Sore throat after FGD

How to remove the sore throat after FGD?? Glotal hurt the nightmare (((


europe asia

Rinse with a decoction of calendula and the inflammation will lift and heal faster.


soda rinse or strepsils ...

Normal Girl

I'll have to wait. I completely understand how it hurts after the fgds. I myself more than once did (((((

Captain obvious

If it hurts the specialist has not been very good. Any candy can be distracted from pain.

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Pshikalku buy at the pharmacy. The throat was damaged because of the carelessness of the doctor.


Physical manifestations
The throat is the anterior part of the neck, which contains the beginning of the esophagus and the respiratory tract. The throat connects the nasal cavity with the larynx and the mouth - with the esophagus. It plays an important role in the processes of breathing, speech and swallowing.
Emotional causes
As you already understood, the throat is a very important organ in the life of a person. Throat diseases have three basic monadosomatic meanings. If the sore throat is accompanied by difficulty breathing, it says that there are few aspirations in a person's life. Cm. also an article LIGHT (PROBLEMS).

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If the pain in the throat prevents you from talking, article LARYNGIT.
If it is a question of feeling SHINING, if a person feels that they took him by the throat, then someone forces him to do something or say, He feels that he is being pressured.
If a person feels a sore throat when swallowing, he should ask himself the following question: "What situation is the moment difficult to swallow at the moment? What piece does not climb into my throat? "Perhaps this is some kind of strong emotion or unwillingness to accept a person or a new idea. This difficulty causes anger and aggressiveness in the person facing him or against another person. Often, when a piece does not get into the throat, a person feels like a victim and takes the position of "poor me, unfortunate."
Mental causes
It is in the throat is the center responsible for creativity; so if you have a sore throat, you should give yourself the right create and do everything you want, without stepping on your throat, not blaming yourself and not being afraid to disturb others. Instead of being angry with yourself for an incorrect decision or an ill-considered act, learn to accept with love what you create. Only beats can reveal your personality.
It is interesting to note that the throat connects the heart and the head, or, at the monadosomatic level, love of self and I am. Creating your life in accordance with your true needs, you realize your individuality, your I am, you open up abundance. Therefore, if you allow yourself to build your life at your own discretion, this will help you develop your creative abilities. Do what you think is necessary, even if you know that some of the people around you may not like it.
If you feel that you were taken by the throat, know that this is just your perception of the situation. No one can take you by the throat unless you yourself allow it. Do not worry that some people can become for you pieces that do not climb into your throat, that you can not control them. Those who seek to control others do not have the energy or the time to build their own lives.
Spiritual causes and elimination
In order to understand the spiritual causes that interfere with the satisfaction of the important need of your sincere Self, ask yourself the questions contained in the material monadotherapy. Answers to these questions will allow you, not only to more accurately determine the true cause of your physical problem, but also to eliminate it.

After the EGD for 5 days, the throat hurts, should it be?



Here much depends on the qualifications of the doctor and the patient's behavior. If it hurts, then try candy lozenges from throat diseases. Usually helps.

Maria Sitnikova

At me next day nothing hurted, it is better to the doctor address

Zina Zeta

who knows what your predecessors had in this diagnosis.. . Do you think everything is sterile there? as if not so.. . after such interventions everything is only aggravated ....


For Zina Zeta.: Yes, there is sterile. If you do not know, do not write delirium, okay?! .

At me after VGDS hurted or was ill; was sick as a cold.. I read in the internet that it happens.. And here's the code O_o.. What was shoved in you, friend?
I was in a well-equipped regional diagnostician. center.

Alla Borisova

I had a long pain.

After FGS a throat. It is normal? and it's painful to swallow... I thought in an hour, it hurts all day.. (


Rose of Europe

It will pass, the main thing is that the gastrointestinal tract is normal.

Eva Shlykova

this normally should be normal soon. It hurts because the skin is slightly ripped off.

Gala Star

Can hurt, but not much. Rinse with chamomile or calendula.

