Treatment of diarrhea in children and adults by folk remedies

Diarrhea is a common phenomenon. Occurs for various reasons. Sometimes, it is a sign of a serious illness, but more often it appears as a manifestation of a digestive disorder.

Are there non-drug therapies? How to get rid of diarrhea at home? The answers are written below.

Causes and types
  • First aid
  • Folk remedies
  • Preventative measures
  • Conclusion
  • Causes and types

    Diarrhea is a condition in which a patient experiences frequent loose stools( 4 to 15 times a day).

    This pathological condition is accompanied by severe spasms and pains in the abdomen, spontaneous defecation may occur.

    Danger of diarrhea by severe dehydration of the body. Especially in children.

    Until now, dehydration against diarrhea is a common cause of infant mortality.

    Distinguish between acute and chronic diarrhea. The acute condition can last about 10 days.

    Causes of acute diarrhea:

    • Bacterial infection( salmonellosis, dysentery and others);
    • viruses( rotavirus, herpes virus);
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    • enterotoxins( staphylococcus aureus, cholera, E. coli);
    • infection with parasites;
    • fungal infections;
    • toxic effect of certain drugs( as a result of long-term use of drugs);
    • alcohol poisoning;
    • antibiotic therapy.

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    Chronic diarrhea can cause :

    • Disturbances in the functioning of the stomach, bile, liver or pancreas;
    • lactose intolerance;
    • celiac disease( glutenenteropathy);
    • poor nutrition;
    • disorders of the small intestine;
    • disturbance of metabolic processes in the body;
    • of the disease of the large intestine;
    • endocrine disorders( eg, diabetes);
    • problems with intestinal vessels;
    • hormone-reactive tumors.

    In addition, nervous stress, stress can also provoke diarrhea.

    With diarrhea, a lot of liquid leaves the body with each defecation, the absorption of vitamins and microelements deteriorates.

    The acute course of the disease is accompanied by vomiting, a rise in body temperature. Dehydration, avitaminosis, depletion of the body can develop.

    The main symptom of diarrhea is a frequent copious stool of a liquid consistency.

    If there is no temperature, and the patient's condition is satisfactory, you can try to cope with the problem without medical assistance.

    It is compulsory to seek medical attention if:

    • has diarrhea in a child, especially in the nursing infants;
    • in the stool there is blood;
    • cause diarrhea is the acceptance of unusual food;
    • diarrhea originated after visiting exotic countries( India, Africa, Asia);
    • high temperature;
    • poor state of health, severe abdominal pain;
    • vomiting;
    • can not compensate for fluid loss.

    The usual diarrhea passes independently for 2-3 days. Moreover, the improvement comes after the first day of .

    To determine the most effective tactics for treating diarrhea, you need to determine its cause.

    First aid

    If diarrhea in a toddler - , a doctor's call is mandatory .

    A person with diarrhea on the first day should refrain from eating. And use as much liquid as possible.

    Often, in small portions. This will help to remove toxins and prevent dehydration.

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    For drinking, solutions for oral rehydration are best suited, that is, to normalize the water-salt balance of the body.

    Until complete recovery should be abandoned fatty, spicy, spicy and fried foods, alcohol, fresh fruits and vegetables, fatty milk products, sweets, muffins.

    Compliance with diet is very important for the restoration of bowel functions. To adhere to a sparing diet you need about a week after the improvement.

    It is useful to eat boiled rice, mashed soups with lean meat, braised apples, bananas, rusks, steamed vegetables, oatmeal.

    Use of enterosorbents is recommended.

    Folk remedies

    In the treatment of diarrhea in adults, folk methods are used. This is due to the fact that the irritated bowel reacts poorly to medicines.

    There are a lot of recipes. Here are the most popular ones.

