieving your goal will lead to the fulfillment of all other desires.
  8. What does your soul have to live with? What will make your life happy and happy?
  9. Do not think about means until you determine your goal.
  10. After making a decision, be aware of the state of mental comfort.
  11. Mental stiffness can be removed with slides, discomfort - never.
  12. The soul always knows exactly what it does not want.
  13. The task of the mind in the search for the goal is not to look.
  14. The task of the mind is to pass through all the external information, while paying special attention to the state of mental comfort.
  15. Your door is the path that will lead to your goal.
  16. If the path is unknown, twist the target slide in your thoughts.
  17. An external intention will open to you your door on the target life line.
  18. If you are inspired on the way to the goal, then this is your door.
  19. Everything that you can do with ease and with pleasure, has value and value.
  20. Do not include any scenarios in the target slide. You already have it.
  21. Do not put your goal and the door on one card. Find the insurance.
  22. Do not slam the doors and do not burn bridges.
  23. Do not be swayed by someone else's influence. Believe in yourself.

Download the second book in docx format: vadim-zeland-transforing-reality-book-2

Book three: Step 3. Forward to the past

Chapter I. Energy

  1. Physiological energy is spent on the actual performance of the action.
  2. The intention is formed by free energy.
  3. Free energy passes through the body through two opposite flows.
  4. In a stressed state, the energy of intention is blocked.
  5. To get rid of stress, you need to wake up and lose importance.
  6. If it's impossible to lose importance, do not waste your energy and relax.
  7. Performing energy gymnastics, you strengthen the protective shell.
  8. Do not accumulate energy, but let it flow freely through you.
  9. High energy is a broad energy channel.
  10. Energy channels are well trained in energy gymnastics.
  11. Cleansing the body greatly expands the energy channels.
  12. Internal intention - to be ill and treated.
  13. The external intention is to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  14. Do not accept games of destructive pendulums of illnesses.
  15. Do the exercises, pay attention to the central streams.
  16. Intention is not diligence, but concentration.

Chapter II.Freling

  1. Use the inner intention of people to achieve their goals.
  2. At the heart of the internal intention is a sense of self-worth.
  3. Do not try to change others, but you should not change yourself either.
  4. To behave at ease, turn your attention to yourself.
  5. Play in the game of raising the importance of others.
  6. To attract attention, it is enough to show interest in others.
  7. In communication, a person assesses not how much you are interesting, but how much you are suitable for the realization of his own importance.
  8. Being interested in people, do it sincerely.
  9. External intention allows the realization of the inner intention of others.
  10. Refuse the intention to receive and replace it with the intention of giving.
  11. As a result, you get what you refused.
  12. Dispute and criticism is a struggle of the mind with the flow of options.
  13. Discard the actions that strike a sense of the significance of the other.
  14. At the beginning of a conversation with a person, turn with him one way down the river.
  15. Do not defend your mistakes, but consciously admit them.
  16. Take the role of a witness for someone else's right.
  17. Manifestation of genuine sympathy for man removes the protective screen.
  18. Request for an easy service has to itself.
  19. Beneficial visualization brings comfort to the energy level.
  20. The strength of an individual's influence is proportional to the amount of free energy.
  21. Charm is the mutual love of the soul and mind.
  22. Allow yourself the luxury of having flaws and not having virtues.
  23. The excess potential of internal importance is dissipated in action.

Chapter III.Coordination of

  1. Self-confidence is the same shyness, only turned inside out.
  2. The walls of a maze of uncertainty will collapse when you give up importance.
  3. When there is freedom without struggle, then confidence is not needed.
  4. If I have no importance, I have nothing to defend and there is nothing to conquer.
  5. Do not fight your reaction to provocation. Change the attitude.
  6. You have to lose indifference and not make yourself an ultimatum.
  7. Treat any information consciously.
  8. You have freedom of choice. All you need is a determination to have.
  9. Earn not money, but determination to have.
  10. Focus on the goal, as if it had already been achieved.
  11. Your choice is an immutable law. You form your own reality.
  12. How not to be afraid?- Find insurance, alternate option, workaround.
  13. How not to worry and not worry?- To act.
  14. How not to wish?- Resign with defeat and act.
  15. How not to expect?- To act.
  16. How to increase your value?- Refuse to fight for it.
  17. How not to get irritated?- Play with the pendulum, violating the rules of his game.
  18. How to get rid of feelings of guilt?- Stop being justified.
  19. How to deal with indignation?- Stop the battle and move with the flow.
  20. If you can not cope with the indignation, allow yourself this weakness.
  21. The life line divides into a positive and negative branch.
  22. Expressing your attitude to the event at the fork, you make your choice.
  23. If you plan to consider the seeming negative change in the scenario as positive, then you will end up in a favorable branch.
  24. Get yourself an "idiotic" habit of rejoicing in failure.
  25. Redirect control from dealing with the flow of options to following it.
  26. Do not think about the means of achieving, but twist the target slide in your head and rearrange your legs towards the goal. Get used to the slide where the goal has already been achieved.
  27. Then the external intention will do its job, and the apples themselves will fall into the sky.

