External signs of addiction

External signs of drug addiction - a pale complexion, lifelessness and brittle hair, a troubled glitter in the eyes, a misty and detached look and inconsistent with lighting - a strong narrowing or excessive dilatation of the pupils.

In a person who regularly consumes narcotic substances in appearance, there is striking disrepair, sloppy clothes, a desire to wear mostly black clothes. Even in very hot weather, drug addicts wear long-sleeved clothes to hide traces of injections.


Signs of drug use:

  1. In food: craving for sweets and drinking plenty of water.
  2. Skin looks pale, emaciated, long does not heal scratches and damage to the skin. Stealth from close people. Privacy in his room. Silences in a telephone conversation when someone comes into the room to him. He hides from his relatives new acquaintances.
  3. Pupils irrespective of the level of illumination: either narrow as a match head or wide.
  4. From the house valuable things and money disappear.
  5. Character closed and irritable.
  6. Traces from injections can be found on the elbows of the arms, legs, groin, under the armpits. Moreover, the veins are cyanotic and more dense.

Items that can be found in the addict:

  1. Needles, syringes, glass vials, tourniquet( rubber, or a tissue rolled up by a tube).
  2. Foil, tin can with cut hole, smoked spoon.
  3. Newspaper or cellophane package.
  4. Plastic bottle( small).
  5. Packings from antiallergic tablets.
  6. Smoking Pipes.

If a teenager is seen in the above described signs, you need to talk to him seriously. In the forehead ask about what a drug addict he or not is undesirable. Analyze the behavior of a teenager. Start a conversation with something abstract and ordinary. In narcotic intoxication, even the answers to simple questions cause difficulties.

There are some other signs that can tell about the degree of neglect of narcotization and that a person needs serious specialized help already in a hospital, clinic.

The main signs of

When addiction and substance abuse occurs:

  1. The emergence of problems in the personal and social terms is an inevitable consequence of the use of narcotic drugs.
  2. Increased tolerance, or tolerance to drugs.
  3. An irresistible( compulsive) attraction to narcotic substances that removes absolutely all moral and ethical barriers. Willingness to commit a misdemeanor or crime to extract a narcotic dose.

Signs of the use of some drugs

Opiate group of drugs

Have an effect of calm, euphoria. One-two-time admission can cause physical and psychological drug addiction. Opiate addicts are more drowsy, literally - "sleeping on the go", even during a conversation. In conversation, they can repeat the same thing several times. Their skin is pale, their lips are swollen and reddened. The pupils are narrowed, they do not respond to light. Pain sensitivity is reduced. The wakefulness and sleep mode is changed.


Hemp is the most common drug in Russia. It grows everywhere as a weed plant. When it is used, dryness in the mouth appears, the pupils widen, the eyes turn red, the dilated vessels are clearly visible on the sclera of the eyes. The drug addict's speech is slow, the appetite is very elevated - "wolf", after the end of intoxication there is a strong thirst.


Abuse of cocaine results in loss of body sensations from the eyes to the chest. Pupils are dilated, lack of appetite, hyperactivity.anxiety and agitation, insomnia. Taking cocaine for a short period of time increases efficiency, brings euphoria. Arterial blood pressure is increased, pulse and breathing are increased, sweating is increased.


The intake of substances with hallucinogenic properties leads to the appearance of visual( visual), auditory( verbal), olfactory and tactile( tactile) hallucinations. The person's blood pressure is raised, the rugi tremble, the pulse is increased, the pupils are dilated, the skin is dry. Self-monitoring is not available, and coordination of movements is also impaired.


When you take psychostimulating substances in a person, there are signs of suspicion, maliciousness, anxiety, aggressiveness. There is also a tendency to suicide, possibly hypersexuality( expressed sexual desire, attraction).Sick addiction quickly speaks, changes the topic of conversation, very animated.