Yannah Bauer

hmm.. Strangely indeed in an hour and a half, discomfort must pass, it is obvious to you that they have scratched, or rinse your throat, or tea with honey or just honey

Sergey Fursov

Will pass.


will pass or take place - you in fact swallowed a fibrogastroscope - and he not a cutlet, it or him to not chew on small slices is a tube and rather thick, damaged by the pressure of the esophagus and pharynx machine, will pass, do not eat until acute and firm

After EGD, sore throat. Everything was done neatly. How to get rid of the pain? Who hurted something? Who did.


ivan pomidorov

you could not feel, there after all a local anesthesia, a throat have scratched apparently, a conclusion: another doctor is necessary and quickly


did for a long time without anesthesia, it hurt for about a week, the hose was shoved like an elephant's trunk)
nothing will be done, be patient, it will pass by itself.

Finist Yasny

Yes really happened? Fathers, Happiness is something Cskoe! Less than a month! ))
And tomorrow you'll go again? )
Wipe the neck with a sage and a hot gulp of sweet crack.
And tomorrow, with the utrechka, - come on in a new way. There will be a habit - even like it! )))

Ekaterina Eremenko

Here are the creatures. There is grass. Marigold flowers or calendula with chamomile prevent stir and drink. I, too, was not the last time successfully. So she escaped.

After EGD strongly hurts the stomach and throat, is this normal? I just did this thing for the first time


♍Galina Zhigunova♍

Many times I passed FGS, I personally did not have this.
You either have a very hard time transferring the FGS, or the reason is in something else.

galina russian (churkin) GALJ

the throat must have been scratched.

Vitya Ryabukhin

The throat can hurt and the abdomen is not indebted


One or two days of unpleasant sensation in the throat, and the stomach should not hurt, this is another reason.


The throat hurts is normal... but the stomach should not hurt.. maximum unpleasant sensations in the abdomen... did this procedure many times, once the doctor scratched his stomach.. It hurt no less than 3 months.

How and how to gargle

The pain in the throat is experienced during a cold and sore throat. It causes serious discomfort. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible. This will help drug and folk remedies.

With sore throat, the most effective means is rinsing. It should be carried out using special warm solutions. During the rinse, you need to tilt your head slightly back. In addition, you should try to pronounce the letter "s", as it helps lower the root of the tongue, which allows you to better wash your throat with the prepared solution. After such a procedure, you can not drink anything and eat for 30 minutes.

Treatment of the throat of folk medicine

Sore throat effectively removes folk remedies. You can use the universal method. It is necessary to take 1 tsp. soda and stir in 250 ml of warm water. With this solution, rinse your mouth every hour. Avoid ingestion. If you are not contraindicated with iodine, then you can add it in an amount of 2-3 drops. Such a mixture will not taste very pleasant, but it helps very well. After several procedures, it will be possible to notice an improvement.

Use lemon juice to rinse your throat. It must be squeezed into a glass, add 100 ml of water and mix everything thoroughly. The finished product can be used immediately for the intended purpose. You need to make a new solution every time. Use it every 2 hours.

Excellent helps the medicinal composition based on chamomile, calendula flowers and eucalyptus. Take all these ingredients in equal parts, chop and mix. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to fill it in a glass of 3 tbsp. collecting, pour 200 ml of boiling water and insist for 7-10 minutes. Then strain and use to rinse your throat.

You can prepare a medicinal broth based on marigold, mint and St. John's wort. These ingredients are taken for 1 tbsp. spoon, crushed and poured 100 ml of boiling water. Then the mixture is kept on low heat for 5 minutes. Then it is left for 10 minutes and filtered. Before using it, add 1 tablespoon. of linseed oil. After that, you can gargle.

Treatment of throat with medicamentous agents

To rinse the throat, solutions prepared with the use of medications can be used. Boric acid effectively removes pain. It should be taken in an amount of 1 tbsp. and pour 200 ml of water. Stir the ingredients and start rinsing your throat.

Excellent helps with angina furatsilin. It is necessary to take 2 tablets, grind them and add in 100 ml of water. It is important to carefully stir the drug, and then you can gargle. You can also use chlorophyllipt. Cooking solution based on it is very simple. Take 5 ml of the remedy and dilute it in 50 ml of water.

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