Chapter IV.Forward to the past

  1. Turning the key releases the clamps and releases the energy of intention.
  2. Transaction: turn of the key, visualization, fixation with a clear gaze.
  3. As a result of the transaction, you see a change in the shades of the scenery.
  4. Do not overload the transaction technique.
  5. Perform the transaction at ease and without straining.
  6. Do not force yourself to perform a transaction often.
  7. Completely enough target slide and visualization process.
  8. Transaction serves only to monitor movement in space.
  9. Going to your goal is refreshing the layer of your world.
  10. The world, as a mirror, reflects your attitude towards it.
  11. Stopping your battle, you gain freedom.

Book of the third in docx format: vadim-zeland-transforing-reality-book-3

Book four: Step 4. Control of reality

Chapter I. Dancing with shadows

  1. The purpose and meaning of life of any creatures is to control reality.
  2. Boredom, as such, does not exist - there is only a constant and unquenchable thirst to control reality.
  3. Estimates based on comparison generate polarization.
  4. Equilibrium forces eliminate polarization by collision of opposites.
  5. An object or property that is given special importance attracts objects with opposite qualities.
  6. The rule of the pendulum: "Do as I do!".
  7. The Rule of Transurfing: allow yourself to be yourself, and the other to be different.
  8. Polarization is removed by the Transurfing rule.
  9. Awareness: at the moment I'm not dreaming and clearly aware of what I'm doing, why and why. The first law of the pendulum: it seeks to increase the energy of conflict.
  10. The second law of the pendulum: it does everything to stabilize its structure.
  11. Pendulums coordinate the existence of organized structures.
  12. Silence of will( intention): the structure teaches you to want what you need.
  13. In order to free yourself from the zombifying influence of the structure, you need to choose the role of the playing spectator.
  14. The process of achieving the goal is the engine of evolution.
  15. In the structure, a person loses himself and ceases to understand who he is and what he wants.
  16. The dependence arises from the fact that the attention arrow falls into the pendulum grip loop.
  17. In order to "get off the needle", you need to switch attention, take it by something else, change the script and scenery.
  18. The charisma of the era is attracted by the intention of a group of people, like a cloud of space options.
  19. When receiving any energy loan, proclaim a declaration of intent.
  20. You can not win a pendulum - you must either abandon a dangerous game, or start your own, in order to become a favorite of the pendulum.
  21. In order to start your game, you must allow yourself to be yourself.

Chapter II.Dream of the Gods

  1. The world is a dual mirror, on one side of which there is material reality, and on the other - a metaphysical space of options.
  2. A person realizes the reality the way he was taught to do it.
  3. Life is like an unconscious dream in reality, because a person does not have a fulcrum of reality.
  4. Go down to the auditorium and watch. Act detached, renting yourself and remaining an observer. Reducing the level of importance, moving along the flow of options and coordination make it possible to go blind in a dream in real life.
  5. The life of every living being is a dream of God.
  6. The purpose of life, as well as the very service of God, is creation - creation with Him.
  7. The process of achieving the goal is the engine of evolution.
  8. The variability of species in the process of evolution is formed by intention.
  9. God creates reality and controls it through the intent of all things.
  10. Every living creature God has given freedom and power to shape his reality to the best of his awareness.
  11. If you make an intention, consider that this is the intention of God. How can you doubt that it will be fulfilled?
  12. Do not ask, do not demand and do not seek, but create.