    • starch has good astringent properties.
      To stop diarrhea, it is recommended to drink a teaspoon of potato starch, diluted in 150-250 ml of water.
      Water should be warm and boiled.
    • Bilberry fruits insist a day in a glass of warm water, necessarily boiled. It will be enough to have 1 tablespoon with a hill of dried blueberries.
      To drink during the day little by little.
    • Boil the millet until it is ready.
      You should get a little more than a glass of cereal without salt.
      Eat millet for 2 appointments.
      The effect comes immediately .
    • The digested carrots have a fastening property.
      Grate on a fine grater, add to the soup at the very beginning, to let it out longer.
      You can separately boil the carrots to the state of porridge.
      Drink several tablespoons up to four times a day.
    • Helps prevent diarrhea of ​​the grass from .
      Take a stem with a rhizome, break it, put it in a glass jar.
      Top up with boiling water.
      Infuse for up to 30 minutes.
      Eat as much as possible and more often.
    • You can prepare an effective tool from chicken stomachs .
      For this, rinse the stomach thoroughly with boiling water and remove the yellow film.
      Wash them and dry them in the sun.
      Grind into flour.
      Eat a teaspoonful of powder by washing with water.
    • The broth of internal walnut partitions is popular.
      Several spoons of chopped partitions per liter of water.
      Cook for 20 minutes.
      Drink little by little on an empty stomach every morning.
      You can make a tincture of partitions on vodka.
      For this, a tablespoon of powder a week insist in a glass of vodka.
      Take 5-7 drops three times a day.
    • A small amount of dry wormwood pour boiling water( 200 ml) and insist half an hour.
      Take three times a day on a tablespoon.
      It is important to remember that prolonged use can lead to intoxication of the body.
    • Decoction of rice .To stop diarrhea, it is enough, for example, an elderly person or child, to give a drink of water, in which rice was cooked.
    • Oak bark helps with acute diarrhea and chronic.
      Handful of bark for 1.5-2 glasses of water.
      Boil on low heat until the amount of liquid is reduced by half.
      Take a tablespoon 3 times a day.
    • The strong black tea helps well.
      It is also good to brew broths for drinking from dried cherry , caraway seeds or sage leaves.
    • From the grass St. John's wort is prepared with infusion.
      To do this: 2 tablespoons of herbs pour half a liter of boiling water.
      Take three times a day for half an hour before a meal of 100 ml.
    • Blackberry Tea .Blackberry branches brew in boiling water( 5 tablespoons per liter).
      Drink like tea.
      The improvement usually comes in a few days.
    • Well stops diarrhea green or black tea .
      A small amount of dry tea to eat and drink with water.
    • In 50 ml of vodka add salt , about half a teaspoon.
      Drink immediately.

    Folk methods should be carefully applied to people with with allergic reactions.

    For children, the amount of money taken should be reduced.

    Before use - consult with physician .

    Do not self-medicate young children. Do not apply for alcoholic infusions.

    You can not use a large number of these tools at once.

    With caution, take folk remedies during pregnancy and during lactation. It is advisable to get a medical consultation in advance.

    If folk remedies do not bring relief. After the first day, the number of defecations per day does not decrease.

    Be sure to consult a doctor. Diarrhea can be a manifestation of serious diseases. Such as, dysentery, cholera.

    Preventative measures

    To reduce the likelihood of diarrhea:

    • Do not forget about hygiene rules .
      Be sure to wash your hands after walking, transport, contact with pets, a toilet, before eating and preparing food.
    • Adhere to the food processing regulations .
      Carefully work with raw meat, eggs, fish.
      Wash hands thoroughly after handling these products.
      Keep cooking time.
      Do not consume raw water.
      Do not buy milk products on the street, do not drink unboiled milk.
    • If a family member has diarrhea, do not allow it to cook.
    • Do not use dirty vegetables, berries, fruit, greens.
    • In unfamiliar places( during travel), local water should be boiled for at least 15 minutes.
      It's better to drink a purchase.
    • Do not eat spoiled or incompatible( eg milk with fresh vegetables or fruits) products.

    Diarrhea is a reaction of the body to bacteria, some viruses, gastrointestinal diseases, eating disorders.

    This condition is dangerous by dehydration of .

    If you can not make up for fluid loss at home, you should seek medical help.


    In folk medicine, many methods of treating diarrhea. Many of them give a quick effect. It is important to individually choose a remedy. Carefully apply to people with allergies. To prevent diarrhea, you must follow the rules of hygiene.

    Want to know a few more popular recipes for treating diarrhea in the elderly, adults and children? Then watch the video.

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