Download the fourth book in docx format: vadim-zeland-transforing-reality-book-4

Book five: Step 5. Apples fall into the sky

Chapter I. Mirror world

Mirror principles:
  1. The world reflects your attitude tohim.
  2. Reflection is formed in the unity of the soul and mind.
  3. The dual mirror reacts with a delay.
  4. Mirror states the content of the relationship, ignoring its focus.
  5. To think not about what you do not want, but about what you are trying to achieve.
  6. Let go of your grasp and let the world move with the flow of options.
  7. Any reflection is perceived as positive.
Main Thoughts
  • Managing the course of your thoughts, you control reality.
  • Find the formula for the amalgam at every opportunity.
  • We need to move not reflection, but the image itself - its attitude and focus of thoughts.
  • Caution should be fixed on the final target, as if it had already been achieved.
  • To materialize a slide, you need to twist it in your thoughts systematically, for a fairly long time.
  • You should not suppress emotions, you need to change the attitude.

Chapter II.Gatekeeper of eternity

  1. Slagging of the organism, excessive potentials and unrealized intentions reduce energy.
  2. In order to release energy resources, it is necessary either to discard some of the potential intentions, or to launch their implementation.
  3. In order for the energy to work, concentration on the final target is required.
  4. Concentration is not tension, but concentration.
  5. Teach yourself to think about what you are doing at the moment.
  6. It is necessary to systematically fix attention on the target slide.
  7. Stop making excuses.
  8. Stop any attempts to confirm its importance.
  9. Maintain amalgam and follow mirror principles.
  10. In order to reduce the polarization, it is necessary to loosen the knitted needles.
  11. Receptions of reality management:
Separate: reality management techniques
  • target slide,
  • process visualization,
  • energy flows,
  • frame,
  • blast wave,
  • outer sphere,
  • decoration decoration,
  • target amalgam,
  • fixation intent,
  • integration.
Main Thoughts
  1. Preferred personally for you is the reception, which, it seems to you, is the best.
  2. Do everything as you like.
  3. Regularity of practice is the main condition for success.
  4. You need to get out of the mirror.
  5. Having acquired basic knowledge, change the direction of intent with "getting" to "create."
  6. Do not reinvent the idea, but be able to recognize it.
  7. Getting out of the starting point, move along the flow options.
  8. Take your right to be right. Break down and make your verdict - use the right of the Executor. I so decided, because I am the Executor of my reality.

Audiobook the first: Step 1. The space of variants

Audiobook the second: Step 2. The rustle of the morning stars

Audiobook third:

Audiobook the second: Step 2. The rustling of the morning stars

Audiobook third:Step 3. Forward to the past

Audiobook fourth: Step 4.

reality management Audiobook the fifth: Step 5. Apples fall into the sky

Download the contents, abstracts and main thoughts of Vadim Zeeland's books from the series "Transurfing reality" into the formthose docx can be here: vadim-zeland-content-books-transforing-reality-1-2-3-4-5

Download the glossary of terms used in these books can be downloaded here: vadim-zeland-dictionary-terms-transerfang-reality

Step Six: The Executor of Reality

Vadim Zeland: all audiobooks watch and listen online

Vadim Zeland is an extraordinary personality, ingenious and mysterious.

What should be the creative potential of a person to create and transmit to his readers and listeners new knowledge in the field of the most important aspects of our reality through books and audiobooks.

This page is dedicated to audiobooks by Vadim Zeeland, here you can download, watch and listen on-line at any time convenient for you.

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  1. Vadim Zeland. Contents of the books: Transurfing Reality1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  2. Vadim Zeland. Transurfing reality. Book 1
  3. Vadim Zeland. Transurfing reality. Book 2
  4. Vadim Zeland. Transurfing reality. Book 3
  5. Vadim Zeland. Transurfing reality. Book 4
  6. Vadim Zeland. Transurfing reality. Book 5
  7. Vadim Zeland. Transurfing reality. Glossary of terms

Vadim Zeland: all audiobooks watch and listen online

Vadim Zeland personality is very unordinary, ingenious and mysterious.

What should be the creative potential of a person to create and pass on to his readers and listeners new knowledge in the field of the most important aspects of our reality through books and audiobooks.

This page is dedicated to audiobooks by Vadim Zeeland, here you can download, watch and listen to them online at any time convenient for you.

On a separate page you can download free books in paper format and audiobooks of the series "Transurfing reality".At the bottom of each audiobook a brief description is attached.

Author of audiobooks: Vadim Zeland. Artist: Mikhail Chernyak. Read more. ..

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